Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5041


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The fairy clouds are surging, and the temple is solemn and magnificent.

This is the first time Chang Ling has left Xiaojieshan in a true sense. While her heart is extremely tense, she is full of intense curiosity about everything.

Especially when she came to the six-day realm where the Great Emperor’s son was, her curiosity reached its peak, because she smelled the destruction in the sky.

Although this smell of destruction has almost disappeared, she is still aware of it.

She is curious about what the Six-Day Realm has gone through before, so much so that Destruction Aura has been flooded up to now.

Standing in the big lonely sky, looking at the still closed temple from a distance, Chang Ling was already a little angry.

She is one Dayan Immortal anyway, and she is a first-class existence in the entire Dasi domain today. She never thought that she would be left outside the door when she met for the first time.

Although the interviewer was the son of the emperor, she still angered her.

Just as she was considering whether to turn around and leave, the temple opened, and the thin Little Zi robe flew in front of her, taking charge of the lead.

Suppressing the unhappiness in my heart, Chang Ling enters the temple.

Yunyan curls up, a slightly sweet smelly scent evaporates in the temple. The first time I smell it, it makes people uncomfortable, but unconsciously it will be immersed in it.

Chang Ling’s nose moved slightly, obviously feeling uncomfortable with the smell in the temple.

But after the skinny Little Zi robe led her to the temple, he walked away quickly and closed the temple door easily.

She is in ones heart trembled, and there is a crisis in her heart.

When she thinks of the perverse and violent Great Emperor son, she becomes nervous. Even if she is a Dayan Immortal, she has the urge to flee at any time.

And just as she was thinking about it, a cold voice sounded, “What do you do in six days?”

Along with this sound, a figure dressed in extravagant clothes walked out from the depths of the hall slowly.

Chang Ling held her breath and became more nervous.

Even after several Chinese years, she still recognizes at a glance the child of the Great Emperor, Young Master Yan.

Xiaodijun browses slightly wrinkle, obviously patience is gradually disappearing.

“Say, what are you going to do in six days?”

came back to his senses, Chang Ling said nervously, “Go back, go back to your highness, I think, please save One Yanxian.”

He hearing this, raised his brows slightly, and a sneer from the corners of his mouth, “Do we know each other, don’t you think it’s absurd?”

Chang Ling also consciously asked something wrong, but she still said, “Although it is a little absurd, he must be a little important to you, so please help.”

The little emperor was already out of interest, and immediately turned around and waved, “I’m not interested, you can leave, don’t let me see you again.”

Chang Ling startled, never thought he would be so cold and stubborn, and immediately suppressed the resentment and unhappiness in her heart, let her angrily said, “I knew you were so unfeeling, I would never come here to see you even if I died. “

“If this is the case, let him die in the wilderness!”

After speaking the last sentence, she prepared to leave without looking back.

At this moment, Xiao Dijun’s voice sounded again, “What’s his name?”

Although Chang Ling was angry, she still spoke, “I only know that there is a sword in his name, and Ami calls him the sword big brother.”

Above the jade level, the figure in the luxurious clothes trembled suddenly, and then ran down the jade level directly to Chang Ling.

Then he stretched out his hands and held her arms tightly, and said in a gloomy manner, “Sword, is it called Jian Wushuang?! Answer me!!”

Chang Ling, who was shocked by the sudden change, forgot how to speak, “Okay, it seems to be by this name.”

Getting the answer, the corner of Xiao Dijun’s eyes trembled. After he released his palm, he sat down on the jade steps as if he was exhausted.

Looking at the little Emperor who had changed too much before and after, Chang Ling was astonished, and at the same time the rock in his heart was settled.

She asked, “Help or not?”

The desperate little emperor, slowly lifts the head and looked at her, “You are from Xiaojieshan? Tell me his situation without omission and in detail, without any concealment.”

Chang Ling was nodded, and then he explained clearly the first time I saw Jian Wushuang and a series of things that happened afterwards.

“This is everything I know. After that, I tried to enter the wasteland to find him, but I failed in the end, so I came to you.”

She took a deep breath and said, then sincerely looked towards Xiaodijun, “Please also save him.”

Little Emperor is facing her back, like a motionless sculpture.

I don’t know how long it took before he slowly turned around, a touch of complexity and scrutiny flashed in his eyes, “What is your relationship with him?”

Chang Ling startedled, apparently unaware that his focus could be so strange.

“Uh, we are just strangers coming together by chance. We have seen very few of them. They can only be regarded as ordinary friends.”

“Ordinary friends?” Xiaodijun faint smiled, “Ordinary friends would be willing to take risks with their bodies? Will they secretly leave Xiaojieshan fortunately and ask an emperor who has never seen him for help?”

Chang Ling was dumb and didn’t know how to answer.

Little emperor faint smile, First Step step closer forward.

Chang Ling kept backing away, extremely nervous.

He slowly leaned over, his eyes revealing a charming coquettish, “Since you are from Xiaojieshan and you are Dayan Immortal again, you must be the emperor’s candidate for heavenly officials, right?”

“You, what are you going to do?”

Unconsciously, Chang Ling was reached in front of Shanhaizhu.

“I? Of course I want to do everything,” Xiaodijun smiled evilly, “My great heaven official has been selected, and will never change, but you have a great appetite for me, I don’t want to give up.”

“So I want to ask you, would you like to be the empress? My empress.”

The divine sense in his mind seemed to explode the Wanjun Thunderbolt, and Chang Ling’s mind was blank at this moment.

She would never have thought that Xiao Dijun would say such a thing to her when they first met.

It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous!

While she was in the blank of shock, Xiao Dijun extended the hand and provoked her beautiful jaw.

Chang Ling was clear in an instant, and her expression became cold. Facing the frivolous Xiaodijun, she stretched out her hand and pulled up.

But this slap did not fall, and was stopped by Xiaodijun raising his hand.

He faint smiled, leaning over and whispering softly, “Don’t let your palm print fall on the emperor’s body, the consequences are far beyond what you can bear.”

Chang Ling hesitated. Since the beginning of her spiritual wisdom, she has been cultivating in Xiaojieshan until now. Everything is given by the emperor.

Naturally, the order of the emperor cannot be violated.

Now, as the prince of the Great Emperor, Young Master Yan has done everything to her, so she dare not violate anything.

Even if she is Dayan Immortal, she dare not disobey.

Looking at Chang Ling who chose to endure silently, Xiao Dijun raised his eyebrows and smiled, and then leaned over to face her Tankou without any warning.

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