Legend of Swordsman Chapter 5111


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With layers of ciphertext flowing and covering, it was covered with mist-like dust in the wilderness, and began to recede away.

And in this ancient and extremely dark wilderness, there is also a bright color.

Under the joint treatment of the six monk heads, Jian Wushuang’s condition began to stabilize.

Divine blood is no longer gushing out, and the broken meridians are also quickly repaired.

Undying and Inextinguishable immortal physique is the physique of Supreme heaven defying. After being protected, it recovers almost at a speed visible to naked eye.

The steadily old monk who became the Great Master couldn’t help being surprised after seeing Jian Wushuang’s terrifying recovery speed.

As early as, he felt that Jian Wushuang, who had passed out, was no different from a dead body. There was no breath in the whole body. Within the body had been broken into powder, and even Xianyuan had disappeared.

How can such a body be saved?

Didn’t expect, but only a few ten breaths have passed, and he has recovered and even breathed weakly.

The six monk heads were naturally aware of this situation, and after seeing each other, they were a little surprised and unbelievable.

“Could it be that what we saved was really a shocking Heaven’s Chosen?” Great Elder was a little confused, and the vigilance in his heart slowly receded.

Because he felt any uncomfortable breath from Jian Wushuang’s body, not at all.

After counting hundreds of breaths, the six heads of monks stopped at the same time, and then the master set about exploring the breath of Jian Wushuang.

“How about Master, is it out of danger?” Little novice Huiqing asked nervously.

The big Master clicked nodded, retracted his palm and said, “There is no major problem, and the recovery is very good, it seems that I will wake up soon.”

The monk with a rough face and strong features was quite amazed, “This is really a miracle. It was so badly hit in the great famine, it still survived, this child not simple.”

The Great Master put his hands together, “Good, saving his life is a good fate. I hope that all the immortals will no longer suffer from the great famine.”

At this time, there was also a rather thin, clean-faced monk head, slightly frowned said, “Senior Brother, we have all passed through the Great Wilderness now. We should be in the realm of the Great Division in front of us. There should be no more There is a big crisis, but why is there still a very strong and manic killing intent here?”

The Great Master did not speak, but slowly turned around, looking towards the direction of the Great Division.

There is a very dark void that is almost connected to the Great Wilderness. There is no big sun and stars that emit rays of light, and there is no celestial plane.

Something is just a border barrier that cannot be looked directly at or spoken.

The border barrier was too magnificent, almost isolating everything and protecting the big division well.

The big Master slightly frowned, with doubts in his eyes, “Is that kind of murderous aura come from the big division?”

Immediately afterwards, facing the rough, thick eyebrow monk head said solemnly, “I am afraid this murderous aura is also inseparable from this boy, do you want to wake him up and ask?”

“No, he is still recovering, so I can’t treat him like this.” Little novice Huiqing hurriedly protected Jian Wushuang.

The Great Master said calmly, “We have all walked through the vast wilderness of bitter cold, so why are we afraid of these killing intents?”

Another nodded monk with a three-flower print engraved between his eyebrows said, “The First Senior Brother is right. How can the trifling killing intent stop us? This time we are here. Must find several other Senior Brother brothers. “

“Finding them is not the goal. What we have to do is to realize the process. We can get out of the wilderness without us.”

After finishing these last words, the master turned and walked in the direction of the master domain.

The other monk heads also follow closely from behind.

The head of the monk who faces the rough and strong features said, “Huiqing, since he is no longer in serious trouble, let him be left here. We have more important things to do.”

The little novice Huiqing shook his head and said, “No three Masters, he is still in a coma, and he will definitely lose his life if he is thrown into this great wilderness. I think he must be the immortal in the big division, it is better to bring him back. In the big division domain.”

Seeing persuasion not to move, he had to give up.

A group of monk heads walked out of the Great Wilderness and walked towards the Great Division.

“The killing industry is too heavy. No wonder the killing intent is so strong. This big division is really not a paradise.”

Stepping on the road of immortal bones made of countless immortal corpses, a crowd of monks frowned.

They saw that everything cast in the Great Wilderness was a piece of fairy bones.

These celestial bones were once an immortal who had the ability to connect to heaven penetrating the earth, but now, they have lost everything and stood miserably in the wilderness for endless years.

Stepping on the endless bones of immortals, a crowd of immortals have already come to the border barrier.

“Is this the channel opened by the seniors, it is really a person with great perseverance!” Facing the rugged monk with strong features, he exclaimed, and then folded his hands together.

Indeed, it is already unthinkable to be able to break through such a vast border barrier.

“Well, we have to go now, there is still a long way, and we are all focused.” After the master said, he walked into the border barrier.

The weak and thin little novice monk Huiqing, carrying Jian Wushuang on his back, hung on the back of the Masters.

The border barrier is so magnificent to the extreme, it takes a section length of the fairy bone road to finally reach the big division domain.

Led by the big Master, the team moves forward in the shape of a product.

All around them, there is a layer of faintly radiant Buddha’s radiance shrouded in blessings.

They all have facial expression graves and seem to be quietly prepared to respond.

“Senior Brother, do you think blood energy is getting stronger and stronger?”

“Why, this great wilderness will remain the same forever, and even the derivation power cannot be produced at all. How can there be blood energy remaining?”

At this moment, the little novice monk with Jian Wushuang on his back raised his head, and said very seriously, “But the third Master, I also feel a powerful and clear blood energy approaching us.”

As soon as Huiqing’s words came out, all the monks’ faces became slightly solemn, and they looked up at all around the desert.

“We are all cautious and vigilant. We have already walked out of the Great Wilderness. How can we be blocked from the Great Division?” The Great Master frowned, his eyes solemn.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang, who had been in a coma, slowly regained consciousness.

Hui Qing noticed that Jian Wushuang was awakening behind him, and was very happy, “Ah, are you awake? How fast.”

He was in a daze, looking at the strange heads of monks in front of him, and combining the previous things, he quickly realized something.

“Yes, did you save me?”

“Of course, but good people don’t take seriously, this is what we should do.”