LOTCG Chapter 109

First one hundred and nine chapters combination

First one hundred and nine chapters combination

Unfortunately, Zhang Xiaohua didn’t know that as he punched over and over again, his moves changed little by little, and gradually disappeared from the original boxing record. Moreover, the figures in his mind slowly blurred. It seems that he is forgetting the already memorable boxing moves.

Zhang Xiaohua, who finished Fist Art, was very comfortable. After reading the book for a while under the oil lamp, she slept early, and her sleep was full of laughter.

Woke up in the morning, Zhang Xiaohua rushed to the venue, full of happiness, waiting like a treasure, and wanted to surprise He Tianshu and Nie Xiao’er.

He Tianshu and others saw that Zhang Xiaohua stood there early, and there was nothing so strange. It was so early every day that I didn’t know where the teenager’s sleep went. Everyone usually said hello to him, and then he practiced each other. Only He Tianshu smiled and asked: “Zhang Xiaohua, how did you run so far last night? Is it practicing peerless martial arts? It is still covert, no Let us see? However, any peerless martial arts must have a good body to cultivate. You must first season your body. There’s an old saying, the body is the capital of Jiang Hu.”

He Tianshu laughed and was about to leave. Zhang Xiaohua said in a mysterious way: “Captain He, I really practiced martial arts yesterday, do you want to see?”

He Tianshu stopped his footsteps, and his eyebrows ‘hair’ picked, secretly thought: “Yes, it will actually be a ‘tweaking’, and the blind can teach, but if you want to follow me, you are still tender.”

Then he pushed the boat down the water, his hands clasped to his chest, and shouted: “The little ones are coming, Zhang Xiaohua wants to show us the martial arts.”

When Nie Xiao’er waited to hear Captain’s call, he immediately smashed one sound, and they all showed up with Movement Art.

Everyone looked at Zhang Xiaohua, his eyes filled with smiles.

This Zhang Xiaohua’s latent talent, all four people know, who would expect Zhang Xiaohua to practice any peerless martial arts? I didn’t see it last night. What adventures can I have? Nowadays, their move is nothing more than a joke that adds to life. Think of Zhang Xiaohua as his cute Little Brother.

Zhang Xiaohua, watching everyone look at him with inconsistency, the original confidence is full, it is a bit stunned, he murmured: “It is not a peerless martial arts, that is, I practiced two sets of Fist Art yesterday, can play completely Out.”

Everyone was surprised and said, “Yes? Really? It must be peerless martial arts. Ordinary Fist Art, our Xiaohua will not remember.”

Zhang Xiaohua ignored their laughter, calmed down, took up the horse stance, prepared to start, and started the Fist Art that was beaten yesterday.

However, when he raised his arm, he did not know where to fight, he, actually, forgot!

The mind is blank, this, this is the case?

Zhang Xiaohua blushing for a while, how did he forget it? Yesterday I was trained to be skillful.

Looking at Zhang Xiaohua, holding his arms and trying to fight, everyone was like a mirror, and said with a smile: “Zhang Xiaohua, hurry, we can’t wait to see.”

Zhang Xiaohua After a panic, her heart was slightly frustrated and had to say: “hehe, I have forgotten this set, see me next.”

I thought to myself: “Oh, anyway, you are not ridiculed by you. It’s not a ridiculous smile. I am used to it. However, the Buddha who passes by in the sky must be blessed. The next set of Fist Art should not let me forget. Even if you can remember one stroke and two strokes, you can.”

Sure enough, perhaps Zhang Xiaohua’s prayers worked, and there was a Divine Immortal flying over Zhang Xiaohua. In short, Zhang Xiaohua really played two tricks in front of He Tianshu and others, just two strokes, Fist Art. Not coherent.

He Tianshu looked at Zhang Xiaohua’s two strokes, Fist Art, and thought about the old man Time. He asked: “Zhang Xiaohua, these two moves seem to be two tricks in Nanzhiquan? However, you are playing like I don’t know.” ”

Zhang Xiaohua beamed his hand and stood there poorly. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to prove that he was not a waste wood. He wanted to follow his boxing skills and put his own Fist. Art gave He Tianshu a demonstration, but he was afraid that all Fist Art would be like “reproduced yesterday” and forget it tomorrow. It would be better not to let them know that they have remembered a lot of Fist Art.

Looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s appearance, He Tianshu felt a little distressed. He stepped forward and patted his head and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, I know that you are in the Escort. Although it is a rehabilitation, I definitely want to practice Fist Art. Set of Fist Art must also be learned by you in the Escort. Now I want to show it to us. Today I don’t see all your moves, but I believe that you must work hard, you must have learned before, so, Zhang Xiaohua you To cheer up, others can practice it once, and you will practice it ten times, one hundred times, I believe you can learn, really.”

Zhang Xiaohua had some tears in his eyes. Hearing He Tianshu, he couldn’t help but feel the shock of his heart. He wiped his tears with his left sleeve. He still asked with confidence: “Captain He, am I really?”

He Tianshu points nods, firmly said: “Really!”

However, my heart secretly prayed: “The god of the sky, forgive my lies, I am also good for Zhang Xiaohua. Only you know whether it is true, is it?”

Zhang Xiaohua seems to be really inspired. The sly ‘color’ on his face is swept away and he smiles and says, “Okay, I will work hard and never let Captain He’s expectations live.”

He Tianshu smiled and said: “I believe this, I will definitely not.” I thought in my heart: “I have no expectations for foundation, and your foundation will not live up to it.”

The three people next to me also said: “Xiaohua, you must work hard, we are all optimistic about you~”

After breakfast, He Tianshu wants to lead four people to ‘medicine’ field work, Zhang Xiaohua is going to He Tianshu to leave, want to take a day off, He Tianshu naturally agrees without thinking, people are just injured, and now they are still resting Phase, before In a few days, he had to go to work. He looked at his handicapped right hand and his hard work. He was very uncomfortable. Today, he was apologetic. He also said that Zhang Xiaohua would rest for a few more days.

Zhang Xiaohua stayed alone in the house, thinking carefully, the memories of the two sets of Fist Art in my mind were no longer there, and the other moves like the Arhat boxing were two more tricks. Zhang Xiaohua seemed to understand a little. Fist Art from He Tianshu is no different from Fist Art, which is self-study. It is not a sudden opening. I still forget the moves. The moves that are left in my mind are just memories. I haven’t practiced it myself. When I practice boxing, those complete Fist Art will follow the same as He Tianshu, and forget about it. Oh, I am really not a martial arts material.

However, immediately, Zhang Xiaohua has a clear understanding that the martial arts road of each person does not think the same. When he was recovering from injury, he thought of it, but he was clearly remembered by his own fist, and thought that he could learn Fist Art completely. Now, it is back to the original point, not a failure, I still honestly combine my own Fist Art, and so on, can link a whole set of Fist Art.

However, I can clearly remember the boxing spectrum. It is also very good. It is equivalent to finding a Teacher for myself. I don’t have to find someone to learn Fist Art. I provide a good material for my own combination of Fist Art. There are more than one hundred sets in my mind. Boxing, I don’t know if I’m finished, can I get a whole set of Fist Art?

Sighing, Zhang Xiaohua no longer thought about it, pushed the door out, still came to the place where he punched last night, collected Mind, and according to his memory, he began to “reproduce yesterday.”

In fact, the most important thing to do is to find the goal, not the twists and turns in the process. From the perspective of Zhang Xiaohua’s martial arts process, this is profoundly illustrated. What Zhang Xiaohua lacks is the kind of diligence, the unique tenacity of the countryman, and what he does not have is the kind of high-rise vision, and there is no one. People come to guide, to give pointers, and no one will tailor his clothes, designate one-on-one training programs, even if he is He Tianshu, he likes this boy very much, can teach him martial arts Fist Art, but at some point, it is not Will be dedicated to his painstaking efforts, after all, Zhang Xiaohua is not his own apprentice, not his own blood relatives.

He Tianshu can teach Zhang Xiaohua so much, and enlightened his Fist Art, already quite good, or else, the young man in the country can only play a small ‘medicine’ shovel and be his own Jiang Hu dream.

Nie Xiao’er is no different.

Today’s Zhang Xiaohua has found a way to suit her, just like the Fierce Tiger ‘insert’ wings, naturally unstoppable.

He repeatedly remembered some of the Fist Art in his mind, and realized the change of memory. But what surprised him was that no matter how he practiced the fist, the memory in his mind was still not blurred because of the familiarity of the moves. It’s really amazing.

So he started the exercise of Second set Fist Art. This time he didn’t practice much. He just practiced twice, familiarized Fist Art, and then practiced the Third set. This Third set, he actually practiced about ten times. Make sure you have been very skilled.

On this day’s holiday, Zhang Xiaohua is practicing boxing. From morning to evening, I have practiced more than a dozen sets of Fist Art. In addition to the morning practice, I pay more attention to the boxing of memory in my mind. Other boxing, Zhang Xiaohua did not deliberately observe.

The next morning, Zhang Xiaohua took the shackles and looked forward to the tree and set off the posture. Sure enough, Zhang Xiaohua did not expect that the Fist Art that I knew yesterday disappeared from the memory, and those who stayed were those who stayed. Fragmented moves, deep memories, and it is difficult to forget, but as to whether these moves are consistent with the previous boxing, you can know the result with your heels.

Zhang Xiaohua didn’t disappoint because of the past, but he was faintly excited. It seems that he found an unusual way. Whether this road is correct or not is still unknown. He needs to continue his efforts and explore slowly. However, There’s an old saying, When anyone has ‘touched’ the stone crossing the river, is it wrong to pay tuition? Zhang Xiaohua is still young, made a mistake, and God will forgive.

Since a whole set of Fist Art, whether it is practiced three times, or even ten times, even dozens of times, to the end is to forget, the moves are to be changed, Zhang Xiaohua naturally will not be stupid to every boxing After practicing dozens of times, I successfully played three sets of Fist Art in one morning.

During the day, Zhang Xiaohua did not officially open the work of ‘Pharmaceutical’, so he just followed Nie Xiao’er. In his spare time, he was still in the mind when he was injured in the dart. The residual moves are slowly combined. However, perhaps the reason for the current moves is still small. Only the previous two moves can be linked. This also makes Zhang Xiaohua feel a little uneasy, not knowing if his choice is correct.

In the evening, Zhang Xiaohua is still the same as in the morning, burying his head and practicing boxing, far from He Tianshu.

However, Zhang Xiaohua still found out that Fist Art, who was practicing in the morning, could still play it out at night, and he couldn’t stay overnight.

Is there anything going on at night?

Still my own brain is stupid, can’t rest deeply?

Zhang Xiaohua First doubt.

Fist Art is practiced in the morning and evening, and the building blocks are combined during the day. This is the happy life of Zhang Xiaohua.

While Zhang Xiaohua is enjoying such a pleasant life, he has been watching his eyes constantly. It is the one-armed Elder Yu, just the Lightweight Art, even He Tianshu may not be able to detect it, let alone Zhang Xiaohua. It is.

However, Elder Yu saw Zhang Xiaohua diligently practicing various kinds of Fist Art circulating in Jiang Hu. My heart was very surprised. I don’t know where the child learned so much garbage. Don’t you know that you would eat a fresh peach and not eat it. Is there a basket of rotten apricots? What is the use of practicing such garbage?

I really don’t understand, Elder Yu shook his head.

But when he saw Zhang Xiaohua’s ‘chaos’ in the morning, the incompleteness, and the mistakes in his eyes, he almost fell down from the standing wall, this… what kind of latent talent is this? Ah, it’s just a human Top Grade.

Elder Yu’s head, that shakes and shakes, almost to the grandmother bridge.

The only thing that makes him happy is that Zhang Xiaohua whenever he has leisure time, he has to go to the tree to practice boxing. This hard work is really worthy of praise.

However, if you work hard, can you afford a few dollars?

Zhang Xiaohua’s passion finally ignited at noon on a certain day. On the way back, his mind kept thinking about his irrelevant moves. Suddenly there were two moves perfectly combined. Zhang Xiaohua was happy. Almost jumped up, what does this mean?

Explain that the road you have chosen is correct, and it is the martial arts road that suits you.

In the evening cultivation, Zhang Xiaohua was even harder. After playing several sets of Fist Art, it was not tired. It was just his right hand finger. It was really painful. If it is not a virtual boxing, it can only be Palm Art. If it is wrong, it will not be worth the loss, so Zhang Xiaohua is afraid to try.

So day after day, Zhang Xiaohua’s memory of the boxing of the mind is slowly forgotten. In another river of memory, there are more and more incomplete moves, and more and more moves can be linked. Zhang Xiaohua is constantly Accumulation, continuous improvement.

He Tianshu, they see Zhang Xiaohua hiding in the far tree every day, practicing boxing alone, they all want to ask, but when they think of his amazing memory, they have retired, and Zhang Xiaohua is only practicing Fist. Art, will not go into flames, it will be his go.

In fact, He Tianshu may not have other thoughts. Zhang Xiaohua He knows the injury to his right hand. Although he is not a doctor, such a serious injury, as long as it is a martial arts person, has a certain concept, that is, this right hand is abolished.


The fist is used to fight against others. If there is a fracture in one place, it is better to say that after the injury, when using the fist to make a weapon, there are other bones as support to protect the fracture. Zhang Xiaohua’s fracture is the entire palm. Imagine if this fist is punched out, can that place be focused?

There’s an old saying, killing one thousand and killing eight hundred.

If your fist can’t focus, how can you give the other party strength?

What’s more, Zhang Xiaohua Inborn Divine Strength has a strength of five hundred pounds on one arm? I am afraid that the strength of these five hundred pounds has not yet reached the other side for mercy, then the power of the earthquake can let Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand shake again.

Therefore, He Tianshu is also intentionally or unintentionally trying to stop Zhang Xiaohua from furthering the path of martial arts.

Zhang Xiaohua What kind of Fist Art can I practice there? It’s just a few moves that have been over and over. There’s always a big mistake, and he’s too lazy to watch it, let Zhang Xiaohua play for himself.

Everything always has an end. On this evening, Zhang Xiaohua finally practiced all the boxings in his mind. He quietly let out a sigh of relief. While practicing boxing, the combination of moves has also made great progress, not only There are a lot of moves linked, even four or five strokes, and the ten strokes of Fist Art are perfectly connected. However, practicing boxing is a process of simulation, and the combination is a real process of racking your brains. It makes Zhang Xiaohua a headache. However, fortunately, today is the last night. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I will see the true chapter. It’s time, don’t know if these moves can really be combined into a complete set of Fist Art?

This evening, Zhang Xiaohua fell asleep with a feeling of suffering.

In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Xiaohua came to the tree early, and as a result of practicing boxing, he was already very blind. The few moves that were practiced yesterday were clearly remembered. Look at the sky ‘color’ still too Early, Zhang Xiaohua just took this Time and wanted to combine these five moves into Fist Art, which has already begun to take shape.

But the result is that Zhang Xiaohua is surprised and happy. The joy is that these five moves are still perfectly complemented. Surprisingly, this set of Fist Art is still not fully linked.

Zhang Xiaohua thought carefully in his mind for a moment and found that his set of Fist Art had one hundred and one strokes. There were seven places in the middle that were not linked, but I didn’t know that there were seven moves, but still lacked. many.

Zhang Xiaohua repeatedly played this one hundred and one strokes twice. The gap in the middle is only the link of Hu’s chaos. I am sure that I have already remembered it. As for whether I really remember it, it will only be said tomorrow.

Now, what he needs to consider is where to find the boxing and learn more Fist Art for the addition of his own Fist Art.

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