KEP Chapter 921

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 921 chapter is a casually crafted classic, floating astronomy

A slogan can be played for so long, and this group of people is no one.

Yoo Jae-seok started to make a fuss, and the two players who were playing were also full of energy.

“The total number of idol combinations below is…”

Sure enough, it was a very difficult problem, and everyone was much nervous.

This question is correct, you must know the idol combination well, and you must be good at math.

Yes, you are not mistaken. For those guys in front of you, addition is not a general difficulty.

The handsome team is cheering for Zheng.

“After all, it’s a singer, I’m sure I know it.”

Yoo Jae-seok signals that everyone should not talk and start listing the name of the combination.

“f(x), KARA, mblaq, shinee, seret, leessang. What is the total number of these combinations?”

There are six combinations and the numbers are different. Everyone is starting to calculate nervously.

This is not counting, it is inevitable to do things.

Jeong Hyeong-don shouted: “Leessang is two people, Gary and Jung In.”

Ji, who was not present, ate a big embarrassment. It is estimated that he will definitely find Jeong Hyeong-don after the event.

Silenced for a while, Zheng Zai and Jeong Jun-ha began to answer.

As a result, what everyone can’t think of is that Zheng Zheng is right.

The handsome team won’t count for a win, but also got a cold face, really happy to die.

The cushion competition is a survival game, Jeong Jun-ha lost, and the ugly men’s team must be replaced.

Yoo Jae-seok noticed the dozing Park Myeong-su.

“seonsaeng-nim, are you okay? Is it sleepy?”

Park Myeong-su quickly pretends to be a good look.


Is it okay?

In this case, what is polite?

Yoo Jae-seok immediately shouted: “Next, Park Myeong-su.”

The stumbled Park Myeong-su was pushed out by the players and sat in a position against Zheng.

Yoo Jae-seok recalls the situation of the year.

“When we recorded our cohabitation, we were in the early hours of the morning, so we must overcome our own exhaustion.”

The old man had to reluctantly be mentally motivated and worthy of his own work.

This time, the questions they have to answer are even harder.

To name all Girl’s Generation members in seconds.

Poor Zheng Zai is directly paralyzed because he is not familiar with Girl’s Generation.

Park Myeong-su is different, and the cushion is raised directly.

When Yoo Jae-seok counted down, he began to take it for granted: “Soo-young, Jessica, Alba…”

Everyone is dumbfounded, what kind of ghost is Alba?

Don’t think about it, he must have made a mistake.

Noh Hong-chul seized the opportunity and quickly reminded Zheng to be in shape.

“Brother, lift the mat and lift the mat.”

Zheng Zai-type has no idea about winning, but just do it and lift the mat.

However, Zheng is obviously not aware of it, but repeats what Park Myeong-su said.

“Soo-young, Alba…”

Really, Alba came out again.

The opportunity returned to Park Myeong-su, and this time he was a lot calmer.

“Jessica Jessica, Jay Jessica… Sorenstam!”

No one can stay normal, and all of them are laughing in their stomachs.

Really, Girl’s Generation is a Korean, what is the name of a foreigner?

Everyone also slammed Park Myeong-su.

“Brother, Girl’s Generation has been to the Infinite Challenge.”

“What should I do, girls should be sad?”

“Is everybody working with you once, can you remember?”

Seok Jin-soo came quietly.

“It’s useless. Minzhu writers have been in the Infinite Challenge for four years. Myeong-su brother called her Hyeong-don ody every time she saw her.”

Well, this is a lore, even Park Myeong-su himself is embarrassed to squint and laugh.

Park Myeong-su is getting older and older, and the memory is getting worse. But it is also the first one to be able to admit mistakes to writers who often meet.

Park Myeong-su made another mistake, and Zheng Zai-type got Haha’s guidance again, and naturally he would not miss this opportunity.

“Soo-young, Jay Jessica, Yoon-ah…”

Why is his memory not very good? After saying three names, the latter can’t think of it.

The people behind can’t stand it anymore, and they all ridicule up.

“The two are Ajhussi!”

“Ask ses a few people to forget.”

Noh Hong-chul also came a magical stroke.

“Always ask the Seoul sisters.”

Today’s recording, because there is no framework, it is all chaotic. But because of chaos, everyone can say unscrupulously.

However, the laughter made is also unprecedentedly strong.

Even the sisters of Seoul were summoned, but it was a combination of popular women in the 1980s and 1990s, an absolute antiquity product.

It’s just too hard for the two Ajhussi to name the girl’s Generation.

Park Myeong-su and Zheng Zai have been tossing for a long time, but not even half of them can say.

In the end, there was no way. I removed the time limit and announced the correct answer first. Zheng Zai’s type was barely correct.

But everyone’s level is almost the same, Zheng Zheng type is not bad where to go, even a bang, came a three-game winning streak.

The handsome team was happy and died, and also danced to celebrate the dance.

But the ugly men’s team can’t do it, because there are two left to live.

If Gary and IU are also lost, the nightingale tonight will not be eaten at all.

There is nothing to lose the game, no nightingale to eat, this can not be tolerated.

As the only man still alive, Gary can’t hide behind the IU, so she just came out and confronted Zheng.

The question they are answering this time is, what is the mb children program known for its 30-year history?

Gary is now working on a program, so I know it very well. For the first time, I was in front of Zheng Zai.

“I am answering, hey!”

Why is this an objective question, and the correct name of the program is not enough.

“Several number, hehe.”

Gary is working harder.

“I am answering, number 11.”

Originally this question was played in a voice game, several options, all similar to “啵啵啵”.

Anyway, doing a program, in fact, the correct answer is not related, it is interesting.

After playing for a long time, Gary finally got it right, and the ugly men’s team finally got a win.

Zheng Zai, who completed the three-game winning streak, finally took a break and replaced it with Seok Jin-soo, who had been waiting for a long time.

When Gary saw that his opponent was Seok Jin-soo, he immediately relaxed a lot.

“If it is this, you can still win, Haha Haha.”

Park Myeong-su is very nervous, reminding Gary.

“Yah!! Don’t care. This kid has learned a lot recently, not as ignorant as before.”

Gary is a little confused.

“Really? Not the same as before?”

Park Myeong-su simply screamed.

“Yah!! Can ignorant people get Grammy? Can’t you see how he speaks English?”

As everyone knows, Gary is not worried about this.

“Then what if I lose, what should our team do?”

The ugly men’s team are all downcast.

“What can I do? I lose.”

“You can’t eat the nightingale.”

The handsome team is laughing crazy.

“Wow, there is obviously an IU, and everyone has ignored her.”

“The look of IU doesn’t seem to have the desire to win.”

Indeed, what IU looks like does not seem to win anything.

Seok Jin-soo is very careful.

“This game is not based on knowledge. Whoever wins and wins will not be able to win.”

After all, the variety program, in order to be funny, the questions are very strange, can not win, and sometimes look at luck.

Fortunately, the problem with Yoo Jae-seok is that Seok Jin-soo is good at it.

“After going to and from the back, I read the same five words?”

Did not give Gary the reaction time, Seok Jin-soo raised the mat high.

“Yes, dvd, swiss, sos, audio and Lee Hyo-ri.”

His speed made the questioner Yoo Jae-seok shocked.

“Wow, although it’s not a standard answer, it’s correct.”

The five words that Seok Jin-soo said, and the answers given by the production team are not the same, but they seem to be the same words.

I didn’t expect it to be a complete defeat, and the whole person is not good.

“Don’t speak English, West!”

That little grievance, with the ugly face of the ugly, really makes everyone laugh crazy.

In this way, the handsome team has 4: 1, and saw the edge of winning.

The ugly men’s team is not good at all, all because they can’t eat the resentment of the nightingale.

Jeong Jun-ha rushed to Seok Jin-soo and shouted: “Can you speak English very well? Have you learned something to show off?”

Seok Jin-soo went straight to the top.

“You who are ugly and still not learning are shameful!”

The five big ugly men’s teams were dizzy, but they didn’t have a way because they lost.

Park Myeong-su is discouraged but starts with an innocent IU.

“IU ~aa, go, kill this guy. If you can’t, you won’t spare you.”

Good guy, IU is more timid, and his shoulders are shrunk.

“Hehehehehe, how can I win Oppa?”

Park Myeong-su coldly said: “That is your business.”

Poor little IU, thoroughly felt the sinister world.

But she has no retreat, so she has to sit next to Seok Jin-soo, hoping that this Oppa will be in love.

“Oppa, will let me know?”

Seok Jin-soo is extraordinarily absurd.

“Why should I let you?”

IU’s face is stunned.

“Don’t I be cute? Oppa didn’t always say that I am cute.”

Seok Jin-soo grinning.

“Get it, how can you have sweet and sour meat? Don’t you know that I am starving now?”

The IU was dizzy and swayed on the floor in the laughter of everyone.

This Oppa, I really don’t have any pity.

The word is not allowed, but the problem with Yoo Jae-seok is the geographical problem that Seok Jin-soo is not good at.

“Which country below does not belong to Europe?”

Seok Jin-soo The whole person is not good, muttering.

“Many countries don’t belong to Europe, how do I know?”

Yoo Jae-seok was mad and snarled at him: “Yah!! If you don’t know, guess, if you don’t, you will lose.”

Seok Jin-soo is scared.

“This brother, Na Kyung-eun sister-in-law didn’t make dinner for you? Why is it so fierce?”

Yoo Jae-seok is stunned.

“how do you know?”

Everyone laughed again, but I didn’t expect even the family’s private affairs to burst out.

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