Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5108


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As if to confirm Jian Wushuang’s anxiety, Xiangu Road suddenly trembled.

Along with this tremor, a voice that seemed to come from Wanggu Era resounded with a sense of decay.


A line of shouting and killing came from under the Xiangu Road, causing the entire Xiangu Road to be turbulent.

Jian Wushuang’s eyes are completely solemn, and he can feel the terrifying existence in the heart of the earth.

Along with the shouting and killing sound shook the void, it was as if countless immortals were fighting on the battlefield in a bloody battle, draining the last drop of divine blood.

The entire border wilderness has turned into a battlefield, returning to the Wanggu Era.

The fairy bone road under your feet is trembling, as if these fairy bones will be awakened at any time, everything is shocked beyond words.


Next moment, under that abyss, Hei Yan suddenly became stronger than any previous period of time, almost reaching the level of obliterating the void.

Jian Wushuang stepped back slowly, frowning tightly. This kind of Supreme breath is definitely beyond the reach of an ordinary fairy.

There must be a great Calamity Tribulation on this fairy bone road.

It seems as he thought, in Hei Yan, which is enough to obscure the void, a pair of true eyes like the stars of the sun appeared quietly.

Hei Yan, his true eyes suddenly appeared.

With the emergence of this dual purpose, Jian Wushuang immediately noticed it.

Four eyes met, and Hei Yan shot out thousands of black mist like arrows in an instant.

Jian Wushuang was surprised secretly, almost not even think, and then withdrew a hundred steps, while holding an invisible sword, he cut off the black mist arrow that came from the burst one after another.

“I’m still alive…I’m still alive!”

Among Hei Yan, a rotten and barren voice came out, and it seemed that the pain that had suppressed the endless years was released.

“True Martial Yang, I am still alive, I am still alive!”

Hei Yan trembled violently, and the bones at the top of Xiangu Road began to shatter into powder.

Jian Wushuang stepped back slowly, he already felt a sense of desolation and loneliness from this Hei Yan, plus what he said, it can be concluded that it is an Era coexisting with True Martial Yang!

If you live in the same Era with True Martial Yang, and you can directly call True Martial Yang name taboo, it can only be a hostile force.

Can run through the long river of time, and is still Undead, who is not to the powerhouse?

After thinking about this, Jian Wushuang did not hesitate to retreat to the border of the great wilderness. After all, here, once Yan Li was consumed, it would be truly destroyed.

However, before he started, Hei Yan, who had covered the void, suddenly gathered, turned into a heavy hammer enough to cover the sky, and hit Jian Wushuang heavily.

He heart startled, naturally felt the terrifying of this kind of strength, and hurriedly avoided.

“hong long long!!!”

The heavy hammer condensed from the black mist hit the Xiangu Road heavily, causing a huge earthquake.

Those immortal bones that have existed for hundreds of millions of years without decay can’t withstand such a heavy pressure at all, and are instantly blasted out of the potholes of one party after another.

And Jian Wushuang doesn’t love war at all, and uses divine ability to quickly leave Xiangu Road.

But Xiangu Road is so vast, almost as endless as the Great Wilderness.

Along with his departure, the heavy hammer that Hei Yan condensed into changed again, turned into hundreds of chains, and shot down frantically.

“zheng! 铮zheng! !”

Each chain that Hei Yan turns into can easily break a fairy bone road.

Jian Wushuang, who used the Shudi Mountain River to escape, was even hard to pull the distance away. The chains of dropping from the sky blocked any possible escape directions.

He is frowned, the invisible sword is quietly held in his hand, and thousands of sword intents bloom directly!

Every sword intent exploded into an incomparable general trend, cutting to the chain.

The two collided, and the light and darkness existed for only a moment, and then all disappeared.

Jian Wushuang no longer rushed to escape, but turned and looked towards the void.

In the void, the monstrous Hei Yan has gathered together, swimming slowly.

Along with Hei Yan’s constant disappearance, a pair of true eyes hidden in it finally appeared completely.

That is a ten thousand zhang body, even though it is hidden under Hei Yan, it is difficult to hide its grandeur.

The mottled and gloomy beetle leaves are shattered, and you can’t even see that it is a battle armor. Because it is too broken, it can’t cover the body of ten thousand zhang.

As Hei Yan dissipated, the ten thousand zhang body stood on Xiangu Road.

He wore a broken battle armor, big ears, dishevelled hair, and a pair of real eyes like divine blood cast, exposing Supreme real might.

In his hand, he holds a broken sword that has been broken in half.

Along with his appearance, a violent vortex reappeared above the void, like a giant dragon-like thunder and lightning descending from the vortex, wrapping around the body of the battle armor.

“I am still alive, so I will not live in vain. I will destroy everything and bury it for my lord!”

Battle armor is roaring with a sword, a pair of true eyes wanting to drop blood.

He has been dead for countless years, but he woke up again, awake in the great wilderness.

Everything familiar has been turned into bones, and everything I can see is barren.

He was immediately awakened with Jian Wushuang beside him, and he naturally regarded Jian Wushuang as an enemy.

“The Eagle Dog under the Sun Seat of True Martial?!” The battle armor body exclaimed, and the broken sword in his hand pointed straight down.

Jian Wushuang stepped back to Half Step and said with dignified eyes, “I have nothing to do with True Martial Yang, you admit it wrong.”

“I will never admit my mistake. I can feel his breath in your body. You must be inextricably related to True Martial Yang!” The battle armor roared, “Since I am alive, Then I will destroy everything about True Martial Yang!”

Jian Wushuang hearing this secretly thought makes a bad sound, and then explodes the power of immortal physique to the peak without any hesitation.

“boom~ boom~ ——”

Supreme Yanli broke out in this great wasteland where the Yanli couldn’t be born, and once again caused a natural phenomenon of void!

A vortex is converging, and a breath of depressive silence is engulfed.

The battle armor figure stands on the road of Xiangu, and the ten thousand zhang body is full of pressure that cannot be seen directly, and it is to the extreme.

Then, holding a broken sword in his hand, Shen Shen cut it down towards Jian Wushuang.

The void couldn’t withstand this sword, so it began to fall apart with an incomparable weight.

Jian Wushuang’s dignified gaze suddenly stomped Xiangu Road under his feet. With him as the center, millions of sword intents in this brief moment rose up instantly.

Pure, the sword intent that surrounds the red gold divine runes brightens the void.

Wushuang Sword Dao and Remnant Sword collided severely, directly erupting infinite sound waves.

Xiangu Road was even opened up with layers of fairy bone corpses, broken into powder in the sky.

And Jian Wushuang piled up in the boundary cracks, those road blocks like Divine Mountain, all turned into a handful of fly ash…