Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5103


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Immediately afterwards, he talked about One Revolution, “If you still don’t say it, I have many ways to make you more painful than staying in that little Bone Armor a thousand times, ten thousand times!”

However, black robe turned a deaf ear to what he said, still stubbornly repeating the sentence, “Peeping at the ciphertext, die!”

True Martial angered the Yang and directly waved his arms. In an instant, the chains condensed by the emperor’s luck, fiercely’s flogging towards the black robe.

With a whip, black robe’s whole body instantly cracked a hideous crack.

After that, the nine chains fell together.

The dark purple flower that covered the sky was falling apart, and the body of the black robe disappeared at a speed visible to naked eye.

“If you don’t say it will not do you any good, you will feel better if you say it.” True Martial Yang slowly said.

Even at the edge of life and death, black robe still repeated the previous sentence.

“Look at the ciphertext, die!”

“courting death!” True Martial yelled, and a total of nine chains fell together!

It is foreseeable that once all the chains are dropped, the black robe will inevitably disappear.

Jian Wushuang heart shivered with cold, wanting to save black robe.

However, Yu Chang took the first step before him. He waved his hand to stop the Nine Dao Emperor Qiyun Chains and stood in front of True Martial Yang.

“Yu Chang, what are you?” True Martial Yang frowned in confusion.

Yu Chang arched his hands and said, “Going back to the emperor, he can’t die. This involves a lot of things. If you act rashly, I’m afraid it will be bad for many things.”

True Martial Yang frowned, thinking about the meaning of his words, and then said a moment later, “that’s all that’s all, imprison him.”

Yu Chang hearing this nodded, then turned around and looked towards black robe, stretched out his hand and stroked it, and layers of ink and azure aura appeared.

Then he wrapped the black robe in a portable way and put it back into his sleeve.

With the disappearance of the black robe, that unspeakable depressive breath disappeared completely.

The entire Heavenly Clouds station has returned to the state of Yunjuanyunshu.

Failed to get any useful news from black robe, which made True Martial quite uncomfortable.

He looked towards Jian Wushuang instead, only resentment was left in the team.


“What ciphertext is hidden in the Bone Armor, so that you can’t even ask the news?”

“Um…nothing, mainly because when we were about to see the answer, the black robe rushed out and destroyed the Bone Armor.”

True Martial Yang’s voice rose sharply, “That is to say, after tossing for so long, it ruined me in half, and finally got nothing?”

Jian Wushuang was rather embarrassed, “…you can say so.”

True Martial Yang is extremely angry, turning his head and looking towards the master Xu Tuo, “Xu Tuo, this Emperor must listen to the truth, what is the ciphertext on Bone Armor?”

The craftsman Xu Tuo slowly eyes opened, “The Emperor Huidi, indeed, as the little friend Jian said, Xu Tuo didn’t even know it.”

True Martial Yang hearing this, I just feel I have nothing to say.

At this time, Yu Chang said, “Every dust in this big division, every plane of heaven has gone through countless calamities to form the present prosperity.”

“The significance of Celestial Court’s existence is to protect countless horizons extending to Yongchang, sheltering countless Heaven’s Chosen towards their own avenue.”

“However, this unnecessary battle has turned nearly a hundred celestial planes and endless creatures into dust, all of which may be destroyed.”

“This is beyond what Celestial Court can tolerate. The last Dayan Immortal, who wiped out nearly ten celestial planes, has been imprisoned in the sea of ​​boundlessness and endured endless nothingness.”

“Now, your damage to Tianyu is far greater than any previous war, and punishment is inevitable.”

Yu Chang finished his sentence and looked towards True Martial Yang.

At this moment, the disciples in San Cun Mountain, the master Xu Tuo, Nan Xuan, and Young Master Jiao all looked extremely nervous.

A sea of ​​no edge, the punishment of the emperor is the most serious punishment.

Once these responsibilities fall, it is almost equivalent to a death sentence.

At this time, Jian Wushuang stepped forward to the First Step, cupped his hands and said, “This battle was caused by me alone. They are all victims. They have nothing to do with them. I will bear it myself.”

“Who said they should be punished and punished?” True Martial Yang looked at him, said solemnly, “this Emperor only fines you today, heavy punishment!”

“Willing to bear it.” Jian Wushuang arched his hand and said firmly.

True Martial Yang said solemnly, “You said, what kind of punishment do you want?”

“Any kind of punishment is fine.”

“Okay, happy boy! Then this Emperor will punish you to go to the wasteland and move bricks!”

“…Move, move bricks?!” Jian Wushuang stupefied.

“Yes, let me go to Dahuang obediently and honestly for ten thousand years!”

“One…ten thousand years!”


The blazing and warm Yanli disappeared, and the clouds of Yunjuanyunshu gradually disappeared, replaced by low black clouds.

Thunder and lightning as thick as a giant dragon-like brewing in the dark clouds, and accompanied by a huge eddy current, a scene of destruction.

It was a giant bird with wings spreading and leaping among these empty clouds that even Yanxian dared not wait much.

This giant bird is completely black and blue, and it can even cover several celestial planes under its wings.

It is so huge that even the lightning like a giant dragon in the dark clouds is so small.

On top of this giant bird and beast, there are two figures sitting upright.

One of them is Yu Chang, and the other is Jian Wushuang.

Even Yanli can swallow the freezing wind raging in the sky, even Jian Wushuang felt a deep chill.

This is a void that has never been seen before. The heavenly plane does not exist at all, not even a trace of derivation, and some are just barren in nothingness.

This is a very dark void. Even the stars are not born, and there is no other color except the flashing lightning.

Sitting on the head of the giant bird, Jian Wushuang no longer knows where he is.

The giant bird can span hundreds of celestial planes between the wings, and it can be inferred that it has been completely far away from the center of the big division.

“Could it be that the so-called Great Wilderness is the boundary of Dasiyu?” Jian Wushuang in ones heart trembled, thought.

At this moment, Yu Chang suddenly looked back and looked at him with a warm expression, “Yes, it is a good guess. The so-called Great Wilderness is indeed the boundary of Dasiyu.”

Jian Wushuang felt a shock in his heart, “How do you know what I think?”

Yu Chang faintly smiled and said, “Of course it is a guess. If you are not thinking about this problem, it would be strange.”

Jian Wushuang was silent. He didn’t understand why these emperors could always see what other Yanxian was thinking.

After a while, Yu Chang spoke first, “We are now far away from the center of Dasiyu and rushed to the border.”

He was hearing this, a little startled, twenty thousand years, unconsciously it has been nearly twenty thousand years since the Divine Force universe.

And for nearly 20,000 years, he has been around Dasiyu.

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