League of Legends Unrivalled Raffle System Chapter 2624

After hearing Su Ming’s words, Xia Qingchan did not ask anything, she was nodded, indicating that she was at ease/reassured.

She also knows Su Ming’s feelings for Huahua. There is absolutely no impurity in it, so there is definitely no danger. If it is really dangerous, I am afraid he will not let Huahua blend in.

Su Ming thought about it this time and took a look at Murong Qianye, meaning that it should be almost done now.

Murong Qianye said: “Let her sleep, it is better to fall asleep.”

Su Ming nodded, he can understand the meaning of Murong Qianye. After all, the little child is not a hit, a little bit of pain or blood, and will definitely cry, and it will be quite troublesome.

Or simply let her enter the sleep status, and it will save trouble.

Murong Qianye The white jade’s skillful hand, on the head of Huahua, touched softly twice. Huahua seemed to feel very comfortable. After two seconds, she slept sweetly.

This is the power of Ancient Warrior. It is easy to hypnotize a small child whose intelligence is not very sound. It is easy and difficult.

“Get blood essence, are you coming or me?” Murong Qianye said this time.

Su Ming is a little bit tangled, don’t look at his usual face to the enemy, a decisive decisive look, but this time, he still does not want to start with Huahua.

So Su Ming said, “Come as you come.”

Murong Qianye over there, clearly aware of the importance of this little girl, such a cute little girl, Murong Qianye is also reluctant, so her movements are very gentle.

Gently using Vigor, on Huahua’s finger, crossed a hole, but the strange thing is that at this time the blood is not at all, and Murong Qianye puts his hand on the finger and guides it for a while. There is blood coming out.

A total of three drops of blood, it seems to be light, and that kind of aroma, people feel particularly obvious, not in is in talent talent bloodline, it is not very general.

In fact, this is not ordinary blood, this is blood essence, it is not quite the same as the general blood.

If you simply flow three drops of blood, it really doesn’t matter, even if it is a small child, it is like playing with three drops of blood.

However, the effect of blood essence on the body is relatively large. Three drops of blood essence must have a certain influence on Huahua’s body, because she is still young.

After she woke up, she should be Exhaust for two days, but she will be able to recover soon. Otherwise, Su Ming is really reluctant to do it to Huahua, which is very distressing.

After seeing that Murong Qianye had successfully taken out the blood essence, Su Ming quickly used the power of the stars to make the wound on Huahua’s finger heal instantly.

Then she gave her with the body and sent some power to the stars, so that after she woke up, the negative impact would not be too great, just like the illness was restored.

For a small child, I feel a little bit unbearable, but this is no way.

Su Ming gave Huahua to Xia Qingchan and said, “Let her sleep in the bed for a while, and wake up and nothing will happen.”

“Get started, we are together.”

In fact, the bloodline repair is not too difficult. Murong Qianye knows what to do. After all, I use these drops of blood essence as an introduction, and then I will use a lot of Vigor to fix it.

If there is no blood essence of Tianfeng bloodline, then all this is a no-brainer. With this thing, it is different.

Murong Qianye told Su Ming this method, and the two people worked together. If you do this, you will be more labor-saving.

Lin Suwan said before the two people started: “You two can do what you can, if you can’t do it, stop and protect yourself.”

“Know, Mom, sit down.”

Speaking of which is also awkward, the place inside the house is really too small, Lin Suwan can only sit cross-legged on the table that usually eats, it seems too bad.

However, at this time, there is no way to pay attention to these details, Su Ming and Murong Qianye, the two people do not have to say anything, there is enough tacit understanding, one eye will understand, two people almost at the same time.

Repairing the bloodline is like in the secular world, to repair a precious and exquisite artifact, which is very complicated and costly.

There is a slight inadvertentness that may ruin the entire bloodline, and you can imagine the pressure of two people.

But fortunately, Su Ming and Murong Qianye, both of them Realm are high enough, so in the face of this high-intensity operation, it can still be supported, and if they are turned into other people, even if they give them blood essence, it is estimated Will not work.

“Okay, don’t look at it. Let’s go to the side. It doesn’t take a few hours. It’s estimated that it won’t work. You believe that they are both useless here.”

Lin Yue took a look at Su Qishan, who was always on the sidelines, and kept him from being so anxious. In fact, Lin Yue was just talking about it verbally, and his anxiety was not worse than Su Qishan.

Finally, at night, Su Ming and Murong Qianye stopped at almost the same time. Both of them looked too good to look at. This is a symptom after excessive consumption, and it can be seen at once.

Fortunately, all efforts have not been in vain. Lin Suwan can be said to be ruddy and shiny at this time, because her destroyed bloodline has completely recovered.

Moreover, Tianfeng bloodline itself has the characteristics of Phoenix, that is Nirvana Rebirth. After the bloodline is repaired once, it is equivalent to a Nirvana Rebirth, which makes Lin Suwan’s bloodline rise to a higher level.

“Mom, should you feel better?” Su Ming asked.

Lin Suwan said: “Mom is much better, meridian has completely recovered, even better than before, both of you have worked hard.”

After I finished speaking, I looked at Su Ming with that kind of loving eyes. When the two of them separated, Su Ming was still a little bit, and in a twinkling of an eye, it became a top-notch figure, and things were unpredictable.

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