LOTCG Chapter 1453

Third One hundred and forty-one chapter Buddha Sarira

“Oh, that’s it.” Xiao Hua nods, looking around, I saw 100% on the wall above the picture, only 30% of the picture has a different picture, presumably some of them are occupied.

“Well, this picture is made up of Space, which is the Study Chamber. Anyone who took the Cultural Art of the Culture Guidance Pavilion and did not bring out the Culture Guidance Court will be enlightened in this Study Chamber.” Xiao Hua stunned, then Look at the light group that just came out, and there is a hint of smile on his face.

Don’t look at the outside of the light group, but there is a lot of space inside. There are quite a few Jade Strips. The Jade Strip is also divided into Talisman Manufacturing, refining pills, Culture Art, Secret Technique, etc., in different areas. At the same time, within the Space, several disciples of Foundation Establishment are also reviewing the classics. Xiao Hua is now the Culture Base of Qi Refining Eleven(th) Layer. He dare not reveal his perception too much. He sees Jade inside. Strip, also look at it casually, without perceptual depth.

However, look at the Jade Strip in the Culture Art area, and look at the large number of Jade Strips such as Talisman Manufacturing, refining pills, and Secret Technique. Xiao Hua also understands: “Even in Imperial Thunder Sect, Culture Art is also Missing!”

Standing in the pavilion, Xiao Hua thought a little, and put the Command Tile into the light group next to the Foundation Establishment. Sure enough, this light group is also released as a step. Needless to say, here should be Qi Refining light. Mission.

Xiao Hua stepped on the steps and entered the light group. After waiting for a meal, she came out of the light group. At this time, Xiao Hua held two booklets with a smile on her face. Subsequently, Xiao Hua, like the Foundation Establishment cultivator, put the Command Tile into a blank scroll, and entered the Study Chamber!

For a series of ten miles, Xiao Hua is in the Cabinet Guidance Cabinet, constantly taking the Culture Art from the light group, seeing it inside the Study Chamber, and then switching to the other and taking the other Culture Art.

“Hey, these Culture Art… 100% is full of 50%, and the rest are mostly the missing Culture Art from the rest of the Mountain Stream Country. And within this 50% Cultivation Art, it feels half It is similar, but it is differently adjusted according to the different constitutions! If it is really cultivation, there may not be a poor road. The “Heavenly Law Earthen Manifestation” comes quickly!” Xiao Hua put a Cultural Art back into the light group. Conceited: “The Study Chamber is certainly enlightened, but the Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi is not enough. It is difficult to make any breakthrough. I don’t have to look at Cultural Art at this time, first of all, Magical Technique and the like. Look at it, it’s just right!”

After watching the number, Xiao Hua came out of the Cabinet Guidance Cabinet and saw the Foundation Establishment disciples of the all around protector who ignored themselves. They had to bow their hands and walk away!

Back to the Eastern Ridge Medicine Garden, Xiao Hua opened the Magic Array, checked his own Cave Mansion and Pill House, and didn’t have the trace of Trace. Then he was relieved and closed the cultivation.

Unconsciously, it was the Ten Commandments. At one noon, Xiao Hua just sent an Absorbing Yuan Pill to the entrance. The trace of the drug had just been converted into True Qi by refining. Xiao Hua only felt True Qi in meridian. The slightest turmoil began, and then it was just boiling, and it quickly flowed along the meridian in the body.

“Miao Wei!” Xiao Hua understands that this is to break through the barriers of Qi Refining Eleven(th) Layer! So, Five Hearts toward the Heaven took Mind, completely refining the drug of Absorbing Yuan Pill, and stimulate to motion True Qi!

Also with the advanced Qi Refining Stage, Xiao Hua has no difficulty in impacting the barriers. Only when it is light, True Qi breaks into the new meridian, and it is as smooth as a mercury!

At this time, the change suddenly occurred, and Xiao Hua’s Magic Force suddenly began to violently shake, giving a weird fluctuation, and the fluidity became more and more intense. This fuctuation is like a flame, and it will be all of a sudden. All True Qi in meridian is lit!

That True Qi is made by Heart Fire, Heart Fire follows the meridian, and it is very similar to the previous Xiao Hua refining Fire Essence Flame Crystal. However, the Heart Fire will move every minute of Xiao Hua’s heart. One point, there is a desire to look forward to the rain! At the same time, Heart Fire has a tendency to break away from meridian 每 every move, but the Heart Fire is blocked by meridian.

“Hey, this is the opportunity to spawn Divine Sense! It’s exactly what Eldest Senior Brother said! But… why is this Heart Fire ignited? I…I haven’t yet stimulated to motion Mystic Art?” Xiao Hua Fu Zhixin It was a very familiar feeling. Then, with a handful of it, Rainbow Cloud, which didn’t know how long it was in Space, was taken out by him. He sneaked into Divine Sense’s Mystic Art and waved his hand. Since Xiao Hua’s five fingers, Heart Fire has come out, the huge Rainbow Cloud has also made several rainbows of short lengths to be grilled by this Heart Fire, and immediately turned into a big group of seven colors melt, in Xiao Hua’s The slight rotation on the hand is very gorgeous!

“Is this… is it a little big?” Xiao Hua is a bit stunned, but no one else’s Rainbow Cloud is at most a hundred years of raw years, melting is the size of a soybean, where can he fight with him. ? ? ?

“No matter what!” Xiao Hua is the most greedy, knowing that Rainbow Cloud is so old, not willing to use only a little bit, just bite his teeth and wave his hand, the big seven colors melt toward Xiao Hua The head is flying!

It’s also weird. It’s a bigger color melt than Xiao Hua’s head under the Imperial Thunder Sect Mystic Art. It’s gradually shrinking. When it comes to Xiao Hua’s forehead, it’s already compressed into a thumb size. The “卍” (wán) Character inside the Xiao Hua forehead disappeared!

One sound, seven colors of the “Teng” melt into the body is like a fire on the fire, the Heart Fire in Xiao Hua meridian suddenly a big magnificence burst, the Xiao Hua whole meridian are shrouded in Heart Fire!

“This…” Xiao Hua has experience in refining the Fire Essence Flame Crystal. However, there is still some Nahan, he dare not sneak, step to motion Mystic Art, and send the seven colors melt to the Niwan Palace!

However, the weird thing happened, the seven colors melt did not talk to Mystic Art, condensed into a small point, turned into a rather distant sphere, the perception is much larger than Xiao Hua’s head. !

According to the guidance of Mystic Art, Xiao Hua should be synchronized to motion. The seven colors sphere rotates slowly, and the Heart Fire in the meridian is absorbed under the sphere. The heart is used here to forge the sphere of the seven colors. First 缕 Divine Sense!

However, the Xiao colors sphere of Xiao Hua is too big, and the Mystic Art foundation is still impressed! Xiao Hua has already had to send the arrow on the string, so she has to bite the scalp and stimulate to motion Mystic Art to attract the Heart Fire to forge the ball!

Because the sphere doesn’t rotate, Heart Fire can’t be easily attracted. Xiao Hua has spent a lot of effort on the Heart Fire. It’s just a drop in the bucket. Foundation doesn’t help, even the seven colors sphere doesn’t have any points. Refining!

“Bad! It’s all greedy!” Xiao Hua regrets it! It’s better to use that Jade Qilin Fruit!

However, at this time, the place where Niwan Palace is occupied by the huge seven colors sphere can still accommodate Jade Qilin Fruit? Besides, neither Rainbow Cloud nor Jade Qilin Fruit melt at the same time. Do you know if it will be a problem?

“How can this be good?” Xiao Hua is almost sweaty!

Suddenly, above Xiao Hua’s forehead, where the seven colors melted, the “卍” (wán) Character, because of the role of the Rainbow Cloud, the Foundation Establishment flashed out, mapping the seven colors melt, giving a faint Buddha Radiance!

“Right, I am not going to Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra?” Xiao Hua suddenly thought, it seems that this situation is extremely similar to the first step of forging Sarira in Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra! So, Xiao Hua put the Imperial Thunder Sect’s Mystic Art, which spawned Divine Sense, aside, recalling the contents of Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra, and then hammering it up according to the records in Heart Sutra!

As Xiao Hua tempered the melt of the seven colors where the Niwan Palace was, the forehead’s “wán” Character became more and more obvious, and the Buddha Radiance was more and more intense, but the Buddha Radiance was not long-range. Only Xiao Hua was shrouded. In the meridian, the burning Heart Fire didn’t go out because Xiao Hua gave up Mystic Art. It didn’t get out of control because it was not absorbed by the seven colors. Instead, it slowly followed True Qi. The same as the Xiao Hua Heart Law’s circulate flows gently in the meridian.

Similarly, the retrospective in Space stopped rotating. A quiet and serene atmosphere spread the entire Space. Little Silver and Little Yellow all fell asleep. Variegated Star Radiance was also projected at Heart Fire. One by one tempering!

I don’t know how long it took. With the tempering of Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra, the ball of the seven colors has gradually changed its shape. The Buddha with a Supreme compassion on his face gradually reveals his face and fingers. The blurred outline, but the outline is very rough, most of them are nothing!

Even after a slight flash, only a faint phantom!

Of course, the most weird thing is that the location of the Niwan Palace where the Buddha Sarira is located is very abruptly bulging, just like the Buddha has a great belly!

This Buddha Sarira is also slowly rotating, rotating with the “卍” word rotated by Xiao Hua’s forehead. Buddha Sarira’s empty, vain face seems to look down at World in rotation.

“唉~” With Xiao Hua one sound sighing, his Buddha Sarira stopped spinning, exactly the same direction as Xiao Hua! The “卍” (wán) Character on Xiao Hua’s forehead also flashed a few times, and the entire Buddha Radiance was converged, and disappeared immediately!

Xiao Hua, though sighing, didn’t open his eyes, at this time he would perceive, oh, no, according to Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra, his perception should be Buddha Conciousness, this Buddha Conciousness from Buddha Sarira Life, than before, I don’t know how many times I’m tyrannical. The movements of the nearest ten feet are all within his Buddha Conciousness!

“Grandma’s! This… shouldn’t it be Divine Sense?” After seeing Buddha Conciousness, Xiao Hua is not happy, but he is a bit worried, he is a disciple of Imperial Thunder Sect, not a disciple of Buddha Sect, no Divine Sense… … How does he explain to Teacher and Ancestor Master? What about the cultivation after his Foundation Establishment? He clearly does not have Divine Sense, how to control Magical Artifact, and even Magical Treasure in the future?

“The greedy is not enough to swallow the elephant!” Xiao Hua warned himself again!

(To be continued)

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