Legend of Swordsman Chapter 4973


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Wushuang Sword Dao, born out of the Divine Force universe.

It is a place of sorrow in the depths of the universe, the final Sword Dao inspired by the old man who guards the tomb of the gods.

From now on, it is Jian Wushuang’s strongest sword!

When the entire Sword Dao is fully mellow, he immediately becomes Sword Immortal!

And all sword intents of Jian Wushuang are basically from Wushuang Sword Dao.

Wushuang Sword Dao has indeed experienced the tempering of blood and fire to grow to this day.

All these were guessed by the black-clothed youth at this moment, and Jian Wushuang had to be shocked and alert.

After speaking those words, the black-clothed youth directly gripped the hilt of the waist, and the breath of the whole figure was completely restrained.

He said solemnly, “So, next, I will spare no effort. Don’t think that I will lower my strength to fight with you, including Yanli realm, and I will not lower it a bit.”

Jian Wushuang nodded, said quietly, “Of course I can, and I will not hide my strength.”

black-clothed youth said, “Then it will begin.”

As the last word fell, thousands of sword intents burst out of his feet.

The sword intent is like Changhong, running through Heaven and Earth, making the entire Immortal Palace in shock.

Immediately afterwards, the Immortal Monarch, who was sitting on the jade seat, waved and lowered the endless moon, which directly turned into a barrier, enclosing the two.

With this barrier as the center, a Martial Practice Stage was formed, allowing them to let go of their hands and feet in this battle without destroying the Immortal Palace.

The black hair white-clothed Cang Ting could not help expressing satisfaction when seeing this scene.

The discipline under his seat is really amazing. Only the sword intents released have formed a tendency to overwhelm, almost immediately controlling the entire aura.

In the competition between Swordsman, the first moment of the sword is extremely important. The so-called starting point, in a way, can already establish the battle.

Cang Ting immediately looked towards Yan Fan again, seeing that instead of worrying about him, he looked at this scene with a smile and couldn’t help feeling angry.

This battle, even if it is won, is extremely disgraceful.

Thinking of this, Cang Ting couldn’t help saying with a sneer, “Knowing that you are defeated, you still want to fight, you Master really does not care about the life and death of the discipline. If my discipline is more serious, I am afraid I don’t have to tell the victory. Up.”

Yan Fan’s expression instantly cooled down, but she returned to normal as soon as she heard this, “It’s just a wishful thinking to inflict a heavy blow on my discipline by relying on your discipline, your rateless Sword Dao!”

“Oh, are you so confident?” Cang Ting said playfully.

“When is this Sword Immortal not self-confident?” Yan Fan said that, stepping directly on the case, and proudly said a shocking word.

“If I don’t punch your discipline shit out of my discipline today, then you will be considered clean today by your discipline!!”


It’s vulgar, because it’s too vulgar.

Immortal Palace is dead, all white clothes are twitching at the corners of their mouths, including the Guangyue Immortal Monarch sitting on the jade seat, with twitching at the corners of their eyes.

“Yan Fan, you impudent!”

Cang Ting smashed the case made by Xian Guishu with a hard shot, then straightened up, his face sinking like water.

This is a naked humiliation. If it weren’t in the Immortal Palace, he would have already taken the sword!

Yan Fan said with curled lips, “I’m not impudent, why, can’t you tell the truth now?”

“You are so confident that your discipline will win?”

“Why, I don’t believe that my discipline wins, do you believe that your discipline wins?”

“Then how about some more conditions?” Cang Ting tried to suppress his anger.

“What conditions?” Yan Fan raised his eyebrows and said.

Cangting coldly said, “If my discipline wins, your Sword Dao belongs to me, if your discipline wins, my Sword Dao belongs to you, how about?”

Without waiting for Yan to return to speak, Guangyue Immortal Monarch, sitting on the top of the jade seat, has already expressed the grave, repeatedly stopping, “No, this condition is absolutely not allowed!”

“I think this condition is not bad, but I have to add something to this condition,” Yan Fan smiled quietly, “If my discipline wins, I will put your discipline on the Dayan Fairyland. Tell me the secret.”

Cang Ting was startled, his face was slightly unnatural, but in the end he agreed.

As soon as this condition is settled, it cannot be changed. It is useless for Guangyue Immortal Monarch to worry and anger.

The reason why she was worried and angry was completely because these two rivals actually bet their Sword Dao for this competition between the disciplines.

This is really fatal.

You know, after reaching the point of Sword Immortal or even quasi-Sword Immortal, the competition between them is a matter of deciding the outcome.

Often just one start is enough to determine life and death.

As for Sword Dao, the originator of Sword Immortal, once his evenly matched opponent knows it, there is only one dead end.

These two seemingly unremarkable conditions are betting on the life of one Sword Immortal, one quasi Sword Immortal!

This is what makes Guangyue Immortal Monarch nervous.

And she has already made a decision from the bottom of her heart, no matter what the final result is, she will not let the two reveal Sword Dao!


Jian Wushuang and the black-clothed youth, who were completely enveloped by Yuehua, did not hear the outside conversation at all.

In their eyes and ears, there is only each other.

In this brief moment, the breath of the black-clothed youth is completely different from the previously released, thick and vigorous.

This makes Jian Wushuang seem to be facing not a Swordsman, but a sword, a heavy sword with no edge and no sheath!

Next, let him be more certain of his thoughts.

The black-clothed youth drew a sword from behind, a heavy sword in dark.

That can no longer be described with a sword, it can be described with a heavy ruler or even an iron plate.

Without sword edge, it’s like a thick and heavy ruler.

Jian Wushuang has a dignified gaze, and everyone who can use this heavy sword is the Swordsman who has tempered himself from Sword Dao to peak.

Heavy sword has no front, but it’s not working.

Without the sword edge, Jian Wushuang has even more lethality. Jian Wushuang can even be sure that Chang Yanxian can’t even take this sword!

At this moment, the black-clothed youth seems to be completely together with the heavy sword fuse in his hands, and his eyes become completely black.

“The greatest respect for you is to let you kneel under my sword completely.”

Jian Wushuang shrugged, right hand also condense an invisible sword at this moment.

This is the representation of Wushuang Sword Dao, one after another sword pattern is slowly circulating.

Cang Ting, who was watching this scene from afar, looked a little solemn.

No sword is invisible, this boy, not simple!

Yan Fan was so proud, his chin was almost up to the sky.

He once had a brief sword talk with Jian Wushuang. Although there were only two swords, he really felt the breath of the real Sword Dao.

‘Hit your old bastard, maybe my discipline will work, even more how is your discipline that is worse than you…’

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