Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5043


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Chang Ling pursed her thin lips, wondering whether to leave here or move forward together.

At this moment, everything she did had nothing to do with her, but she persisted.

She doesn’t even know how doing these things will benefit her.

But when she thinks of Jian Wushuang’s shocking and stunning on the imperial court, and the predictable miserable situation, she can’t bear it.

Although Chang Ling firmly believes that the emperor will not be jealous, Jian Wushuang’s appearance at the time was too terrifying. With the power of evolving immortals, he could defeat the great immortal. This is a shocking Heaven’s Chosen that has never been seen before.

From the perspective of the emperor’s situation, it is more appropriate to never imprison him or kill him.

The unimaginable journey of one cultivation Heaven’s Chosen, shouldn’t be so silent and perish.

Chang Ling’s gaze gradually became firm, and then she moved forward resolutely.

The little emperor regarded her as nothing, and moved forward.

“You can’t do this, it’s easy to be spotted by that big guy.” Chang Ling said with some worry.

next moment, the layers of clouds were pulled away, and an eye pupil that was several times larger than the giant sun opened quietly.

The pure amber color is like the tranquil Tianhe spring water, the vertical pupils in the center are pitch black to the extreme, fully reflecting the figures of Xiaodijun and Chang Ling.

They swallowed their throats at the same time and backed slowly.

“Yanxian, this is not a place where you can set foot, leave quickly, and spare you a way of life.”

Amidst the clouds, the giant beast issued a warning.

Chang Ling’s eyes were solemn, and she didn’t know if the war had retreated.

Xiao Dijun quickly recovered his composure, facing the giant beast, he said in a condensed voice, “I came to this world to look for One Immortal, as long as I find it, I leave immediately.”

The voice fell, and clouds of smoke swept across the void, an unimaginable head of beast protruded from the clouds, and only endless majesty remained in the eyes of the giant sun.


The huge sound is bursting, and the force can be drained.

Xiaodijun complexion turned cold, “What if I insist on entering?”

“Then stay here.” The head of a beast like Dragon not Dragon descends from the sky, with infinite power.

The distance between the two is even less than hundred zhang.

He smiled slyly, his eyebrows were sharp, “Then this Eminence, I will show you today!”

After he finished speaking, his boundless power exploded, shaking the sky and the earth, instantly tearing everything apart.

At the same time, an inch of light appeared, restrained by hundreds of millions of terrifying power, and went straight to the giant beast’s huge eye wheel.

“You dare?!”

Giant beast was furious. It never thought that a guy like a trivial ant would actually be the first to violent.

It was completely furious, and there was a barren breath in its nose.

The pure to the extreme inch, even if it is sharp, it is impossible to blind the giant beast’s eye wheel, and even after colliding with the barren aura, it is broken.

As for Xiao Dijun, this is the opportunity he wants. Almost at the moment when the light blooms, his figure has already swept out ten thousand zhang!

And Chang Ling also reacted at the right time, releasing her own power with firm eyes.

Like an unrolled bolt of white silk, it swept over thousands of times, and entangled the head of the giant beast in an instant.

“courting death!”

Giant beast is furious, the giant sound erupts like layers of eddy currents, and those with no difficulty will blast the unrolled bolt of white silk to pieces.

Chang Ling also backed away thousands zhang, the blood was tumbling in the immortal physique, but her figure didn’t stay at all at all, she swept up again, and the unrolled bolt of white silk came out of her hands.

She is buying time for Xiao Dijun!

With his eyes facing each other, Xiao Dijun turned around and glanced at her, then swiftly swept into the depths of the wilderness.

But at the next moment, the Chaos clouds burst open, and a giant claw covered the sky.

This giant claw is really too big, one open enough to cover hundreds of thousand li Heaven and Earth and directly block the path of Xiaodijun.

He was horrified, and the soft sword in his palm pierced the giant claw.

But this sword only shattered hundreds of scales and couldn’t shake the giant claw at all.

The little emperor browses tightly knit, knowing that he can’t shake it hard, so he made a decisive decision and moved towards another direction.

At the same time, Chang Ling was struggling to resist the attack of the giant beast head. Although she was already a Dayan, facing this ancient giant creature, it was still difficult to fight.

The giant beast puts a lot of pressure on her between breathing and breathing.

She understands that she is the best to insist on ten breaths time.

“The stubborn ones, pay the price!” The giant beast made a terrifying sound, and the giant sound wrapped Chang Ling with the scorching breath.

She groaned, and her own strength was blocked at this moment.

Then, a giant claw bound by nearly a thousand dark chains came out of the clouds and directly grasped Chang Ling.

She felt that the immortal physique was going to be fragmented, and Yanli was completely blocked by some unknown strength.

And the giant claw, which is twisted and bound by the chain, is constantly gripping.

“Naughty people, I have repeatedly discouraged you, but you still don’t repent. If so, you will fall into my womb.”

giant beast said Shen Shen, and then he opened a huge mouth large enough to swallow Galaxy for ten thousand days.

Chang Ling was desperate, but couldn’t control her own destiny at all, she could only fall into that huge mouth.

next moment, but mutation is coming out!

Thousands of pure unrolled bolts of white silk broke through the layers of smoke, entangled Chang Ling’s immortal physique, and then quickly recovered, at the crucial moment, rescued from the mouth of the giant beast Got off her.

Chang Ling was shocked and her mind went blank. When she reacted, she realized that it was the Great Emperor son Young Master Yan who had rescued her!

“How dare you?” The giant beast was completely furious, and the giant claw covered by the chain came down.

Faced with this overwhelming situation, Xiao Dijun became extremely calm, “I stay here, you go to find Jian Wushuang, remember, if you dare to say a word of nonsense to him, I will kill you.”

After speaking these last words, he directly pushed Chang Ling out of the distance of one hundred ten thousand zhang.

Then, he resolutely confronted the giant beast.

The strength of Heaven was covered, and it easily shattered the strength of Xiaodijun.

Giant claw squeezed his grip, restraining him completely, not at all impossible to move even a little bit.

“Ant, how dare you come here?” giant beast said with a deep roar, his pupils like a huge sun reflected his already red face.

“Ke, ants? In front of this Eminence, you are the ants that’s all!” Xiaodijun said with difficulty, because of the huge force, a strand of divine blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth, colorful divine blood.


At this moment, the giant beast’s eyes widened, his pupils contracted, “The blood of the emperor, do you belong to the lineage of the emperor?”

Little Emperor looked at him coldly, with contempt and disdain in his eyes.

Next moment, the giant beast laughed, and the huge sun-like eyes are all the pleasure of revenge.

“It is really a pleasure to have the emperor lineage to fight the teeth, I think you are the emperor of True Martial Yang, I want him to taste the pain!”

Little Emperor has been shocked, he did not expect this result at all.

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