League of Legends Unrivalled Raffle System Chapter 2597

Time is gone day by day, it seems very calm, but for Su Qishan, they feel more and more pressure.

It seems that there is a big stone in the chest, and this weight is still increasing, there is a feeling of being breathless.

Because the time of about three days is almost over, but Su Ming hasn’t woken up yet, so she doesn’t eat or drink, and lay there for nearly three days.

If you pass again this evening, it will be three days and three nights.

Fortunately, Su Ming is an Ancient Warrior with a very strong physical fitness. It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat or drink for a few days. Vigor with the body can automatically nourish the body.

If it is an ordinary person, the body does not receive any energy for three days, and I am afraid that the body’s function will drop rapidly.

This is the case, they have already realized that something is wrong, and they have not woken up for three days, indicating that Su Ming’s problem is more serious than they think.

Murong Qianye is the most sad person. The whole person is caught in endless self-blame. She has realized that Su Ming is probably using something against the sky to take his life back from the hands of God.

Since ancient times, the law of heaven and earth cannot be changed. That is to say, no matter how you make it, you cannot violate the will of heaven.

When you are old and sick, you go to the natural law. If you violate this law, it is equivalent to keeping up with the sky, and naturally you have to bear a considerable backlash.

It is a truth to practice with Ancient Warrior. After the Realm of Heavenly Tribulation Realm, it is actually going against the sky. Otherwise, there will be no Heavenly Tribulation every time you break through.

A few people are very scared, afraid of Su Ming like this, will not wake up so much, then what to do.

The key does not know what to do, everyone can do nothing to face this thorny situation.

Murong Qianye seems to have some means. She will give Su Ming a healing pill every day. She is the saintess of Tiansheng Shrine. The good things are naturally numerous.

But it can be said that the effect is also very small, not at all What is too good effect, at least from the surface, it is not very clear.

Several people are very anxious, but there is no way to wait for the follow-up situation. All the hopes are now in Murong Qianye.

At the same time, the news that Su Ming was unconscious and unconscious in the past few days was also passed out. After all, the circle of Ningcheng is not big, and these people around Su Ming really know it.

Cheng Ruofeng, Jiang Xiaojun and Li Yuanshuang, and the aged Professor Li, have come to Su Ming’s home to visit Su Ming.

These are not the most lively. The women around Su Ming, after knowing the news, can’t sit still one or two. They have taken action.

In the 28 dormitory building of Ningcheng University, Mukè is uneasy, and the whole person has already stopped, and I don’t know what I am thinking.

Roommate said: “Mu Ke, what are you doing, and there is a course in international macroeconomics in the afternoon. This is our compulsory course. Let’s go quickly.”

Mukè suddenly came back to his senses and said, “Fangfang, let’s go and help me with Teacher. I have a little time to go back. I will not be at school these two days.”

“What is going on, there will be nothing wrong with the family, no wonder you look at your uneasy feelings.”

A few roommates immediately asked a question.

Mukè shook the head, obviously a look that is not willing to say more.

At this time, Qin Shiyin was pale in the chairman’s office of Qin Family Conglomerate. She immediately called her private secretary and said, “Schedule, I will have something to go out soon.”


The secretary is obviously very puzzled. This is not like the style of Qin Shiyin. She immediately said: “But Chief Qin, there will be an international conference call 20 minutes later, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the USA delegation will arrive on time. “”


Qin Shiyin is like this every day. The whole day of Studio is full, but today she has no time to think about it in her mind. She only listens to her: “All Studios are pushed and cannot be pushed. Give it to others to do it.”

“I will have something in the past two days. I will not come to the company. If anything, I will give it to Mr. Zhang and decide to call me every night.” After Qin Shiyin finished, he got up directly.

The secretary also knows that Qin Shiyin is so resolute and vigorous, how to say it is useless, she is the boss, no one can change the decision, and quickly nodded.

In the Ningcheng City police station, Luo Xiaoxiao also expressed dignity and knocked on the door of the director’s office, saying: “Bureau Chief Wang.”

Director Wang Yuji came to see Luo Xiaoxiao. He was very polite and got up and greeted. It was not his exaggeration, but he understood how terrifying existed behind Luo Xiaoxiao.

Luo Xiaoxiao didn’t sit anymore, straight to the point said: “Secretary, I have something to do recently. I may have to ask for two days off and tell you.”

“What is it because Studio is too tired?”

Wang Yuji will not refuse, naturally he said: “You really have too much strength in Studio. I usually advise you not to stop. Just this time, I will give you a week off.”

“Let’s put all the cases in your hands and take a rest,” said Wang Yuji.

“Well, that’s a big thank you to Bureau Chief Wang.”

Luo Xiaoxiao showed a grateful expression, and also quickly left the police station, her heart is not ready here.

At this moment, Lin Yingzhu, who is recording a variety show in Modu, found his agent and said: “Sister Wang, help me book a ticket back to Ningcheng.”

“Back to Ningcheng, when?” The agent stunned.

Just listen to Lin Yingzhu and say, “I’ll be right now, hurry up.”

“Yingzhu, what happened to you today, this program has not been recorded yet, and there is a Fan meeting in the evening, there will be a notice tomorrow, how can I go back and go back.”

“Don’t worry about this, you go to negotiate and say that I am in a hurry. I can push it and say that I am in a hurry. If I can’t, I will lose money according to the contract. I am in a hurry.”

Lin Yingzhu’s brow is locked, and the mind is the silhouette of the man.

Xia Qingchan in Ningcheng middle school, she was more convenient, said directly to Principal, and quickly left the school.

She is no longer in the mood to give the students a class. I can’t wait to see Su Ming, knowing what happened to him. No wonder these two days have been uneasy.

The women around Su Ming, as if they were negotiating, came to Su Ming’s home.

(End of this chapter)

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