LOTCG Chapter 113

First, chapter 133, innocent

First, chapter 133, innocent

The next day was a heavy rain, a cold autumn rain, the weather is already cold.

Rainy days’ ‘medicine’ field is nothing to live, He Tianshu led Nie Xiao’er and they went back to the ‘medicine’ field and wandered around.

Zhang Xiaohua remembered his Fist Art and waited for He Tianshu to come back. He couldn’t wait to hear where Elder Yu lived. He walked to the backyard with an umbrella.

Elder Yu lived in a place away from Zhang Xiaohua’s small courtyard. It was very close to the dining room. Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but think maliciously. Is it because Elder Yu is old, walking inconveniently, afraid to delay eating?

This rainy day was the martial art of Elder Yu, and it didn’t go to the Boundary in the rain, so he stayed in the house, didn’t go out, and Zhang Xiaohua knocked on the door and went into the house.

Elder Yu is very simple. It is more tidy than the house of Zhang Xiaohua. It is just a few cabinets. When Zhang Xiaohua enters the house, Elder Yu is sitting on the squat and meditating. Zhang Xiaohua is in the room. The next time, looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s shoulders wet by the rain, said: “Zhang Xiaohua, such a big rain, you are not in the house, thinking about the Sword Move, why are you running to me? Is it after a night? Kung Fu, have you made progress?”

Zhang Xiaohua one sound smiled bitterly: “Elder Yu, you thought that I was a genius in 50 years, and the sixteen changes I learned can make me think about my life. I don’t know how to practice. Not to mention the other three changes, look at my hand.”

Saying, raising his right hand in front of Elder Yu, his fingers bent and grabbed a few times.

Then he said: “Maybe my right hand can completely smash the fist to learn the essence of the remaining three changes.”

Elder Yu was comforted at this time. Zhang Xiaohua said: “You don’t have to give up. Heavenly General will be a man of great pains. This may be the test of heaven.”

Zhang Xiaohua said nothing, “I have read this sentence in a book, maybe.”

Then, frowning, said: “Elder Yu, don’t take the topic off. I am here to look for you to use the boxing. You have promised before.”

Elder Yu took a forehead with one hand and said, “Look at my memory, it’s really old, I almost forgot. But, you learn Fist Art…”

Zhang Xiaohua smiled and said, “Elder Yu, are you trying to persuade me?”

Elder Yu is silent.

Zhang Xiaohua said: “When a person is alive, there is always some pursuit. Before I came to Pingyang City, I wanted to practice martial arts. If I gave up because of my arm injury, wouldn’t it seem sloppy? Moreover, my injury is not very tight. Elder Yu, you don’t have one right arm? Are you an Expert in Jiang Hu?”

Elder Yu smiled and said, “I know you will say that I am talking about this. In fact, you only know that one of them does not know the second. I will not say that my martial arts are only second-rate corners on Jiang Hu before they are injured. ‘Color’, now without the left arm, the Cultural Strength is even discounted, not 60% of peak. Moreover, I was injured after the great Accomplishment of Wugong, although it has an impact on martial arts, but it is not as serious as you. Like you, when you haven’t practiced martial arts, you have already had such a big problem in your palm. To be honest, it’s hard to be great Accomplishment to practice martial arts. Just like a person who fell in the family before he was a child, you let him Zhongxing’s family business must be difficult. If after his entrepreneurial success, his family’s family is broken and he is allowed to start a business, it is naturally much simpler than the former, and even breaks and stands out and is more brilliant.”

Zhang Xiaohua Listening to Elder Yu’s words, the face ‘color’ is gloomy like the outside sky. After waiting for a while, he said, “But, I am unwilling after all.”

Elder Yu sighed and said, “Look at the madness of your training, I know you can’t let go, this will teach you Sword Move, huh, huh, follow you, the boxing on the bookshelf over there, I haven’t seen it for a long time. “”

Zhang Xiaohua went to a bookshelf in accordance with the words. Sure enough, I put a lot of books on the shelf, and I have a look at the boxing, and there is also a Sword Manual. The collection is also rich, but Zhang Xiaohua turned the ten-point punches. I went over and read it all over and found that these were all seen in the Lotus Escort, and some of the more popular Fist Art in Jiang Hu.

Elder Yu also looks at Zhang Xiaohua. It’s strange to see this flipping over. I asked, “Which one you want to see is taken, remember me.”

Zhang Xiaohua turned back and asked: “Elder Yu, is there any other boxing, these seem to be the very common Fist Art in Jiang Hu.”

Elder Yu smiled and said: “Zhang Xiaohua, these Fist Art are very common in Jiang Hu, but they can’t be found by ordinary people. You can pick one to see first. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me. In the special Fist Art, I naturally don’t have it here, and you don’t have to turn it over. If I can teach it, I have already told you.”

Zhang Xiaohua curiously asked: “So, can you tell me what martial arts are taught in the middle school? Or Fist Art?”

Elder Yu thought about it, or shook his head and said: “If these things happen, you will know sooner or later, if not, tell you what is the use, increase your troubles.”

Then, pointing to those boxing figures, “Don’t underestimate these boxing, although it is the most common, but also the most practical. After many years, how many people test, if you can master, it is also a great thing.”

Zhang Xiaohua can’t help but blush, said: “This, Elder Yu, my latent talent, you know, I always forget the move, no way.”

Elder Yu blinked and said, “Then you should look at a boxing shot so well that you can remember it well.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Not like this, Elder Yu, hey, forget it, I will read this.”

Seeing that Elder Yu and Zhang Xiaohua didn’t intend to explain it, they took out a boxing score from the inside and didn’t look at the name. They put it in their arms and talked to Elder Yu. The lack of interest went back.

Elder Yu looked at Zhang Xiaohua’s thin back, shook his head helplessly and whispered, “This kid, hey, it’s a bit awkward.”

Now that I have some emotions, I will stop meditating, walk down the hoe, and come to the bookshelf that Zhang Xiaohua just watched. Looking at the dusty bookshelves, Elder Yu is a bit stunned, and I don’t know how long I have not seen them. Since the injury, I have lost a lot of ambitions, and I have no motivation like Zhang Xiaohua. Maybe I should do something more?

When Elder Yu sighed and turned around, he suddenly found that the gap between the bookshelves still clipped the book, and carefully hooked it out with a stick. It was also a boxing score, and I didn’t know when it fell into it.

Elder Yu blows the dust off and puts it on the shelf.

Zhang Xiaohua took advantage of the boxing, holding the umbrella, and walking back with a shallow foot. My heart was very depressed. To tell the truth, the bigger the disappointment, the bigger the disappointment. I thought I could go to Elder Yu and have a few books. The boxing skills you have learned can make up your own moves, but who knows, it is nothing. This result is something he never thought of.

But looking back, this is also very normal. The martial arts hall of the Lotus Escort is the place to teach and educate people. Naturally, there is ample collection of boxing, and Elder Yu is just a hobby. You can finish reading the martial arts museum. The boxing spectrum, Elder Yu there should be no new discoveries. In fact, if it is really in Elder Yu, I found that I have not seen the boxing in the Escort, it is a strange thing.

Before, I was too eager.

Thinking of this festival, Zhang Xiaohua’s depression is also less than half, and the rest is where to find the boxing?

Do you want to go to Misty Faction yourself?

This is too unrealistic.

Not long afterwards, Zhang Xiaohua walked back to the small courtyard.

As soon as he entered the small courtyard door, Zhang Xiaohua saw that the door of his cabin was open.

Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but wonder if he didn’t close when he went out. No, it seems that I just went out after I closed the door.

When I got closer, I heard that there was a familiar word in the room. Although it was not really clear in the rain, Zhang Xiaohua stepped up and ran a few steps to the door and shouted: “Second Brother, is that you?”

The sound of Zhang Xiaohu sounded in the house: “Xiaohua, are you back?”

When Zhang Xiaohua entered the house, he saw it. In addition to Zhang Xiaohu, there were He Tianshu and Li Jinfeng.

Zhang Xiaohu came to the door and took the umbrella in Zhang Xiaohua’s hand to help him collect it, just as carefully as in the house of Zhang Xiaohu.

He Tianshu stood in the middle of the house and saw Zhang Xiaohua coming back. He said to Zhang Xiaohu and Li Jinfeng: “Zhang Xiaohua is back, I will not accompany you. I welcome you to come often.”

Zhang Xiaohu and Li Jinfeng quickly said: “Thank you for Captain He. We will have opportunities in the future. Let’s talk more.”

He Tianshu rushed Zhang Xiaohua to point nods and said, “Goodtain your Elder Brother and friends.”

Then, I went out to the house.

Zhang Xiaohua watched He Tianshu leave, and asked excitedly: “Second Brother, how come you suddenly came to me today? Right, and Young Master Li, are you free?”

Li Jinfeng stepped forward and said with a smile: “You kid, running very fast, I said that I will send you back to Mountain Village last time. When I am about to be good, then when I go to the Escort, You are not with your Second Brother. You only know when you check it out. You have already returned. Your Second Brother actually ran out and let me run. I am resting today, I am bored in the Academy, and I am out. I want to see you, but I don’t know how to find you. This brings your Second Brother over.”

Zhang Xiaohua also asked: “Second Brother, when did you come back? Is it going to go smoothly?”

Zhang Xiaohu said with a smile: “I have been back for a few days. I am not talking to you near Pingyang City. It is not very far. This is the power of Misty Faction. We are going out for a long experience, no big deal.”

Then, looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s right hand, he said, “I’ve been thinking about coming over to see you, and I don’t know how your hand is recovering. Today’s rainy darts are fine. I’m staying in the house, Young Master Li is coming, huh, huh, Let’s come over and see you.”

Zhang Xiaohua knows that Second Brother and Li Jinfeng are worried about themselves, they extend their right hand and forcefully grab a few times and say: “You see, it’s okay, Captain He said that as long as you practice hard, you still hope to recover.”

Zhang Xiaohu didn’t break it too much. He said, “That is the best. Practice slowly.”

Li Jinfeng is also very happy, said: “Great, I can see you punching soon, yes, I see books on your desk and on the table. It seems that you are also devoted to reading on weekdays. Very good, actually it is Wenwu Double Cultivation.”

Zhang Xiaohua was a little embarrassed and said, “I don’t have as good as Young Master Li said, but when it’s okay, I won’t look at it.”

Later, Zhang Xiaohua chatted with Li Jinfeng about some of the problems he encountered in reading books. There were a lot of problems. After Li Jinfeng one by one answered, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but look at it. “Zhang Xiaohua, you are really Yes, if these problems are not seen in depth, there will be no such deep feelings. You are really amazing and serve you.”

When I heard Li Jinfeng praise his Little Brother, Zhang Xiaohu was very happy. When the two of them discussed it, it was ‘plugged in’ and asked: “Xiaohua, do you still practice Fist Art?”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a smile: “I still practice, but nothing progresses.”

Zhang Xiaohu was misunderstood. He thought that he still lost the practice of forgetting the four. He did not know the real situation of Zhang Xiaohua. He smiled and said: “No relationship, slowly practice, one day will be practiced.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “Know, Second Brother, I haven’t given up, still working hard. Right, your Inner Cultivation Heart Law?”

Looking at Zhang Xiaohua’s expectation, Zhang Xiaohu also smiled bitterly: “Hey, don’t envy me, this Inner Cultivation Heart Law is not so mysterious. I will know when you are cultivating. I am also trying to find some Qi sense. Well, this period of time is running outside the dart, but I didn’t practice it myself. When I was free, I only practiced my own set of ** punches. However, I also listened to your words, and sometimes I practiced the Nanzhi boxing. After all, The stone of other mountains can be used to attack jade, and some experience.”

Zhang Xiaohua was very happy to listen to Second Brother’s words and be happy for the progress of Second Brother. Suddenly, he seemed to grasp something, but he could not understand it when he thought about it, so he grabbed Zhang Xiaohu’s arm with his left hand. Urgent question: “Second Brother, what did you say? Repeat it again?”

Zhang Xiaohu’s mouth is smashed, and the painful “hehe” is air-conditioned, saying: “Xiaohua, let go, lightly, why use such a strong force.”

Zhang Xiaohua realized that he was out of his own state and quickly let go. He said, “Hey, Second Brother, I am sorry, what you said just now seems to make me think of something, don’t mind, just say it again.”

Zhang Xiaohu is inexplicable and said: “It is not to listen to your suggestions, practice Nanzhiquan, and learn from the previous Fist Art.”

Zhang Xiaohua thought about it and shook his head and said, “Not this, what else?”

Zhang Xiaohu frowned and said: “There is no such thing as the Inner Cultivation Heart Law is as mysterious as you think. I have a little Qi sense now, and nothing else.”

Zhang Xiaohua thought about it again, or shook his head.

Zhang Xiaohu can’t help, said: “That’s so much, didn’t say anything. When running a dart, you can’t calm down and train Inner Training Heart Law. You can only practice Fist Art. In addition to ** punch, it is Nanzhiquan. Others are not very familiar.”

When I heard the words “**拳”, Zhang Xiaohua’s mind flashed, huh, huh, that’s right, this ** punch, no wonder I just heard what Second Brother said, let myself touch so big, I’m a continuous Hundred or so to plant Fist Art, this is the ** fist does not learn, hey, what is the blindness? That’s the case.

In fact, it is also a coincidence that when He Tianshu Professor Zhang Xiaohua Fist Art, Zhang Xiaohua said that he has seen people show their martial arts, but they have not practiced a trick and a half, and this martial arts is famous. Complex, wait for He Tianshu to see Zhang Xiaohua’s dreadful memory, life and death can not afford to teach him this set of Fist Art, perhaps he chose to forget the ‘sex’.

While Zhang Xiaohua was reading the time of the boxing in the Lotus Escort, the Escort was not a boxing without the martial arts, but because of the reason why Zhang Xiaohu practiced ** boxing, many people went to the library to borrow the boxing of the ** boxing. Research, I want to learn something from it, so the boxing of the library has long been borrowed, and Zhang Xiaohua naturally can’t see it.

While Zhang Xiaohu was practicing boxing in the darts, Zhang Xiaohua was reading the other boxing intently. Of course, he did not expect to learn the Second Brother Fist Art. Even in the house of Elder Yu, it fell. The boxing in the gap of the bookshelf may be the boxing of the ** boxing.

In short, all kinds of coincidences, let Zhang Xiaohua to the end, only to think that they have a set of the most familiar Fist Art, is also the first time he saw Fist Art, ** boxing, he has not learned!

Hey, Good Fortune is getting people.

However, since I have found a set of Fist Art that I have not learned, Zhang Xiaohua is still mixed. This **Fist Art may be able to get together, maybe not. In short, I can’t hold too much expectation this time, I just hope to get from it. Learn a trick and a half.

The “Fist Art” of the Professor himself is the self-contained Second Brother, and Zhang Xiaohua is not polite. On the spot, Zhang Xiaohu will be taught to teach himself.

Zhang Xiaohu is also the second Monk ‘touch’ of the Zhang Erhu. Just after a while, this Little Brother surprised him to teach him to punch. Although he doesn’t mind, look at the Li Jinfeng standing next to him. After looking at this slightly narrow cabin, Zhang Xiaohu was hesitant.

Li Jinfeng seems to see Zhang Xiaohu’s hesitation, and quickly said: “Zhang Xiong does not care about me, I know Xiaohua’s ‘sex’, and he is also my enlightenment student. I can see his progress, I am also very happy. ”

Zhang Xiaohua realized that he was arrogant and said, “Sorry, Young Master Li, I will talk to you when I finish this Fist Art.”

Zhang Xiaohu added: “Xiaohua, is this house a little small? It may not be possible to open it. I am in a room with a large space in this room to be able to display it in the house.”

Zhang Xiaohua squeezed his chin and said, “There is no relation, Second Brother, you play slowly, and I will teach you, I will forget these moves.”

Li Jinfeng Hear it, what is this, teach you Fist Art, you still say that you will forget, what do you teach you?

Zhang Xiaohu understood what he meant. He thought for a moment and said, “Okay, in this case, I will teach you now.”

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