Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5105


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It has been nearly 20,000 years since reaching the ultimate Yanhuan, and in these 20,000 years, Jian Wushuang also knew more or less about the ancient secrets that were unknown to Dayan Immortal. A lot.

The ancient Era belongs to the coexistence of all emperors. Heaven’s Chosen came into being, creating its own Supreme Great Dao.

Just what Jian Wushuang knew, there were five emperors.

The five emperors are five Celestial Courts, co-existing in the big division territory, and governing by dividing the territory.

Yang Jun, Su He, Dao Gong, Feng Hua, Six Crows.

And these five emperors can be regarded as representatives of the big division, and there are several emperors.

Wang Gu Era is a brilliant world, with so many emperors, let alone Dayan.

It’s just that, with the appearance of True Martial Yang, everything eventually turned into dust.

Only what Jian Wushuang knew, nearly ten emperors died in the hands of True Martial Yang.

And Yanxian, Dayanxian seems to be countless.

He also understands why there are very few bones of Yanxian left in the Dasi domain. It turns out that all the bones have been pushed into the wilderness to fill the boundaries of the wilderness.

This is a dusty secret, whether you know it or not, it doesn’t make much sense.

Stepping on the ground paved with the infinite bones of the eternal fairy, Jian Wushuang walked slowly with Yu Chang.

“The great wasteland is endless, and the bones at this foot are also endless. The emperor is now punishing you to the great wasteland, it is really helpless, otherwise it is not enough to warn, not enough to convince the public.”

“Furthermore, the emperor asked you to come to this great wilderness, and it was also the result of our joint discussions.”

“There are two reasons for this, one is to warn the public, and second, this great famine really needs to be repaired.”

“Repair it?” Jian Wushuang looked towards him, a little puzzled.

Yu Chang nodded, “It is true, this vast wilderness, it is time to fix it.”

Jian Wushuang felt a little uncomprehending, “Could it be that there will be a fairy in a place where even the power of derivation cannot exist…”

“Yanxian is indeed impossible to come here, even Dayanxian will not set foot in this great famine at all, but there are always exceptions to everything.”

Yu Chang said, shaking his arms, and suddenly dust was rolled up on the road to the fairy bones.

Along with the sudden rise of Kuang Chen, some subtle auras began to appear on the Xiangu Road.

Jian Wushuang looked subconsciously to the Fairy Bone Road under his feet, only to realize that a pair of footprints appeared.

“What are these footprints?”

“It’s trouble.”

Yu Chang smiled slightly and said, “Apart from those monk heads, you are the first Yanxian to come to the wilderness.”

“Those monk heads? Why did they appear in the Great Wilderness?” Jian Wushuang couldn’t believe it.

Yu Chang said, “They used their feet to measure the earth, and they tried to save all the eternal immortals, and went to their Heavenspan Buddhist realm to worship.”

“The most important point is that they regard this great wilderness as a place of experience, and they will come forward one after another.”

Jian Wushuang hearing this, a bit dumb, “…The idea is really unique, so you should use it as a place of experience?”

The power of Yan can’t survive at all, and it’s boundless. I’m afraid that even Dayanxian will get lost here. It is more appropriate to compare this great wilderness to a tomb.

“Yes, even I never thought they would have such a firm determination.” Yu Chang said, then looked at him, “Wushuang, all you have to do is to stay here and reinforce the barriers of the great wilderness. .”

“Stay here for ten thousand years?” Jian Wushuang smiled wryly.

Ten thousand years, for the immortals and even the top cultivators, is a period of retreat, not long at all.

But for Jian Wushuang, it’s different. His growth rate is really fast, and ten thousand years is enough for him to do too many things.

At the moment, he is going to be exiled in the wilderness for 10,000 years, which greatly limits any of his actions.

Yu Chang seemed to see the sadness in his eyes, said with a slight smile, “Ten thousand years is not a long time, but it is just a rhetoric. If the emperor did not say that at the time, I am afraid that the second emperor would never Just let it go, after all, it was his ruined man.”

“In a thousand years, I will come to Dahuang to pick you up, but of course it depends on your performance.”

Jian Wushuang secretly sighed in relief. For a thousand years, it is not far away for him. Quandang has experienced some experience in this great wilderness.

“Yes, what do I do next in this great famine?”

“Of course it is to build the wall to strengthen the barrier.”

“Ah, it turned out to be really moving bricks?!”

“Of course.”

As they continued to talk, the two figures moved forward at a gentle speed until they appeared on a wall that almost divided the void into two before they stopped.

It’s not so much a wall, it’s a real fairy trail!

It’s like the Xiangu Road is rolled up by a certain Supreme strength, it bulges high, and almost isolates the entire void, divided into two.

Even Dayan Immortal, standing under this barrier like the Supreme Immortal Trail, will feel his own insignificance.

“Here is the real boundary of Dasiyu, but also the edge that isolates the great wilderness.”

Yu Chang looked towards Jian Wushuang, who was already in a trance, and said in a slow voice, “And what you have to do now is to repair this border barrier a little bit.”

“Repair, repair here?!” Jian Wushuang swallowed hard, and bitterness flashed in his eyes.

“Yes.” Yu Chang was slightly nodded, “This border barrier was built by me and the emperor. It can stop all enemies and the endless years will not be destroyed.”

“However, on the other side of the Great Wilderness, those monks from the Heavenspan Buddhist realm used some methods to damage the border barrier, allowing them to enter the Great Division.”

“Wushuang, what you have to do now is to completely seal off the border barrier and block all enemies from the wilderness.”

Jian Wushuang nodded, “OK, I will.”

At this time, Yu Chang put a smile away and became a little serious, “Remember Wushuang, this is a punishment. This is the most dangerous place in the entire Dasi region, even Dayan Immortal is nothing here .”

“The moment you set foot on the border of the wilderness, you must be prepared. You are not only facing the weakness of immortal physique, but also the enemies hidden in the wilderness.”

Jian Wushuang’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Enemies in the Great Wilderness, there are other immortals in the Great Wilderness?!”

Yu Chang nodded, “Accurately speaking, they are no longer a fairy, they are just some kind of obsession, wandering and lost in the wilderness.”

“After I leave, all evangelists and monk heads that come out of the wilderness will be your enemies. All you have to do is to completely block all enemies outside the border, and don’t let it go. One.”

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