LOTCG Chapter 110

First One hundred and ten chapters Sword Art

First One hundred and ten chapters Sword Art

Zhang Xiaohua walked to the dining room with joy. This morning’s harvest was huge, and it was the most fulfilling and important morning since he practiced Fist Art.

Everything shows a bright future, only the last east wind.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Zhang Xiaohua. He was shocked and stopped. When he saw it clearly, he had a slap in his heart and said: “Elder Yu, your elderly Lightweight Art is not so good. Show off in front of me, There’s an old saying, scary, scary, so ecstatic, but my heart is strong.”

Elder Yu said with a slap in the face: “How is your ‘fucking’ of Fist Art?”

Zhang Xiaohua screamed and shouted: “Elder Yu, this is my **, how can you peek? If you want to see, you can tell me, you don’t say how do I know what you want to see? You are so Speaking secretly, but it hurts my heart, I want to sue you at the Village Master.”

Elder Yu grinned and said, “As far as your mistakes are made, I don’t bother to look at it in front of me. I also peek at it. I don’t have that time.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “You didn’t look at it. How do you know that I am practicing Fist Art? I also know that it is ‘chaos’?”

Elder Yu said: “As you do every day, hiding under the tree and practicing boxing, who can’t see it? I only know that you can’t remember the whole set of Fist Art, but I am sorry to say that you are gone. Do you think I have no long ears?”

Zhang Xiaohua is blushing. I wanted to talk to Elder Yu about my progress. However, whether I am doing it right or not, whether I can still remember these Fist Art tomorrow is still unknown. Therefore, he told himself: “I forbear, Still not?”

Then, look up and ask Elder Yu: “You should be my activity, and I have to encourage me to be right. I have no reason to attack my positive ‘sex’. I got it, what do you have in the end, let alone the meal in the dining room? They were eaten by Nie Xiao’er.”

Elder Yu White Zhang Xiaohua said at a glance: “Nothing, I just said to you, waiting for me under the tree of your boxing at night, I have something to look for.”

Zhang Xiaohua pulled his head and said: “Elder Yu, you are defeated, you don’t say, I won’t go at night? Do you tell me specifically?”

Elder Yu said that he said, “I want to let you know that you want to pay attention to it and be mentally prepared. Secondly, this morning, the dish is pork, it is said to be delicious. Nie Xiao ‘er said that every time you grab him, just he saw me, let me tell you, go later, wait for him to finish, then let you go in, it is estimated that Time is almost the same, you go.”

Zhang Xiaohua looked at Elder Yu’s old-fashioned look and said, “Elder Yu, you are jealous.”

After that, I sneaked into the dining room, as if a dog was chasing behind.

In the evening, Zhang Xiaohua waited under the tree, and Elder Yu did not say when he came over, so he did not hesitate to practice his own set of Fist Art, and he did not know what to do when he was on and off. I heard someone yelling at the side and looking up, it was Elder Yu.

Elder Yu applauded and said: “Zhang Xiaohua, see you are a little bit smart, these ‘chaos’ bad moves are actually modeled by you, with a set of real Fist Art, it seems that I I have to look at it differently.”

Zhang Xiaohua is embarrassed to say: “Elder Yu, I can’t help it. You said it in the morning. I really can’t remember the whole set of Fist Art. I have to think about it myself. It’s better than Fist Art.”

Elder Yu nods said: “The determination of your heart is really good. There are thousands of ways to succeed in World. As long as you can find one and stick to it, even if there is no result, you will never regret it. One day. Looking back on the past, I can comfort myself with pride. I am working hard.”

Zhang Xiaohua thanked: “Thank you Elder Yu for pointing, I will work hard.”

Elder Yu asked again: “Zhang Xiaohua, you Fist Art, it seems to be intermittent, and you can’t practice it in one go, just like a sentence can’t be finished, the middle should stop. Although the test is not about to pay attention to the routine, the Cist Art is not consistent. Will make your moves not practice the best results.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Elder Yu, I heard that the highest Boundary of martial arts is no way to win. My intermittent move may be to evolve without a move.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “Boundary without a move, I don’t know, it’s the legendary Boundary. Is this Jiang Hu perhaps only the top ones? Maybe this is just a legend.”

Zhang Xiaohua asked: “Elder Yu, do you have any boxing? Do you want to see, can you lend me?”

Elder Yu sighed, said: “Boxing? Yes, how do you watch boxing? Impossible, are you not illiterate?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Elder Yu, you are too small to look at people. I used to be illiterate. Doesn’t it mean that I don’t know the words now or later?”

Elder Yu thought for a moment and said, “Yes, the last time I went to your house, you were reading a book. It’s not when your kid is carrying a wound, learn to recognize the word.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “Elder Yu is wise.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “But if the boxing is different from the literacy, it will not be able to read the boxing.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “This Elder Yu rest assured, I have seen the collection of their boxing in the Lotus Escort. It should be understandable.”

Elder Yu said, “Well, if you have Time, you will come to my room. I will look for a boxing picture for you.”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said: “Thank you, Elder Yu.”

Immediately, ask: “Yes, Elder Yu, what are you looking for tonight?”

Elder Yu Look at the moon in the sky, a kind of nostalgic tone, saying: “I didn’t live in Jiang Hu, I was fascinated by Jiang Hu. Once I went to Jiang Hu, I was aging, know, Zhang Xiaohua, there is a saying. ‘People in Jiang Hu without freedom to act independently ‘, only you step into this Jiang Hu, but if you like, then Jiang Hu’s storm will blow you, let you have to drift with the flow.”

Zhang Xiaohua didn’t understand: “Elder Yu, tell me what to do, I haven’t thought of entering this Jiang Hu.”

Elder Yu looked at Zhang Xiaohua and said seriously: “Zhang Xiaohua, as long as you think about martial arts and want to learn Fist Art martial arts, you must be contaminated with Jiang Hu. You can’t avoid it, although you are still small, yes, You seem to have chosen this path, unless you give up martial arts now, and concentrate on farming and cultivating the land in this Mountain Village.”

Zhang Xiaohua shook his head and said; “I am only trying to protect my family, Jiang Hu’s blood, although I am very envious, but my two brushes are still very early. Right, you will not give it today. Let me talk about this Jiang Hu.”

Elder Yu said: “Don’t worry, Zhang Xiaohua, I tell you the danger of Jiang Hu. I want you to know that if you insist on martial arts, you must have the consciousness of being in Jiang Hu and survive in Jiang Hu. The most important thing is to have a life-saving means.”

Zhang Xiaohua is still puzzled.

Elder Yu sighed and said: “Actually, to say so much, there is still a mind that lets you know the sinisterness of Jiang Hu and dispel your thoughts about martial arts. Your right hand injury is serious, you don’t seem to understand it.”

Zhang Xiaohua was anxious to ask: “How serious is it, Elder Yu, isn’t the doctor saying that he can still practice boxing?”

Elder Yu said: “The doctor has not lied to you. It is okay to practice boxing, but in fact, your right hand is already abolished, and it is unlikely that you will actually compare with others.”

Zhang Xiaohua was shocked and said: “This is what’s going on? Elder Yu, you must explain it to me.”

So Elder Yu said the original Zhang Xiaohua’s injury.

Zhang Xiaohua’s face is ‘gray’ gray, he really didn’t think so much, thinking that the bones are good, it won’t be different from the past, but now, listening to Elder Yu, I know that things are far from what I think. Simple, since your fist can’t effectively attack others, it is naturally abolished. What is the use of Fist Art?

Seeing Zhang Xiaohua’s look is different, Elder Yu did not speak, quietly waited for a while.

When Zhang Xiaohua’s mood was slightly flat, he asked, “Would you like martial arts now?”

Zhang Xiaohua is still nods, his eyes are firm, he said: “Xiwu, why not? You just said that if you find your own path, you must go all the way. Even if there is no result, you will not regret it. My right hand is abolished. There is still a left hand, even if I use my left hand, I can also practice Fist Art, which can protect my family.”

Elder Yu did not expect the expression, saying: “Your child is really a way to the black master. I have two purposes today. I have already said one. Since you don’t want to give up martial arts, then I still have There are Second suggestions, are you willing to listen?”

Zhang Xiaohua took a lip and said, “Of course, Elder Yu, I know that you are good for me.”

Elder Yu said with relief: “Know it, don’t know where you touched me, how can I make you look good?”

Immediately, I went on to say, “In fact, in Jiang Hu, it is not just fists that can save lives. More people use weapons, such as swords and swords, and so on. Now your fist is abolished. You can also train weapons.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s eyes lit up and said, “Yeah, Elder Yu, you are really amazing. This is all known.”

Elder Yu smiled bitterly: “This is just Jiang Hu’s common sense. Only the children you have never seen before don’t understand. Don’t admire me so much, it will make me jealous.”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said: “No way, I can only look up at you, but what weapons do you think I should practice?”

Elder Yu said: “In fact, what weapons can be practiced, as long as you can practice fine, though, Jiang Hu has a cloud, ‘the gun is the king of the hundred soldiers’, ‘a hundred training sticks and thousands of swords and swords’ The rumors that personal latent talents and opportunities are different may not all be a weapon. In your right hand situation, practicing Stick Art is the best.”

Zhang Xiaohua frowns: “Stick Art? I haven’t seen anyone practicing, Elder Yu, where do I go to find someone to teach?”

Elder Yu is happy, said: “As for your latent talent, you are the right hand, how can someone teach you Stick Art? Don’t think about it?”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “So simple Stick Art is not taught. What is the use of so much?”

Elder Yu waited for a moment and said, “I won’t be Stick Art.”

Zhang Xiaohua grinned and said, “You don’t know Stick Art, how can you teach me?”

Elder Yu added: “The martial arts of this door will not be circulated without the apprenticeship.”

Zhang Xiaohua was overjoyed and said: “Teacher is on, please be prayed by the little ones.”

When you are finished, you must give a gift.

He was supported by Elder Yu with one arm and said, “Let’s pull it down, let me teach you, let me teach you, but don’t mad at me. Let’s save it, let me live for a few more years.”

When Zhang Xiaohua stood firm, he said, “Although I can’t accept you as a disciple, it is a coincidence that I will also take a Sword Art. It is an accidental opportunity to learn. You can consider passing you.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with great joy: “Really, Elder Yu, you can teach me Sword Art.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “This trick Sword Art is not my teacher Secret Inheritance, I naturally have the right to decide, can teach you.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “That, thank you Elder Yu, oh~, how come Sword Art? You can’t teach more tricks? Don’t be too embarrassed about me.”

Elder Yu laughed and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, you are too lacking the basis of Jiang Hu. When should I give you a good start. This Sword Art is different from Fist Art. Fist Art is a complete set of offensive and defensive. Recruitment, a whole set of continuous, can strengthen the body, and even some Fist Art or auxiliary methods of cultivation internal work, and Sword Art is mostly set, can be played out like Fist Art from beginning to end, but there is also a trick , a trick of Sword Art.”

Zhang Xiaohua didn’t understand: “What should I do with a trick? It’s not like the Fist Art I practiced. Let’s pose there.”

Elder Yu explained: “The test between the soldiers (bīng), pay attention to the enemy, if you use the sword to fight for a long time before the top and bottom, it is down-grade. Expert between the test Sword Art, not moving Then, one move must win or lose.”

Zhang Xiaohua spit out his tongue and said, “Is that Elder Yu, this one-shot Sword Art, is it superior?”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “If you are superior or not, you are the one who looks at the sword. If I make it out, it is the Sword Art that kills people, and you may make it for people to watch.”

However, Zhang Xiaohua still asked; “I don’t understand why it is a Sword Move. How can I practice it?”

Elder Yu said: “Is this Sword Art a set, or is there any other move, but I don’t know, I was only practicing a mere nineteen changes.”

Zhang Xiaohua was stunned and said: “One move? Nineteen changes?”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “Yeah, it is this trick, there are 19 kinds of changes, all are offensive moves. Presumably, there are other defensive changes or moves, but I don’t know.”

Zhang Xiaohua also asked: “That, Elder Yu, I want to ask, is there any difference between Sword Art and Fist Art? It is a trick that usually has different changes in Sword Art.”

Elder Yu nods, said: “You are right, the usual Sword Art is like this.”

Zhang Xiaohua This is why I can understand the boxing and can’t read the Sword Manual. There are so many things about the two.

Thinking of learning more advanced Sword Art, Zhang Xiaohua is more eager to say, “Elder Yu, then teach me now.”

Elder Yu said: “I will just tell you about you this evening. I have to wait for the day to teach. At night, you can’t see the subtle differences in the change of Sword Move. It’s not good to learn.”

Zhang Xiaohua added: “Then, Elder Yu, can you let me see the power of this Sword Move?”

Elder Yu pondered for a moment, suddenly pulling Long Sword from the scabbard, a secret angle, stabbing Zhang Xiaohua’s throat, although Zhang Xiaohua can feel the Sword Prestige and orientation, but his body reaction is not so fast, I haven’t waited for Zhang Xiaohua to move. The sword tip is already on his jaw. Zhang Xiaohua ignores it. He punches Long Sword and sees that Long Sword just shrinks. Lightning changes his angle and stops at him. In front of you.

Zhang Xiaohua looked at the tip of the sword that stopped in front of him. He felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart. This secret Sword Art is really amazing.

Elder Yu saw Zhang Xiaohua not moving, and this took Long Sword and re-entered.

Said: “How? Zhang Xiaohua, is this good?”

Zhang Xiaohua said with no anger: “Of course, this rookie is not to know how others? For example, Captain He.”

Elder Yu said proudly: “In front of this Sword Art, you are the same as He Tianshu.”

Zhang Xiaohua is more full of stars, and wants to learn such a great thing quickly, but Elder Yu is still not anxious, saying: “Since I promised you, Baba will come to you, and naturally will pass Sword Move to you. However, You have to promise me two things.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “You please, even if you are washing your socks for ten years, I am willing.”

Elder Yu said: “This First piece is, I pass you Sword Art, you can’t tell others, even if someone knows that you will recruit Sword Art, you can’t say that it is my Professor.”

Zhang Xiaohua is puzzled, but he doesn’t ask much. He just said, “That is to say, Captain He, and my Second Brother can’t say it.”

Elder Yu nods.

Zhang Xiaohua added: “So, can this Sword Move be passed to Second Brother?”

Elder Yu thought about it and said, “This Sword Move is too sharp. If it is widely spread, it will make waves in the martial arts, or not.”

Zhang Xiaohua agreed.

Elder Yu went on to say: “This Second piece is that this trick Sword Art is displayed, there is no return, there must be blood, there is a woundedness, I hope that you don’t show it easily, not at the moment of life, Don’t show it, understand?”

Zhang Xiaohua If you think about it, Elder Yu sees him understand and says, “I must understand it now. This is a very powerful Sword Art. I am teaching you today, I want you to save your life, but I didn’t think about it. Let you carry forward, I hope you can live up to my painstaking effort, not to contaminate the innocent blood on the sword.”

Zhang Xiaohua Sincerely, Shi Lidao: “Elder Yu, your mind I understand, I will remember what you said tonight, will not hurt innocent.”

Elder Yu said with a smile: “In fact, with your heart ‘sex’, I am also relieved. Look at your time from morning to night. ‘Fucking’ is also devoted to martial arts, although latent talent is not good, but can I don’t want to be hard, I don’t want to be tired, I’m sure I’ll be able to learn in the future. This Sword Move can make you learn, and it’s a pearl that doesn’t have to be dusty. However, if you come to Jiang Hu later, you should still have more thoughts, don’t be too hot and impulsive because Seeing is not necessarily true.”

Zhang Xiaohua’s incomprehensible face, may not be true?

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