League of Legends Unrivalled Raffle System Chapter 2575

After actually seeing this scene, the owner of the Valley of the Beast Valley, his eyes suddenly slammed, and he could not believe what he saw in his eyes. At the same time, his momentum seemed to be very terrifying. Breath.

He spoke directly: “Little wolf, where did you go, for so long, I know that I think you are suffering.”

What people didn’t expect was that the owner of the valley had tears in his eyes when he spoke. It didn’t seem like a strong person of 8-Layer Heavenly Tribulation Realm. He couldn’t tell the strange feeling.

It’s not just Su Ming’s shock, but even these people in the Valley of the Beasts are quite shocked. It’s obvious that they have never seen this before.

At this time, the little wolf is also looked forward to the owner of the valley. In front of this big wolf, which is almost the same as it, it can be seen that the eyes of the wolf have been frozen. It is estimated that the age is still relatively small. Let’s go.

Then the little wolf screamed twice. It is obvious that at this age, it has not yet reached that, and it can change the adult-shaped status, so it can’t be said, this should be the language of the wolf to communicate.

Su Ming didn’t open the Animal’s Ability, so it’s not clear what the little wolf said just now.

However, the opposite of the beast of the Valley of the Valley, seems to be unable to withstand, the body trembled twice, then quickly came up, from Su Ming’s arms, the little wolf was hugged, and then shed tears .

Frankly speaking, the moment he rushed up, he really scared Su Ming, and subconsciously thought he was doing something, but fortunately did not do anything for Su Ming.

The little wolf doesn’t seem to understand. Why do you cry when it is good? Instead, the wolf is not so sad. It just makes two sounds. It is estimated that it is a little overwhelmed.

The scene in front of me is something that nobody has thought of. It seems that it is a very touching story. Isn’t the father and son who have been separated for many years met today?

The moving picture only lasted for a while. When the Lord of the Beast Valley looked up, Su Ming could notice that the tears in his eyes were constantly drying up and instantly recovered.

Looking at Su Ming with an unusually cold, even biting look, asked, “My son, how is it in your hands, say!”


Su Ming this time can be confirmed, as he guessed, it is really a lost father and son, no wonder it will be so uncomfortable, animals also have feelings, especially when it comes to relatives.

In the face of this terrifying question, Su Ming’s mind also had a certain enthusiasm, not at all afraid, he said directly: “I was in the secular world, I found it by chance.”

“It was caught by an Ancient Warrior. The situation was not too good and life-threatening. I saved it, kept it with me, and helped find it for my loved ones,” Su Ming said.

Said very flat, and did not deliberately say that he is much better for the little wolf, just take it as his own heart and baby, then there is a suspicion in it.

It’s not Su Ming’s style, and how about it, how long it takes to get along with it for a long time, and the little wolf knows it.

The horrible momentum of the beast of the Valley of the Beasts, the vastness that has been dispersed at this time, and he himself has nothing to kill Su Ming.

Otherwise, how could he still ask, I am afraid that killing Su Ming will kill him and kill Su Ming. It is not very easy.

Seeing his son, in the hands of Su Ming, his body is intact and not like being abused. He probably has a few in his heart, not the kind of killer.

The reason why I just talked, it seems so scary, the main thing is to want to shock Su Ming through his own momentum, lest he swear.

If a person’s heart is lying in a fearful situation, it will be more scared.

The owner of the Valley of the Beast Valley did not directly believe in Su Ming. Spirit Beast is in the mind and has some guard against human beings, not to mention the Spirit Beast, which is so powerful. Monstrous talent level.

He spoke in the language of the wolf: “Son, what he said just now, is it true?”

Su Ming At this time, the animal spirit’s Ability has been given away, so he can understand what the valley owner of the Beast Valley is saying.

The sound of the little wolf sounded a little bit tender. He only listened to it and said, “He saved my life, and he is very good to me. I am very happy with him.”

Su Ming heard this, but also could not help but reveal a smile, said that this kid is still quite conscience.

The owner of the Valley of the Beast Valley, there are probably a few in his heart, and he carefully examined it and found that his son, not at all, was given a master servant contract.

If the average person grabs the advanced Spirit Beast, the best way to make Spirit Beast completely obedient is to sign the master servant contract, but this will damage the Spirit Beast.

If Su Ming really signed the thing with the little wolf, the owner of the Beast Valley, said that he had to kill Su Ming directly, because their race is very noble and cannot allow that kind of thing to happen.

The Lord of the Beast Valley, directly said: “I apologize to you, and at the same time, you must thank you and find my son. This is what I have been looking for, but I have not found it.”

Su Ming said that this thing is in the secular world. You are in this ancient World, even if you are more capable, I am afraid I can’t find it.

So Su Ming said: “Trying to take the liberty, since it is your son, how can you lose it?”

I really can’t figure it out. Like the huge force of the Beast Valley, their Shaodong family can easily lose it. It sounds a little unbelievable.

The owner of the Valley of the Beasts said: “This is a great Elder in the Valley of the Beasts. When I was retreating, I became a traitor and fled the Valley of the Beasts, and abducted my son who was not long before I was born. “”

“I was looking for him everywhere, but I didn’t know where he went. I couldn’t find it. My son also couldn’t find his whereabouts, so it made me very painful and didn’t give up.”

“Because I can feel that my son is not at all dead, although he abducted my son, this is purely for the sake of me, but he does not dare to kill. If he kills my son, he knows that I will Look at his nine people.”

Ps: A lot of people have forgotten the little wolf, buried a foreshadowing for a long time, and filled a pit, the day is getting faster and faster.