LOTCG Chapter 1

First chapter pioneering

First chapter pioneering (free in this chapter)

第一章 开荒

    第一章 开荒(本章免费)

A piece of Wu Ming’s Continent, one day, clear sky 10,000 li, cloudless and windless, Heavens Above a round of Ardent Sun, cast a ‘shoot’ endless light.

Suddenly, a thing like Ring is suddenly flashing from the sky. I don’t know where it came from. It’s just a sudden appearance. It seems to have just passed through Space & Time, with a very high speed, to the mountain peak below. Speed ​​’shoot’ the past, but also with a weird “squeaky” sound.

On weekdays, if something comes from outside the sky, is it not the tail with a thick smoke, whistling, the sound is so great that it can be seen in the whole world.

However, this thing is only a short momentary sound, and then “噗嗤” one sound long sound, deep into the mountain peak stone, disappeared.

This time is extremely short, and did not cause any biological reaction, even the mountain birds near to the left did not have time to fly.

Then, the birds that were shocked, a few laps in the air, fell and fell, and they did not know the Continent. So there was so much mystery.

I don’t know how many years later, the sangtian squats in the sea, the things are human, the mountain peak is also sunken, and it has turned into a hillside. Many places have also become flat, gradually there are people, and some people even around this hillside. Living down, and this mysterious Ring, what wonderful story can it bring? Zhang Xiaohua is very happy, a happy expression on her face.

His eyes glared at the wild land in front of him, as if the place was a fragrant pork belly.

In fact, it is not so much a wasteland, it is better to say that it is a mountain, because this land is in the middle of a hillside, but this slope is relatively slow, and it can open a land of about four points. But this is the land, and it is Zhang Xiaohua’s hard work to find Clan Head for nearly two months. And Zhang Xiaohua also knows that there are many barren hills in the village, but there are very few land that can grow crops, so everyone wants to find a place to produce rations in addition to the original Land Protector.

Most of the other people in the village are looking for the wasteland near the river. Their home is because they don’t have the money to manage Clan Head. They only look far away and look for places that others don’t want. When they look for the west, they find such a Land Protector.

Zhang Xiaohua lives in a village called Guo Village. The square is probably four miles away, surrounded by mountains on both sides. This mountain is not high, and it is more appropriate to call it a hill. A large river flows through the village, and a small bridge on the river connects the small roads of the neighboring village. Guo Village has more than 40 households. Half of them are named Guo. They are a small family. They live in the middle of the village. Others are scattered around the village. The people in the countryside are very simple, but they are also in the market. Most of Guo Village’s affairs are hosted by Guo Family’s Clan Head. Although they live in a village, after all, the family name is different. When Clan Head handles things, it will inevitably be biased towards the family. . The location of a good residential area in the village, and the good cropland outside the village are mostly held in the hands of the villagers of Guo. However, after all, it is a folks in the township. Although the chicken ‘Mao’ is a small matter, the big disputes have never appeared in this small Guo Village. People in Guo Village feel that they are living a life of Taohuayuan.

Zhang Xiaohua’s mother, Guo Sufei, is a member of Guo Village. It is considered to be a partial glory in the Guo Family. However, she has been “glorious”, but in the case of his mother, except for Guo Sufei, there is no male, and Zhang Xiaohua Grandpa Guo Shan is also an old woman. When she raised her daughter to marry, it was also the time when the old couple was married. In order to support the elderly, Zhang Xiaohua, he was jealous, Zhang Cai, and this was the Guo Family.

It is said that the wealth of the rural family is mostly related to the labor in the family. Guo Shan has no son. Before the birth of Guo Sufei, he always thought of the boy who had followed the relatives. However, because of various problems, the family was supported by Guo Shan. The poor can be known. Zhang Cai also struggled. After Guo Family, he was a good at farming. He was far more than his father-in-law, Guo Shan, in increasing family labor. One year after his wedding, Guo Sufei was pregnant and gave birth to Guo Shan. Grandson, named Zhang Xiaolong. Guo Shan is very pleased to see the birth of his grandson. Just as the whole family is looking forward to the bright future, Guo Shan is overworked, and he can’t afford it…

The disease is undoubtedly a disaster for the poor families. Zhang Cai sold all the valuable things to treat his father-in-law. However, he still couldn’t save Guo Shan’s life like a candle, when Zhang Xiaolong was two years old. However, Guo Shan was able to see that his Second grandson or granddaughter was about to die. For this reason, Guo Shan gave the child a name before his death. The male name is Zhang Xiaohu, the woman’s name. Zhang Xiaohua. After Guo Shan passed away, Zhang Cai’s mother-in-law’s body went from bad to worse. Fortunately, the birth of Zhang Xiaohu slightly diluted the sorrow of the elderly, which saved the family’s bleak days.

School of Agriculture People’s lives, do not care to work in the field, go home to eat. Life Protector is the Land Protector. Before the old Guo Family was not busy, Land Protector could keep up with it. With the growth of Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Xiaohu, Zhang Cai had been worrying about farming Land Protector. At the beginning, he With his wife Guo Sufei, pulling Zhang Xiaolong, holding Zhang Xiaohu to Clan Head, Shantou asked Ann, Xu was looking at Guo Shan’s face and gave a small piece of farmland by the river, which solved Zhang’s “immediately urgent”. .

Zhang Xiaohua was born when his eldest brother was seven years old. It was already two and a half years old in the family, and the situation of family poverty was slightly alleviated. When it comes to the birth of Zhang Xiaohua, it is quite a bit of a ‘color’ color. It was originally a drought for more than two months. On the night of Xiaohua’s birth, there was a sudden rainstorm. The rainfall in the mountains increased sharply, and the river outside the village did not. After crossing the bridge, the scene is very scary. When Guo Sufei was born Xiaohua, he even saw the flying flowers in the sky. Therefore, Zhang Cai’s expectation for Xiaohua is very high. Even when I was named, I asked the neighboring villagers for reference. Many names such as Zhang Zhen, Zhang Yu, and Zhang Xueyou were created, but they were picked and picked up, but they didn’t know which one was good. In the end, I thought of the rain of the sky, and thought of the father who passed away. Guo Sufei made a popular name for Zhang Xiaohua, although Zhang Xiaohua was a standard boy.

At this time, Xiaohua is already twelve years old. The children of School of Agriculture are always precocious. As early as a few years ago, Xiaohua has been busy with Tan Li and two Elder Brothers. Zhang Cai didn’t even think about letting the children go to school to read and read. The long Great Expert literate and cut the word, seeking a fame, but Guocun is a small village. There are no scholars in the family, and they cannot support a small school. The school in the neighboring village belongs to another big family. The fees for the children in Guocun are also high. Xiaolong and Xiaohu don’t think about it. At that time, the family was poor, and Zhang was also powerless. Xiaohua was sent for a few days when he was a child, but according to Mr. Jiao, Xiaohua’s latent talent is medium in the school. To do his best, it is a level of literacy. If you want to make a name for the dance, you should be in the water. Month. Zhang Caiquan measured his pockets, and then looked at Xiaohua’s thick eyebrows, and gave up the expectation of Huang Wei. He took the children back to Guo Village and defended the farmer’s main business. However, Xiaohua’s mother seems to remember the auspicious birth of Xiaohua. From time to time, the young people who are literate in the village teach Xiaohua to learn something. Although Xiaohua likes to follow the Elder Brother’s ‘fucking’ farm work, but Mother’s ‘forced’ forced him to learn a lot of words, can read something, be regarded as a literate at home, but everything related to the word Both are held by Zhang Xiaohua ‘fighting’.

Today is the first day of Zhang Xiaohua’s independent farming. He told him yesterday that this land is for him and belongs to him. Although there is still no sign that Land Protector can be used to cultivate the land, Xiaohua remembers that one of the village’s scholars said that with the goal, you can start. With the beginning, it is half the success! With success, it is not far from your hopes, but Xiaohua’s hope is that Meimei’s eating a piece of pork belly~

The day of November is already the beginning of the winter. The sun casts a bleak light and heat on the head. The mountain wind blows from the slope, and the treetops that are brought up creak. Everything is a sign of silence.

However, Zhang Xiaohua has no time to pay attention to these. He took the hoe and only tried to open it on this quarter. According to Zhang Xiaohua’s plan, first dig an oval or quadrilateral border around the land in the middle of the hillside, then remove the rocks from the ground, clean up the small stones, and then process them. Weeds, when they are gradually becoming larger, they will be intensively cultivated, and the whole field will be carefully ploughed to lay a foundation for seeding. Farming always consumes Time. When Xiaohua cleaned up all around and prepared to remove the big stones in the place, it was already noon. Xiaohua stopped the farming, wiped the sweat from her forehead, went to the ground, took the water from the one-watt can of the mother, and poured half a can of water, long and deep, squatting. I have never had a straight waist, and I feel comfortable for a while. Also, although I used to work with the Elder Brothers, after all, because it was the smallest, everyone didn’t let him do more, and he didn’t feel too tired. Now he picked himself up and knew the hardships. However, think about grandma, think about mother, and have their own home, their own future, the feeling is also very worthwhile.

Zhang Xiaohua followed the young’s scholar literacy. Although he was not serious, he often listened to them saying something very singular future. Life, love, and the like of Yangchun language, there are some impressions. When working on weekdays, when it’s okay, I will think about my life by chance, but I will soon be destroyed by reality and I will face down to Land Protector. I think of this at this time, it is estimated to be a daydream, busy sneak.

Just when Zhang Xiaohua thinks of ‘chaos’, the belly is always screaming, it seems that it should be eaten. I used to go home to eat with my mother. I was an independent portal. I planted the land in the open field. When I came out in the morning, Mother said that it was delivered to the ground at noon. It should come when I look at the hour.

Sure enough, there was a voice coming from the slope. “Xiaohua~ came to help the mother.” There was a steep slope from the slope. It was very slippery. When I saw the land last time, Zhang Cai fell. A trip. Zhang Xiaohua quickly replied, “Mother, wait a minute, I will go down, you should not come up first.” When Zhang Xiaohua walked down the hill, he saw mother, holding a bamboo basket, standing on the side of the road, etc. He. Zhang Xiaohua took the bamboo basket and carefully held the mother on the hillside, letting mother sit on the stone on the ground, which opened the cloth on the basket. There was a bowl of pork belly and a few rough noodles. Xiaohua asked if the mother had eaten it, and the mother’s answer was not unexpected. He had already eaten it. Looking at Xiaohua’s gorging, Guo Sufei has a distressed, said to Xiaohua

“Slow down, don’t squat, drink some water.”

“Mother, how do you suddenly make pork belly?” “Xiaohua asked.

“Today is your own head, Ten Heavenly Stems. You confessed yesterday, and you will do the pork belly.” Xiaohua looked at her youngest son lovingly. “It’s hard for you, Xiaohua. You are only 12 years old this year. You can see a child in a neighboring village with you, and you are still studying in the school. You are working alone in the field.”

“Mother, look at what you said, my older brother is not only ten years old, but I am working separately with you. I am so embarrassed. Moreover, this place is mine, my Second Brother is still with the big brother. I am too happy to have time. “Xiaohua, seeing mother start to groan, I feel like saying, “Grandma, is she eating pork belly?”

“Your grandmother is over 80 years old. How can I eat this? I will give her a little millet porridge.” Xiaohua said, “I have only remembered your grandmother until now, and lost your grandmother and remembered you all morning.” “

Xiaohua is embarrassed to scratch my head, it seems that I really didn’t think so much.

Speaking of Xiaohua’s grandmother, Guo Sufei has a cloud. The days of the family grew up with the growth of several children, but the body of Xiaohua’s grandmother is getting worse and worse, although it is already rare for the rural people to be in their 80s. But who does not want their elders to accompany themselves more than a long way. Recently, Xiaohua’s grandmother couldn’t see her eyes. Guo Sufei and Zhang Cai discussed the doctor’s wish, but Xiaohua’s grandmother did not agree. It is normal to say that the age is so big, and the eyes are invisible. I don’t want to do this anymore. Spend money. The couple did not know the old man and agreed. Nowadays, the elderly are ‘fucking’ every day, ‘touching’ black to feed a chicken, feeding a pig and other capable work.

Looking at Xiaohua after dinner, drinking water, Guo Sufei said, “Xiaohua, do less in the afternoon, go home early, grandma wants you. I have to go to give you a meal with my brother.” Xiaohua “Mother, then, that pork belly was eaten by me, what do you eat with your brother?” “No relationship, there are other dishes. Remember to do less in the afternoon, don’t catch cold.” Guo Sufei loving care’ Touching ‘Xiaohua’s head, looking at the eager blushing little son, as if he was still a little bit of a little on his knees.

When Zhang Xiaohua held the mother down the slope and looked at the back of the mother, the heart was very embarrassing, hey, how can I eat the pork belly?

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