KEP Chapter 974

The latest chapter in the voice of Korean entertainment, the 974 chapter Chuseok “autumn festival” gift, floating astronomy

The time difference between the United States and South Korea is more than 13 hours, so when the United States is still 9 on the 11 morning, South Korea is approaching midnight.

It stands to reason that at this time, it was already late at night, and it was time for many people to start taking a break.

However, at this moment, there are quite a few people sitting in front of the computer, constantly refreshing the official website of the company.

All of this stems from three days ago.

Jae-joong Autumn is approaching, many people are happy to wait for the big holiday to come, and when they can rest and play once, the d community suddenly released a notice.

Since being reported by Tang and Kim Jiwoong, the reputation of the company has grown a lot, so that more and more people know that this is a professional entertainment gossip media.

And unlike the general entertainment media, this newspaper is best at breaking the news.

This is also the case. As early as three days ago, the d-community issued a notice that Jae-joong will break the news of a couple of centuries on the autumn day.

Only this kind of notice quickly created an amazing storm.

Although there are many celebrity artists in the Korean entertainment industry, there are countless celebrity couples. But there are not many that can afford the title of a century couple.

Many people’s impressions of top celebrity couples even stayed in the era of Cui Xiuzong and Xia Weiluo.

By the way, when Song Yoon-ah married Sol Kyung-gu, it made a big stir.

Nao Sol Kyung-gu is a second marriage, Song Yoon-ah is inevitably contaminated with the suspicion of the third, the title of the century couple is not perfect.

But this time, without the outside public evaluation, the d community used a century couple to classify. If you don’t want to be embarrassed, then this pair of couples who are about to be exposed must be great.

In the past three days, countless people have had troubles and they have speculated that two artists will be recruited in the end.

At the same time, many people also decided in their hearts, if the d society is just a sneak peek, the couple of artists who broke out are not enough weights, so there is little need to stay bad reviews.

But no matter how much people hold their minds, these three days have indeed been swayed by the society.

Today, many people can’t wait to get up early, using computers and mobile phones to refresh them.

Many people even think that this kind of suffering is waiting for one minute and one second to pass, which is even more uncomfortable than waiting for work.

Not only did the public be inspired by curiosity, but because of the announcement by the agency, the Korean entertainment industry was also alarmed.

Those media don’t have to say that in these three days it’s a means to do it.

What means of buying, tempting, investigating, etc. are used, that is, I hope to get information from the hands of the agency.

The report of this time is Lee Myung-gu personally arrested, and only three people participated in the entire d society, so there is no possibility of leaking.

The anxious media are waiting helplessly to see what the D agency can do.

Many competitors are worried that if they are really made by the agency, they will be saddened in the future.

But if the club is playing off, then they will have fireworks to celebrate.

In addition to the media, those brokerage companies are also very nervous. They have asked the artists of the company and asked the artists to pay the bill. Is there any danger?

In this way, the artists who make it are also in danger, and they are afraid that they will become the protagonists of the announcement.

Especially the top artists, trying to review their actions and recall the suspicious places.

People’s family d said, it is a century couple to break the news.

The artist’s popularity is not wide enough, the status is not high enough, can you afford the title of a century couple?

There are so many artists at the top level, and in this small circle, the confusion is unbearable, and there is no peace in the moment.

I can’t resist it. In less time, a little clue is not given, but it also makes the artists who endure the torment, all the pain.

During the three days, the threshold of the d agency was to be broken, and Lee Myung-gu’s phone was also blown up.

All of them were found by the brokerage companies, and they sent a variety of heavy gifts. They hoped to find out if the artists to be exposed by the agency were their own companies.

Lee Myung-gu did not disclose it, but also told the brokerage companies, please rest assured that this time the news broke, and they have nothing to do with them.

Although the truth was not known, the representative of the d agency represented that such a guarantee would have left many brokerage companies with a sigh of relief and quickly told their artists to be careful and careful during this time.

The outside world has been disturbed by the 2011 year’s Chuseok “autumn festival” festival.

9 month 11 day, from the nightfall, the topic on the Internet will rise.

The people involved are all discussing one thing, that is, the identity of the century couple who will be exposed by the agency.

Because there are many people, there are many different opinions, and it is inevitable that they have been guessed.

The remarks of such a sudden disappeared, and soon disappeared into the non-stop scrolling post.

Gradually, time finally came to twelve.

Seeing that the second hand turned the last lap, everyone’s heart was stretched.

The more the truth comes to the world, the more disordered the person’s heart is, and the excitement is getting stronger and stronger.

When the second part of the second hand is left, many people even count down.

five four three two one……

Finally, finally, all the hands of the clock are coincident, and the date on the calendar is also displayed for the 9 month 12 day.

When this moment really comes, countless people waiting in front of the computer, but doing things are united.

That is the official website of the crazy refresh d agency, to see if the d agency is in the end.

As a result, there are too many people to refresh, not only in Korea, but also in overseas people who like and pay attention to the Korean Wave.

Only at once, because there are too many people browsing the web at the same time, the official website of the company has collapsed.

Seeing that the buffer can’t get through anyway, many people can’t help but scream.

The pit 爹d society, the key moments fall off the chain.

Fortunately, in the face of such a big event, the D agency is always on standby. So after discovering the problem of the official website, debug immediately.

Three minutes later, the official website of the company was finally able to land smoothly.

In the same way, the official website really has more new updates.

Many people eagerly clicked in. When the content was really seen, the shock in the heart could not be described in words.

The d community really took advantage of the big move, and it was not a joke.

Really a century couple, no, this is just a century couple?

It is simply the first couple in Korea.

For today’s sensational effect, the d agency has made sufficient preparations. There is also the cooperation of the parties, so the content of the report is called a detailed.

Just for the text, the d agency has issued more than 100,000 words.

The content is all about the scary couple of Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, from acquaintance to love.

There are two reasons for this, as well as testimony from relevant people.

Of course, if it is only these words, even if the writing is in vain, the people who watch will be suspicious, and the suspicion is fabricated.

The opportunity of the society is not easy to get, can you leave flaws, make people doubt, and thus damage their credibility?

So among these rich words, there are many photos that people can’t question.

These photos, because of the angle of shooting, let the people who see it do not have to guess, they must know Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin.

Two people sat in the car talking and laughing, and two people walked side by side on the street. There are even two people on the set, hiding from the eyes of others alone.

If these photos still have authenticity, then the last part of the photo is very exciting.

According to the D agency, Seok Jin-soo ushered in a rare vacation just after the end of the “Infinite Challenge” rowing special.

At the same time, Son Ye-jin also ended the promotion of “Viewing” and entered the state of rest.

So the two took a common holiday and chose to travel together.

Those photos were taken by the agency in Incheon Airport.

This group of photos is extremely exciting, and there is no doubt in the content.

Because Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin came down together from one car, they were brought together when they were waiting for the flight.

I don’t know what the two said. When I was happy, Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin pulled down the mask and kissed them together.

The photo of this kiss is the clearest, and the faces of the two are completely exposed, and there is no place to question.

At this point, the earthquake-level explosives predicted by the agency had finally revealed all the true feelings.

Sure enough, as said, it is really a gift of scary people.

Since the official announcement of the news agency, the Korean network and news have been completely blown up.

This is the only love relationship between the world-recognized superstar and the top national goddess in Korea. Any one of them is mentioned as a major event.

Nowadays, two people like this have become lovers. The effect of superposition is not only as simple as one plus one and two, but the power of nuclear bombs.

In short, although it is the most important Chuseok “autumn festival” festival in Korea today, the Korean network has been completely screened by Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin and their love.

No way, the influence of the two people is too great.

Unless there is a war, they are the only focus in today.

At the same time, the couple of artists who were reported by all the news and media will only have them.

Because even the news and sports news have been reported, this is something that I didn’t even think about in the past.

The media is only a report, and the shock of the public is the mainstream of online expression.

“Wow, Daebak, this is the real century couple. In contrast to those who are compared to this, they are squid and squid.”

“I don’t know why, why are these two people so matched?”

“Who said no? I can debut from Miss Son Ye-jin, who is her most hardcore fan. It is obvious that the goddess of love has a man, but I am not angry at all. This is really strange.”

“Ibid., I am also a fan of Seok Jin-soo. I always regard him as the only one in my life. But seeing him and Son Ye-jin stand side by side, there is a very harmonious picture, the only thing left in my heart, only There is blessing.”

“It’s said that the fans’ hearts are deformed, but in the face of such a perfect couple, it’s really a fanatic fan who can’t say anything against it.”

“These two are not without warning! There have been many rumors before. It seems that the wind is not misinformed.”

There are also some interesting fans, and I also imitated the song “Hearing Rumors” that Seok Jin-soo once produced.

The relationship between Seok Jin-soo and Son Ye-jin, although it was only exposed today, the embarrassment between them has been passed down from a long time ago.

The public’s suspicion has never been cut off, but because there is also the existence of Kim Tae-hee, the public is also suspicious.

Until now, there is no doubt that the evidence is conclusive.

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