LOTCG Chapter 112

First One hundred and twenty-two chapter changes

First One hundred and twenty-two chapter changes

The faint tone, the usual words, listened to Zhang Xiaohua’s ears, let him feel a burst of warmth, although it is a normal care, but There’s an old saying “I am not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid of goods than goods” He Tianshu Their daily slogan for Zhang Xiaohua, compared with the previous Zhang Xiaohua’s grievances in the Azure Clothes bonnet, immediately has a difference between Cloud and Mud. I wonder if Zhang Xiaohua is grateful.

After Zhang Xiaohua and He Tianshu, they hurried away. The daily cultivation of ‘medicine’ field is still very good. In fact, there is no such thing as Zhang Xiaohua, but those seeds that have never sprouted, but they are in the heart of He Tianshu. A mountain, no day to be removed, no one can live.

Zhang Xiaohua saw that they were gone, and they quickly rushed back to the house. Although the meals in the house were simple, Zhang Xiaohua still finished eating it, and immediately went out to be his own Monk and hit his own clock.

At noon, Zhang Xiaohua stayed in his house, took the branches, and carefully simulated the feeling that he found in the morning. Sure enough, when his speed was not slow, he did not slow down to a certain extent, and the warm current appeared immediately. Xiaohua has a clear understanding in mind, although the cause of this warm current is still unclear, but one thing is certain, that is, this change of Sword Move should be displayed at this speed, which is the best!

With this understanding, Zhang Xiaohua continues to use this speed to display this Sword Move change, and the warm current will continue to appear. Zhang Xiaohua discovered that from the beginning of his own Sword Move change, the warm current from his left shoulder A certain place comes out, and as his Sword Move changes, he flows along his shoulder to the palm of his hand. Until the change of Sword Move is completed, the warm current flows to the branch of his left hand and disappears.

After a noon practice, Zhang Xiaohua finally remembered the move of this left-handed sword, and the speed of Sword Move was fixed. When it was changed to a Sword Move, there would be a warm current, and then it stopped.

The practice at night was beyond the expectation of Zhang Xiaohua. Under the supervision of Elder Yu, Zhang Xiaohua once again used his right hand to display. He thought that he would not be successful as before, but he did not know whether it was because he had been using the left-handed sword. That speed practice, Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand is also fixed at that speed, but it can be completed. Although it is complete, many places need to be improved, but after all, Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand is just wounded, it should be with the fingers. Not flexible.

Elder Yu is also very surprised. In the morning, looking at Zhang Xiaohua to practice, I think that according to his latent talent, this change of Sword Move, how to say it has to be practiced for a few more days to learn. Today, it seems that he is underestimating. He, Elder Yu was very open-minded, and let Zhang Xiaohua practice it again. He saw that he really learned it. This said: “Zhang Xiaohua, I don’t think you learned so quickly, it is a bit beyond my expectations. However, you don’t have to be proud. I am practicing this Sword Move on the same day. It is only half a day. My late talent is very common in Jiang Hu. If you change a talented person, it is estimated that you will see it twice. “”

Zhang Xiaohua naturally does not have any pride, immediately said: “Elder Yu, you can rest assured, my latent talent I know, this is the result of my practice many times.”

Elder Yu is very satisfied and said: “In fact, human beings are sometimes poor and don’t care too much. You can do your best. You can learn this First move change. There must be a lot of hardships in it. I know. Since you already After learning the First changes, I will teach you Second changes in a while, but you are not going to be too tired of the injured bones, There’s an old saying, the speed is not up, you must remember.”

Zhang Xiaohua was very happy to hear that she could learn Second changes. Elder Yu didn’t care too much.

In fact, Elder Yu originally wanted to upload Zhang Xiaohua Sword Move early, but Zhang Xiaohua learned to learn the first change tonight, and he was happy. He also took advantage of the moonlight as a Hua, practicing Second changes in the woods, and so on. Xiaohua looked at it roughly and explained it in detail. When Zhang Xiaohua saw his brow and saw it, he knew that it was a realization. This time, he slowly showed it again, and Zhang Xiaohua looked at it carefully.

Although there are 19 variations of this Sword Move, they are all based on this Sword Move. The first kind of change is the most difficult to learn. After learning First, all other changes are extremely similar. It is very natural to learn again. It’s easy, so Elder Yu’s Time for Professor is much less than the First change in Second changes.

Unfortunately, Elder Yu still overestimated Zhang Xiaohua’s comprehension, although Zhang Xiaohua should know how to display it, or have already learned it in his heart, but He He Elder Yu’s request that the branch can be in his hands can’t dance anyway. .

In Elder Yu’s frowning brow, Zhang Xiaohua had some helplessly putting down the branches. After all, the right hand began to hurt again. He couldn’t to neglect the root and pursue the tip, hurt the foundation, watch Zhang Xiaohua’s frustration, Elder Yu helplessly shoot. I shot his shoulder and said, “No matter, I still think about it in my heart. It’s not like this for the first time. Take a break and practice tomorrow.”

After that, he turned and left.

Zhang Xiaohua Seeing Elder Yu is gone, and my heart is not very tasteful, but all normal people do not like others to look flat, even if he knows that his latent talent is not good, people can say it again and again. The heart was always dissatisfied, so he picked up the branches again. However, this time he learned the tricks, not using his right hand, but picking it up with his left hand, first simulating the change in his left hand. Then, the left hand slowly danced, so several times, the change is familiar, and then the feeling of noon is applied, and the speed of the first kind of change is applied. Sure enough, this time it is the warm current, such as There is no difference at noon.

Zhang Xiaohua was delighted and knew that she had found the right path, so she got it through the moonlight.

When Second changes are learned, and the first changes are applied, it is like Elder Yu Professor. He is a left-handed sword.

One night without a word, the next day, Zhang Xiaohua still played a set of 100 single-breaking fists, and practiced two changes of Sword Move, waiting for the arrival of Elder Yu, but for a moment, no one came, Zhang Xiaohua also No longer waiting.

Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand has recovered after a night’s rest, no longer sore, and then pick up the branches. As I read the changes of Sword Move in the past, I will display the changes of Second according to a certain speed. It is strange to say that last night. How can I not complete the change, after a night’s rest, he will be able to display it in the early morning, although it can’t be like a stream, but after all, it is learned.

Zhang Xiaohua This is like awakening. The learning of this Sword Move change seems to be to use the left arm to display it. I really learned it. This right hand can learn. It’s really strange, is it the reason for the right hand injury?

It’s strange to wait for Elder Yu to study Zhang Xiaohua’s progress again in the evening. It’s not too old to be old. It’s said that it’s a method of teaching in accordance with his aptitude. Maybe he’s really not suitable for apprenticeship. A simple change, how can you tell yourself? I have to let Zhang Xiaohua go back and think carefully, and I can learn by myself.

So, he was a little embarrassed to say: “Zhang Xiaohua, this… Is it bad for me to teach?”

Zhang Xiaohua stunned and said, “No, Elder Yu, you taught very well.”

Elder Yu said, “Hey, don’t say it. I have taught a few apprentices before. I have never learned a good job. I haven’t created any name in Jiang Hu. Now I have taught you a few changes in Sword Move. You can’t learn.”

Zhang Xiaohua is even more than Zhang Er Monk ‘touch’ is not mind, only said: “Elder Yu, only you teach me Sword Art, I am very grateful, learning will not be my latent talent is not good, I remember talking to my Second Brother I can practice it ten times, twenty times, one hundred times until I learn.”

Elder Yu listened, and I really agree with it. “You are right. Jiang Hu is a good man, but after all, those are all phoenix’s, like you and me. It is a normal person, naturally it takes more thoughts than others to have good results. Zhang Xiaohua, you are doing very well.”

Later, Elder Yu did not consider whether it was his own Professor method problem, or Zhang Xiaohua’s comprehension problem. As in the previous few days, he carefully explained the changes in the moves and then slowly demonstrated it until Zhang Xiaohua felt that he could understand and turned around. Withdrawal of people, leaving Zhang Xiaohua to practice alone, and the next morning did not appear, let Zhang Xiaohua experience it himself, and the next day’s evening, Zhang Xiaohua’s progress was examined.

In this way, it is also fast, and Zhang Xiaohua learns at a changing pace every day until he learns Sixteenth changes.

Seventeenth changes in learning have gone wrong. After Elder Yu Professor, Zhang Xiaohua is also in mind, the left hand can also be used, but the warm current does not appear, Zhang Xiaohua thinks that his speed is problematic, and he tries all the time, but can not be warm as the previous changes, and Zhang Xiaohua tried to use his right hand to display, but it was impossible to display it. There were always some details that could not be handled.

Zhang Xiaohua has been practicing alone for two days. Still can’t learn Seventeenth changes. Elder Yu thought about it and decided that he was not fully recovered because his right hand was not fully flexible. This was impossible to perform, so he started Professor Eighteenth again. Change and Tenth nine changes.

Sure enough, Elder Yu didn’t expect that the last two changes, Zhang Xiaohua, couldn’t learn. After a few days of tossing, Elder Yu called Zhang Xiaohua to the woods and said, “Zhang Xiaohua, the ten of this Sword Move. I have taught you nine kinds of changes. In fact, you can learn sixteen kinds. I am very satisfied. I don’t want you to say that I thought you could learn half of them. Now you have greatly exceeded expectations.”

Zhang Xiaohua Listening to Elder Yu, I feel a bit sour in my heart, but the situation is true, and he can’t justify half.

Elder Yu went on to say: “The rest of the three moves, you should have already remembered, wait for your right hand to fully recover, and then try to continue practicing. In fact, I pass your Sword Move to save your life, if you don’t provoke Too many people, I believe that these sixteen changes should leave your ‘sex’ life. In addition, the at least changing skin ‘hair’ you are learning now does not have much power, the Sword Art you still have to Relentlessly, when you learn Inner Strength one day, with Sword Art, you can really play the power of this Sword Art.”

Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but ask: “What does the real power look like?”

Elder Yu smiled and said, “Look.”

Saying, holding the sword and stabbing the big tree and sword in front of him, I saw the sharp sword edge into the wood three points. Then, Elder Yu also mentioned Destiny Gong, cast Sword Move and stabbed it, and listened to the sound of “stab” The Long Sword penetrated deeply and seemed to penetrate the tree.

Zhang Xiaohua can’t help but suck a cold breath, the difference is too big.

Elder Yu sees Zhang Xiaohua’s appearance and naturally knows his thoughts. He said, “Look, Zhang Xiaohua, don’t learn Inner Strength, just like the frog at the bottom of the well, always in a small circle, never understand the power of Inner Strength. Even if you Learned Sword Art from First Class in the world, the subtle Sword Move is always a shelf, without the Inner Strength Spirit Immortal Soul, you can never say that you are the Expert of First Class.”

Looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s stunned look, he said, “I know that you want to learn internal strength, but I can’t pass you. I hope that you will have the opportunity to learn the deep Inner Cultivation Heart Law in the future. Well, I can teach you. That’s it, you practice well, hope that this Sword Move will help you in the future.”

When you finish, you will turn and leave.

Zhang Xiaohua was not shouted by Zhangkou: “Elder Yu.”

Elder Yu turned back and asked, “What is it?”

Zhang Xiaohua opened his mouth and said, “Thank you, Elder Yu.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “No, Zhang Xiaohua, good cultivation, I hope you can succeed.”

After that, it floated away.

Zhang Xiaohua looked at Elder Yu’s one-armed figure, and he was very grateful. He and Elder Yu were not relatives. They were not common in the past. They were so kind to someone, they taught Sword Art, although they are not very good. Care, can you not care?

In fact, Zhang Xiaohua just called Elder Yu to tell him about his left-handed sword. But when he got to his lips, he didn’t know how to talk about it. The sixteen changes in the left hand are mostly unrecognizable. I now tell Elder Yu that Elder Yu knows that he is not a waste wood? Can you bypass the class and use the sword with your left hand? However, when he thought of Elder Yu’s use of the strength of Inner Strength Sword Move, he didn’t want to say it. What kind of cleverness is this? Don’t just show it off.

However, that warm current is the case, Zhang Xiaohua really wants to ask Elder Yu.

Standing for a moment, Elder Yu is far away, Zhang Xiaohua only took Mind, picked up the branch, played in the woods, and several changes in Sword Move, the heart was very boring, and the right hand was sore. Just change the left hand, the left hand makes the change of Sword Move, but it is different, the warm flow is flowing on the left arm, it is very comfortable, and the sixteen changes of this Sword Move can be connected and danced after the variation of Zhang Xiaohua. The change from First to Sixteenth, together with the change of the pace of Movement Art, is like a set of Sword Art. Zhang Xiaohua is very hearty, and I don’t know how to practice it. The state, just want to dance the sword of the left hand, as if Zhang Xiaohua was born for the sword at this moment, from the first change to the Sixteenth change, and then to the First change, so cycle, do not know how long, until Zhang Xiaohua felt that Bosom had a sulking temper and wanted to spit it out, but he could not find a catharsis. As the Sword Move danced, it seemed to find the target, Zhang Xiaohua Open the mouth, long and breathless, exhale the suffocating air, while following the change of Sword Move, the branches in the left hand are stabbed forward, and the warm flow of the left arm naturally follows, seeing the branch hits the big tree in front. I listened to “pa” and got a sound of sound. The branch broke into the trunk. Then, the inch broke and fell to the ground.

Zhang Xiaohua This is like a dream, wake up, staring at the branch that is still in the hand, and then look at the branch in the trunk of the front, I can’t believe it is done by myself.

If Elder Yu just forced Long Sword into the trunk three points, Zhang Xiaohua felt that if he used his strength, it would be possible to insert Long Sword into the five points, but as Elder Yu shipped Inner Strength, Zhang Of course, Xiaohua can’t, but insert this thin branch into the trunk. Zhang Xiaohua is a dream that I can’t think of. Is it an Expert?

However, when he stepped forward, he used his thumb and forefinger to pinch the branch that was inserted into the trunk. He did not force it to pull it out. This shows that there is a deep left on the trunk. The shallow pit is just a pit. Zhang Xiaohua can’t help but laugh at himself. He sees himself as a poor man who just got dozens of silver. He thinks that he is the richest person in the world, but he doesn’t know this silver. Money) In the eyes of the real rich man, it is a joke. I think that I have a great martial arts. I can ‘plug’ the tree into the trunk. Now it seems that it is just a small pit.

Shaking his head, Zhang Xiaohua threw away the branches in his hand.

Feeling that the sky ‘color’ is too late, I took the lantern and slowly walked back to the house.

Only leave that little pit left on the trunk.

When poor Zhang Xiaohua was remorseful for his pride, he did not know that this time he was really arrogant. Even Elder Yu, in the case of only branches, can’t say that he can ‘plug’ the branches on the trunk, leaving a pit. If Elder Yu sees Zhang Xiaohua’s “sword”, it must be It’s a shame that Zhang Xiaohua just saw the sharpness of Long Sword. Although he also knows that the “blunt” of the branch is not easy to ‘plug’ into the trunk, the consistent attitude confirms his mistakes. Hey, There’s an old Say, the details determine success or failure. Zhang Xiaohua, still seems very tender, he has a long way to go.

However, Zhang Xiaohua who walked on the road did not have this consciousness. He had already abandoned the joy just now, and he was thinking about it. This Sword Move has been learned from Elder Yu. When is the boxing score suitable for Elder Yu?

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