Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5042


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Her pupils dilated for an instant, and the corners of her ears were red as blood dripping.

It was caused by excessive tension.

The blue silks joined together, covering up everything that happened.

Chang Lingqingming’s divine sense collapsed in an instant, and the impact was so great for her that the divine sense was blank in her mind.

With an almost arrogant attitude, he smashed all her defenses, as well as shame.

The sentiment is warm and terrifying, but I don’t know how to resist it.

At this moment, the gate of the heavenly hall opened, and the skinny Little Zi robe leaned forward to check the situation in the temple. After seeing this scene of spring melting, he consciously retracted his figure and closed the hall door.

And Chang Ling finally came back to his senses, a flash of humiliation and resentment flashed in her eyes, and then her teeth lightly opened, biting down like a small beast.

Yin red divine blood spilt along with it, slashing along her sandal mouth, and a blood line flowed out of the extremely beautiful line of the lower jaw.

Little Emperor opened his eyes, and Supreme’s cold majesty appeared.

Chang Ling stepped back, leaning against Shan Haizhu, looking directly at him with humiliating eyes, without worry or fear at all.

The wound on Xiao Dijun’s thin lips also healed in an instant.

He seemed like nothing had happened before, and his eyes returned to the icy coldness of a thousand miles away.

After sorting out some scattered extravagant clothes, Xiao Dijun said in a calm tone, “The thing just now, you should assume nothing happened. If it is passed out, I will kill you.”

Chang Ling figure trembled, the humiliation in her eyes was completely replaced by anger, she sneered, and she didn’t even care to wipe off the divine blood from the corner of her mouth, “If it spreads out, it will cost me my life? It’s obviously that you were frivolous than me, and instead took this Threaten me?”

“Even if you are the son of the Great Emperor, I don’t believe that the emperor would be so partial!”

Little Emperor hearing this, smiled, “It won’t be any good for you to spread the sentence, you and I know it, if you want to be my empress, it’s a different matter.”

“You dream, even if I die, I will never be your empress!” Chang Ling said angrily.

He appeared uninterested in this and turned and walked towards the depths of the temple.

“Are you going to save it?” Chang Ling gritted his teeth and said hurriedly.

“I save him, it’s a matter between us. Don’t worry about it.” After he said these last words, his figure sank into the depths of the temple.

Chang Ling stomped her feet in anger, wishing to swallow her alive.

“Damn it, not only is frivolous and lustful, but also so perverse and violent, whoever becomes his heavenly official in the future will never end well!!”

The Tiandian Gate of the Tiandian reopened, and she didn’t want to wait for a moment. She left the Tiandian and stayed in Dagutian Intermediate.

“Your Highness, you shouldn’t treat the candidate heavenly official that way. If she goes back to Xiaojieshan to say a few words to the emperor, I’m afraid she will…”

The skinny Little Zi robe didn’t go on.

Xiao Dijun said, “Don’t worry, she won’t say a word, and I did it to her…there is a reason.”

“Also, Wushuang came out of the borderless sea alive, but he should be imprisoned in the wilderness by the emperor. I want to help.”

The thin Little Zi robe, who was still extremely calm, trembled suddenly after hearing these words, and his muddy eyes were in disbelief.

“Sword, Master Sword, came back alive from there…”

“Don’t tell me this in advance, especially to those in Xiao Gutian, don’t let them know.”

The skinny Little Zi robe nodded promised, and backed out of the temple.

This time, not at all, let Chang Ling wait too long outside, and Xiao Dijun walked out of the temple.

What made her a little surprised was that he didn’t wear the extravagant clothes of depicting mountains and rivers this time, instead he changed into a plain and flowing uniform.

Besides, the long hair is no longer draped, but a golden color strap is used to pull it behind him at will, giving people an indescribable warmth.

“Let’s go, you are responsible for leading the way,” Xiaodijun hands behind ones back, his voice is cold with rejection beyond a thousand li, “Also, don’t look directly at me with this kind of eyes, this is an insult to the emperor .”

Chang Ling Yinya was about to break, and almost exhausted his best to take a look at him fiercely before rushing out of Dagutian with anger.

The two bodies were like two stars and streamers, and they soon sank into the depths of the void.

“Are you sure, Wushuang was imprisoned in the wilderness?”

“It’s not too sure, but it’s very possible. I can’t look into it. It’s too dangerous.”

On the way, the little emperor browses slightly wrinkle, he only vaguely heard about the wasteland, but he can confirm that it is indeed the Emperor Realm of True Martial Yang, which is extremely mysterious.

And knowing that there are immortals there, there are almost too few to the extreme.

If Jian Wushuang really walked out of the borderless sea and was spotted by True Martial Yang, it would really be very likely to be imprisoned within the realm.

Huang Realm God is secret, Wu Yanxian knows what is hidden there, it is the big mysterious place.

But even so, the little emperor still plans to venture into the wilderness alone.

The Wild World is an unnamed world. It is impossible to find an entrance from the outside world. You can only enter from Xiaojie Mountain.

And Xiaojieshan is a living place for True Martial Yang and a group of veterans, and Outsider may be discovered in an instant.

But Xiaodijun didn’t care about this, he didn’t even conceal his breath, and entered Xiaojie Mountain.

“Hey, converge, we’re going to save him. Isn’t it just a failure to be found before entering?” Chang Ling broke his heart, and persuaded him kindly.

Xiao Dijun glanced at her sideways, and each minding their own business moved forward.

Chang Ling Yinya wanted to break, but she had no choice but to go to the wasteland quickly.

“Here is the wasteland?”

He was a little surprised. Although he had heard about it, he was still vague about the real place of the wasteland.

Chang Ling was nodded, did not say much, and entered first without any hesitation.

Seeing this scene, a touch of elusive complexity flashed in the depths of Xiao Dijun’s eyes, and after a moment of silence, he stepped into it.

The dead silence of the ancient desolation is the unchanging main color of the desolation world, where even years will be barren and become meaningless.

The mist of gray and black silk threads covers almost the entire wasteland, and the visibility will never exceed a thousand miles.

surrounded by this, barrenness and silence are accompanied.

“Attention, there is a giant beast in the clouds, even me.”

Looking at Shino, Chang Ling reminded in a low voice, not even daring to breathe.

Xiao Dijun glanced at her sideways again, “Since you are invincible, why do you come in to die?”

“I…” She was silent for a moment, feeling inexplicably reasonable.

After a while, she reacted and said with embarrassment, “You need to control! I don’t believe you can be the enemy!”

He refused to argue, walked alone, and his brows became sharp in an instant.

As soon as he entered here, he noticed a faintly discernable, but powerful aura that could not be ignored.

This kind of breath is beyond imagination, and it is not something Yanxian can contend.

But he still did, and moved forward resolutely.

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