League of Legends Unrivalled Raffle System Chapter 2650

“Song Zhe, don’t resist anymore, you don’t have any idea if you continue to stick to it.”

Su Ming At this time, he immediately said something to Song Zhe.

In fact, at this time, Song Zhe’s inner heart is quite painful, and this inner activity is also directly expressed from his face.

Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect to kill him. He was so miserable by Su Ming this time. He could even see that Su Ming had not done his best.

This makes Song Zhe have a very sad feeling. Is it true that in his life, he is destined to be rubbed on the floor by this person?

Song Zhe clenched his fists, he was not reconciled, but there was no good way, his inner helplessness filled his body.

“Su Ming, can you tell me, because of what, what happened to this earth-shaking change?” Song Zhe asked.

He didn’t have to killing intent like he had just wanted to fight with Su Ming. Now he seems to have lost the will to fight.

Su Ming glanced at him and didn’t worry that the guy was deliberately dragging his time. As far as he is concerned, it is estimated that if he didn’t have a year and a half, he couldn’t recover.

“What changes?” Su Ming asked deliberately.

“At this time, you should not install it with me. What did you look like before? Everyone in a class, you thought I didn’t know you.”

“To tell the truth, you used to be too ordinary. Ordinary people will not pay attention to you at all. You are such a person, and I am too lazy to take care of you.” Song Zhe has no scruples.

Anyway, this time, he must have thought of what he said, what else to worry about.

Su Ming is also not angry. He knows that Song Zhe is not wrong. He used to be a rich family and has a relationship at home.

Su Ming is too insignificant compared to him. There is nothing that can be taken, and it is longer than Song Zhe, but these are the most useless.

It is estimated that Song Zhe at that time did not put Su Ming in the eye.

Just listening to Song Zhe continued: “But in the third year of high school, the summer vacation began, and you, the whole person, had a complete change, so I couldn’t believe it.”

“I didn’t feel anything at first. Until the energy that broke out later, people became more and more unbelievable. I realized that I really can’t look down on you any more.”

Song Zhe said: “In my opinion, it is impossible for a person to become so smooth for a long time, not to mention that you have become an Ancient Warrior, which is even more incredible.”

Su Ming listened, did not speak, the whole person fell into silence, in fact, this world, there is really no fool.

The speed at which Su Ming rises is too fast. If you are a little familiar, you will feel strange, but you have not said it.

In the final analysis, it is still a League of Legends Raffle System. It is estimated that no one will think of this thing. This is a big chance, and finally it is on Su Ming’s head.

Su Ming naturally won’t tell the truth about this Song Zhe. No need is necessary. Su Ming directly screams: “Because my mother is the saintess of Tiansheng Shrine.”

“My father is also a master of Heavenly Tribulation Realm, but because of the pursuit of Tiansheng Shrine, I am in the world, low-key life.”

Su Ming continued to sigh: “You should be glad that you haven’t given me anything before, otherwise if I get a father, it will kill you directly.”

“It turned out to be like this, I understand.” Song Zhe thought that he had already understood the truth.

If that’s the way it is, Su Ming is not that simple. I used to think that it is a Second Generation Rich.

Unexpectedly, Su Ming was a second generation of Ancient Warrior, which was a bit more powerful than he did not know.

Song Zhe seems to have recovered calm very quickly. He also knows that this is the last life. He himself has been completely destroyed because of his own blast.

The fierce battle just now made Song Zhe’s body composed of evil influences almost broken and could not be restored.

This means that the life of Song Zhe will be ended.

However, Song Zhe is not reconciled. He can’t just let Su Ming go. Otherwise, I think Su Ming is still happy in this world.

And he became a ghost, a ghost, and suffered many of the pains and tortures, but finally failed to kill Su Ming, then everything is not a failure.

Song Zhe can’t accept this and leave this world, but fortunately, in such a desperate situation, he has the last resort.

This is also his only means, that is to blew his own body, evil influence this thing, the only advantage is that it can be desperately self-destructive, and formidable power is particularly horrible.

Song Zhe At this time, his face showed a smirk, and then his body was constantly twisted.

Because Song Zhe’s body is composed of evil influence, there is no **. When there was a **, he could not see that he was going to blew himself.

But now his body is constantly twisting, just like a pool of stagnant water suddenly stirred up by people, and the speed of this agitation is getting faster and faster.

Su Ming immediately realized that something was wrong. Looking at Song Zhe’s smile, Su Ming knew that he must come to the final stroke.

And look at this look, it is estimated that it must be self-destructive, the last time Su Ming has suffered a loss, this time Su Ming must be in the heart, already have some defense.

Su Ming immediately took the shot and wiped it up with ez’s Ultimate. However, when passing through Song Zhe’s body, there was nothing at all, just a little smaller.

Probably understand, it is estimated that it is impossible to prevent him from blasting, Su Ming stopped his movements.

However, at this time, Su Ming didn’t panic in his heart because he also had an Angel’s Ultimate for himself.

Angel Ultimate is invincible, as long as he uses Angel Ultimate in the moment he blew himself, and then blocked the damage, then Song Zhe he is gone.

The last time he has blew himself once, and this time he will blew himself up again, and he will definitely die and die.

At this time, Su Ming immediately took back his avatar and also collected the Fire Dragon, lest they be accidentally injured.

Who knows that at this time, Song Zhe on the edge of self-destruction, but directly rushed over to the enchantment.

His face was full of crazy smiles, loudly shouted: “Although I am dead, I want to let the people of the whole world bury me.”

(End of this chapter)