LOTCG Chapter 1452

Third One hundred and forty chapter Culture Guidance Court

Xiao Hua walked into the inner hall with the Foundation Establishment cultivator and took a bag of cigarettes. During the period, several times, Divine Sense swept over the entire body of Xiao Hua, but they did not stop.

Seeing that I turned to a corridor, it was a small wall. There was a huge picture hanging above the wall. The picture above was a quaint pavilion. The door of the pavilion was half-covered. There was a plaque on the door. Letter “Cultivation Guidance Pavilion”.

Seeing that the cultivator stopped moving to this picture, Xiao Hua was a little worried, secretly thought: “is it possible… Is this the Guidance Guidance?”

Sure enough, just listen to the cultivator and say a little: “You will take your identity Command Tile out and put it into this picture!”

“Yes, the disciple knows!” Xiao Hua took out the Command Tile and hesitated to throw the Command Tile into the picture!

I saw the Command Tile touching the picture on the shadow wall. The picture made a flash of light. It was also awesome on the Command Tile. It was also a flash of light from the Command Tile. It was a follow-up. The incoming electric light came together, the two electro-optical lights disappeared at the same time, and the Command Tile disappeared into the picture.

After a moment, the entire picture released three colors of brilliance, brilliance flashed, the picture disappeared, appeared in front of Xiao Hua, is a picture-sized courtyard door, through the courtyard door, not far ahead, there is A pavilion that is exactly the same as in the picture just now stands in the middle of the courtyard!

Just as Xiao Hua looked straight, a cultivator from the Foundation Establishment Middle Stage came out of the courtyard door, holding Xiao Hua’s Command Tile in his hand, and looked at Xiao Hua and asked, “You are Xiao Hua?”

“The disciple is!” Xiao Hua did not dare to neglect.

“What are you doing at the Constitution Guidance?”

Xiao Hua didn’t answer, and turned to the Foundation Establishment cultivator who brought him: “More thanks to the Senior!”

“Oh, you’re welcome!” The cultivator smiled and turned his sleeves away and turned away.

When the cultivator went far, Xiao Hua took a shot and took out the Sect Master and handed it over: “The disciple has something to check into the Cultural Guidance Cabinet, and please ask the Command Tile!”

“Oh?” The Foundation Establishment cultivator was a glimpse. After seeing the Sect Master, it was a slight surprise. After repeated inspections, it was returned to Xiao Hua with the identity Command Tile. “According to the Sect Master, You can check it out in the Cultural Guidance, but you can’t bring out the Culture Guidance.”

“Yes, discipline understands!” Xiao Hua answered the Sect Master.

“Well, you come in!” The cultivator turned into the courtyard door, Xiao Hua followed, and waited for Xiao Hua’s figure to turn over the courtyard door, a three colors of brilliance flashed, the picture appeared again, and the entire screen wall recovered. Just like it!

The real Culture Guidance Pavilion is different from the picture. All around is the Foundation Establishment Stage disciple. The Foundation Establishment cultivator leads Xiao Hua. Instead of going to the Cultural Guidance Pavilion, he takes him to the Culture Guidance Pavilion. In front of a small room.

“禀Uncle Master, there is a Qi Refining disciple holding the Sect Master order, come to the Culture Guidance Pavilion to view the books!” The Foundation Establishment cultivator walked to the door of the house but respectfully said.

A very powerful Divine Sense came out of the cabin and turned a little on Xiao Hua. A lazy voice sounded: “Sect Master has been seen before?”

“禀Uncle Master, already experienced, it was issued by Sect Master!”

“Well, let him go in!”

“Just… this disciple’s Sect Master is a bit special. It seems that the Sect Master is awkward, and the Eight Thunder Palace’s Culture Guidance Pavilion is accessible!” The cultivator said cautiously.

“Oh, this disciple is called Xiao Hua?”

“Good education Uncle Master knows that he is Xiao Hua!”

“Well, let him go in, Sect Master has already passed the law, and Culture and Secret Technique, which are one level higher than him, are available, but they can’t bring out the Culture Guidance!”

The cultivator’s eyes flashed a glimmer of color, and he said, “Yes, the disciple knows!”

Then, whisper; “You come with the old man!”

Xiao Hua nods, then squatting in the hut: “Thank you for Senior!”

The cabin was quiet and silent, but it didn’t seem to be heard.

There was no movement, Xiao Hua turned around, followed the cultivator to the pavilion, and went all the way to the door. The cultivator pointed his hand: “You go in with your own Identity Tile.” Then One Revolution, walked to A place not far from the pavilion, there is a Praying Mat placed on the ground, sitting cross-legged, and then ignore Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua didn’t dare to neglect, respectfully rushed to the back of the cultivator, and then took out the Command Tile and stepped into the attic.

The door of the attic is not high, it is carved from the wood of bronze color, and it looks like there is not much difference from the study of the secular people. Xiao Hua looked up and saw that it was easy to pass through the door. There was no Restriction!

“Quirks!” Xiao Hua Daqi: “There are strange things outside Restriction, here…”

Not waiting for him to give birth to this idea, suddenly, from within the pavilion, a large cluster of flashing Thunder Net whistling is rushing to Xiao Hua! Xiao Hua didn’t even see the scene inside the pavilion, and was wrapped in Thunder Net.

“Grandma’s ~” Xiao Hua’s vest is a cold sweat, but fortunately, he also believes that Thunder Net will not be harmful to himself. Although Magic Force is pulled by Thunder Net, it seems to be transparent. Still forced to suppress by him.

Sure enough, just when he wasn’t moving for Thunder Net, the Command Tile on his hand made a very light Thunder Light, just like the one just entered the picture, the Thunder Light is very small, but when it comes to Thunder Net, Thunder Net is just like illusory, just flashing it is not seen!

After Thunder Net disappeared, Xiao Hua saw everything inside the pavilion, but Xiao Hua’s look was a stop!

This pavilion is not big, only has several feet, on the wall of the pavilion all around, there are many pictures of how many people are tall. The center of the pavilion is not like what Xiao Hua thinks. It is a bookcase, and there is no Jade Strip on the bookshelf! Some, just a large group of light fists, a small number, there are nine light groups, each light group rotates in a fixed place, and nine light groups seem to form a very mysterious Magic Array.

“This…” Xiao Hua scratched his head: “Cultivation Art… Where is it?”

Even though Xiao Hua walked through the entire pavilion and looked at the second floor that seemed to exist, there was no ladder to lead to it.

Just when Xiao Hua turned and wanted to go out and ask, on the wall next to Xiao Hua, one of the pictures suddenly burst into a faint Thunder Light, and Thunder Light swayed on the floor of the pavilion, from above the picture. , Shi Shiran out of a cultivator that doesn’t see the Culture Base!

Xiao Hua was shocked and quickly retreat a few steps. It was very respectful to watch. I saw that the cultivator was originally nothingness, and then gradually solidified. When Light & Shadow formed a real person, it was projected onto the ground. Thunder Light immediately retracted the picture.

“Well?” The cultivator slightly sideways, took a look at Xiao Hua, walked to the side of a light group, with a hand, the light group zoomed in, the cultivator took a hand, took out a Jade Strip, and then put the light The group, and then a little, the light group shrinks and still returns to the previous position.

“Ancestor Master ~” Xiao Hua saw the cultivator and tried to say: “Xiao Hua, disciple, want to ask Ancestor Master!”

“Oh, what’s the matter with you?” The cultivator turned and asked very faintly.

“The disciple first came here to check the books, I don’t know how to check them, but also ask Ancestor Master to teach!” Xiao Hua asked respectfully.

“Well? They didn’t explain the usage to you?” The cultivator frowned, very unpleasant.

“This…the disciple didn’t ask!” Xiao Hua saw the cultivator and was unhappy. He said: “I am afraid that it is Uncle Master. Do they think that the disciple knows?”

“Oh, you are thinking for someone else!” The cultivator smashed one sound from the nose and pointed his hand: “These halo are the places in my Cultural Guidance collection. You only have to take your The Identity Command Tile is put into it, and the halo will naturally lead you in.”

After that, the cultivator did not stop, and left the Cultural Guidance Pavilion!

“Oh, this way!” Xiao Hua bowed his hand to the cultivator and looked at all around. The nine light groups didn’t know which one was. I wanted to go out and ask, but one revolution, but nine, one by one. Can’t you try?

Thinking, Xiao Hua took out the identity Command Tile and tried to put it into the light group next to it.

I know, after the Command Tile was put into operation, the light group swiftly rotated, and the first layer orange red brilliance was slowly released. The brilliance was maintained shortly, and Xiao Hua’s Command Tile was thrown out again!

“Hehe, the good thing about the poor road is not!” Xiao Hua understands that his Command Tile should be as far as the Senior who did not meet, and can only enter the Halo of Foundation Establishment and Qi Refining Cultivation Art.

Sure enough, when Xiao Hua walked to the door and tried to put in the Command Tile, the light group rotated the brilliance of Green Green, and immediately, a step of Levitation gradually extended from the light group, extending to Xiao Hua. At the feet.

“Miao Wei!” Xiao Hua almost had to raise the palm, and then stepped on the steps, and the steps were automatically retracted. Xiao Hua’s body shape shrank more and more, and disappeared as the stairs actually flew into the light group. Within the entire pavilion, the previous calm was restored.

After not long afterwards, Xiao Hua entered the light group and began to spin again, then swelled up. The brilliance also reached a step extending from the light group. A Foundation Establishment Middle Middle cultivator held a Jade Strip in his hand. From the top of the steps, I saw an inch of small people gradually become bigger as the steps pushed, and when they landed on the ground, they are already the same as ordinary people.

Then, the steps did not shrink, and Xiao Hua walked out of the light group and walked to the cultivator and smiled and said: “Thank Uncle Master!”

“Yeah!” The cultivator is not too many words. He will take a shot, a Command Tile, and throw it on the wall. A blank scroll, just like the one on the scroll, throws a Thunder Light brilliance. The cultivator stepped forward, brilliance, and the cultivator flew into the picture.

Looking at the picture again, it gradually reveals a picture of ink splashing. The mountains in the picture look very embarrassing!

(To be continued)

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