LOTCG Chapter 1454

Third One hundred and forty-two chapters spawn Divine Sense

“Right, isn’t Teacher giving back a Jade Qilin Fruit? I…do you try it?” Xiao Hua thought, took Jade Qilin Fruit out, and took a look at the ugly Jade Qilin Fruit, Xiao Hua again. Yes: “In case… Jade Qilin Fruit has a conflict with Buddha Sarira? Will there be any more problems?”

“Hey, my True Qi!” Xiao Hua noticed the Heart Fire in her meridian! Because in the Mystic Art of Imperial Thunder Sect, this Heart Fire is completely absorbed by Rainbow Cloud, the new True Qi will come out again, and now Xiao Hua does not use Heart Fire, the new True Qi will naturally not be born!

“Grandma’s!” Xiao Hua almost jumped. He wanted to stop and send a Sound Transmission Talisman. Ask Eldest Senior Brother Xiang Yang or Teacher, but he couldn’t explain Rainbow Cloud. He couldn’t explain Buddha Sarira. what!

“Will this Heart Fire go out on its own? It seems… In the Professional of the Eldest Senior Brother, if there is no Imperial Thunder Sect’s Mystic Art stimulate to motion, True Qi and Magic Force only boil, it is calm!” Xiao Hua just thought, then he denied it. If it can be extinguished, it has long been extinguished. He has tempered this Buddha Sarira for so long, and he has not seen it extinguished. How can it be extinguished now?

“Maybe… try the Mystic Art of Imperial Thunder Sect again? Try Jade Qilin Fruit again?” Xiao Hua hesitated a fragrant Time, and then made up his mind to stimulate to motion Mystic Art again, using the Heart Fire to Jade Qilin Fruit is also melting, and sure enough, Jade Qilin Fruit melts into a three-color sphere of soybean size.

However, where is the melt of this three colors placed? When Xiao Hua tried to send the melt to Niwan Palace, he faced new problems! Fortunately, he just hesitated to find a great location!

Within the eyebrows of Buddha Sarira, where Niwan Palace is!

Put Jade Qilin Fruit three colors melt, Xiao Hua still closes the eyes, stimulate to motion Mystic Art Turn three colors melt, and sure enough, with the three colors melt, the Heart Fire in meridian is sucked Three colors melt all around, then Heart Fire will be surrounded by melted, violent calcination!

I don’t know how long it took, “one”, three colors of the “boom” melted, and the Heart Fire is also extinguished! Buddha Sarira’s eyebrows, if nothing, small and small points can not be generated, a pure Divine Sense came to life!

“Blood Jade refining Core? Leading and Directing Divinity??” Xiao Hua has no such name in his mind, and the two extremely familiar Cultural Art chant is also remembered! This time, Xiao Hua was not surprised, and did not open her eyes. Instead, she calmed down and recalled the teaching of Leading and Directing Divinity over and over again, hoping to recall other things, but unfortunately Chant flows like a clear stream of water in his mind, just pure, without any other impurities!

After a long time, Xiao Hua opened his eyes slowly, and his eyes were a little confused. He thought: “Wu Ming chant is obviously along with Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra, but it is superficial. I am afraid that it is also called Buddha Sect. Cultivating the Truth is lost. And this Leading and Directing Divinity is a Culture Art with Ninth Layer, it seems…somewhat related to Mystic Art of Imperial Thunder Sect! If you compare Mystic Art with Wu Ming chant, Leading and Directing Divinity is just Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra!”

“And, just when I tried cultivation Leading and Directing Divinity, it was faint… there was a sense in the Niwan Palace position! Just… this induction is really felt by the Culture Art, and it can’t be taken seriously!”

“The problem is, but everyone has Niwan Palace, where does Divine Sense without Niwan Palace cultivator come from? I don’t feel Niwan Palace, then… Niwan Palace is unusual! And this is not the case. General… Serious!!! Even the Mystical Ability that Empress can’t find, I can’t handle it at this time?”

A few thoughts, Xiao Hua is going to use the idea of ​​using Leading and Directing Divinity Cultivation Art to forcefully perceive Niwan Palace! He now knows that there are countless Mystical Ability vast & great people in this Culture World. His own life is unknown. I am afraid that there are some origins. Of course, if you don’t have full control, you would rather suffer some grievances and you will not be able to stun the snakes. situation!

The new Divine Sense is extremely weak, far worse than Xiao Hua’s previous perceptions, not to mention the Buddha Conciousness that perceives metamorphosis. Xiao Hua tries to familiarize himself with the new Divine Sense with Divine Sense’s escapement. Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra’s record is controlled by Buddha Conciousness. In contrast, Xiao Hua is somewhat confused. Both of these things seem to have the same purpose. They can feel that the essence of the two is different. It is like watching a mountain. Divine Sense, you can see the mountains, you can also see the mountains! And Buddha Conciousness is to see the mountains, but also to see the mountains!

“Oh… these esoteric things, I am afraid I have to ask Teacher!” But immediately, Xiao Hua is secretly thought: “Since Kan Mingwei and others have been checking things for decades, Teacher… I am afraid it may or may not be Know!”

At this time, Xiao Hua’s Command Tile in his arms suddenly changed. Xiao Hua was very impatient to take out the Command Tile, flew into the air, opened the Magic Array, and saw the Magic Array outside. The same is also intolerance. When I saw Xiao Hua, I yelled: “Xiao Hua, that is, knowing that this is the scorpion of Thin Bamboo Flame Grass, why not open the Magic Array? Is it possible. The lesson of the previous year has just passed a year. Are you forgetting?”

“What?” Xiao Hua stunned, but he did not expect that he was only retreating once, hitting the barriers of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, and by the way, the Buddha Sarira was made, and it took a year to spend! I saw Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution, and lost the smile: “Good teacher, Senior Brother Zhen knows that the disciple was late last night. He picked Thin Bamboo Flame Grass on the mountain this morning, afraid of delaying the Senior Brother, all…”

“Don’t say it, take Thin Bamboo Flame Grass!” Zhen Ming shouted his hand.

“Oh, Senior Brother wait, the disciples are still left, pick them up!” Xiao Hua arched his hands and quickly flew back.

Fortunately, the shock is just the brows slightly wrinkle, not to follow, standing in the middle of the boring East to see the West!

However, for a long time, Xiao Hua turned around again, handed over the Storage Bag, and opened it to see Xiaohua. He handed over an empty Storage Bag to Xiao Hua and asked, “What about other Spirit Herb? Can it continue to grow?”

Xiao Hua knew that he would not come in and smiled: “Most of them seem to be unable to grow, but some are just sprouting!”

“heng, I know that it is impossible!” Zhenming no longer said more, turned and flew back to Shuo Lei Temple.

Looking at the shadow of the distant, Xiao Hua smiled, took out the Command Tile, turned off the Eastern Ridge Magic Array, and then stepped to motion Magic Force, cast Art of Thunder Escape, and hurried toward the direction of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. And go!

Far away from the Goose Mountain in River Goose Doctrine, there is a towering mountain peak. This mountain peak is not the same as other mountain peaks. There are no trees or grasses on the mountain, and there are only ice layers and mountains.

At the bottom of the mountain peak, there is a huge cave. From the top of the cave, a lot of thick icicles hanging from the human arm hang down and block the cave.

At this time, in front of the cave, Jie Qiong Fairy was brought to the smooth ground from the heavens with several disciples of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

“Open Restriction!” Jie Qiong Fairy’s face has a hint of joy, but also has more confusion, whispered.

“Yes, the disciple knows!” The two older cultivators next to the two steps, each holding a crystal jade in the hands of Magic Force stimulate to motion, the jade emits a blue-brilliance brilliance, then From the inside of the jade, the shadow of a half of the canary flies, each fanning a wing, looks very strange, two and a half of the finch are merged together in the air to form a complete sparrow Immediately, the two disciples glanced at each other and simultaneously stimulated to motion Magic Force. They held their hands and said: “Go!”

The squirrel slammed into the icicles in front of the cave. The entire cave flashed a few equally blue brilliances, and it was annihilated. Timed, the many icicles disappeared, revealing the hole in the Black Hole!

Jie Qiong Fairy didn’t seem to hesitate, his figure flew up, and he flew into the hole and flew down the mountain cave to the mountain peak.

The mountain cave is very embarrassing and extremely deep. It takes a scent of incense to fly to a place like an ice palace. This is also a big space. All Living Things are carved in ice, or Birds and beasts, or famous flowers and grasses, are some of the All Living Things, crystal clear.

Jie Qiong Fairy flew to the center of the ice palace, in front of an exquisite house, took a hand, took out a Command Tile, and threw his hand on the door of the house. The Command Tile hit the cold door and immediately flashed. Brilliance, one did not enter. In a moment, the whole house melted strangely, revealing a round hole with a brilliance on the ground!

Jie Qiong Fairy didn’t hurry into the mountain cave, but released the Divine Sense, and he looked around and watched it, flying into the mountain cave!

After the mountain cave, it is a cold bite deep hole. Here, there are a lot of moonstones on the walls of the deep hole. In the cold, the brilliance of the moonstone is also bleak, as if it can’t be far away.

Jie Qiong Fairy and the Foundation Establishment cultivator behind him entered the deep hole and immediately turned his eyes to the deep hole all around the five Qi Refining cultivators sitting side by side!

“Hey!” Jie Qiong Fairy took a shot, and the five cultivators opened their eyes at the same time, with a deep joy on their faces, looking at Jie Qiong Fairy.

“You wait, this cultivation ends here!”

“Yes, the disciple knows, follow the Ancestor Master order.” Five cultivators get up at the same time, one of which is Xiao Mao!

“Go, you wait for one person to bring one, and return to Jinyanling with your old body!” Jie Qiong Fairy looked around and yelled, “Yes, the disciple knows!” Five of the Foundation Establishment cultivators came forward and took each hand and grabbed each one. A disciple, followed by Jie Qiong Fairy, flew out of this deep hole… I don’t know how far away from the mountain, a cloud-filled mountain forest, countless birds and beasts leisurely flying, “one” The sound of the bell is not only to scare away the birds and beasts, but also to absorb the white clouds. The depths of the white clouds are gradually deepening. At the end of the forest, above the mountains, in front of a splendid palace, a white cultivator is entering the palace gate. in!

This person…is the Lizongbao of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

(To be continued)

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