LOTCG Chapter 111

First One hundred and eleventh chapter Sword Move

First One hundred and eleventh chapter Sword Move

The next morning, Zhang Xiaohua still came under the tree, Elder Yu hadn’t moved yet, and Zhang Xiaohua took the pile and set up his hand to play his incomplete Fist Art, knowing that Elder Yu would teach himself Sword Art, so for himself Will you forget this set of Fist Art, Zhang Xiaohua is not as concerned as before, there is like a urchin is very concerned about his beloved toys, suddenly the adults gave a more fun, the urchin’s memory of the previous toys It’s light, and even if it’s lost, it won’t cry like it used to.

Although there is such a mind, when Zhang Xiaohua played the complete Fist Art that had been practiced last night, his heart was still excited. After all, according to his own experience, this set of defective Fist Art, After a test of my powerful memory all night, I can still practice it now. I don’t think I will forget it in the future. Zhang Xiaohua almost wants to scream in the sky, and I see you poorly. Zhang Xiaohua can finally practice the Fist Art. !

Moreover, there will be a big head to teach yourself, there is no dream of Sword Art, this is good Luck, really can’t say, is it a concentrated episode of good character for more than ten years?

He couldn’t help but look up at the rising bright sun and take a deep breath of air. This is really the happy life of the rural teenager Zhang Xiaohua.

Being intoxicated, a figure passed, Zhang Xiaohua’s eyebrows, although I can’t see clearly, but still can feel the person’s Aura, it should be Elder Yu.

Sure enough, the figure had not arrived yet, and Elder Yu’s voice arrived first, saying, “Zhang Xiaohua, have you arrived already?”

Zhang Xiaohua respectfully said: “Yes, Elder Yu, has already trained a set of Fist Art.”

Elder Yu said: “hehe, you are up early, it seems to be a person who can bear hardships, and my vision is correct.”

Zhang Xiaohua secretly said: “I don’t want to sleep, I see you poorly. When the sun rises, I will wake up. It will not work if I sleep again. You think I don’t want to sleep more.”

Elder Yu naturally couldn’t hear Zhang Xiaohua’s belly, and then said, “In fact, although you came early, but for the sake of courtesy, you should say ‘Elder Yu, I just arrived,’ right, so Let me feel that you are a sensible child and will consider it for others. This can also be used when you date a little girl, you have to remember.”

Zhang Xiaohua ‘touched’ and touched the chin, it is very puzzled, but still firmly in mind.

Elder Yu was very satisfied with Zhang Xiaohua’s attitude and said: “Well, I won’t say more, come over, let’s go there, my Sword Art is extraordinary, don’t let He Tianshu steal the school.”

After that, with Zhang Xiaohua turning a few bends and coming to a tree inside, I thought He Tianshu would have to turn a few turns even if he wanted to see them.

When the two stood, Elder Yu said seriously: “Zhang Xiaohua, I told you about the interest of this Sword Art last night. Can you remember?”

Zhang Xiaohua also put away other thoughts and followed: “Yes, Elder Yu, I have already remembered, and I will do what you say in the future.”

Elder Yu went on to say, “This Sword Art is from a broken sheepskin. I don’t know the name of Sword Art. You call it Wu Ming Sword Move. In fact, pure Sword Move and pure Fist Art. In general, it is also vulnerable to the vast Inner Strength. Sword Move has a sword as a medium. If used properly, the clever Sword Art may break through the defense of Inner Strength. This trick is different from other Sword Art. Sword Art, which has its own set of chant, can drive your Inner Strength, assist Long Sword and body shape, and achieve the best timing of the sword.”

Hearing here, Zhang Xiaohua ‘plugged in the mouth: ‘But, Elder Yu, I don’t know Inner Strength.’

Elder Yu frowned and said, “When I talk, don’t just insert it. It’s easy to disturb my thoughts. If I forget a sentence and two sentences, then you will be enchanted, but don’t blame me.”

Zhang Xiaohua licked his mouth and tried the nods to make it clear.

Then, Elder Yu shook his head and read the popular Sword Art: “To practice Divine Cultivation Art, lead the knife from the palace.”

Zhang Xiaohua I heard it, really good and deep, how can I not understand it, but this First sentence can’t understand, how should some Sword Art be cultivated in the future? Unable to rush, his left hand pouted, his right hand swayed, Elder Yu saw it, frowning said: “Zhang Xiaohua, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Xiaohua let go of his left hand and took a deep breath and asked: “Elder Yu, what is the knife from the palace?”

Elder Yu said, “Why do you want to lead the knife from the palace?”

Zhang Xiaohua also stunned and said, “You just said Sword Art’s First sentence is not ‘to practice Divine Cultivation Art, is it a knife?’

Elder Yu listened, the old face was red, patted his forehead, and said: “False, mistakes, this martial arts novel has seen more, reality and illusion coincide, the sentence just said is not, I repeat.”

So, Elder Yu seriously recited the Sword Art of the mouthful, not too many words, but Zhang Xiaohua could not understand.

Elder Yu doesn’t explain it, just let Zhang Xiaohua remember it.

Zhang Xiaohua With the lessons of the past, I still dare to believe it? Let Elder Yu connect and read it three times. After I remembered it, I was in front of Elder Yu. I read it several times and saw Elder Yu’s nonds, which made me feel relieved.

Later, Elder Yu took out his Long Sword, put out a sword, and explained the first change to Zhang Xiaohua.

World things, but when others do it, it is easy to look at it, but it is difficult when you do it yourself. This change of Sword Move, Elder Yu explained twice, Zhang Xiaohua has already understood, but when he picks up the branches, he can not do Elder Yu’s request anyway.

So many times, Elder Yu is annoyed, look at the sky ‘color’ said: “Zhang Xiaohua, come here today, you can go back and think about it, try to figure out the change of Sword Move, the Sword Art is also the time Behind, you must remember to be reliable.”

Zhang Xiaohua asked in a dilemma: “I know that the change of Sword Move, I will naturally practice hard, but I don’t understand this Sword Art.”

Elder Yu didn’t take it for granted, saying: “Sword Art is the general outline of Sword Move’s change. When you have a little understanding of Sword Move, I will explain it to you. This general outline is related to the use of Inner Strength. Now you don’t have Inner Strength. It’s not so good to say it. You have to remember it well.”

Zhang Xiaohua This is why nods promised.

Later, Zhang Xiaohua asked again: “Elder Yu, you promised me to borrow your boxing yesterday, don’t know when is it right?”

Elder Yu thought for a moment and said, “When you understand this First change, let’s talk about it. After all, it’s a distraction to see the boxing. If you first contact Sword Art, let’s wait for progress.”

Zhang Xiaohua thinks that it makes a lot of sense. Moreover, the perfection of this Fist Art is not a one-off event. I have waited for several months and I am not in a hurry.

So Zhang Xiaohua, throughout the day, kept on the Sword Art in his mind. When he had Time, he thought about the change of this move. When he was in the house, he took the branches and kept the plan, but always Can’t display Perfection.

In fact, this is not only Zhang Xiaohua First’s contact with Sword Art, but also can’t understand this thing well, and his right hand is injured. The fingers are not as flexible as normal, and the strength and angle are not well mastered. It made it difficult for him to sell the first step of this Sword Art.

After dinner, licking ‘color’, Elder Yu slowly showed the changes of Sword Move, and carefully explained the matters of attention, and the skills of the show, Zhang Xiaohua listened very carefully, combined with himself Thinking during the day and showing it is a bit like it, but Elder Yu still shakes his head.

Zhang Xiaohua also practiced for a while, and there was no progress. It was inevitable that she was discouraged and looked at her right hand. She thought: “Is this right hand really abolished? Look at the meaning of Elder Yu. This change does not seem too difficult. How can I practice it badly?”

Immediately, his eyes lit up and asked: “Elder Yu, you see, my right hand is not flexible. Can I use my left hand to display it?”

Elder Yu didn’t have the nods as he expected, but quietly said: “Zhang Xiaohua, do you have some difficulties, you want to circumvent this difficulty? If so, Sword Move does not learn, why should you eat this? bitter?”

Zhang Xiaohua argued: “No, Elder Yu, I just think that holding the branches in the right hand is extremely inflexible and I can’t grasp the strength and orientation of the branches. This is what I think of the left hand.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “In fact, I have thought about the problem you have considered, but the Sword Art in Jiang Hu is mostly a right-handed sword. There are very few left-handed swords. This Sword Art also uses the right hand. As an example, the Sword Manual I got is the same, and the meridian of the left and right hands is not the same. The Circulate of the Inner Strength in Sword Art is also written by the right hand. I naturally can’t teach you directly with Sword Manual. Right hand. Moreover, do you see where my left arm is? Without the left arm, naturally it is impossible to change the right-handed sword to the left-handed sword by cultivation of the right-handed sword.”

Looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s words, Elder Yu continued: “So, this left-handed sword, I am teaching you. In fact, I teach you Sword Art, and there is another thought.”

Zhang Xiaohua is puzzled and asks: “And?”

Elder Yu solemn nods, said: “This Sword Art practice, the most important is the palm and wrist, your right hand has been injured, if it is not good training, may not be able to recover, I pass you Sword Art is saved this idea Let you exercise your right hand and wait for your time to grow. Maybe you can open your eyes and let your right hand recover. If you are now reluctant to retreat, it is estimated that you will not only be on Sword Art. If you have a tree, it’s Fist Art, and that won’t succeed.”

Zhang Xiaohua Then I understand, after all, say: “Elder Yu, thank you for your kindness, Xiao Zi Ming white, this is a good practice.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “Well, you don’t have to be awkward. You can practice it to be true.”

Zhang Xiaohua nods, picking up the branches, and practicing again and again, getting better, is the departure of Elder Yu, he did not notice.

In the practice room of Zhang Xiaohua, suddenly, the branches fell, and Zhang Xiaohua awoke, feeling the pain in his right hand, not only the wrist pain, but the five fingers were like a broken pain, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but feel a glimpse. Is the wound broken again?

Had to stand there and dare not practice again.

Just waiting for a long time, the pain is slowly reduced.

Zhang Xiaohua knows that the wound has not cracked again, but for the exercise of the fingers, it can only be stopped. Today is excessive. Be careful in the future. If it is so excessive every day, it will not only have a good effect, but more possibilities. It is the deformation of the fingers and the breakage of the bones.

Since he couldn’t practice Sword Art, Zhang Xiaohua thought of his own Fist Art, so he took the pile and set his own one-hundred Fist Art, one by one to make it out. Although it is not coherent, it is also very easy to play. Dripping.

After playing Fist Art, seeing the hour is not early, Zhang Xiaohua used his left hand to lick the branches and slowly walked back.

Zhang Xiaohua kept walking on the branches while walking. Suddenly, his heart moved. Although Elder Yu prevented him from trying the left-handed sword, Elder Yu did not say that he could not use the left-handed sword. The meridian of the left and right hands is different. Now that there is no Inner Strength, and you can’t talk about using Sword Art, it means that the right-handed Sword Move change can also be applied in the left hand. Elder Yu can’t teach him the left-handed sword. It’s that he doesn’t have a left hand and can’t understand the change of his right hand. Why can’t he use his left hand to show his right hand change?

Zhang Xiaohua is more excited and more likely to think. It is possible to look up and down, and feel it. There is no one around, so I put the lantern aside and dragged the branches to the side, thinking carefully. Elder Yu’s Professor, slowly applied with his left hand.

Zhang Xiaohua’s left hand has been used for a few months. Although he is not the left-hander of Inborn, the flexibility of his left hand is better than that of the left-hander. The Elder Yu morning’s Professor is actually flowing smoothly in the slow movement of Zhang Xiaohua’s left hand. Come out, First is still a bit clumsy and not very harmonious, and when the end of the game is over, it will become more and more like a few times.

This unexpected discovery made Zhang Xiaohua happy. He seemed to find another way to practice Sword Art. When he practiced it several times, he confirmed that he really used his left hand to practice. Then he picked up the lantern and went back to the house to rest.

Zhang Xiaohua, who woke up in the morning, wanted First Time to tell Elder Yu about this good news, but when he practiced again, he had the same problem as practicing Fist Art.

That is, the change of Sword Move played by his left hand is different from that of Elder Yu Professor. There are deviations in many places. Fortunately, this time Zhang Xiaohua has not forgotten anything.

Looking at the unrecognizable Sword Move, Zhang Xiaohua silently, the idea of ​​resigning to Elder Yu was killed by the students, forget it, instead of letting others laugh, it is better to steal music.

Thinking of Elder Yu coming, Zhang Xiaohua no longer practiced the left-handed sword. It was just a little bit of activity. He was waiting for his own single stroke of Fist Art, but Elder Yu was coming.

Elder Yu asked about the practice last night. Zhang Xiaohua truthfully said the situation of his right hand, opened his mouth and wanted to say the left-handed sword, but he did not.

Elder Yu listened to Zhang Xiaohua’s words and looked a little serious. He grabbed Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand and carefully touched it. He said, “Well, this is a bit too much practice yesterday. It is the same as your guess. This right hand is some. Stiff, take a break today, during the day you are thinking about changes and practicing in the evening.”

After that, once again, Zhang Xiaohua, don’t practice Sword Art again during the day, then float away and go straight to the dining room.

Seeing that Sword Art didn’t have to be practiced this morning, Zhang Xiaohua had to follow his own Fist Art practice, and turned over and over to play a few hundred strokes. The more he played, the easier it was to make it easier to complete the Fist Art. I am looking forward to waiting for Fist Art to complete the feeling of going through it from start to finish.

After practicing Fist Art, look at the sky ‘color’, leaving the rice seems to have a period of time, Zhang Xiaohua could not help but put the mind on the left hand sword, say dry, Zhang Xiaohua figure hidden in the woods, holding the branches left , display the Sword Move changes of your own memory.

Over and over again, the performance was very smooth, and it seems that there was a level of Elder Yu’s performance that day. Zhang Xiaohua is immersed in the world of left-handed swords. Suddenly, Zhang Xiaohua feels that his left arm seems to have a warm current. With the change of Sword Move, Zhang Xiaohua can’t help but stop, and when he feels carefully, he does not see it. The trace.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaohua slowly spread it again, still did not feel, it seems to be his own illusion, Zhang Xiaohua quickly showed it again, still no, Zhang Xiaohua shook his head, really thought it was wrong.

However, when Zhang Xiaohua once again used Sword Art, he once again had this feeling, and he realized that he was not wrong, and then think about it. It seems that this warm current appeared with his own Sword Art. The speed is somewhat related.

Waiting for him to try different speeds, when finding the warm current, one sound yelled and interrupted him: “Zhang Xiaohua, where are you?”

Zhang Xiaohua, listening to the ear, is the voice of Nie Xiao’er, can’t help but confuse, how come suddenly?

When he came out of the woods, he knew that the sun had risen to Sanchao. Everyone was ready to go to the ‘medicine’ field to work. He still didn’t eat breakfast.

Looking at He Tianshu’s concerned eyes, Zhang Xiaohua said: “Captain He, this, I practice in the woods… Fist Art, forget the hour.”

He Tianshu said: “Zhang Xiaohua, do you know what it is, but what is the speed? Some things can’t be successful overnight. You have to learn when you are sure to go on the ground, step by step, hard work, I support. However, I don’t want to be physically martial, I don’t agree. In these few days, you are always alone in the woods, still practicing your Fist Art?”

Zhang Xiaohua thought for a moment and said, “It’s okay.”

He Tianshu said with a smile: “I know that you are practicing Fist Art with a few tricks. I am afraid that we will laugh at you, practice and practice, and also think about your own body. Your right hand is not completely good. You must pay attention to rest. If the right hand is tired again, even if it is a broken Fist Art, you can’t practice any more.”

Zhang Xiaohua respectfully said: “Captain He, I know, I will be careful in the future.”

He Tianshu patted his shoulder and said, “Okay, know it. If you are not shy, let us practice with us. We promise not to laugh at you.”

Zhang Xiaohua Look at the three people next to me, and I can’t help but smile. Or, “Forget it, Captain He, I really practice it myself.”

He Tianshu said: “That’s good, whatever you want, breakfast, let Nie Xiao’er bring something in your house, hurry to eat, go to the ‘medicine’ field work.”

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