KEP Chapter 923

The latest chapter of the sound of the heart of the Korean entertainment, the 923 chapter of the child’s words are unscrupulous [Congratulations, the most beautiful city has become the book owner! Floating astronomy

Park Myeong-su scored a victory, finally let the ugly men’s team happy a lot, swept away the haze of the previous cushion when the game failed.

“Come on, come, you losers!”

“Hey, la la, the phone is coming. What did you say, the handsome team lost!”

The atmosphere of the handsome team began to be a bit depressed, and I didn’t expect Haha to be so defeated.

Yoo Jae-seok asked: “Well, next, who is going to play?”

It has already been defeated. If the second game is lost, I am afraid that the momentum of this side will fall to the bottom.

This second battle is crucial.

So the handsome team unanimously decided to send the most powerful Seok Jin-soo.

Seeing Seok Jin-soo coming out, Park Myeong-su’s eyes began to drift.

“Change someone.”

Yoo Jae-seok is funny.

“Why do you want to change? This is not what you said.”

Park Myeong-su didn’t dare to look at Seok Jin-soo, who had a strong sense of war. He squinted his eyes and said: “I refuse to contact people who don’t respect the old and love the young.”

Yoo Jae-seok is not used to him.

“Then you can admit defeat.”

What to do, can’t lose the game, and don’t want to face Seok Jin-soo, which makes the elderly very difficult.

The old devil and the lawless maknae finally stood together, no need to speak, there was a spark between the eyes of the two.

Yoo Jae-seok started hosting.

“Because Park Myeong-su is a Seung-ri, all of them are advanced.”

This is not bad, so Park Myeong-su is a bit more comfortable.

The rest of the handsome team began to cheer Seok Jin-soo.

“maknae, come on, don’t be afraid, this old guy has nothing to do.”

“Don’t be afraid of him, you can win.”

Seok Jin-soo is more confident than anyone else. While rushing to the fists, everyone is confident and full of authenticity: “Do not worry, as long as one round can end the battle.”

So small, I made Park Myeong-su very hot and decided to expose the true face of Seok Jin-soo to the public.

As a result, his signature style has come back.

“Yah!! Seok Jin-soo, it’s you, it’s you. I ask you, I am your brother?”

Seok Jin-soo nodded and admitted it directly. After all, this is known to all citizens.

See him admit, Park Myeong-su’s attack point is coming.

“But you guy, but you are working on your brother, are you?”

Sure enough, it was a vicious attack, and everyone who was scared snorted.

The Korean performing arts industry emphasizes the relationship between the former and the younger generations. Sunbae-nim has many privileges, while the younger generation often bullies.

Sunbae-nim teaches the younger generation, that is a common thing. If you can do it with sunbae-nim, this can be too scary.

But last time because of the rowing, Seok Jin-soo shot on Park Myeong-su, and everyone knows.

Everyone is very curious, will Seok Jin-soo admit it?

In the mind of everyone, this question is very sinister.

However, Seok Jin-soo tells everyone the truth, why he took the same performance fee as Yoo Jae-seok in Infinite Challenge.

I saw that he did not hesitate, and nodded directly.

“Of course.”

Park Myeong-su was so excited that he immediately grabbed the camera and shouted at the camera.

“The audience have heard it? Seok Jin-soo is not what you think. The guy’s face is very hateful, know how much we suffer?”

The older the guy said, the more excited he was, the more he cried out.

Seok Jin-soo is very quiet and has been honestly waiting for Park Myeong-su to toss.

Sure enough, after a while, Park Myeong-su saw no reaction, but still had to return to the position to meet Seok Jin-soo’s comeback.

But before he could stand still, Seok Jin-soo really said it was done, and in one sentence, Park Myeong-su collapsed.

“When I started, my brother… hurts?”

The scene was directly messed up, and no one could stay normal.

Park Myeong-su is going straight back, and I can’t wait to faint.

Obviously, it was a brother. As a result, even if he was taught by his younger brother, he even shouted.

Is there anything more shameful than this?

Imagine the pictures of old people crying, and no one can stay normal. Even the female writers of the production team have become a group because they laugh too much.

Seok Jin-soo really said it was done, and I really gave Park Myeong-su to Ko in one sentence.

The handsome team pulled back a city and the momentum regained.

But the ugly men’s team is left with a group of timid chicks, watching Seok Jin-soo in horror, and they are shrinking.

Seeing the power of Seok Jin-soo, no one dared to stand up.

“Jun-ha brother, you should take it.”

Defon pushed the puzzle to sunbae-nim, but Jeong Jun-ha obviously thought so.

Jeong Jun-ha pretends to be very powerful: “I? I can’t. I am your last resort, yah, come on.”

Gary is even more ugly because she is bitter.

“I will stay well, very comfortable, you are busy.”

Busy with you, you are coming to record the program, not to travel.

In the end, under the shackles of Jeong Jun-ha and Devon, Gary was thrown innocently.

“Ah, really, what are you doing? This guy is terrible, I am going to die!”

Seeing the ugly men’s team are so afraid of Seok Jin-soo, Haha is happy to die.

“Brother, don’t worry, you will die if you come out.”

Good guy, this ugly men’s team is even less powerful.

Yoo Jae-seok looked at Gary’s bear, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Gary, don’t do this. Just play your talents and have a chance.”

Gary didn’t listen, and hurriedly said: “Brother, let me die soon. That kid, playing this world is invincible!”

They are all very familiar people. Who does not know the poison tongue of Seok Jin-soo?

Yoo Jae-seok laughs even more.

“Haha Haha, that’s good, let’s go to the third game of gary.” Our attack is made by our poison tongue maknae Seok Jin-soo.”

It turned out that he came first, Seok Jin-soo could not help but hesitate.

He is very skeptical, can Gary be able to support the fight back?

Forget it, die early and live too early, anyway, this buddy doesn’t mean much, let him go early.

Thinking so, Seok Jin-soo decided to come to the point.

He smiled at the uneasy gary and began to turn the bottom of the box.

“Gary brother, please guarantee the self-respect of the hip hop singer. Did you like Jessica of Girl’s Generation when you were learning boxing?”

Good guy, it’s a vicious maknae. When the problem comes out, everyone who knows Gary is crazy.

People who don’t know, after knowing from the people next to them, can’t laugh.

Gary likes boxing very much, and his boxing coach is the father of Jessica.

At that time, Jessica had not yet appeared as a member of Girl’s Generation, just a Trainee.

However, because of this fate, the two have already known each other.

So Seok Jin-soo is very curious, gary has seen such a beautiful little girl, is it not tempted?

Old things have been turned out, and the gary is completely dizzy.

杩栾浠栨 庝箞璇 庝箞璇 庝箞璇 滃綋鐒 滃綋鐒 滃綋鐒 鈥濆晩锛岃鐪熺殑璇 鈥濆晩锛岃鐪熺殑璇 鈥濆晩锛岃鐪熺殑璇 鈥濆晩锛岃鐪熺殑璇 鈥濆晩锛岃鐪熺殑璇 锛屼 锛屼 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸 笉浣呜嚜宸櫡鍏ラ夯鐑】纴杩樻妸鏉癑essica 缁欐媺杩涙潵浜嗐€

缁堜簬浣 鍒 鍒 Se Se Seek Jin-soo 镄勬伓姣掞纴濮済ary涓 埇镞犲锛屽彧濂 埇镞犲锛屽彧濂 棝鑻 棝鑻 湴锸庡彨镌 湴锸庡彨镌 璐ラ 璐ラ 璐ラ 璐ラ


鈥済ary鍟婏纴浣犲埌搴曟湁娌°C湁锽沧杩囨澃Jessica 锛熲€

鈥滀綘 chain 夋 夐 氲 鏉癑 鏉癑 鏉癑 鏉癑 鏉癑 鏉癑 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚 鈥檚


鈥渨hat鈥he hell!! 锛屾垜涓嶅綍浜嗭纴鎴戜笉骞蹭简锛屾垜瑕佸洖瀹讹紒鈥

瑙丼eok Jin-soo 骞茶剢鍒╃储鍦発o浜嗕袱涓﹄汉锛屼笐鐢烽槦鍏ㄩ兘铡嫔姏灞卞ぇ銆

Park Myeong-su 绔椤嚭鏉ワ纴寮€濮嬭瘯锲 Donate 鐞嗐€

鈥滀笉鑳 borrowing an umbrella to borrow Seok Jin-soo 涓 涓﹄ 涓﹄ 涓﹄ 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一

Noh Hong-chul 椤 挒阆掳 挒阆掳 鈥沧垜浠笉鍦ㄤ箮 夋 chain chain 夋剰镐濓纴鎴戜 夋剰镐濓纴鎴戜 鑳 鑳 鑳 傗 傗 傗

Park Myeong-su 鍜嗗摦阆掳 鈥 鈥 ah!! 杩欐槸褰曞埗program 鍟婏纴瑕佹湁镒忔€濇墠琛岋纴镐庝箞鑳解€[€“€庝箞鑳彧鎯崇潃杈撹耽Forging 纻鈥

Haha forged 靛懙绗戦 锛 滆耽浜嗘墠 滆耽浜嗘墠 滆耽浜嗘墠 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮 庝箞閮

铏 劧 Park Myeong-su 镄勬彁璁椤 锲炲幓锛屼絾澶 锲炲幓锛屼絾澶 锲炲幓锛屼絾澶 锲炲幓锛屼絾澶 镄勩 镄勩

姣旷珶Seok Jin-soo 镄勭伀锷涘お寮 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 锛屽湪鍦 殑浜 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵 変竴涓槸浠栫殑瀵汉涓婂満锛岃偗瀹hydroquinone

涓 简 简 program 镄勮叮 虫 э纴 э纴 э纴 э纴 ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

缁忚 鍒 鍒 綔缁勭殑鎻愰啋锛孞 eong Hyeong-don 鎻愯阆掳 鈥 鈥 鈥 湅鎯 鎴戜 鎴戜 鎴戜 镊 镊 镊 Slippery

杩欎 濂 濂 纴銮 纴銮 缑浜嗗ぇ瀹剁殑涓 缑浜嗗ぇ瀹剁殑涓 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩 鐩

涓 缇ゅぇ 缇ゅぇ 缇ゅぇ 佺埛浠簰鐩竏 佺埛浠簰鐩竏 佺埛浠簰鐩竏 铏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏 劧锏

杩欓噷涓嶆槸 chain 変袱涓︻ 鐪熺殑灏戝コ鍢涳纴澶 閮 閮 閮 閮 閮 兂瑕佺湅鐪嬶纴灏忓コ瀛╂槸镐庝箞钖 灦镄勩

鍦ㄥぇ瀹剁殑娆(一)懠澹 腑锛孞i-yeon 鍜孖U 忕敓鐢熷湴璧 忕敓鐢熷湴璧 忕敓鐢熷湴璧 忕敓鐢熷湴璧 鍑 鍑 鍑 潵锛屾垚涓 潵锛屾垚涓 潵锛屾垚涓 潵锛屾垚涓 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 鍦 € €

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Park Myeong-su 璧剁揣鎻愰啋璧锋潵銆

鈥 U U ~ a 锛岃鐪熻捣鏉ワ纴涓嶈绗戜 锛岃鐪熻捣鏉ワ纴涓嶈绗戜 銆 銆 綘浠ヤ 绛変笅濂 绛変笅濂 绛変笅濂 绛変笅濂 兘鏀 绛変笅濂 兘鏀 兘鏀 兘鏀 兘鏀灏 兘鐜╁畲浜嗐€€€

浠栦笉璇 缮濂 缮濂 纴缁撴灉 纴缁撴灉 绗戠殑 姞铡夊浜嗐 姞铡夊浜嗐 姞铡夊浜嗐

Seok Jin-soo 瀵笿i-yeon 钖╁拹璧锋潵銆

鈥沧亹榫椤晩锛屼綘鍢寸锛屾墍浠ュ彧璇村ス镄勭硹浜嫔 ammonia 濂 銆傗 銆傗 €

Ji-yeon 杩椤瀛愬惂锛屽仛浜嫔緢铡夊锛屼絾鏄剳瀛愭湁镣 咙銆傝 咙銆傝 涓 镣 镣 镣 镣 镣 濈伒鏁忋 濈伒鏁忋 濈伒鏁忋 濈伒鏁忋 佽兘璇 佽兘璇 佽兘璇阆撶殑 阆撶殑 鎴︻劧鐩 弽銆

镓€浠ュ鏋浠ュ鏋浠ュ鏋°C湁镣Si瘈绐岖殑璇濓纴瘈绐岖殑璇濓纴瘈绐岖殑璇濓纴简 IU 镄勩€

Ji-yeon 涔熺煡阆撹嚜宸 殑锷 殑锷 娍锛屾墍浠ュ緢璁ょ湡鍦 娍锛屾墍浠ュ緢璁ょ湡鍦 娍锛屾墍浠ュ緢璁ょ湡鍦 娍锛屾墍浠ュ緢璁ょ湡鍦 娍锛屾墍浠ュ緢璁ょ湡鍦 偣澶

鈥渌ppa 锛屾斁蹇冨惂锛屽鏋沧垜杈 镄勮瘽锛屽綍鍒剁粨鏉熶箣钖庝 镄勮瘽锛屽綍鍒剁粨鏉熶箣钖庝 镄勮瘽锛屽綍鍒剁粨鏉熶箣钖庝 鍜屽ス濂 鍜屽ス濂 鍜屽ス濂 傗 傗 傗


澶 閮 閮 瑧镄勪笉琛屼 瑧镄勪笉琛屼 瑧镄勪笉琛屼 锛屾 锛屾 锛屾 锛屾 埌杩椤瀛愬姝ゅ崟绾

IU 旋 槸涓嶅牚浜嗭纴灏忚 槸涓嶅牚浜嗭纴灏忚 鏉 鏉 鏉 鏉 鏉 锲 锲 锲 锲 锲 锲 锲 畲鍏ㄦ 畲鍏ㄦ 畲鍏ㄦ 畲鍏ㄦ 畲鍏ㄦ 畲鍏ㄦ 夋兂鍒 夋兂鍒 纴鐜╀ 纴鐜╀ 纴鐜╀ 纴鐜╀ Chain forging

Seok Jin-soo 鍒栾崚鍞愭浜嗭纴璧剁揣阒 嫤阆掳 嫤阆掳 ah ah!! 鏄浣犳兂锷炴硶璧纴娌¤浣犳椂 chain 欑畻璐綘鏄 綘鏄 锛屼笉鏄 锛屼笉鏄 锛屼笉鏄 锛屼笉鏄 锛屼笉鏄 锛屼笉鏄 晩锛佲 晩锛佲

Ji-yeon 杩欐墠娓呮镊 锅 pot hydrogen 浠 涔堬纴涓嶅ソ镒忔 涔堬纴涓嶅ソ镒忔 濆湴钖愯捣浜呜垖澶 濆湴钖愯捣浜呜垖澶 纴灏忚劯閮 纴灏忚劯閮 阃忎 阃忎 阃忎 阃忎 阃忎

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