LOTCG Chapter 104

First hundred and four chapters back to Zhuang

First hundred and four chapters back to Zhuang

When Zhang Xiaohua sat down, this smiled and asked: “Xiaohua, are you familiar with this Qiu Tong?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Of course, I went to Huanxi Mountain Village and Elder Sister Qiu Tong let me go. Of course I am very familiar with it.”

“How old is Qiu Tong? Where is the person? Is there anyone else in the family? Also, is she… is there a marriage match?” Li Jinfeng said a long list of questions.

Zhang Xiaohua was stunned and murmured: “We are familiar with it, but… I have seen it two or three sides. You asked these questions, I am not very clear, or I will see Elder Sister Qiu Tong next time. I will ask you for help.”

Li Jinfeng The index finger is in the middle of the mouth, “嘘~” has one sound, said: “These things are asked in person, how embarrassing, waiting for you to have Time, look for opportunities to ask slowly, but, pay special attention Don’t let her know what I want to ask?”

Zhang Xiaohua, a question, asked: “Why? This is what you want to know, why do you still secretly ‘touch’ and touch it.” ”

Li Jinfeng took a hand and looked out the window and said, “Guan Guanyu, in the river, the lady, the gentleman is good. Xiaohua, you are still small, you will know when you grow up.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s foggy water, asked: “Where did this sentence come from? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Li Jinfeng smiled and said: “Xiaohua, there are more books in the world. It is rare for my life to read 10% in my life. It is because of the endless learning of my mind and my heart is boundless. I only read a lot of books from time to time. In order to keep up with the pace of the times, this sentence is the song in a legendary book. The specific meaning is that when you have the opportunity to see it, you will naturally know it. Now you don’t understand it.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s mouth is awkward, but my heart agrees. I just learned it for a few days. Li Jinfeng has been reading for decades. Of course, I can’t compare with him. Now, Phase, what is he saying of course? There is no way to argue with him, not a heavyweight.

The two talked for a while. Li Jinfeng always asked Zhang Xiaohua about Qiu Tong intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua went to Huanxi Mountain Village and really didn’t see Qiu Tong again. He only knew it from others. A little trivial, these also heard Li Jinfeng very interesting, then Li Jinfeng suddenly remembered, asked Zhang Xiaohua: “Xiaohua, you have not been to Pingyang City for a few days, how suddenly I met Qiu Tong? I came to Pingyang City How long have you been, why not have this opportunity?”

Zhang Xiaohua said the process of meeting Qiu Tong. Li Jinfeng sighed and said: “This good opportunity has been met by you. If I am fine, I will be able to take the kid to Qiu Tong. In front of you.”

Zhang Xiaohua once again grinned and said: “If you, where is my rice bowl? There is a different kind of ‘sexual’ who has no friends. Even a family’s food and clothing parents have to count. Besides, you are like that, but also thieves It wasn’t me that day, your Pouch was ‘touched’ and you wouldn’t know.”

Li Jinfeng heard, his eyes could not help but brighten, said: “So, I met Qiu Tong with thieves, and it is because of you, our Pouch has not been lost. It seems that I have a fate with Qiu Tong. Yeah.”

Looking at Li Jinfeng, an extremely narcissistic look, Zhang Xiaohua rolled his eyes and said that this is even if he used Zhang Xiaohua’s heel to think that Li Jinfeng is very interesting to Qiu Tong, but Li Jinfeng Zhang Xiaohua, the master of Qiang Lai, was also seen by First. It is estimated that Pingyang City was also First.

If this is also a fate, then the old red line is not worth the money.

In the evening, Zhang Xiaohu came back. Zhang Xiaohua told him about things today. Zhang Xiaohu was very happy. The stone in his heart was lost. Before the song Sanye agreed to Huanxi Mountain Village, Zhang Xiaohua did not When I got the news from Mountain Village, he naturally didn’t feel solid about the day. Qiu Tong He also met, Zhang Xiaohua went to Huanxi Mountain Village, she brought it, and Qiu Tong said, Zhang Xiaohu still believes.

For the rest of the day, Zhang Xiaohua was still lying on the shack, but it was like a cat catching it. Why didn’t he want to stay on the raft again, always thinking about going back to Mountain Village, even Li Jinfeng brought it to His books are unintentional to read, and Zhang Xiaohu is also a little annoyed. After all, the cultivation of internal strength is no better than practicing Fist Art. It is easy to see the effect. This Inner Cultivation Heart Law has learned such a long time, he has not yet touched the threshold. Naturally, you can’t meditate.

So when the two brothers were in the house, they couldn’t help but have a big eye and a boring look. Zhang Xiaohua asked Zhang Xiaohu: “Second Brother, would you like to go back to Huanxi Mountain Village first, stay in the Escort for a few months, even this The house didn’t go out very much, I was tired of it. The Village Village said that I also know some people, and the place there is also big. Like our Guo Village, I can move now, I am not afraid of bones hurting again, you Look at it?”

Zhang Xiaohu thought about it, nods said: “Well, seeing that you are here, God is not guarding, and there is no fun. Wait until tomorrow, when I look for the doctor in the medical center, I will send you back. Right, listen to you. There is a car in the line. When the doctor finishes reading, let’s find the car and go and get a car to send you back.”

Zhang Xiaohua thought about it and said, “Second Brother, listen to my roommate Ma Jing. It seems that it is not cheap to take this carriage. I think I will go back by myself. Anyway, Time is not active, and walking is also Ok, yes, this is my monthly money for working in Huanxi Mountain Village. You should take it first, and wait for Time to bring back to you and mother.” Zhang Xiaohua took a few shots from his arms. The monthly money was handed to Zhang Xiaohu, and then said: “The main purpose of this trip is to look at you and give this silver (money) to you. The result is a few months here. It’s really Good Fortune. “”

Zhang Xiaohu looked at the silver in the little brother of Little Brother, and his heart was sour. I didn’t know what to say. After a long time, I opened my mouth: “Xiaohua, these silver two, you should close it first, go out at home, not much at home, a lot of inconvenience. You are in Mountain Village. I am not at your side. I need more places for silver. You can also buy more for yourself. The mother of the house wants you to be in good health and good. Only you can take care of it. Be yourself, then consider giving them back.”

Zhang Xiaohua insisted on putting the money in the hands of Zhang Xiaohu and said, “No relationship, Second Brother, I don’t come out at Mountain Village, where everything is ready-made, eat, wear, don’t buy it myself, I What else do you want to buy? Besides, this is the first time I received the monthly money. It has a very important commemorative meaning. It must be given to my mother. They have raised me so much. It is very hard. This silver (money) is me. The symbol of growing up is also my filial piety.”

Zhang Xiaohu said with a smile: “This Li Jinfeng is really good. It is a lot of reason to talk about the gentleman you are teaching. Well, if you say so, I will collect it first, and I will have the opportunity to bring it back. However, if you are seriously ill, don’t be tired. I have been receiving money for several months in the Escort. I will pay you and take the carriage back.”

Zhang Xiaohua was unhappy. After a while, Zhang Xiaohu was distressed by Little Brother. She insisted on staying, and when she was asleep, there was no result.

On the Second Day, early in the morning, Zhang Xiaohua let Zhang Xiaohu bring himself to the medical center, or let the old doctor see it. The doctor carefully read it, and then wrapped it in the ‘medicine’ cloth, laughing at Zhang Xiaohua. Said: “This bone is very long, it is very well restored, and Time is short of my expectation. It seems that this time has made you stunned. From today, you can freely move your right hand. However, at the beginning, you must not use force. For the time being, it is a general expansion and contraction. Remember not to use the right hand to carry heavy objects. When you work, try to use your left hand as well. Right, try to use your right hand when you eat, and exercise your right hand. flexibility’.”

Zhang Xiaohua was anxious to ask: “When can I punch?”

The doctor looked at the look of Zhang Xiaohua and looked at Zhang Xiaohu. He said: “Well, you should move your right hand first. After waiting for a few days to remove this ‘medicine’ cloth, you can try to punch, but It must be remembered that practicing Fist Art is only for strengthening the body. It is not the purpose of practicing boxing. It is necessary to try to compare with others or cause trouble in the future.”

Zhang Xiaohua At a glance, why don’t you fight and practice Fist Art? However, he still seems to understand and understand.

Zhang Xiaohua happily followed Zhang Xiaohu back and walked and tried to dance his arms. Zhang Xiaohu quickly stopped him and said: “Although the doctor has already let you move, there must be a limit, not such a large-scale activity. Try to do a little bit of activity first, and then practice your Fist Art for a while. Right, I think Young Master Li also makes sense. You may wish to read more books. Maybe Xiwen is more interesting?” Zhang Xiaohu tried to persuade Zhang. Xiaohua.

Zhang Xiaohua quickly walked on Ansheng’s walk and dismissed the answer: “Xi Wen is boring. Although those books look very interesting, it is boring if I study every day. I still want to practice Fist Art and practice internal strength.”

Zhang Xiaohu said: “Hey, what are you doing, don’t say that you still don’t know where to learn Inner Cultivation Heart Law, my Inner Cultivation Heart Law has been practicing for so long, no progress at all, martial arts is too difficult. “”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said: “Second Brother, you don’t often say that as long as the kung fu deep iron is a needle, how can you say this frustrating?”

Zhang Xiaohu said with a smile: “That also depends on what kind of iron is, oh, not much to say, maybe you will know the difficulty of this. Now, you don’t believe it. But since you insist If you practice martial arts, you must follow the sequence and gradually, slowly move your right hand, and when you get the right time, start practicing Fist Art.”

When they said, they returned to the hut. At this time, Zhang Xiaohu was waiting for someone in front of the house. When he saw Zhang Xiaohu coming back, he said in a hurry: “Zhang Xiaohu, where did you go? Li Liuye was anxious to find you. ”

It seems that people are in a hurry, Zhang Xiaohu did not have time to talk to Zhang Xiaohua, just let him not return to Mountain Village, wait for himself to come back and say.

Zhang Xiaohua has the heart to go, but seeing Second Brother’s own eyes, he is still waiting in the house.

Just waiting for the boring, I heard someone outside shouting: “Zhang Xiaohua, Zhang Xiaohua, where are you?”

Zhang Xiaohua heard this familiar voice, and he jumped up from the shackle. Before he left the house, he shouted: “Here, Brother Ma, I am here.”

It turned out that it was Zhang Xiaohua’s same room, Ma Jing.

At this time, Zhang Xiaohua had not seen the same room for several months, and even some of his resentment against him, even the stinky feet were left behind, and rushed out of the house.

When he arrived at the door, Ma Jing also looked up with a voice and saw that Zhang Xiaohua came out of the house. It was also very happy. He had to hold Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand before, and Zhang Xiaohua had used it. The left hand, naturally, left his left hand, Ma Jing slammed, quickly changed hands, and Zhang Xiaohua understood, the crappy scene immediately came to mind, but late, the left hand has long been caught by Ma Jing In the hands, the right hand is also very natural on the shoulder of Zhang Xiaohua, Zhang Xiaohua is not shrinking, not shoulders, just listen to Ma Jing enthusiastically said: “Brother, long time no see, brother is thinking of you very much Yeah, how come your voice has become very good? Even if you are chasing your brother, there is a bit of a look of your brother.”

Zhang Xiaohua shrunk his hand and wanted to get Ma Jing into the house, but Ma Jing held his hand tightly, waiting for him to talk, and then said, “Brother, do you know that day, I remember in my heart to return to Zhuang to lead you. When I didn’t arrive, I went back to Zhuang. I didn’t see you at the door of Zhuang’zi. I thought you were going back to the house. But there is no figure in your house. I am strange. You said that if you don’t return, I will I don’t have to go back so early, people Xiaotao… Oh, I will wait for you for a while at the gate of Zhuang’zi, or if you come back at night, you can’t find a place to live. And, you still haven’t come back on Second Day. I miss you more, oh, you said that you are also a brother, although we are the same house, but you can’t let me do all of your work, so let others share it? No day for you. I am tired enough, I am waiting for you to look forward to the moon, but I heard that you are injured, I am dizzy, can’t you give me your work? There is a little bit of ‘sex’ in Xige, not letting me do it, but compared to before Leia, you see that I have thin, is the legacy of that time. “

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Brother Ma, it’s really hard, Little Brother pays guilty here, and later Little Brother wants to admire Brother Ma.”

After that, I was forced to pull out my left hand, but just pulled out, and then I was warmly held by Ma Jing. I saw Ma Jing tearfully saying: “Brother, you also see it? But don’t admire brother, brother is just Live Lei Feng.”

Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but laugh. Only when he stretched his left hand and let Ma Jing hold it, he secretly vowed: “It must be washed ten times and eight times in a while, and you must practice Movement Art. Next time, you should never let Ma Jing close. Half a step.”

Later, Ma Jing said the life triflings of the Mountain Village Azure Clothes caps, the mouth of the chicken ‘hair’ and the garlic skin, and said it very gossip. Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua thought about washing his hands. He just played the piano and made a pearl. Finally, Ma Jing made a closing statement: “Well, one month after you were injured, my closest comrade-in-arms and the same room, Liu Er came back, saved me from the bitter sea of ​​labor, yes, you Haven’t seen Liu Er yet, come over, I will introduce you to you.”

When I finished, I pulled Zhang Xiaohua’s hand and let it go sideways, showing a chunky, thick figure behind him. Ma Jing is not tall. This fat man is actually a little shorter than Ma Jing. It’s no wonder that he was Ma Jing is not seen by Zhang Xiaohua. However, this person is taller than Ma Jing. He is physically fat but has almost two Ma Jing. Think about the meals of Huanxi Mountain Village. Zhang Xiaohua understands. Zhang Xiaohua quickly pulled out his hand and prayed to the chunky Liu Er: “Liu Second Brother, I have heard your name and I met you today.”

That Liu Er is also a gift, and the speech is very low: “Zhang Xiaohua, hello, the injury is already good.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Thank you, Liu Second Brother is concerned, it is already good.”

Then, Zhang Xiaohua said to the two: “Two big brothers, please go to the house and sit.”

Ma Jing has stopped and looked at the sky ‘color’ and said: “Xiaohua, the sky ‘color’ is not too early, we are not here to see you.”

Zhang Xiaohua was disappointed and said, “Why are you going so fast? If you don’t sit for a while, talk for a while, wait for my Second Brother to come back, let me go with you, anyway, I am hurt, just with Second Brother. Negotiate to go back to Mountain Village.”

Ma Jing went on to say, “Well, I didn’t come to see you, but I came out to do things and pick you up at Mountain Village.”

Ma Jing bit the “see” word very heavy, Zhang Xiaohua listened, a burst of sorrow, hey, this Ma Jing Xi’s ‘sex’ does not change.

Zhang Xiaohua said: “So, Brother Ma, Liu Second Brother, you advanced house, I went to Second Brother, told him one sound, just go with you.”

The two listened, and this was the way to the house.

However, when the two entered the house, Zhang Xiaohua stepped out of the small courtyard, only to find out that he did not know where to look for Zhang Xiaohu. There were many people in the Escort, and the place was big. Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t think of everyone in the Escort. I will know Zhang Xiaohu, and the Xiwu Pavilion still has a little impression. But today Zhang Xiaohu is called by Li Liuye. Where is the executioner, he still doesn’t know, so he only has to go back to the house.

Going back to the hut, Ma Jing asked, “How come you finished with Second Brother so soon?”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled bitterly: “Not yet, I don’t know where Second Brother went. I will pack it first, or write a note for him in a while.”

Ma Jing glanced and said, “Do you write? I remember that you don’t seem to know the word.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with pride: “Brother Ma, the three days of the singer, it’s the same, and we haven’t seen it for more than three months. Can’t I write?”

Ma Jing admired: “Xiaohua, you are not jealous of your brother, how to see you are not like people who can write in three months.”

Zhang Xiaohua said, “Well, wait for me to clean up and give you a show to see if I can write.”

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