League of Legends Unrivalled Raffle System Chapter 2566

Lin Yue probably understands Su Ming’s meaning, but he is is saying: “Su Ming, are you sure you want to go, if it is in the past, I am afraid it will be difficult.”

“People in the Beast Valley are not very good at dealing with it, and this time you have offended them.”

Lin Yue probably analyzed it a bit: “If you are not good, they think that attacking you in the secular world will actually take a certain amount of trouble.”

“But if you take the initiative, it is equivalent to directly to the door, presumably they should be very happy to see this scene, you are equivalent to the enemy of the entire Beast Valley.”

The meaning of Lin Yue is also very obvious. You have taken the initiative this time. It is no different from giving the head. It will be very bad. After all, one person wants to deal with an entire ancient sect, which is very unbelievable.

Su Ming also understands, but there is no choice at this time, he can’t sit still, just look at Little Loli’s situation, little by little so worse, who can accept this process.

So in any case, Su Ming has to go and see, only the past has a chance.

Since the power of the stars can’t be solved, it is estimated that there is no medicine that can solve this strong toxin. You want to find a way in the world, obviously it is unlikely.

If you want to solve it, you can only go to the Valley of the Beasts. This is the only way.

Su Ming said firmly: “This is the Beast Valley, I have to go there, there is no way, and Tiansheng Shrine I have gone through it, nothing to fear.”

After thinking about it, Su Ming didn’t feel that he had no hope at all.

After all, it’s not the same as the ordinary Ancient Warrior. There are easy-to-use and stealth and perspective unique features. It’s useless in battle, but in the process of sneaking in, it may be useful.

Su Ming will not be stupid to go directly to the people of the Beast Valley, and go up to offend the entire Beast Valley, one person standing in the crowd, that is Idiot behavior.

The best way is to take a point to find a face of the Valley of the Beast Valley, and then use the charm to set things out, and then decide what to do next, may not know how to solve the face centipede poison It.

Lin Yue is just a reminder. Su Ming is so big, and his strength is much stronger than him. He naturally has his own decision. This Lin Yue has no way to interfere.

Then Lin Yue said: “I will remind you that if you want to go, I can take you in the past. I know where I am, but it is quite far.”

“You know it will be fine.” Su Ming nodded, far from being a problem, I am afraid I don’t know where it is.

In fact, ancient sects are giants, and you want to hide them so that you don’t know at all. This is impossible.

Just go to Guwu World, just inquire about it, or have a dedicated channel to spend money to buy news, it is easy to find out.

Su Ming, who has never advocated Su Ming to go to Guwu World for adventure, has never raised any objections.

Because this poisoning is Little Loli, all day together, Su Qishan has made Little Loli her own granddaughter, and her feelings are very deep.

If something goes out of her side, she is naturally very anxious. Even if she has difficulty, she must find a way to save her.

Su Qishan said: “Let’s go together, there is also a kind of care.”

“Dad, don’t go, leave Anne at home, take care of her.”

Su Ming doesn’t really want Su Qishan to follow the past. Lin Yue is going to point the way. There is no way. Su Qishan can’t go without it, so I don’t have any trouble.

Su Qishan disagreed, he said: “I am also a Heavenly Tribulation Realm, and maybe I can help you some.”

“And if you leave Annie here, the time has dragged on for too long, and you can’t save it, or take it with you. If you find a way, you can rescue it immediately,” Su Qishan said.

In fact, he still doesn’t be at ease/reassured. He wants to follow along with his strength of 2-Layer Heavenly Tribulation Realm.


See Su Qishan has been insisting, Su Ming has no way, they directly agreed, and then wait until later, everything is still unknown, I think that many is useless.

Su Ming has decided to hurry to start, but before I set off, I have to bring the Easy Master. The strength of the Easy Master is Su Ming’s side, the strongest except Su Ming.

It is conceivable that the Easy Master will be able to provide quite a good help, so you have to bring the Easy Master.

Su Ming made a direct call to Cheng Ruofeng and asked him to bring the Easy Master.

“Congratulations to the host, successfully triggering a random Mission”

Mission Name:

Mission Request: Go to the Valley of the Beasts and find ways to detoxify Little Loli

Mission Time: Ten days

Mission Difficulty: Ten Stars

Mission Reward: 300Integral Points

After seeing this Integral Points reward, Su Ming himself stunned and said that it was too fake, there would be such a high Integral Points reward.

However, this also explains from the side that this Mission is indeed very difficult, and it is more difficult than any of the Missions that Su Ming did before.

Since the decision, Su Ming will not back down, this Mission is a homeopathic, Su Ming itself decided to go.

There is a Mission that can do it, and it can be a bit of comfort for Su Ming. If it succeeds, there will be Integral Points.

If it is not going well, it will be done by the people of the Valley of the Beast, then the failure of the Mission will not fail, and there is not much relationship with Su Ming. Anyway, it will be killed.

After waiting for about half an hour or so, the door at home was ringed, and Cheng Ruofeng came, followed by Yi Master.

Easy Master looks like that cold look, always feel that he does not have any feelings, but the breath looks like it seems more introverted than before, I don’t know if this is the illusion of Su Ming.

Cheng Ruofeng said hello to Su Qishan. He also saw that he was yelling at the Easy Master. Su Ming was afraid of something, so Cheng Ruofeng asked, “Is it going out?”

“Yeah.” Su Ming is directly nodded, and he has not explained too much about this kind of thing.

Cheng Ruofeng also knows that with his strength, he can’t help Su Ming too much. The level of Su Ming is not what he can touch.

Then Cheng Ruofeng said: “Then you must pay attention to safety.”

“Be at ease/reassured, I won’t be in trouble.” Su Ming smiled.

With a confidante around me, they sent a text message to go out for a few days, and Su Ming took the family directly and set off.