LOTCG Chapter 1455

Third One hundred and forty-three chapters Emotion Separation Treasure Mirror

And Li Zongbao is still the same kind of Fengshen jade, and it is not because of the small age to set foot on the Foundation Establishment, it seems embarrassed or proud, even from the palace of the Qi Refining Seven Eight Layer of the young disciple respectful gift, he also All the little feet, smile nods. This kind of humility is just like the spring breeze, which makes people feel warm.

Li Zongbao entered the palace and saw the empty inside of the palace. In the middle of the palace, among the two incense burners, the incense was floating from the top. A cultivator with a thin back and a pure white hair sitting in front of the incense burner, seems to be hanging down, closes the eyes, this cultivator is Li Zongbao’s Teacher Hang Ming.

Li Zongbao did not dare to speak out, walked two steps lightly, stood inside the door of the temple, and stood up.

After a while, a slightly old voice came from the incense burner: “Zongbao, your Foundation Establishment has been for several years, and now Boundary can be stabilized?”

In front of the incense burner, the head of Li Zongbao’s Hang Ming did not know when he had turned around. A pair of bright and bright pupils stared at Li Zongbao, very kindly asked.

Li Zongbao heard a few words and walked a few steps to Hang Ming’s eyes. After the ceremony, he smiled and said: “Good Teacher knows that the disciple Boundary has been solid in the Year of Second. It has been steadily improving over the past few years. !”

“Well, that’s good! Foundation Establishment is just a small start for you. Condensation is your real test. Foundation Establishment is no more than Qi Refining, and the details should be cultivated. Don’t neglect!”

“disciple understands, thank you Teacher for teaching!” Li Zongbao said very respectfully.

Hang Ming laughed again: “A few years ago, the Mountain Stream Country line, although you have revealed that the whole Qi Refining is not completely Grand Perfection, but in the past few years, the teacher has let you slow down the Boundary. I think the previous mistakes are all about it.”

“Exactly, Teacher!”

“Good! In the Mountain Stream Country Hundred Zhang Peak, you will kill Demonic Realm Demonic Being…” Hang Ming stalked, but Li Zongbao was frowning, be careful: “Teacher, that blood Demonic Being is not a disciple. Killed…”

“哎~Zongbao!” Hang Ming shook his head slightly: “I know that you are open-minded, and you don’t bother to rush with others, but the little Rogue Cultivator is only the Chemistry Base of Qi Refining Second Layer, if you don’t have Demonic Being blood Live, how can he annihilate the blood? In the end, he is just the cheaper of Demonic Artifact. If you don’t win it, even if he is lucky, what is he doing?”

Li Zongbao blinked, silent.

“Moreover, you are on Hundred Zhang Peak, but on behalf of my Ripple Country, on behalf of my bliss, killing Demonic Realm is not only yours, but also my bliss! Just when you come back to tell the teacher After that, the teacher has already told the Sect Leader about this matter. This is a great credit for my bliss after the battle of Defending Demon Valley. Sect Leader has already reported this time to the Immortal Alliance, but I don’t know why the Immortal Alliance’s reward has not been But it is intriguing!”

Looking at the white hair of the Teacher full head and the eager hope on his face, Li Zongbao sighed slightly, nods said: “disciple understands !Teacher is true!”

“Oh, that’s it! This is about the face of my bliss, how can it be lighter?” Hang Ming said, but still shaking his head, glanced at the temple, and said: “Mountain Stream Country On the trip, you will find out the things of Ming Yang. Your Zhuo Hui Uncle Master is very sympathetic. I have praised you for the teacher several times.”

“This is nothing? Ming Yang… It’s easy to pay respects to join. I am very happy. I just got some improvement on the Culture Base. I am afraid that Uncle Master is very sad?”

“I can’t talk about any sadness!” Hang Ming sighed one sound. “But it’s just a matter of your own bloodline. I want to carry more on the road of cultivating the Truth. Since I can’t do it, it’s natural to stop! And you will The reason for the matter is proven, and you will have a little worry about Uncle Master. This is where he appreciates you!”

“In fact, when the teacher introduced Ming Yang into the celestial music, he persuaded him. The mortal has a mortal pleasure, Aristocratic Cultivation Clan has the means of Aristocratic Cultivation Clan, and I cultivating the Truth martial art is not very good with them. In the same way, if a disciplinary disciple is introduced into the cultivating the Truth sect, it will not be good for Meng Yang and for your Uncle Master!”

Hearing here, Li Zongbao’s mouth twitched slightly, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. He whispered: “Actually… the disciple understands Zhuo Hui Uncle Master…”

“heng ~” Hang Ming cold sound one sound: “Understand it! But it can’t be like him! Now he is self-contained, and he has a concern in his heart. The Culture Base has not benefited for a long time. He was only worse than the training base. Something now. But it is the Golden Core Initial Stage. Looking at this situation, although the Aristocratic Family has come to an end, he is now thinking about the troubles. The Culture Base can be improved. But… the most suitable The time has passed, and this is a matter of gestating a baby. I am afraid that the President is hopeless!”

Li Zongbao’s eyes once again showed a trace of ash, which looked very painful, but this pain is quickly annihilated. How can Hang Ming see it?

“For the teacher to call you this time, I told you one sound, you Zhuo Hui Uncle Master just sent the message, Mist Country Extreme Clear Sect will host Feather Immortal Meeting next year, send me an invitation to the bliss, your Uncle Master pick up The selection of the disciple of Feather Immortal Meeting, according to his ideas, wants to bring you a hand, let you be the deputy of the team leader, what do you mean?”

Li Zongbao heard, first thought for a moment, Shen Sheng: “Uncle Master’s kindly disciples, but this Feather Immortal Meeting is in Mist Country, this is about the face of my bliss, the disciple of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage The cultivator, how can I be a deputy? Uncle Master This is something wrong!”

Then Hang Ming waved his hand and smiled. “You don’t have to worry about these things. Your Uncle Master will not be assigned casually. Feather Immortal Meeting is just a gathering of Qi Refining peak disciples, showing the strength of this door. And then talk to other disciples, even if there are any wins and losses in my eyes, it is also a child’s trick, when it is not true! You are a disciple of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage, it is appropriate to go.”

Li Zongbao understands the meaning of Teacher. He is a member of the Foundation Establishment at a young age. He is a great leader in the Ripple Country. He is a deputy leader in the past. He does not need to take part in the exchanges and use his age to show the bliss. Strength is indeed a very good candidate.

So Li Zongbao vowed: “But listen to the instructions of Teacher and Uncle Master!”

“Okay, then you should be prepared, familiarize yourself with the many of the Magical Artifact’s sacrificial refining, Feather Immortal Meeting will be held next year, and there will be disciples to inform you!” Hang Ming waved.

“Yes, the disciple knows!” Li Zongbao nods, then asked again: “I don’t know Feather Immortal Meeting this year, Mountain Stream Country, Mist Country and my Ripple Country?”

“Well, it’s natural.” Hang Ming said with no anger: “When did Huan Country participate?”

“Aristocratic Cultivation Clan? Do they participate?”

“heng~How can they be eligible to participate?” Hang Ming sneered: “Feather Immortal Meeting has always been cultivating the Truth sect, what is the relationship with them?”

“Yes, discipline understands, disciple retired!” Li Zongbao did not dare to say anything more, ready to retire after the ceremony.

At this time, Hang Ming suddenly asked: “Zongbao, can you make a breakthrough in “Emotion Separation Treasure Mirror”?”

Li Zongbao smiled and whispered: “Dr…. I feel like I am about to break through, but always… there is a barrier in front, so that the disciple knows the door and can’t enter it!”

“Dust Edge! Heart’s Devil!! Concerned!!!” Hang Ming said without hesitation: “Emotion Separation Treasure Mirror is my Extreme Clear Sect Top Grade Cultivation Art, which is the Supreme way to repair the Golden Core. Everything is broken, and Nascent Soul’s basic Secret Technique is condensed with a dust-free heart. Zongbao, you have to be self-sufficient!”

“Disciple… Disciple knows!” Li Zongbao replied with a low head and a slight change.

Hang Ming and other Li Zongbao retired, only a slight glance at the temple and turned around, closes the eyes to adjust the interest.

And said Xiao Hua, leaving the Eastern Ridge Medicine Garden, and performing the Technique of Thunder Escape, it was much faster than before, and flew straight to the helpless Cave Mansion in Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. Before he landed, a Divine Sense was swept, Divine Sense Xiao Hua is very familiar, it is helpless, Xiao Hua smiles on his face, and tries to release his Divine Sense released, two Divine Sense hit one place, but the helpless Divine Sense immediately shrunk back, just like the fear of Xiao Hua’s Divine Sense broke down, and immediately, from the distance of Cave Mansion, the helpless laughter came over: “Ha ha ha, it is my disciple of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley! Just one year broke through to Qi Refining Twelfth Layer’s Boundary, this Divine Sense is also extremely authentic!”

Then, helpless and Xiang Yang’s figure appeared in the distance. When she was there, Xiang Yang also smiled on her face and said, “Congratulations on Junior Junior!”

Xiao Hua rushed to the two to give a gift and smiled: “This is all that Teacher teaches and is also a powerful urge for Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Ha ha ha!” Helplessly laughed again, as if he really taught the general, and then put his hand on the head: “Go down, your Teacher’s Wife has prepared a gift for you, and you can see if it is right!”

Xiao Hua immediately smiled as soon as he heard something, and with helplessness and Xiang Yang, he entered Cave Mansion.

Within Cave Mansion, Zhuo [***] and Yan Qinglian have prepared Spirit Wine and Spirit Fruit, and Xiao Hua naturally congratulates him.

When everyone is seated, Xiao Hua’s nose smells the scent of Green Spirit Wine inside the wine glass. This fragrance is very refreshing and fragrant, which is better than what was previously tasted in Xiang Yang Cave Mansion.馋 number of times!

“Oh, no wonder Eldest Senior Brother 唠叨 Teacher This Spirit Wine, it really is good!” Xiao Hua secretly thought, the eyes are stuck on the glass!

“Coughing~” has no choice but to cough one sound and said: “This is my favorite Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. I have never had a happy scorpion for many years! Xiao Hua has been cultivating since the time of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley, and the Culture Base has been constantly improving. Today, I have finally set foot on the Qound Refining Twelfth Layer Boundary! Although there is no Foundation Establishment, Divine Sense has been born, and there is nothing wrong with watching Xiao Hua’s cultivation. If it is not an accident, Foundation Establishment is not a problem! One foot has stepped into the Foundation Establishment !”

Xiang Yang’s face is also full of smiles, open mouth, want to say something, hesitate and close, but helplessly put the wine glass in one fell swoop, smiled: “For my Ten Thousand Thunder Valley happy event, everyone to have a drink!”

“Thank Teacher!” Xiao Hua was happy. He picked up the glass and looked at everyone. When he was helpless, he drank the wine and he looked up and poured Spirit Wine into the entrance.

As Spirit Wine entered the throat, a burning sensation came out of the throat, and it felt like it rushed to the brain, as Spirit Wine flowed into the body.

“Ah?” Xiao Hua couldn’t think of the spicyness of this Spirit Wine, and didn’t feel it out!

(To be continued)

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