Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5109


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In other words, everything Jian Wushuang did before was in vain under this first confrontation…

A broken sword was cut down, and even Wushuang Sword Dao’s sword intent began to quickly collapse!

Millions of Wushuang sword intents, you can only look at the broken sword that resists this cut.

This battle armor figure with an ancient, desolate, and lonely breath is really too terrifying, just the drop of this sword, it all carries the breath of the ancient tyrant.

Millions of Wushuang sword intents, and finally turned into a fan.

The Remnant Sword fell unabated, and directly tore out a ten thousand zhang crack in Xiangu Road.

Jian Wushuang backed away quickly, panting slightly.

His eyes are completely solemn, only this first confrontation, he felt this battle armor figure, one Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal!

For Nine Revolutions Dayan, even in the endless sea, Jian Wushuang never has the slightest chance of winning.

Only if the emperor’s luck is added, can he erase the Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal.

But how can the emperor’s luck be easily obtained? The True Martial monarch hiding in the ring has disappeared, and the last soul of the Six Crow Emperor in the Celestial Emperor text is also in the deepest sleep, and it is impossible to provide the emperor’s luck.

And even if it can provide the emperor’s luck, today’s Jian Wushuang will probably not be used again.

Because of the emperor’s luck, the damage of overdraft is too terrifying for him who is still a fairy.

Undying and Inextinguishable immortal physique is born out of Super Perfect Chaos Creature. It is a physique even more mysterious than Super Perfect Chaos Creature.

Undying and Inextinguishable immortal physique will be transformed with the growth of Jian Wushuang.

But after using the emperor’s luck in the Sea of ​​No Edge, he discovered that Undying and Inextinguishable immortal physique actually contradicted the foreign emperor’s luck, and would be silent because of it.

So Jian Wushuang realized that although his immortal physique is like a container, which can hold and absorb Supreme Emperor’s luck, but the damage to the immortal physique is huge.

So, today’s Jian Wushuang can only rely on his strength to defeat this battle armor figure.

The boundless wasteland, reckless and vast.

There won’t be any one Yanxian, even Dayanxian will get involved here.

He can only rely on himself.

This is the first time for Jian Wushuang to face Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal, and it is the Dayan Immortal from Wanggu Era.

He has almost no chance of winning, and the probability of trying to escape the border of the wilderness is quite low.

After all, this great wilderness is too vast, Jian Wushuang doesn’t think that Nine Revolutions Dayan will not be able to catch up with him.

The remnant sword fell and didn’t hurt Jian Wushuang at all, which made the battle armor figure startled.

He can naturally see that Jian Wushuang is just a little Yanxian, and because of this, he doesn’t put it in his eyes.

Didn’t expect, Jian Wushuang was unscathed.

This made battle armor’s figure instantly angry, and his true eyes were extremely red.

“If I recover today, I want all the eagle dogs under the True Martial Sun Seat to be buried for my lord!”

The vortex in the sky burst into an immense momentum, one after another, like a giant dragon-like thunder and lightning, all penetrated the body of the battle armor figure, making him even more invisible to the extreme.

Then, the battle armor figure waved the broken sword in his hand and cut it down again.

This caused Jian Wushuang’s headache to the extreme, but he could only deal with it.

In the face of such a huge monster with ten thousand zhangs, agility has become his advantage.

When the broken sword was cut down again, Jian Wushuang’s figure quietly disappeared.

When his figure appeared again, he was already at the waist of the battle armor figure.

Jian Wushuang shook hands with the extremely dazzling invisible sword, and then stabbed it at the weakest part of his waist.


A sound of metal collision sounded, and the silver armor on the waist shattered directly, surrounding the invisible sword of Xuanhe’s divine runes. It only stopped for a moment, and then pierced into the battle armor immortal physique without any hindrance. Among.

The power erupted from the wound on his waist. The battle armor figure was dull and roar, and endless violent power spewed from his waist.

Then, the battle armor figure danced with his left hand, fiercely smashed to the waist.

Jian Wushuang had noticed it a long time ago, and his body was ready to flee.

“bang bang bang! !”

The battle armor figure is a dead hand, and he spared no effort to blast towards the waist, but Jian Wushuang did not hit it, but hit the invisible sword that was still in the waist.

this fist directly embedded the invisible sword deeply into the waist.


Even if the battle armor figure is Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal, they can’t bear such pain.

The body of ten thousand zhang began to tremble, and then fell backward uncontrollably.

Jian Wushuang’s gaze condensed, his thoughts moved, and he began to silently recite Wushuang Sword Dao’s Sword Art.

The invisible sword that has been deeply embedded in the waist of the battle armor body, in this brief moment suddenly burst out unparalleled divine runes.

Wushuang Sword Dao, Galaxy Sword Intent.

The river.

The river-shaped sword intent surging toweringly, with the same power as Heaven and Earth, in this brief moment, in the immortal physique of battle armor, it burst out completely.

Using the invisible sword as the medium, the brilliant sword intent cannot be looked at directly, and finally converged into Tianhe.

Feeling the anomaly in the immortal physique, he half-kneeled on the battle armor figure on the road of the bones, dull roar, and raised his palm to draw out the invisible sword within the body.

Jian Wushuang heart startled, hurriedly released a million chains of Yanli and wrapped around his arm, trying to stop it.

However, Yanxian and Nine Revolutions Dayanxianjian is an insurmountable sky abyss, how can it be blocked?

This is a collision of fleshly body immortal physique!

The chain of millions of powers was only clamped for a moment, and then it fell apart in an instant.

Jian Wushuang’s ears and noses burst out of divine blood instantly, and the immortal physique was hit hard at this time.

However, Wushuang Sword Dao was also completely released in the body of battle armor in this brief moment.

The towering Tianhe sword intent broke out completely, and the countless sword intent was like a real sword, rushing and cutting across the immortal physique.

Even Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal cannot bear this kind of pain.

The extremely large body of battle armor instantly sprayed out layers of blood mist. At the same time, the sword intent of golden color pierced his skin, drilled out of the fairy within the body, and then exploded. open.

He roared in pain, and his huge body crashed on the Xiangu Road.

It was originally the Xian Bone Road, which was cast from countless Xian Xian corpses, and couldn’t bear this kind of pressure, so it cracked one after another heaven abyss.

The immortal physique of battle armor ten thousand zhang finally crashed into the center of Xiangu Road.

Feeling the violent shaking under his feet, Jian Wushuang gave a light cough, and then wiped off the divine blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand.

Using Wushuang Sword Dao to erase one Nine Revolutions Dayan Immortal is fundamentally impossible for him now.

Jian Wushuang doesn’t believe that battle armor will die so easily, so he doesn’t at all let his guard down.