LOTCG Chapter 105

First 100 chapters waist card

First 100 chapters waist card

At this time, Liu Er, who had not spoken for a long time, spoke up. “We don’t know the words. Who knows what you wrote?”

Zhang Xiaohua, I thought, “Yes, Second Brother doesn’t know the word. I don’t understand it when I write it.”

However, I immediately changed my mind, I don’t know, I can ask someone to ask, this is not a difficult thing, so I have not stopped.

Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t have much stuff. When I came a few months ago, I just wanted to stay in the Mountain Village for a while. The foundation didn’t bring anything. Now I’m packing up some books and sundries, not long afterwards. Just finished, so, under the watchful eyes of Ma Jing and Liu Er, skilled to spread the paper, preparing to find the pen, I felt someone went outside, looked up, and saw Zhang Xiaohu push the door in.

Today’s Zhang Xiaohua feels very sensitive. Zhang Xiaohu walked outside the house. In fact, the footsteps were extremely light. Ma Jing did not hear it, but Zhang Xiaohua could clearly understand it.

Zhang Xiaohu stepped in and saw a stranger in the house. He couldn’t help but look at it. Zhang Xiaohua quickly introduced each other. Zhang Xiaohu hurryed and said: “Ma brother, Xiaohua is in Mountain Village. You have taken care of it. ”

Ma Jing also had a kind of return, saying: “Zhang Xiong is not polite, Xiaohua is young, it is also our Little Brother, care is appropriate.”

Only Zhang Xiaohua’s belly is a rare one, but the “small shoes” are constant.

When Zhang Xiaohua took the two people to explain, Zhang Xiaohu’s face was ‘showing’ and ‘color’, saying: “The two are really good. I want to send Xiaohua to the Mountain Village in the past. Li Liuye called, it turned out that today there is a darts that we need to go out, just no time, two can come, it is my wish.”

Zhang Xiaohua heard, anxiously asked: “Second Brother, where is this dart? Is there any danger? This is the first time you go out, be careful and be careful.”

Zhang Xiaohu said with a smile: “Where is it, I can’t tell you that this is the rule of the Escort. However, there should be no problem. The place to go is very close. Not only is I going to the First time, this time the darts are going to exercise. Some of the newcomers who have not gone out have been sent out, and I am also a Vice Captain. There must be no danger. Moreover, there are martial arts outstanding and experienced bodyguards as Captain. With us, you can rest assured.”

After listening to this, Zhang Xiaohua was relieved.

Ma Jing sees Zhang Xiaohua’s small wrapped cloth bundle has been packed, and the two brothers still reluctantly said to Zhang Xiaohu: “Tian ‘color’ is not too early, Zhang brother, we have to rush back to Mountain Village before noon. Can’t stay here more, this brings Zhang Xiaohua back, there is Time you go to our Mountain Village to play.”

Zhang Xiaohu heard it and said: “Ma brother said that it is a matter of hurriedly returning to Mountain Village. The errand is Righteous Path. Let’s go, I will send you out.”

Finish, pick up the small wrapped cloth bundle on the shackle, please Ma Jing and Liu Er head ahead.

The carriage of Huanxi Mountain Village stopped at the door of the Escort, and it was still the one when Qiu Tong pulled Zhang Xiaohua to Mountain Village.

Zhang Xiaohu stood in front of the carriage and looked at his Little Brother. This time’s retreat made Zhang Xiaohua not have a long flesh, his face was a little drum, and his body was not too long, but he saw the palm he still wrapped. , or the bitterness of the bursts.

Zhang Xiaohu put the small wrapped cloth bundle in the car and said, “Remember what the doctor just said, first do the activity of restoring ‘sex’, don’t do anything heavy, if you are not careful, just in case of bones If it is cracked, it is a big problem.”

Zhang Xiaohua was a little impatient. He said, “I know, Second Brother, you have said it many times. I haven’t told you about the work of Mountain Village. It’s nothing tiring. Anyway, I’m left now. If you use it, you can use your left hand. In fact, I just want to practice Fist Art earlier. Since the doctor is not allowed now, I will wait a few days.”

Look at Zhang Xiaohua, I don’t want to listen any more. I have said enough today. Maybe I will say more, but it will make him suspicious. Zhang Xiaohu smiles at nods and then says to Ma Jing and Liu Er: “Xiaohua is in good condition, however, The doctor said that he can’t fully use his right hand for the time being, then the Mountain Village will ask you to take care of you. Thank you in advance.”

After that, give a deep gift.

Ma Jing and Liu Er rushed back and promised.

Then, the three men got on the carriage, the carriage slowly started, and galloped away. Zhang Xiaohu stood in front of the darts and kept waving until the carriage disappeared into the field of vision. Zhang Xiaohua’s small hand could not be seen before he turned. Escort.

Along the way, Ma Jing pulled Zhang Xiaohua and asked Dong to ask West. Just listen to Zhang Xiaohu and Zhang Xiaohua. Do not practice boxing. He is very puzzled. Remember that when Zhang Xiaohua first came, he did not say that he did not understand martial arts? How can I practice boxing?

Zhang Xiaohua practicing Fist Art with Mountain Tian in Mountain Village, but they didn’t avoid Ma Jing. They are apologetic. They are two different worlds with Misty Faction’s disciples in Azure Clothes, and there is an intersection on weekdays. The other Time doesn’t interfere with each other. Even the Azure Clothes caps are faintly inferior and don’t get involved in the activity area of ​​the Misty Faction disciples. These Zhang Xiaohua are naturally unknown. After he entered the Mountain Village, he was eating and working. Together with Ma Jing, the other spare time is with He Tianshu. They are Zhang Xiaohua learning Fist Art. Ma Jing doesn’t know anything.

Now Ma Jing asks, Zhang Xiaohua narrate systematically and in full detail, Ma Jing is very strange, more is admiring, not talking in the mouth, but my heart is jealous, I am so late talent, so handsome Ying Zi, He Tianshu, why didn’t you look at it? Is it possible Is it really a good man? Perhaps you still have to sigh your own Luck, and even think of tomorrow’s breakfast, do you want to express your goodwill to Misty Faction’s disciples?

Knowing that Zhang Xiaohua can play Fist Art a few times, Ma Jing would like to know how he was injured in the Escort. When Zhang Xiaohua finished the specific situation, Ma Jing immediately dismissed the idea of ​​martial arts. From the goodwill of my own, tomorrow is still a miserable, joking, practicing what Fist Art, this has just been studied for a month, did not practice a few moves, it will be killed by a person to fight, if you are martial arts, must Will learn better than Zhang Xiaohua, who will kill himself if he is not in the palm of his hand?

Think of Zhang Xiaohua, his Second Brother Zhang Xiaohu is ten times more powerful than him. He is not the same as Yu Deyi, looking for his teeth, almost screaming? I am still wise, I have not taken the road of martial arts, patted my chest, and secretly set myself on the Azure Clothes cap, a bright future career, I am very happy.

Next to the thick Liu Er, just listen, occasionally smile, agree, and faithfully perform a movement that should be done.

The carriage arrived at Huanxi Mountain Village in a while, still entering from the side door.

The carriage stopped at the side door and waited for the guard’s inspection. Ma Jing and Liu Er were no more than Qiu Tong. They didn’t need any waist cards, and even brought strangers into the Mountain Village. They honestly took out their own cards and handed them over. Then the guard looked at Zhang Xiaohua and Zhang Xiaohua, and immediately took a shot of his forehead. Otherwise, when he went out of the village a few months ago, he took the waist, and naturally he wanted to put that waist. The card was paid back, but where did the waist card itself go? For a long time no, it seems to have forgotten. It seems that when I followed Li Jinfeng to learn to read and write, I used it to make paperweights. When I packed up the wrapped cloth bundle, I didn’t pay attention to whether it was put in.

The small wrapped cloth bundle is knotted, knot, this thing, it is easy to fight, it is difficult to solve it! Zhang Xiaohua’s left hand and the injured right hand are very laborious. Ma Jing was on the sidelines, naturally took over the wrapped cloth bundle and helped to unlock it. Zhang Xiaohua flipped through the things inside. Sure enough, in a few books, he found the lost waist card and picked it up and handed it to him. Ma Jing.

Ma Jing did not care, just took a look, turned and handed it to the guard, just to reach out, suddenly remembered what it was like, the mouth “squeaked” a bit, and then shrunk back, carefully looked at the waist card, up and down I saw it all over and over, then frowned and asked: “Zhang Xiaohua, how is your waist card different from ours?”

Zhang Xiaohua stunned, took a look at the waist card and said, “This is it, I don’t have any other waist cards. Only this one should be given when I was out of Mountain Village last time. Is this waist card not our Mountain? Is it in the village? Is it broken, then am I lost?”

Ma Jing also stunned and said: “This waist card should be our Mountain Village, it is similar to ours, and I look familiar, as if I have seen it.”

Zhang Xiaohua asked: “What? The Mountain Village has a lot of waist cards?”

Ma Jing said literacy: “Yeah, according to the different jobs, each person’s waist card is different, just like the Nie Xiao’er who are squatting at them… Oh, think of it, Nie Xiao’ When er first came, I went to Pingyang City with me. His waist card is like this. At that time, I also took two waist cards to compare it, so I looked at you more familiar, how do you Can I get this kind of waist card?”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Brother Ma, I don’t have a waist card for the first time. How can I know why? You might as well ask the guards.”

When Ma Jing heard it and felt it was reasonable, he handed the waist card to the guard, the guard took it, examined it carefully, and collected it after registration. At this time, Ma Jing squinted and asked, “This guardian brother, ask a question.”

That guard point nods.

Ma Jing asked: “Guard big brother, can you tell me why my little brother can get this kind of waist card?”

The guard listened, smiled, like an idiot, and replied: “I don’t know. I just check if it is a real waist card, let people enter the village. As for who uses the waist card, I don’t care. For the waist card, you have to go to the front to ask the person who issued the waist card!”

Ma Jing is very upset, what is the difference? However, he did not dare to shed the feeling of dissatisfaction, piled up a smirk and even said thank you.

The guard did not say anything, waved his hand, put the carriage into the village, and secretly said: “I know that you are not satisfied, say thank you in your mouth, maybe you can say me in my heart.”

The carriage put the three people at the door of the small courtyard and went elsewhere.

Zhang Xiaohua, who got off the bus, looked at the familiar Outer Sect. After a while, the time flies, people are wrong, and there are many feelings in the past few months. When I first came, I was as strange as a child, one month. Time, countless times in and out of this Outer Sect, and the open space next to Outer Sect, a lot of sweat and dozens of incomplete moves, and then go out one by one, One Revolution eye is a few months of time past, then look back It is also a wounded body, Good Fortune gets people, this is also a sight.

Taking advantage of his small wrapped cloth bundle, Zhang Xiaohua followed Ma Jing and Liu Er into the yard. It was noon, but the others did not come back. The yard was quiet, and Zhang Xiaohua was a little embarrassed, followed by two people. After entering the hut, he threw the wrapped cloth bundle on his original dwelling and sat down casually, but he soon found that Ma Jing saw his eyes a bit strange, and that Liu Er was also uncharacteristically With his own, silly smile, Zhang Xiaohua can not help but also look at his body, look at his feet, and did not step on the shit? What catches your eyes.

But when he looked up and looked around, he couldn’t help but jump off the raft. It turned out that it had been replaced with another quilt, and the things on the small table were different. Zhang Xiaohua thought that before he came to Mountain Village, Liu Er was a house with Ma Jing. Since people came back, they were not in Mountain Village. Naturally, Liu Er continued to live in the original house. Concerned, it is a joke.

Zhang Xiaohua was red-faced and wanted to say something. Liu Er quickly spoke up and said, “No relationship, Zhang Xiaohua, when you are tired, sit on the squat first. You are just injured, or you should pay more attention. ”

Zhang Xiaohua, a lot of people, how good, in the Azure Clothes cap is really rare.

Liu Er then said: “If you sleep this habit, I will go to Xia Ge, let him arrange a room for me, and you will live with Brother Ma.”

Zhang Xiaohua wakes up like a lightning strike and quickly says: “Don’t, the gentleman doesn’t take people’s love. Since it is the original residence of Liu Second Brother, I naturally want to let it out. I don’t have to continue to sleep. Or I go out to another Find a place.”

Liu Er said: “I am used to sleeping wherever you are. You are a wounded patient, or you live in the original place. The power of habit is endless and it will help you to recover.”

So the two of them earned the robbing, they must give this best 炕 to the other side, next to the Ma Jing a burst of emotion, are good people! It is also my character. People who live with me can also be edified as gentlemen.

At the time of the two men shouting, there was a loud noise in the yard, and it must have been that Tian Zhongxi and others came back.

Zhang Xiaohua is happy to run out of the hut, not only to escape the enthusiasm of Liu Er, but also to see these “Tianyou” who have been fighting together for a month. When Zhang Xiaohua appears in the yard, the Azure Clothes cap is very strange. They all came up to ask Dong to ask Western. In fact, Zhang Xiaohua is not so familiar with them, and they have not really integrated into their circles in just one month. They just disappeared in a few months. Everyone feels fresh, and I heard that Zhang Xiaohua Actually, he was injured in the contest. He almost didn’t have a ‘sex’ life. Naturally, he was very curious. This said: “Zhang Xiaohua, I heard that you strongly selected the strong man in the lotus dart, and was angered by a slap. Serious injury, is it true?”

That asked: “Zhang Xiaohua, I heard that you have fought for 12 players in the game, and finally you are exhausted. Is it true?”

Others said: “Zhang Xiaohua, I heard that you are being confused by the ‘fantasy soul’ of the lotus darts. You also used the yin and yang and the confession, you can be our idol. Yeah, what about the line of the female head? ”

Zhang Xiaohua, I heard that, for a while, I was dizzy. Where did I go with this? I wanted to talk to them in detail, but suddenly I didn’t have the strength. I didn’t bother to say a word, just a smile. Handle.

Tian Zhongxi is standing outside the circle, his face is quiet, he doesn’t know what he is thinking, and when everyone is too busy, he just slaps his face and swears: “Everyone is scattered, Zhang Xiaohua is back, think Know what, in the future there are opportunities and Time to ask, people are not completely good, if you are hit by three long and two short, be careful that you pay Zhang Xiaohua ‘medicine’ fee.”

This sentence is really useful, the Azure Clothes cap immediately opened the distance with Zhang Xiaohua, even if Zhang Xiaohua is now falling, they must not be responsible.

Tian Zhongxi added: “Hurry up and clean up and eat. Then, there are still a lot of work to do in the afternoon, and delay, don’t blame me for deducting your wages.”

This sentence is more useful, who wants to go over with his own money? It was immediately dispersed, and the enthusiasm of concern was immediately dissipated.

Tian Zhongxi looked at Zhang Xiaohua, who was surprised by the rapid action of everyone. He said, “Zhang Xiaohua, come over with me.”

After that, don’t wait for him, he is now back to his hut.

Zhang Xiaohua Seeing that Tian Zhongxi is not cold or not, it feels strange, but now it is not a time to think carefully, watching Tian Zhongxi have to enter the house, and quickly follow up.

Tian Zhongxi walked into the hut and turned to look at Zhang Xiaohua who ran into the house. The tone was flat: “Zhang Xiaohua, how is your injury?”

Zhang Xiaohua looked at Tian Zhongxi carefully and said, “It’s okay, Xi Ge, although not completely good, but I can work with my left hand, it will not affect the work that Mountain Village sent to us.”

Tian Zhongxi said: “Oh, this is not for me, you are hurt, I will be relieved. After all, you were also a little brother of mine. If you have anything wrong, I am also uncomfortable in my heart.”

This is strange, Zhang Xiaohua still does not understand.

However, Tian Zhongxi pointed to a pile of bedding on the shackle and said, “That is the bedding you used. You see that there is nothing less, and then follow me. I will arrange for you to live in the future.”

Zhang Xiaohua heard, like a monkey with a tail burned, immediately smashed up and said, “Happy brother, please, don’t arrange me in the room of Brother Ma, please, please.”

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