KEP Chapter 919

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 919 chapter sells the boss, floating astronomy

Looking at the small expression of IU’s resentment, the big guys all laughed crazy.

Everyone thought that the two lovely young girls might use stone scissors to decide the team.

Who thought that it was a fist that had the final say.

Ji-yeon is very capable of playing this matter, and people in the circle have heard rumors.

Look at the small body of IU, and get rid of a bully.

Ok, because I can’t beat it, the poor IU became a member of the ugly men’s team.

Ji-yeon was a bit flustered, and I didn’t expect IU to say it.

She quickly defended herself, but she didn’t want to really become a Tyrannosaurus.

“Ani ~yo, Ani ~yo, IU’s nose is not beautiful enough, so it’s only past.”

Park Myeong-su shouted loudly: “The nose is not pretty, what we are not beautiful!”

Ji-yeon smiled directly, and couldn’t get up with her stomach.

In addition to the team assignment of IU and Ji-yeon, everyone is very dissatisfied with another thing.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, why are you there? You are the seventh, come over!”

Jeong Jun-ha is mad, I don’t understand at all, how Seok Jin-soo mixes into the handsome team.

The last time I was a beautiful man, this guy was the seventh shame. Even they can’t match, how can they be in the handsome team?

For the appearance of the handsome team, Seok Jin-soo is happy, and it will be obedient.

“Cut, what do you know? The last time there was a blackout. Your face and I are not in a grade, I just returned to where I should be.”

Don’t say that there are no members, and the guests can’t stand it anymore.

Defon rushed to the ground: “Get it, if you are not famous, you should be under Kim Tae-ho pd.”

Seok Jin-soo anti-General: “Cannon, do you want to provoke Kim Tae-ho pd?”

Defon was shocked and realized what he was doing. The eyes of a pair of soy beans dribbled, full of horror.

He was able to make a appearance in the “Infinite Challenge” with the help of Jeong Hyeong-don, so he always cherished it and worked hard.

If you offend Kim Tae-ho, if you can’t play, you can lose it.

Fortunately, there is Park Myeong-su, and the devil is not afraid of Kim Tae-ho.

“Is there a mistake in devon? Kim Tae-ho pd is not handsome.”

Standing under the Kim Tae-ho lawsuit, if you can, it is estimated that the old guy will be stabbed by a pen in his hand.

Finally, the representative of the male team, Haha, stood up and sorted out the situation.

He said to everyone very seriously: “Don’t be nervous. Seok Jin-soo appears here, just make up the number.”

“Yah!! Haha hyeong, who are you?”

In the laughter of everyone, Seok Jin-soo is not good for the whole person.

The grouping is already the same, it won’t change, and the recording will continue.

Talking about the venue where everyone is, Yoo Jae-seok also feels a bit absurd.

β€œEveryone should know that this place is a studio that dances with the stars.”

The key is the next sentence.

“Tomorrow is the day of live broadcast.”

Everyone smiled.

“Then we are still recording this program?”

“Now use everything.”

“Don’t be afraid of being stunned?”

Yoo Jae-seok also means this, so hurry up.

“There are also production teams that dance with the stars, and the audience who like to dance with the stars, I am very sorry. We will borrow them for the time being, and we will clean them up.”

Ji-yeon stood next to Seok Jin-soo and was curious. He whispered, “Oppa, is this studio really going to be recorded tomorrow?”

Seok Jin-soo is also laughing.

“Yes, it will be used when it is dawn.”

Ji-yeon smiled and shook his body.

“What are you all about? Can you do that?”

Seok Jin-soo spread his hands and he felt funny.

“So it is the Infinite Challenge.”

The expression has also been expressed, and everyone can finally record with confidence.

As for the “Dancing with the Stars” production team and the audience will not forgive, then go with the wind.

Next is the interview. Yoo Jae-seok first asked Park Myeong-su, Jeong Jun-ha, etc., and finally went to the IU here.

“Our IU ‘ssi, have you played out at night?”

IU is very honest.

“Because I haven’t grown up yet, I think about it, but I can’t get out.”

Jeong Hyeong-don was amazed.

“Isn’t that going to the overnight store?”

Haha knocked him back.

“Rascal, all said that there is no adult, how to enter the nightclub?”

Jeong Hyeong-don hurriedly admits that he has asked a stupid question.

Yoo Jae-seok went back and asked Ji-yeon.

“Isn’t Miss Ji-yeon come out to play at night?”

Ji-yeon is very simple and straightforward, what to say.

“Inside, although I really want to play, but the noonas don’t take me. Every time I lie to me to sleep, when I get thirsty in the middle of the night, there is no one in the dormitory.”

All these words are pitiful, and everyone laughs.

Yoo Jae-seok, while rubbing his tears, asked: “Where are the other members of t-ara going?”

Ji-yeon is sullen: “They all go to nightclubs.”

Jeong Jun-ha was not flat for Ji-yeon and asked, “Why can they go to the nightclub?”

Seok Jin-soo is ridiculous and very helpless: “Because they are grown up.”

Everyone knows that in addition to Ji-yeon in t-ara, the others are adults.

But everyone is still curious, after all, Seok Jin-soo is the boss of t-ara.

Noh Hong-chul asked: “No, as an idol group, can t-ara go to a nightclub?”

Seok Jin-soo is also very helpless, spread his hands in everyone’s curiosity.

“Now the children are very difficult to manage. They all have ideas. Don’t say t-ara, y, Jessica, Hyo-yeon, Soo-young, they are crazy.”

The scene has been completely bad, and everyone laughed out of breath.

You guys, people ask you t-ara can also go to the nightclub, the company’s people pulled into the water.

It is estimated that Lee Sooeomma n will definitely get angry when he sees this program.

However, through this interview, everyone also learned that the atmosphere of mysti company is very easy, and the management is not so strict.

Everyone is comforted by the resentment that IU and Ji-yeon can’t go out at night.

“IU ~aa, don’t be afraid, let’s play all night today!”

“Ji-yeon, we are nightclubs here, you can come to the nightclub!”

IU and Ji-yeon are finally happy, dancing and experiencing the feelings of adults.

The two little girls are safflower, so there are many times when they are concerned.

Noh Hong-chul asked nervously: “IU, Ji-yeon, haven’t you been with men at night?”

What awkward topic, the IU and Ji-yeon got red and shook their heads slightly.

Noh Hong-chul is coming, and he reaches out to these people.

“Then, there are so many Oppas in front of you, do you think it’s good?”

This is a big deal, except for Seok Jin-soo, everyone else is nervous.

IU and Ji-yeon are so cute girls, their thoughts are so pure. If they feel good, it is definitely the best.

Everyone wants to be favored in front of the two little girls. For a moment, they all bowed and posed the most handsome posture.

I was scared by everyone’s enthusiasm, and Ji-yeon and IU carefully looked at each other and then shook their heads.


“η °η °η °η °”…

Countless cockroaches descended from the sky, and everyone in the room had eaten it.

Haha blinked and snarled loudly.

“How come? No, is Oppa not good?”

Ji-yeon was a little scared, hiding a little behind, and also said the reason.

β€œJin-soo Oppa says that if you are drunk, you will be drunk, and you will take off your pants in the street.”

Haha was on the spot, and an old face slowly turned from white to red, as if it had been wiped with chili sauce.

In the laughter of everyone, he broke out completely, rushing over Seok Jin-soo and starting the sly.

“Yah!! Bastard, what have you said? Why did you explode my material?”

He was drunk and liked to play alcohol, and he did play big, and took off his pants on the street.

These things are not clear to others except those around them.

So he is very sure, it must be Seok Jin-soo’s big mouth to say it.

While being cut by Haha, Seok Jin-soo is also very depressed. I yelled at Ji-yeon: “Yah!! Just telling you as a joke, why come out?”

For the first time, Ji-yeon saw Seok Jin-soo’s wolverine. He just made a dinosaur-like laughter and didn’t care about his anger.

Yoo Jae-seok asked carefully: “Ji-yeon ‘ssi, Seok Jin-soo often tells you, are we doing things?”

“Inside. Oppa said, you are not a good person, let us stay away.”

Today’s Park Dinosaurs have become a boss, and Seok Jin-soo has become a target.

Good guy, it was just Haha who taught him alone. Now everyone is going up together, Seok Jin-soo is only a scream.

It’s finally enough, and the cohabitation continues.

This type of program, one of the most talked about is the dance style.

Everyone is worried about this link.

“Do you have to jump?”

“This is really shameful.”

“I don’t dance.”

“Jae-seok, is this really going to be a person?”

“Really super shame.”

Although everyone is very worried, but cohabitation is like this, so only continue.

Like everyone else, the two little girls also got together at Seok Jin-soo. Especially IU, small eyes squatting, pitiful.

“Oppa, fight. I won’t dance.”

Seok Jin-soo scratches his head.

“In a good day, you are not a good jumper.”

IU licks his mouth.

“How can it be the same? It is pre-edited.”

Seok Jin-soo thought about it and suggested to her: “This session, don’t think how hard it is, you just jump and jump. What kind of So-shin dance, you don’t need to jump.”

IU nodded, finally a lot of peace of mind.

She thought that it would be better to dance than anyone else. It was just for fun. In this case, she can still do it.

Compared to her, Ji-yeon doesn’t have to worry about anything.

After all, it is the ace of t-ara, and dancing itself is very powerful. Anything twisted, stronger than these people present.

Ji-yeon is also like this, slaps and eagerly waits.


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