LOTCG Chapter 108

First Hundred and Eight Chapters

First Hundred and Eight Chapters

He Tianshu sighed and said, “Xiaohua, I am not willing to teach you, but, one, the Inner Cultivation Heart Law I studied is dedicated to the Misty Faction disciples. Non-native disciples are not allowed to teach, if they are found to be privately taught, not only I want to be punished by the Discipline, and you have to abolish martial arts. Second, the cultivation of the Inner Cultivation Heart Law is no more than Fist Art. It requires latent talent. If the latent talent is not good, the cultivation is not good for years. And if you go to the magic and the ‘sex’ life, do you also tell you about Second Brother? He can’t teach you anything.”

Zhang Xiaohua Disappointed nods, said: “Yes, Second Brother said so.”

He Tianshu ‘touch’ touched ‘Zhang Xiaohua’s head and said: “Go back, everyone has their own life, God has already arranged it. If you have this life, maybe in the near future, you will be able to get what you want. Otherwise, even if you try your best, you will find nothing. ”

Zhang Xiaohua looked down with a low head and followed He Tianshu with disappointment.

Under the oil lamp, Zhang Xiaohua looked at a book carefully. This is not a Fist Art, but some books that Li Jinfeng left for him. During the period of recuperation, he developed a habit and read some books at night. Whether it is a boxing or a book, if you don’t look at it, it seems that something is missing.

The boxing that can be seen is finished. Only reading books, there are countless books around, and Zhang Xiaohua can see it for a lifetime.

Suddenly, I saw “When I know the new” in the book, “Learning to learn from time to time”, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but move, carefully put down the books, closes the eyes and think about the boxing codes that I have memorized. I didn’t tell them today. He Tianshu, there is no special reason, just like a child gets his beloved toy, and will not immediately tell the grown-ups, the children will show off at an unexpected moment, let the adults surprise, look at them again. The adults looked stunned and laughed, that’s all.

Zhang Xiaohua also has such a mind, but the most important thing is that he still has no confidence in himself. He is afraid that he can’t practice these Fist Art. Now, let’s say that it is better to wait until you really practice it.

Fortunately, with Zhang Xiaohua’s thoughts, the Fist Art is still like a river, and it can still be clearly recalled. However, Zhang Xiaohua’s god ‘color’ has not changed, raise his right hand and look at the ‘medicine’ cloth on his hand. With the left hand, I touched ‘touch’ for a while, but still did not reveal it.

Late at night, Zhang Xiaohua only turned off the lights and fell asleep.

In the next few days, Zhang Xiaohua followed Nie Xiao’er in the daytime to familiarize himself with the cultivation of various ‘medicine’ materials, and at night he had a horse stance, and he was very leisurely.

It’s just that Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t know that he has not seen Elder Yu for several months, and he will come to see them every night.

This evening, Zhang Xiaohua still read under the oil lamp and heard someone knocking at the door.

Zhang Xiaohua glimpsed, knocking at the door in the evening, this is still First, so she put down the book, opened the door, and by the light in the house, she was the one-armed Elder Yu.

Zhang Xiaohua was very surprised and said, “Elder Yu, hello, you are coming in.”

When Zhang Xiaohua gave Elder Yu to the house and asked him to sit in the chair, he said, “Elder Yu, I have been back for many days, I haven’t seen your old man. Are you busy?”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “Don’t say that you just came back for a few days, that month, when you stayed in Mountain Village, how many times have you seen me?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “It’s not been seen for months, so I was a little surprised. How come you came to me today?”

Elder Yu said: “There is nothing else, just know that you are back, come over and see your injury.”

Zhang Xiaohua was somewhat flattered and said, “Thank you Elder Yu for your concern. It should be good. I will let Captain He look at it tomorrow. This will remove the ‘medicine’ cloth from the outside.”

Elder Yu waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to wait for tomorrow, I will help you dismantle it now. The bones are not good or bad for two days.”

Zhang Xiaohua is rather strange. Elder Yu’s attitude is that he is not cold and self-conscious from First. Why is it so intriguing today?

However, after all, Elder Yu was an old man and caring for himself, and Zhang Xiaohua was a veteran, so Zhang Xiaohua let Elder Yu help him remove the ‘medicine’ cloth on his hand.

In fact, Zhang Xiaohua’s injury is already good. The ‘medicine’ cloth is just a psychological sustenance. As Elder Yu said, it is really no different to split tomorrow. So Elder Yu is a right hand in Zhang Xiaohua. With the aid of it, it is still very easy to remove the ‘medicine’ cloth.

Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand is no different from the previous one, that is, the skin looks very pale, and it is probably the reason for not seeing the light.

Elder Yu didn’t immediately observe Zhang Xiaohua’s fingers, but said, “You try to punch first.”

Zhang Xiaohua, according to the words, tried to shrink the fingers. The usual action in the past is now very clumsy, even if the fingers are not listening, and Zhang Xiaohua’s fingers are curled to a certain extent, how can they all work hard? Can’t go any further, which means that Zhang Xiaohua can’t hold his fist now.

Zhang Xiaohua was in a hurry and said, “Elder Yu, this is what’s going on? My hand… How did my hand become like this?”

Elder Yu and Yan Yue ‘color’ said: “Don’t worry, this is the case after the injury. In the future, you should practice this telescopic finger frequently, and slowly recover. Now let me show you The details of the bones.”

Then, Elder Yu used his thumb and forefinger to pinch Zhang Xiaohua’s finger, and observed it one inch and one inch. After a long while, Elder Yu looked up. Under the oil lamp, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t tell his face. ‘.

Zhang Xiaohua has a heart to ask, can look at his own hands, there is nothing wrong with it, he did not open this mouth.

Elder Yu did not tell Zhang Xiaohua about how the bones recovered. Instead, he asked him: “Why do you want to practice martial arts?”

Zhang Xiaohua heard the inexplicable and incomprehensible answer: “Of course it is to protect my family.”

“In addition to protecting your family, if you learn martial arts, what else would you do?” Elder Yu asked.

Zhang Xiaohua frowned and honestly replied: “No, I haven’t thought so much. I just want to practice Fist Art first.”

This time, it was Elder Yu’s turn to frown. He asked again: “Then you learned martial arts, will you barely help the weak, and the road will help you?”

After listening to this, Zhang Xiaohua’s mind immediately revealed that his father and son were being bullied in Luzhen, and that the big brother and himself were being pushed to the ground by the Xi Cuishan strongman. They could not help but rush to the top and spit out: Of course, if I have learned Wu, I have the ability to help others and help the weak, I will certainly do it.”

Elder Yu also asked: “Then you can be sure that the weak is awkward, should it be helped?”

Zhang Xiaohua did not understand: “Elder Yu, this, I don’t quite understand. If there is no reason for the weak, how can it attract the strong?”

Elder Yu said with a smile: “This question is a bit difficult. You are still small and don’t know the heart. You may understand it later.”

Then, he asked: “If you want to help the weak, but the martial arts of the strong man is even worse than you, will you shoot?”

This sentence is to let Zhang Xiaohua not know how to answer, Lu Zhen’s one time, of course, Zhang Xiaolong came forward, is not afraid of the strong, the result is also heavy, he is vivid, and Mister Liu and Liu Kai also 谆谆叮嘱It’s really hard to answer this question.

However, in an instant, Spirit Light flashed, and Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said: “Isn’t this the reason why I have to practice Fist Art constantly, even inside?”

Elder Yu frowned, immediately released, and no longer asked Zhang Xiaohua questions, but looked at Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand and said: “Zhang Xiaohua, although the bones of your right hand have healed, but after all, destroyed by Inner Strength, it is no longer In the past, just like a vase broke, and then glued, it is still usable, but the internal Fissure of the vase also exists, which is not well repaired, one is careless, it will still be broken. This is for you in martial arts The aspect is a big obstacle, you must be mentally prepared.”

Zhang Xiaohua did not understand the serious ‘sex’ of the problem, and said with a smile: “In this case, the doctor of the Escort has told me that slowly recovering, the bones can be long, after all, it is different from the vase. As long as it can be practiced Punch, can cultivation internal skills, I did not think about saving the entire Jiang Hu.”

Elder Yu sighed, didn’t say more, just point nods, let Zhang Xiaohua rest early, turn around and go out.

Zhang Xiaohua was sent to the door and looked at the back of Elder Yu’s night ‘color’. It was very doubtful that the old man had stayed in his house for so long and asked so many questions. What are you doing? Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t think it’s just to disassemble the ‘medicine’ cloth and see the injury is so simple.

However, what is it for Zhang Xiaohua hasn’t understood for a long time, but Time is the answer to all the questions. When the time comes, I naturally know that Zhang Xiaohua is thinking about it, she falls asleep, and even the oil lamps are not blown out. .

The next day, in the morning, Zhang Xiaohua went to He Tianshu as usual, where they practiced martial arts, stretching their fingers while walking, and constantly exercising.

Zhang Xiaohua is still the first one. He doesn’t have a horse stance, but he falsifies his fist and tries to pose a few Fist Art poses. It is found that even if there is no fist, he can still completely play a move, and there is no discomfort at all. However, in some moves, when the right hand is changing between the palms, some are sluggish and the fingers are a bit stiff, presumably through their own Keep on exercising, and you will gradually get better in the future.

Think about it again, I am afraid that the recovery of my fingers will not dare to punch. Zhang Xiaohua does not feel a bit funny. If I knew this before, I would have started practicing boxing. I don’t have to look at He Tianshu every day, but they are doing it. Horse stance.

However, he forgot that when the ‘medicine’ cloth was not removed, he had no way to punch.

At the time of Zhang Xiaohua’s eye-catching ‘color’ dance, He Tianshu and others also came. He Tianshu smiled and said to Zhang Xiaohua: “How did Zhang Xiaohua get up so early? Can’t wait to dismantle the ‘medicine’ Cloth?”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and extended his right hand, imagining his fist and showing off: “Captain He, you see, my ‘medicine’ cloth has been removed, but my finger can’t be completely bent, and I have to exercise more. it is good.”

He Tianshu smiled and said: “You, this child, is really anxious, not to say that it is going to be dismantled today. How can you get the ‘medicine’ cloth alone?”

Zhang Xiaohua said seriously: “Captain He, you are jealous of me, I am listening to you, I am going to let you dismantle it today, but Elder Yu came to my room last night and helped me to remove it.”

He Tianshu strangely said: “This is what’s going on?”

So Zhang Xiaohua said that what happened last night was systematically and in full detail with He Tianshu. He Tianshu also heard the fog, but when he heard Elder Yu ask Zhang Xiaohua a few questions, he actually had some Frowning, this clearly has the meaning of appreciation. It is Zhang Xiaohua’s heart ‘sex’, is it possible Elder Yu?

However, the origin of Elder Yu, He Tianshu, is not particularly clear. It is only a faint mention of the person. It is also a character in Jiang Hu. If he has a good eye for Zhang Xiaohua, it is also Zhang Goodhua’s Good Fortune, but Zhang Xiaohua’s hand? He Tianshu couldn’t help but doubt the ‘confusion’, and then his heart was wide. This is a matter of people. You can’t accept Zhang Xiaohua by yourself. Do you want to do it yourself?

Then, he thought of the questions that Zhang Xiaohua answered. Secretly thought, Zhang Xiaohua is really an honest child. If it is a little more clever, he has already climbed along the pole, not to mention a lotus flower. I am sure I will not give up, at least I have to make a statement. For justice, for peace, for the happiness of Jiang Hu people, hey, I know that Zhang Xiaohua knows how to protect his family, and he knows that Fist Art is not heard. There is something in Elder Yu’s words. If you hear it, it’s really a big horse, kneeling on the ground, asking for Elder Yu to live and die, maybe it will be.

It’s a pity.

However, if this is true, is he still Zhang Xiaohua?

He Tianshu shook his head, such Zhang Xiaohua’s imaginary brain, but Zhang Xiaohua, who is the favorite of Shen feet firmly planted on the ground, this Jiang Hu, still needs to be able to do practical things.

Zhang Xiaohua saw He Tianshu shaking his head and frowning. He couldn’t help but ask: “Captain He, Elder Yu is doing this for me. I want to see my injury. You don’t want Life Qi.”

He Tianshu laughed and cried, and glanced at him and said, “I am so careful? Have you taken out your ‘medicine’ cloth Life Qi for someone?”

Zhang Xiaohua spit out his tongue and didn’t dare to speak.

Then said: “Captain He, since you don’t have Life Qi, then my ‘medicine’ cloth has been removed, I want to practice Fist Art, you see, can you point me around?”

He Tianshu listened, and immediately retreat half-step, ready to display Lightweight Art, said: “Let’s do it, you should first restore the ‘sex’ activity, review the previous Fist Art, the new Fist Art, etc. I told Nie Xiao’er and let him teach you, okay?”

After that, I didn’t wait for Zhang Xiaohua to answer, a flash, Lightweight Art Movement Art unfolded, and ran away.

Leaving Zhang Xiaohua strangely said: “How to run so fast, Captain He, I didn’t intend to teach you, I have remembered a lot of complete Fist Art, just want you to look around, how do you Run it?”

Then, I am looking for Nie Xiao’er and others, but I found that they are all missing.

Zhang Xiaohua For a while, Lightweight Art is so good.

Since no one is pointing around, Zhang Xiaohua doesn’t care. There are so many Fist Art in his mind. Each set has a deep memory. If you want to make a complete shot, it is not impossible. It is not necessary to teach others.

Thinking, Zhang Xiaohua’s mouth slowly cocked up, thinking in his heart: “When I have Fist Art, I don’t take it and collect the chin that you dropped.”

As a result, Zhang Xiaohua picked up the posture and began the first training of the boxing after the injury.

Zhang Xiaohua Nowadays, there are a lot of fists in memory. He didn’t pick it up deliberately. He just found a set from the inside, squinted his eyes and looked at his own memory. He followed the figure in his mind and hit it.

First, it was perfect, almost exactly the same as Zhang Xiaohua’s memory. Zhang Xiaohua’s innermost joy, isn’t he really a waste wood? Is there a problem with Captain He’s Professor mode? Do you only have to read the boxing and remember it in your mind to truly learn the complete Fist Art?

A series of questions prompted Zhang Xiaohua to immediately hit Second. The result was very satisfactory. He did not miss any moves. Unfortunately, the sky ‘color’ is not too early. There is not much Time for Zhang Xiaohua to verify Third. He hurried to the dining room.

Zhang Xiaohua didn’t, or the foundation did not notice that the figure in his mind had faded a lot, and it was clear before.

Now Zhang Xiaohua has entered the corner ‘color’, followed Nie Xiao’er to do some Primary Level work, he is already used to the left hand, and the left hand can do very flexible things, but not very Busy, or if you feel that you have Time, Zhang Xiaohua also insists on using his right hand, although his right hand is awkward. Today, he used his right hand very deliberately, such as taking a small shovel, taking small scissors, etc., because he knew that only by exercising his right hand as early as possible, he can really practice Fist Art as soon as possible, because he can complete a good one today. Set of Fist Art, think about the heart is a burst of fiery.

After dinner, Zhang Xiaohua came to the place where she practiced boxing. However, he did not stop at the same place, but went outside for a while, leaving He Tianshu far away, but he did not have to worry about He Tianshu. Can not find him, although far, but there are lanterns hanging on the tree, can be seen from far away.

As Zhang Xiaohua thought, He Tianshu saw Zhang Xiaohua’s lantern as soon as he went out, thinking that he was shy, and he was embarrassed to show his incomplete moves. Even He Tianshu still praised Zhang Xiaohua, which hurts. I know that I am shy. I used to punch my fists, but my face was thick and tight. I forgot all the tricks without a blush.

Zhang Xiaohua stood under the tree, calmed down the emotions, and slowly played the Fist Art in the morning. It was still able to finish, and there was no difference in one stroke. The heart was naturally very happy and finally confirmed himself. Can you finish a set of Fist Art, how can you be upset?

I just want to run over and give He Tianshu a good news. I can think of people doing exercises, and I will have time to come tomorrow. So I will start wondering if I can play Second set Fist Art again, and I will fight and play, and the moves of those boxing will be in my own. In my mind, Zhang Xiaohua started the Second set with a non-stop, and sure enough, the effect is as obvious as the First set, and it can still be played completely.

So, Zhang Xiaohua was very excited, and the two sets of Fist Art would be played from start to finish, over and over again.

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