Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5040


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Leaving the wasteland, she has lingering fears.

That kind of breathtaking oppression made her unwilling to think about it.

“Where is there, and why does it exist?”

She was shocked secretly, because she felt the breath of the giant beast, no weaker than the Wanggu veterans in Xiaojie Mountain.

And at the last moment, she saw an unimaginable scene, the giant beast hanging from the giant claw, was actually bound by tens of thousands of chains!

“Who has such strength and imprisoned it there? Is it the emperor?!”

Thinking of this, Chang Ling was shocked to the extreme, and at the same time he was even more certain that only the emperor had such strength.

“Will he be imprisoned there by the emperor?”

She gritted her teeth, apparently she had an answer in her mind, but the answer was too unfair.

Should you be banished and imprisoned if you use the power of the fairy to smash the great fairy under the True Martial sun seat?

Chang Ling knows the truth of Beautiful Tree In The Forest, Wind Must Certainly Destroy It, and it is precisely because of this that unwillingness arises in her heart.

All this is helpless, she can’t shake it at all, and even enter the wasteland.

Thinking of this, she sighed and returned to Xiaojieshan.

“Aya elder sister, me, I actually fell asleep…”

In the small world mountain shrouded by auspicious cloud, under the fairy tree, Ami lowered his head and said to Nono. Two small fleshy hands were behind him, as if doing something wrong.

Chang Ling smiled reluctantly, stretched out her slender palm and rubbed her head, “It’s okay, Ami, don’t blame yourself, it’s not where you should go.”

Ami was nodded, and then hurriedly said, “The elder sister, did you see the sword big brother there?”

She smiled bitterly, “I have never seen it before.”

Then Chang Ling told Ami about everything that happened there.

“Ah, No way, will it be terrifying there?”

After listening, Ami said in surprise.

Chang Ling sighed slightly, “It’s far more terrifying than I said, so it’s almost impossible to see him.”

“What should I do, the big brother Jian must not have an accident, otherwise Xiaodijun…” Ami said this, with an anxious face, then suddenly looked up towards her, with hope in his eyes.

“Yes, Xiaodijun, big brother Yan!”

Chang Ling wondered, “What’s the matter with Guan Xiaodi?”

As if caught a life-saving straw, Ami said, “Aya elder sister, you don’t know, the sword big brother and the little emperor are close friends. If the little emperor knows to see the sword big brother trapped in the wilderness, he will definitely come Aid!”


After listening, Chang Ling was silent, even though she had been cultivation in Xiaojieshan since she was a child, she still knew something about the outside world.

Especially the situation of the seven emperors under True Martial Yangzuo, she knows best, because this is the most basic criterion for candidates for heavenly officials.

It is rumored that the Great Emperor under the True Martial Yang seat is the most perverse and violent and withdrawn. He never makes friends with any immortals, and even regards his six brothers as enemies.

Several years ago, Chang Ling watched the Great Emperor’s Young Master from a distance. He basically met the rumors, with a pale face, a strange and handsome face, and a perverse and violent look.

Have a hostile attitude towards all evangelists in Celestial Court.

This is also caused. Even the Wanggu veterans in Celestial Court have a strategic withdrawal of them, and they are courteous.

It is even more rumored that when Young Master Yan was a minor, he fought with True Martial in battle, and used a strategy to take down the last Celestial Court in the big division for True Martial.

All the deeds are added together, so that the entire Great Division, and even everything in the Celestial Court, will not dare to despise this “waste” emperor.

And this is why she was surprised by what she said to Ami.

In her opinion, it is absolutely impossible for the Great Emperor’s son Young Master to have someone close, let alone close friends.

And watching Jian Wushuang suffered a severe injury and was brought to Xiaojieshan by Uncle Yu alone, so she would never think of the relationship between the two.

Thinking over and over again, Chang Ling opened the mouth and said, “Ami, you can’t talk nonsense, how could they have a relationship.”

Seeing that she didn’t believe her, Ami said anxiously, “Really, I won’t lie to your elder sister. At the Celestial Court banquet not long ago, the sword big brother came with the Yan big brother, and they got it together. What about the immortal peach of that banquet!”

Chang Lingliu’s eyebrows trembled, and she finally got the impression that the winner of the immortal peach in the last Celestial Court feast was indeed the Young Master of the Great Emperor.

And she still heard that after Young Master finally got the immortal peach, he divided the immortal peach into two, and the other half was given to a young man.

Combined with Jian Wushuang’s horrified performance in the imperial dojo, Chang Ling finally believed in Ami’s words.

“Yes, the Great Emperor, would you be willing to take risks to rescue him?”

Chang Ling asked, his words full of doubts.

Ami laughed, her big eyes narrowed into crescent shapes, “Don’t worry, Aya elder sister, I can feel the emotions of Yan’s big brother towards the sword big brother, he will definitely come to save the sword big brother. !”

She hesitated again and again, and finally made up her mind, “Then go and see the Great Emperor?”

Ami desperately nodded.

“But, candidates for heavenly officials, you can’t leave Xiaojieshan at will…”

“There is no that many but Aya elder sister, Ami will have a way to let you go.”

“Okay, okay.”


The clouds and smoke will go back and forth.

As if being in a dreamlike cloud and smoke, above the jade steps, leaning against a figure.

He wore a luxurious suit with mountains and rivers painted on it, with a tendency to swallow the sky.

Reclining on the jade steps, he is half asleep and half awake, not knowing what Heaven and Earth is circulating.

In the heavenly hall, the silence is audible, and there is no one scent of immortality.

I don’t know how long it has passed, the tightly closed heaven gate slowly opened, and then a thin Little Zi robe entered the temple, walking briskly.

The skinny Little Zi robe quietly came to him and leaned over and said in a low voice, “His Royal Highness, there is one Fairy. Please see you in six days, saying that you have important matters to discuss with Your Highness.”

The figure on the jade steps has not even opened his eyes, as if he is still sleeping.

And the thin Little Zi robe fixed his posture, waiting for a reply.

For a long time, a cold voice sounded.

“No, if you don’t leave, kill it.”

Skinny Little Zi nodded and promised, for every order, he will firmly execute, never asking the reason.

He turned around and was about to leave, but after a few steps, he stopped again and folded back to add a word.

“His Royal Highness, that Fairy is One Dayan Immortal, I can feel from the breath of her body, she should have walked out of Xiaojieshan.”

“I’m not interested, let her leave.” The figure on the jade step said, there was still only a cold killing intent in the words.

Skinny Little Zi went silent, and finally said again, “His Royal Highness, it was Little Ami who asked her to come to see you.”

On the jade level, he quietly opened his eyes, which contained Supreme majesty.

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