Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5032


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What’s more terrible is that there is such a 1-layer relationship between them.

Qingshan never thought that they would have a battle.

“I heard that you are enough to defeat Dayan Immortal. Now I will defeat Qingshan. I can let you go and stop forcing you to be with Yan’er. How about?”

Jian Wushuang nodded, “Yes.”

“Go ahead.”

True Martial Yang finally said, the boundless air transport turned into a breeze, engulfing it and sending it to the center of the Supreme Path field.

Qingshan still didn’t come back to his senses, looking at Jian Wushuang in disbelief.

The two face each other far away, and Jian Wushuang never retreats to First Step.

The green mountain in front of him is the One Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal. Because of the cultivation in Xiaojieshan, his aura of strength is almost surging to the extreme.

As long as there is a chance for a breakthrough, he will inevitably come to Six Revolutions easily.

The breeze from an unknown source blows up their clothes.

An invisible sword has quietly appeared.

“Are you going to take action against me?” Qing Shan felt a little absurd. A little Yanxian would actually have the heart to fight.

“As a last resort.” Jian Wushuang said, the invisible sword in his hand was already shining.

“If this is the case, let’s start.” Qingshan coldly said, the real sword is already in hand.

The wind is swelling, and it’s about to hit.

“Sister Ling, the big brother Jian is going to fight him, what should I do.”

In front of the Tianmen, Ami shook Chang Ling’s finger in a hurry and said.

Chang Ling’s face is solemn, and it is clear that Jian Wushuang’s behavior is in her eyes, and it is undoubtedly a death.

one Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal, one Immortal, the gap between them can no longer be told in words.

They don’t even have to fight, the end is doomed.

Although Chang Ling was anxious secretly, she couldn’t help it because they couldn’t even enter the dojo, so they could only stand outside the Tianmen and watch what happened in the dojo.

After that, she squatted down and looked at Ami and said, “Your big brother will be fine, do you think the big brother is good?”

Ami said hurriedly, “very difficult to deal with, as powerful as Xiaodijun!”

“That’s right, your big brother will definitely win.” Chang Ling said with a smile.

“Then… will the sword big brother win?”

“Surely, we will watch it here.”


“Yu Chang, what do you think of the result?”

True Martial Yang turned and looked towards Yu Chang, and said with a smile.

He didn’t speak, and his muddy eyes looked towards the lower part, before uttering a word for a while.

“Green hills are not as good as swords.”

True Martial positively hearing this, this indifferent expression is just watching this extremely unequal battle with great interest.

Next, a scene that surprised all Heavenly Yuan veterans appeared.

None of them thought that Jian Wushuang would actually take the lead, carrying an indomitable momentum, and crushing towards the green mountains.

The mighty sword intent swept up, rolling up ten thousand zhang dust waves in the dojo, instantly surrounding the front.

Qingshan’s eyes condensed, and his realm and Yanli exploded directly.

The terrifying force belonging to Three Revolutions realm is almost completely crushed once released.

The magnificent Yanli turned into an inch of light, and after cutting away the dust that was turned into by the sword intent, he emasculated and nailed to Jian Wushuang.


The sound is so loud, Jian Wushuang was cut back a thousand feet!

The sparks are overflowing.

He didn’t stop his figure until a thousand feet away.

Although he was defeated by thousands of feet, he was not injured at all.

Because of the nine-day mystery of clothing and the protection of the emperor’s body, Xiu said it is a green hill, that is, 10,000 green hills, and there is no possibility of breaking the defense.

This is what makes Jian Wushuang, who is still in a weak state, the confidence to fight.

Qingshan has a calm mind. In this first confrontation, he seems to have taken the lead, but he does not at all feel relieved.

He could feel that Jian Wushuang is not simple, so he started to be careful.

But Jian Wushuang did not. His immortal physique was impossible for the time being, so he rushed forward without any hesitation.

Wushuang Sword Dao, Galaxy Lake Hai Second Style were also released.

The towering Tianhe swept down, and once again rolled up the ten thousand zhang dust waves, covering forward.

Qing Shan did not dare to underestimate him. Although he is the Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal, Jian Wushuang inexplicably gave him a huge pressure.

Especially under this sword intent, he actually felt a kind of shock.

Constrained, he held a sword to face each other, which belongs to the terrifying power of Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal, which is undoubtedly revealed.

The power of dark azure also swept away, like a mountain and sea pillar, smashing into the Sword Dao Tianhe.

The two collide, and the general situation is competing!

At this moment, even the emperor’s dojo trembled.

All Wanggu veterans watched this scene in astonishment. They couldn’t believe that this power was actually released by a Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal and a Yanxian.

Anqing Yanli kept backing away, but Sword Dao Tianhe was also rapidly shattering.

The green hills that are gritted their teeth are already shocked to the point where they can’t be added.

He actually matched a Yanxian evenly, evenly matched? !

This makes him unbearable.

He was furious, and a stunning Life Source treasure was gathered in this brief moment.

Then, Life Source Baoxiang opened his eyes, carrying the momentum of the mountains and seas, and slammed his palm towards Sword Dao Tianhe.

“hong long long!”

The towering Sword Dao Tianhe shattered in an instant, turning into endless tassels and scattered.

Almost at the same time, a little cold glow quietly appeared in Qing Shan’s eyes.

He turned pale with fright, he simply never thought that Jian Wushuang would hide in the Tianhe and smashed towards him.

This is a Peerless Sword, an unstoppable Peerless Sword, a sword that fights for life.

Qingshan knows the terrifying of this sword, so he desperately releases Life Source Baoxiang to stop it.

But it’s too late.

A little cold glow appeared, and then pierced into the Life Source treasure.

Time seems to be stagnant, Jian Wushuang’s Peerless Sword hits it completely.

next moment, with the heart’s mouth as the center, hundreds of millions of azure blue cracks are instantly covered with Life Source treasures.

The breath is gone, and the power collapses.

Along with the fragmentation of Life Source’s treasure, Qing Shan’s complexion in a white shirt changed. He backed back heavily, and the white shirt at his heart was already wet by divine blood.

The dojo is silent, and all the elders looked up towards the green mountain.

The divine blood is dripping, they are incredible.

One Three Revolutions Dayan Immortal will be forced to such a degree by one Yanxian. How is this possible? !

Fighting across borders is something that has never happened before, but it is happening now.

Even if it is the only stunning arrogant in all ages, I am afraid it can’t be done. This shocked the cognition of all the elders.

Include True Martial Yang.

He wrinkled his brows slightly, and Emperor Zhenrong had never been so solemn.

He has been in the forefront of his life, controlling an innumerable universe, and he has been completely moved after seeing too many Tianjiao.

“Qingshan is not as good as a sword, it is really not as good as a sword…”

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