LOTCG Chapter 107

First chapter seven hundred questions

First chapter seven hundred questions

Waiting for Zhang Xiaohua to enjoy the first lunch of Hui Zhuang, the people around have already gone out.

Zhang Xiaohua was born late with He Tianshu. Zhang Xiaohua saw He Tianshu rushing to finish eating, and he had to get up, but he was stopped by He Tianshu, let him eat slowly, don’t worry, anyway, he didn’t give it in the afternoon. He arranged what kind of work, so Zhang Xiaohua sat down and obediently ate it. He ate it and tasted it. He continued to feel full, and he left the dining room.

The afternoon sun is very harmonious, especially in the case of eating a full meal, Zhang Xiaohua leisurely walking in the sun, the pace is very brisk, rare such a wonderful afternoon, should be enjoyed.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua, who was squinting, was called by a female voice: “Zhang Xiaohua? Just finished eating?”

One time, it was Qiu Tong who saw him in the small yard in the distance.

Zhang Xiaohua ran over with joy and called: “Elder Sister Qiu Tong, how are you here?”

Qiu Tong said with a smile: “Village Master is not good at Heavenly Heart. I am going to the dining room to see what is delicious here. Would you like to bring back the Village Master?”

Zhang Xiaohua’s concern: “What happened to Village Master Elder Sister?”

Qiu Tong said with a bitter face: “Zhuang’zi, you don’t understand, don’t ask.”

“Oh.” Zhang Xiaohua said very honestly, “Elder Sister Qiu Tong, I only came back to Mountain Village in the morning. It was Ma Jing and Liu Er who went to the Escort.”

Qiu Tong said with a smile: “I know, I let them go. I don’t have time for this Time. Today, Tian Zhongxi said that some of them are going to Pingyang City to purchase things. I will tell them to bring you back.”

Zhang Xiaohua gratefully looked at Qiu Tong and said, “Elder Sister Qiu Tong, thank you, you are so nice to me, it feels like my Elder Sister Liu Qian.”

“Liu Qian?” Qiu Tong stunned and said, “Who is that?”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Elder Sister Liu Qian is now my Big Sister-In-Law. Before I got married with my older brother, I called her Elder Sister.”

Qiu Tong smiled and said, “Xiaohua, because you are a good boy who knows how to eat hard, so everyone likes you, not just me.”

Zhang Xiaohua jumped and said: “Yes, and Village Master Elder Sister, when I have to thank her very well.”

Qiu Tong said: “Well, there will be opportunities. Let me remember now.”

Zhang Xiaohua points nods and says, “I know, Elder Sister Qiu Tong.”

Qiu Tong asked again: “You are in a good condition now.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Well, the doctor said that there is not much problem with other things besides not being able to focus on things.”

Qiu Tong nods said, “This time I will return you to Captain He. You must know it. He will arrange it for you.”

Zhang Xiaohua nods said: “Yes, when I came back, my brother took me to Captain He and arranged the room for me. No, I just had dinner with them and I was going to go back.”

Qiu Tong said: “Well, you are not completely injured now, don’t do too heavy work, first follow Captain He’s long experience. Some problems on his side are very difficult to solve. It is estimated that you don’t have to do anything. “”

Zhang Xiaohua Q: “What is the problem? Is it serious?”

Qiu Tong said: “When you go and see, you know. Hey, this is also the heart of Village Master. If you can solve it, you can help the Village Master. It is much better than thanking her. Hey, I think. Xiaohua, you don’t have to worry about it, Elder Sister is just talking about it. I have been sick for a long time. I can’t do anything. You can do what a child can do. OK, I don’t tell you more, I am hurrying. If you want to go back, you should also pay attention to your body. This injury is just right, the body is weak, but don’t be sick again, it will add to the weight.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Okay, Elder Sister Qiu Tong, I will be careful, I am leaving.”

After that, the two men waved their hands and swung each other.

Along the way, Zhang Xiaohua also thought: “This Captain He and Village Master, what problems have they encountered, the Village Master can’t eat it? But since they can’t do anything, I’m even less embarrassed. Let me go first. talk later.”

Not long afterwards, Zhang Xiaohua returned to his hut, his wrapped cloth bundle is still in the Ma Jing house, this time people must be working, now to go get things, not too suitable, or wait for them at night Come back and talk about it. Captain He, although he confessed that he didn’t have to work in the afternoon, let him rest in the house, but where did he calm down? This is a teenager, who has not sat down for the ‘sex’, and has spent the past few months in the hustle and bustle. Even the house of Zhang Xiaohu rarely goes out, and this time has a chance. Where can I be alone?

Covering the door, Zhang Xiaohua followed the path that he had walked before and looked for He Tianshu. They went.

He Tianshu is not clear about where he works. However, I always listened to Ma Jing, and the approximate location is known. It is not too far from the Azure Clothes cap.

All the way, I also saw a lot of Azure Clothes hats are busy watering, scribbling, many people have seen Zhang Xiaohua, some people are still whispering, even pointing at him, Zhang Xiaohua think about Ma Jing, naturally knows what they are, don’t care, just bury their heads.

He Tianshu Their ‘medicine’ field and Tian Zhongxi are separate, with some simple obstacles in the middle, prohibiting the Azure Clothes cap from the past, far from watching, but also obvious, Zhang Xiaohua only looked far away Look, there is no idea to approach.

Now, walking through, there is no tension in my heart.

After waiting for the obstacles, look up and see, there is no big difference here, there are a few ‘medicine’ fields, but the ‘medicine’ field here is not very neat, some Tianzhong already have ‘medicine ‘The material grows out, and some are bare and have nothing. It seems to be just open.

He Tianshu and other four people are also busy, and Zhang Xiaohua is approaching, and this is discovered.

He Tianshu said with a smile: “Zhang Xiaohua, why didn’t you rest in the house, did you run over?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Captain He, I can’t stop, just follow you, read it, and it’s good to get started later.”

He Tianshu said: “The ‘medicine’ field here is not much different from that there, because the ‘medicine’ material is more important, and some ‘medicine’ materials may need to be more detailed. I listen to Tian Zhongxi. I’ve done well there, and I grew up in the field. It should be fine. Wait a minute, follow Nie Xiao’er and let him tell you the special attention. Just… ”

Zhang Xiaohua said, “What is it?”

He Tianshu said: “However, I hope that your memory ‘sex’ is not as bad as your boxing, and that Nie Xiao’er says it is one hundred and eighty times.”

Zhang Xiaohua blushes and says, “No, Captain He, my memory is very good. Young Master Li praises me, but I just can’t practice punching, huh, huh.”

He Tianshu Q: “Which Young Master Li?”

Zhang Xiaohua explained: “It is Li Jinfeng Young Master Li, who studied at Academy and taught me literacy.”

He Tianshu’s eyes lit up and said, “Is that the gentleman who used Enlightenment for Words Explanation? Hehe, he is really interesting. He has a chance to see him.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Captain He also knows that he is interesting. When I see him next time, I will tell him to let him see you.”

He Tianshu waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk to me, I have the opportunity to meet everyone together.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Okay, Young Master Li is also a very easygoing person and will not have any opinions.”

After that, Nie Xiao’er gave Zhang Xiaohua a job while explaining to him.

The ‘medicine’ field here is indeed more complicated than that. The watering time of each ‘medicine’ material is different, the amount of watering is different, there are many precautions, and the specific ‘fighting’ The details are all memorized. Also lost Zhang Xiaohua’s usual head is better than practicing boxing, otherwise, it really makes He Tianshu feel uneasy.

‘Pharmaceutical’ agent is not a lot of ‘medicine’ fields, just a few pieces, otherwise it is not just He Tianshu four people, but these few fields, there are still half of the land are not planted ‘medicine’ However, when Zhang Xiaohua and Nie Xiao’er learned the details, Zhang Xiaohua actually saw He Tianshu carrying a person, watering the open space, and carefully squatting there, picking up the soil from time to time, wrinkling Thinking about what to look at.

Zhang Xiaohua is very strange, just ask Nie Xiao’er: “Little Second Brother, what do you think Captain He is doing? How to water the open space, but still daze.”

Nie Xiao’er stunned Zhang Xiaohua and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, I warn you, don’t call me Little Second Brother anymore. How do you feel like you are calling a running school? How is Brother Nie a disciple of Misty Faction? Jiang Hu’s status is also there. How come to your mouth is this virtue? Last time, I will call my little Brother Nie!”

Zhang Xiaohua points nods and says, “I know, tell me that Captain He is what’s going on, Little Second Brother.”

Nie Xiao’er’s nose was discouraged, “heng” had one sound and didn’t care for him. Zhang Xiaohua is not saying, “Okay, okay, little Brother Nie, I am wrong? You don’t want Life Qi, don’t you?”

Seeing that Nie Xiao’er still doesn’t talk, Zhang Xiaohua’s eyeball One Revolution said: “If you want Life Qi again, wait for me to hurt, I will find Captain He, let him assign you to teach me to learn Fist Art!”

Nie Xiao’er listened and surrendered immediately. He smiled and said, “Brother Xiaohua, you are far away. You want to learn Fist Art and you say to Brother Nie. We don’t have to worry about Captain He. You see him. I am not worrying about things, or let his old man ‘fuck’ Zhuang’zi’s things. In fact, when it comes to this matter, you have to start with the kind of ‘medicine’. Let’s start with the ‘medicine’ field. Ma Jing, they know it, it is used exclusively for the ‘medicine’ agent. It is not the ordinary ‘medicine’ material, but the Misty Faction that has been obtained from other places has been lost in Jiang Hu. Some ‘medicine’ materials, or not to let Ma Jing plant them, but let us Baba get from Misty Mountain Village?”

Zhang Xiaohua points nods and says, “This, I know a little, but what is the relationship with this open space?”

Nie Xiao’er secretly smiled: “Brother Xiaohua, look at your sagacious vision, or think about your rigorous thinking. If it is open space, will Captain He be madly watering there? ”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Is it not empty?”

Nie Xiao’er took it for granted, saying: “That is of course, there are seeds.”

Zhang Xiaohua is even more puzzled and said, “Why don’t you sprout? The other ‘medicine’ fields don’t sprout early, and some grow old.”

Nie Xiao’er spreads his hand and says, “Yeah, why don’t you sprout? This is why Captain He is worried. If I know, I will become Captain, or I won’t let Captain He worry.”

In an instant, Zhang Xiaohua understood, and also knew that when he saw Qiu Tong in the morning, he said the meaning of the words. The seeds of this ‘medicine’ material have been planted for more than half a year, and there is still no germination. Presumably, I don’t know why. Then it is impossible to cultivate more ‘medicine’ materials, and it is impossible to make the lost ‘medicine’ material appear again in Misty Faction. No wonder He Tianshu is worried, and Village Master Elder Sister does not eat.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua is just an ordinary child. He only grows crops. Now, he also grows ordinary ‘medicine’ materials, which he did not expect to solve.

Look at the poor He Tianshu, Zhang Xiaohua still put his mind into the current study, slowly familiar with Nie Xiao’er, and strive to enter the corner ‘color’ as soon as possible.

In the afternoon, Zhang Xiaohua passed away with his heart. In the evening, Zhang Xiaohua took his small wrapped cloth bundle out of Ma Jing’s house, regardless of Ma Jing’s effort to pull his hand, and the resentful eyes. I ran back to my own house and finally escaped Ma Jing’s “magic feet”. Where do I want to stay for a while?

Think again about the people Liu Er staying there, without any discomfort, Zhang Xiaohua immediately admired Liu Er’s feelings like the river.

At night, He Tianshu is the time they practiced. Zhang Xiaohua came to the venue as before, not long afterwards, He Tianshu, they came, He Tianshu said: “Zhang Xiaohua, you don’t want to punch now, try to tie Horse stance, see if your right arm can persist.”

Zhang Xiaohua tried it and said, “Captain He, the arm is okay, but the right medicine’s ‘medicine’ is still there, and there is no way to punch.”

He Tianshu said: “Then don’t punch, hazard stance, you haven’t stood horse stance for several months.”

Zhang Xiaohua blushes and said, “Yeah, I stayed on the squat all day long. I didn’t dare to move. Later, I was better. I could move around, but I hurt my bones again. I walked around the house. I have long forgotten about the horse stance.”

He Tianshu said with a smile: “That is, this horse stance, you did not practice how to establish, how can you get it? The things you get easily never know how to cherish, this is not your fault. Estimate, your Fist Art has already returned it to me.”

Zhang Xiaohua argued: “No, Captain He, I have to remember Fist Art. I don’t believe that I can show it to you.”

After he finished, he would pull up the posture and start training. He Tianshu quickly stopped, and said, “Don’t be able to do it. I can’t even hold my fist at this moment. How can I practice boxing? Wait a few days, but, you. Fist Art, forget it, forget it, maybe it would be better to re-train.”

After that, haha ​​smiled and went to practice the boxing.

Zhang Xiaohua did not say anything, but had to hang up the horse stance and watch the people practice.

Watching Nie Xiao’er and others practice a set of Fist Art, Palm Art, and Sword Art, Zhang Xiaohua is very envious, when did he have such a Heavens.

He Tianshu is practicing boxing under a tree, and the movement is very slow, but Zhang Xiaohua obviously can feel the power of that trick, and the move can drive a kind of power, not like his own boxing, just a move. Only in the offensive moves have pure power, he can not help but move, is this what Zhang Xiaohu said?

Then Zhang Xiaohua focused on He Tianshu and tried to find out what he was looking for. Unfortunately, when He Tianshu set up a set of Fist Art, he just felt the wind and the wind in the Fist Art. Others didn’t see anything, even the move was vague.

Did Zhang Xiaohua, who forgot the move, come back?

Or is Fengshui of Huanxi Mountain Village not as good as the Lotus Escort?

He Tianshu finished Fist Art and walked up to Zhang Xiaohua. He looked at Zhang Xiaohua’s motionless posture and said with satisfaction: “Zhang Xiaohua, your horse stance is really good, except for the right arm, other places, There is no change from the point I have taught before. The level of your horse’s horse stance is really not covered. When we have a match between the Misty Faction and the horse race, I must recommend you to definitely take First.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with joy: “Really, Captain He, there is such an opportunity, you must call me, when is it?”

He Tianshu said with a smile: “Okay, no problem, I will call you when I am in the Year of the Monkey. Well, you have to take it, take a rest early. Tomorrow, you still follow Nie Xiao’er, anyway, you are a People don’t want to stay in the house.”

Zhang Xiaohua jumped up and said, “Okay, I know.”

However, I still think, when is the Year of the Monkey?

Following He Tianshu, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but ask: “Captain He, did you use Inner Strength when you just practiced boxing?”

He Tianshu stopped and asked, “How do you know?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “I see that you are not the same as me. The movement seems to contain power. My recruitment is purely a move.”

He Tianshu said silently, “Your eyes or feelings are really good, it is like this.”

Zhang Xiaohua tempted: “Captain He, this Inner Cultivation Heart Law, you… can you teach me?”

He Tianshu smiled and said: “Inner Cultivation Heart Law? You know from the Lotus Escort?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Yes, I listened to what Second Brother said. He is a scorpion in the Escort and is now studying at the martial arts museum.”

He Tianshu stunned and asked: “You Second Brother is the executioner, but is it in the martial arts school?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Yes, it is like this.”

He Tianshu said: “It seems that your Second Brother is not like you. He should be a good martial artist. Generally, the martial arts hall can pick some elites to teach Inner Cultivation Heart Law.”

Zhang Xiaohua said proudly: “Yes, my Second Brother is a genius, so I can go to the Xiwu Hall to learn.”

Later, I was still expecting to ask: “Look, can I learn?”

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