LOTCG Chapter 106

First 100 chapter difference

First 100 chapter difference

Tian Zhongxi Looks at Zhang Xiaohua’s look and looks good. The face of the board can’t help but also a smile. He said, “Give me the quilt first. Where do you live? It is not my decision now.”

Zhang Xiaohua once again puzzled and asked: “Xi Ge, then, who can say the final?”

Tian Zhongxi ignored him and waved his hand and said, “Go, come with me, you will know when you arrive.”

After that, it was still deep and the door was pushed out.

Zhang Xiaohua’s foggy water had to hold the bedding, followed by Tian Zhongxi and walked out.

Tian Zhongxi went out and turned left. It was in the direction of Ma Jing’s room. Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but feel awkward. Moreover, Tian Zhongxi’s footsteps stopped in front of Ma Jing’s house. Zhang Xiaohua’s heartbeat accelerated and he complained. : “I still said that I would not let me live in this house. It turned out to be jealous of me.”

Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t see Tian Zhongxi’s face. The face was actually smiling, and the corner of his mouth was upturned. It seemed to have playful meaning. When Zhang Xiaohua’s heart jumped to the eyes of the blind man, this is the case. Go ahead again.

Poor Zhang Xiaohua was not teased at all, and he gave a long sigh of relief. Thanks to the gods and Buddhas in the sky, he was happy to follow. Tian Zhongxi walked to the end of the row of houses, stopped, tapped the door, and another sound familiar to Zhang Xiaohua came from the room: “Who? Come in.”

This is actually the room of He Tianshu.

When it comes to people who want to see Zhang Xiaohua in Huanxi Mountain Village, He Tianshu is definitely one of the candidates. I thought about waiting for dinner, I can see it. Who knows that I just returned to Mountain Village and I met in this situation.

Zhang Xiaohua, holding the beggar and following Tian Zhongxi into the house and seeing the face that he had not seen for months, Zhang Xiaohua had a thought of crying. The idea was to wake up after he was injured and did not see Zhang Xiaohu. Rising up.

Tian Zhongxi looked at He Tianshu and said, “Captain He, I brought Zhang Xiaohua.”

Zhang Xiaohua stood at the door of the house, with a lonely figure, a left hand holding a bedding, shouting: “Captain He ~”

It seems that a child who has been bullied, with grievances, does not dare to tell his family that he has swallowed his teeth and swallowed his stomach. His eyes are asking for help, and he hopes his family can make a living for himself.

He Tianshu looked at the stupid “apprentice” he taught, thinking about his broken Fist Art, thinking about him alone in the middle of the night, under the moonlight, practicing punching over and over again, and actually dare to face outstanding In order to save his Elder Brother, Wu Gong’s opponent bravely extended his small fist and exchanged his right hand for the Elder Brother’s “sex” life.

Although He Tianshu didn’t see this scene with his own eyes, he could imagine the closed eyes. Zhang Xiaohua’s stubborn eyes and his firm pace, and even the horse stance he personally taught.

However, He Tianshu didn’t look at Zhang Xiaohua Second’s eyes. His eyes were recovered. He smiled at Tian Zhongxi and said, “Okay, if you are in trouble, give it to me.”

Tian Zhongxi Point nods, no more nonsense, turned and walked to Zhang Xiaohua, patted Zhang Xiaohua’s shoulder and said: “Zhang Xiaohua, you will be under Captain He in the future, take care to protect your body.”

After that, I didn’t wait for Zhang Xiaohua to speak and walked away.

Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t seem to understand the process of things too much, just standing there and not knowing what to do next.

Fortunately, He Tianshu came forward and asked gently: “Zhang Xiaohua, how is your injury?”

Zhang Xiaohua, I just returned to God and smiled and said, “Captain He, nothing big, you can have a little activity.”

Subsequently, Zhang Xiaohua apologized and said: “Captain He, I am sorry.”

He Tianshu, ask: “I’m sorry? Why?”

Zhang Xiaohua said strangely: “When I was beaten, I was injured. It is naturally a person who lost you. However, how do you punish me for doing it, that is, don’t drive me out of the division.”

He Tianshu laughed and asked, “Who is this telling you?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Isn’t that all written in the book? Is it not?”

He Tianshu groaned and asked: “Don’t you know the word? Listen to what people say.”

Zhang Xiaohua looked up at the small face and said proudly: “Captain He, I know the words now, but I can write them. These are all I read in the book.”

He Tianshu is even more embarrassed, saying: “With a few months of effort, you will read the words, read? Well, it is a good child.”

Zhang Xiaohua listened to He Tianshu’s praise, but it was a little blushing. He said modestly: “I didn’t learn anything. I learned the Words Explanation for the children’s enlightenment. I also read a few books that they must learn.”

“What? The Words Explanation for Enlightenment.” This time, He Tianshu was in a fog. “You said that you finished the “Words Explanation”?”

Zhang Xiaohua heard, I feel embarrassed to say: “Captain He, I am wrong again, I should not show off, I know this is just something that young children in Pingyang City have learned, I will not say it again.”

He Tianshu “Dangdang” one sound, fell to the ground, then a squid hit and stood firmly in front of Zhang Xiaohua. Looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s eyes, secretly thought: “Idol, idol, how elegant, but I don’t know when I can learn.”

Poor He Tianshu, patted his forehead and said, “Words Explanation, the enlightenment course for young children? Am I a fever?”

Subsequently, He Tianshu asked: “What is your enlightenment book? Let me see.”

Zhang Xiaohua thought of it at this moment and quickly said, “Oh, I forgot to stay in Ma Jing’s house. I will go now.”

When you are finished, you have to turn around and run out.

He Tianshu immediately stopped him and said, “No, Zhang Xiaohua, let me talk about it later.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s stop, He Tianshu said: “Whether you listen to it or look at it yourself, you can’t be true. First of all, you are not my apprentice. I just teach you Fist Art. This thing is Jiang. Hu has a wide spread of things, not my own Absolute Art, you are not included in my door wall, I naturally can not drive you out of the division. Secondly, in fact, this time you are doing very well, even if I It’s your Teacher, and I won’t blame you.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with excitement: “Really? Captain He, you also think that I am doing very well. However, I am defeated, and foundation will not be able to take a slap.”

He Tianshu patted his shoulder and said, “Silly flower, how many years have you been studying Fist Art? How many years have you studied? What kind of Fist Art did you learn? What is the Inner Cultivation Heart Law?” It’s not a deep Inner Cultivation Heart Law, but it’s just a person who doesn’t even see the shadow of your martial arts. It’s just an adult to a newborn child, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Right, let me see the injury.” He Tianshu pulled Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand and said, “Put the bedding first on the chair.”

Zhang Xiaohua put his bedding on the chair next to him, and He Tianshu, who was holding his hand carefully, pinched his finger. At this time, Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand was wrapped in ‘medicine’ cloth. He Tianshu did not The ‘medicine’ cloth opened, just across the ‘medicine’ cloth, and felt carefully, waiting for He Tianshu to put the fingers of his right hand and the bones of his wrist, looking at his sullen face ‘color’, cheerfully said: “Captain He, the recovery is not bad, the doctor of the Escort has said that I can’t practice Fist Art for a while, wait a few days, oh, I can’t wait, I want to be able to horse stance now. ”

He Tianshu looked at Zhang Xiaohua with some excitement. He said with a smile and said, “Okay, after a few days, I am helping you see the injury. Let’s practice Fist Art together.”

Zhang Xiaohua likes to go out and say: “Really, Captain He, can you teach me Fist Art again? Not afraid of me forgetting again?”

Upon hearing this, He Tianshu immediately woke up, and some regretted saying: “This… this, I let Nie Xiao’er teach you, waiting for you to learn, I am teaching.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Then I must learn like Little Second Brother and try to beat Captain He’s face again than Fist Art.”

He Tianshu smiled a little reluctantly and said, “Okay, I believe you can do it.”

Later, He Tianshu added: “However, before you practice boxing, I have to arrange the place for you to live first.”

“Oh, Xi Ge is not saying…” Zhang Xiaohua said that he suddenly stopped, and said incredibly: “Captain He, is it that you are the person who arranged me, it is you.”

He Tianshu smiled and said: “Tian Zhongxi didn’t say it, right, you handed it to me? Don’t you hear it clearly? Or are you stupid even unable to understand this?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “These things, sometimes I am confused and sometimes understand. You arrange me, of course I know. But I don’t have a Law Manifestation letter. I am just a little girl in Zhuang’zi, but you are Misty Faction. Come to Mountain Village to plant grass ‘medicine’, we can’t beat the gossip, how can I manage it for you? This is my ‘fascination’ puzzle. ”

He Tianshu smiled and said: “How do you know that you are the little oop of Huanxi Mountain Village? You are not a small sly identity when you come to Huanxi Mountain Village. You are in the identity of the Lotus Escort, and they are Azure. Clothes Caps are not the same. Seeing that you are mixed with them every day, there is no awareness of the Escort. You think, if you are simply a small sister, the Village Master may not let me hand you Fist Art.”

Zhang Xiaohua Then I understood, “Oh, I know, no wonder that the waist cards I sent to me when I went out were different from Brother Ma. It turned out to be the case.”

“Well, that’s it.” He Tianshu clicked on nods and said, “When you came, it was indeed the job of replacing Liu Er. However, if this is the case, wouldn’t you disappoint the strength of your arms? Village Master You won’t be tempted by heaven, let you do ordinary work. You just have to adapt to the environment first. However, if you can’t keep up with the changes, you haven’t waited for adjustment. You have an accident. No, I don’t. I thought I couldn’t see you in the future. Qu Sanye, who happened to be in the Escort, told you in front of the Village Master. Village Master is also pity for you. This will re-enter you into my team. Can you understand?”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said, “I know, Captain He, I would like to ask you a lot more. Right, I haven’t seen Village Master Elder Sister yet. She is a great person. I will thank him in the future.”

He Tianshu smiled and rubbed his head and said, “Yeah, you really should be good, thank you Village Master, she is really not thin for you.”

“Well, come with me, arrange the room for you first, I have to go eat.” After that, He Tianshu picked up the chair and was smashed, and he was going out, Zhang Xiaohua, let him take it, and quickly use it. The left hand went to grab the beggar and said, “Captain He, or I will take it myself.”

He Tianshu didn’t return him. He smiled and said: “Your hand is not convenient. I will take it for you first. It is a two-step thing.”

Zhang Xiaohua See He Tianshu for this statement. If you think about it, you will not stick to it.

He Tianshu took the bedding and took Zhang Xiaohua out but turned right. He went to the front of the room and pushed the door open. No one lived in the house, but the cleaning was very clean. The layout of the house was the same as the room where Zhang Xiaohua used to live. He Tianshu threw the bedding on a donkey and said to Zhang Xiaohua: “Zhang Xiaohua, from today This room is yours. You don’t have to go to work for the time being. You can take care of it. If you can’t spare it, you can follow Nie Xiao’er to go to the ‘medicine’ field, and you will have a score in your heart.”

Zhang Xiaohua looked at the empty room, and said: “Captain He, this house has no one else, I live alone? ”

He Tianshu said with a smile: “Yes, our treatment is not the same as that of Tian Zhongxi. They are all living alone. Nie Xiao’er they are the same. Is it possible you want to live with them. However, even if you are willing, people are not happy. You still live alone.”

Zhang Xiaohua ‘touched’ and touched his head and said, “Nothing. I live alone when I live alone. However, since I was young, no one has ever lived in a house. It is not used to it. ”

He Tianshu said: “Well, slowly adapt, there is something, or you need something to tell me, ask me if you don’t understand anything on weekdays, or ask Nie Xiao’er them, you are familiar with them, I am sure I will be bullied by them. Haha”

Then, patted the belly and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, this time has passed noon, hungry? I am already hungry before the new post, I am going to eat with me?”

Zhang Xiaohua cheered: “Well, I haven’t eaten the meals of Mountain Village, I still think about it, Captain He, let’s go together.”

After that, the two went to the dining room one after the other.

When entering the dining room, everyone’s lunch was coming to an end. He Tianshu’s entry did not attract anyone’s attention, and Zhang Xiaohua behind him attracted everyone’s attention.

Some of the Azure Clothes caps that were finished eating were sitting down and seemed to be waiting for something.

Zhang Xiaohua walked into the hall and naturally walked over to the two tables of Azure Clothes, but he noticed that the two tables were full and there was no spare space. It seems that he met again. The embarrassment of First’s meal is another small trap for Azure Clothes caps? Zhang Xiaohua used to be in the position of Liu Er, but now Liu Er is back. The position is naturally sitting by Liu Er. Of course, there is no spare position for Zhang Xiaohua to do, and those who have already finished eating Azure Clothes The little hats don’t leave the position, so where can Zhang Xiaohua do?

It seems that this is why Azure Clothes caps are back seated.

It is a pity that Zhang Xiaohua, the joke in their eyes, was not as overwhelmed as the previous one. See Zhang Xiaohua for a few steps. He suddenly patted his forehead, folded his direction, and went in the other direction. Azure Clothes The little hat thought, maybe Zhang Xiaohua is going to take the chair, but they are still sitting at the dinner table, there is no slight movement, it seems that they are clenching the “dining table” and not relaxing, there is no spare space, you take What is the use of the chair?

However, when Zhang Xiaohua walked to He Tianshu’s table, he stopped looking forward to the chair as everyone thought, but sat down unceremoniously. Everyone glimpsed, and then they sneaked and snickered. The people who didn’t know Misty Faction always looked down on the Azure Clothes bonnet. Now a new babies are sitting in the middle of them, not giving them a foot. Come back?

I was originally expecting to see Zhang Xiaohua’s people think that someone could be seen as a “flat sand geese”, and my heart is full of expectation, waiting, waiting, Zhang Xiaohua was kicked off the wonderful moment.

Just as everyone stared at dozens of eyes, Mise Faction’s Nie Xiao’er raised his palm, and Azure Clothes screamed in his heart: “One, two, three, shoot”, waiting for them to scream When “shooting”, Nie Xiao’er did not slap Zhang Xiaohua to the ground as they imagined, but gently fell on Zhang Xiaohua’s shoulder, his face was like a flower. Said: “Brother, finally came back, hurt it? Did you eat some chicken legs, I heard what to eat.”

I heard the words “Dangdang, smashed, slammed” for a while, “Azure Clothes”, everyone who dropped glasses, dropped their eyes, dropped their chins, and screamed. There are even a few who fell to the ground.

Waiting for everyone to sit back and organize their faces, this is extremely boring to stand up, the expectations of the excitement are not seen, only self-entertainment, walk out of the dining room, collectively look at Heavens Above, there are some hot sun Shouted in unison: “It’s amazing, this sun didn’t come out from the west?”

Then, everyone in the Azure Clothes cap is like a traitor who is going to the end of life. She is staring at Zhang Xiaohua, who is eating happily. She stares at her eyes, and then she leaves, and she squats on the floor. The mouth is stunned.

It is estimated that they do not want to vomit, they are afraid that they will be found by the Mountain Village’s duty aunt, and they will be fined. If they do not invoice, the penalty is also a white penalty. There is no place to find someone to reimburse.

Azure Clothes The little one in the cap is a little careful, Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t know, maybe it’s disdain to know, he is going all out to deal with the food in front of him. The work meal that used to eat Azure Clothes caps has already felt good. In recent months, Zhang Dehua’s appetite has been raised by Yu Deyi’s meal. The taste is also a bit sloppy, and there is no ignorance when I first arrived. Then Zhang Xiaohua Knowing how ignorant I was at the time, I thought that He Tianshu had less food and less weight. Hey, the ancients were good, and the food was not good, right, and there was a sentence: the ignorant was fearless.

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