LOTCG Chapter 1457

Third hundred and forty-five chapters helplessly angry

When Xiao Hua called out the sound, the spicy taste was rushing to the mouth and nose. His eyes couldn’t help but create tears, and the tears would like to burst out!

Just when Xiao Hua felt rude and wanted to reach out, the spicy taste suddenly turned over and turned into an extremely cool! A burst of comfort in the body of Xiao Hua! However, waiting for Xiao Hua to feel the smooth feeling, the coolness is a change, the spicy taste appears again… “Hey, Spirit Wine is nine!” Xiao Hua suddenly thought of what Xiang Yang said before, sure enough, However, between the interest rates, the nine spicy and cool ones are higher than one weight, and Xiao Hua is tormented! However, after the pungency and coolness, both the body and the meridian had an unparalleled feeling, which made Xiao Hua feel comfortable. The whole body sat on the chair and didn’t even want to move with a finger.

After a short while, Xiao Hua saw everyone looking at herself like a smile, and quickly got up and smiled: “Teacher, this Spirit Wine is really special!”

“Yes, do you want another one?” He laughed helplessly.

“Don’t, Teacher, that’s good, but the disciples have no blessings, but they can’t stand the shock of the wine!” Xiao Hua hurriedly waved: “The disciple still likes the kindness of Eldest Senior Brother. Fragrant Spirit Wine!”

“Hey? Xiao Hua, for the teacher, you are not a person who sticks to the rules, how do you like the kind of Spirit Wine?” Said in surprise: “That is your Eldest Senior Brother’s unbelievable talents like a touch of taste! ”

Xiao Hua smiled and said: “The disciple’s surname is a bleak person. He doesn’t like wine. Instead, Eldest Senior Brother has always missed Teacher’s Spirit Wine.”

“heng, this is what celebrates you stepping into the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, so that he can have a drink, otherwise… let him cultivation to the Foundation Establishment Middle Stage. At that time, he is the designer of Spirit Wine here. Drink!” I said helplessly.

“Teacher, can you drink a few more cups in this day?” Xiao Hua smiled.

“Of course…” helpless nods.

“Oh, Xiao Hua, Teacher’s Wife This Spirit Wine can taste no more than three cups for the first time, otherwise it will be unfavorable!” Xiang Yang is not Life Qi, just remind Xiao Hua.

“The disciple will drink three cups in the future!” Xiao Hua said, picking up the glass from the front of Yan Qinglian, filling his glass and sending it to Xiang Yang, saying, “But the disciples don’t drink, this cup is Let Eldest Senior Brother drink it!”

“Hey, little Junior Brother!” Xiang Yang never thought, and quickly got up and waved: “This is what Teacher gave you, and you ate!”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Little Brother comes from Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. The role of Teacher is busy. Only Eldest Senior Brother has been pointing out the cultivation of Little Brother. Little Brother is Rogue Cultivator. There are very few people who are pointing out Little Brother cultivation. Stepping into the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer is the power of Eldest Senior Brother. If you don’t respect Eldest Senior Brother, Little Brother can’t help it! This is a bad idea, isn’t there a knot? Eldest Senior Brother This drink doesn’t drink, Little Brother The heart will not go, the future cultivation can become a problem!”

“This…” Xiang Yang’s face was a touch of red, and he looked helpless, but he couldn’t tell his face. He put his hand on the road and said, “You have a heart of Junior Brother, you are Drink it! His cultivation… You are really hard!”

“Yes, the disciples did not dare to take the plunge!” Xiang Yang had tears in his eyes and took the glass.

Xiao Hua is whispering again: “This glass is used by Little Brother, and Eldest Senior Brother is not abandon!”

“Hehe~” Xiang Yang smiled on his face, look at Xiao Hua, and drink the Spirit Wine in the mouth.

Then Xiao Hua took the jug and went to Yan Qinglian and smiled. “Little Brother, please invite Senior Brother’s Wife in the Third Cup. Senior Brother’s Wife’s love for Little Brother is also something that Little Brother can’t express in words! ”

Yan Qinglian stood up and took the glass. There was no panic. It seemed that Xiao Hua would do this. He smiled and said: “Xiang Yang has you like this Junior Brother. It is his blessing. Little Junior Brother is at this time though. Base is too low, you can have a promising future. Ten Thousand Thunder Valley is a matter of Senior Brother’s Wife. It’s hard to say that Senior Brother’s Wife and your Eldest Senior Brother will take care of you!”

Speaking of drinking Spirit Wine! Xiao Hua smiled: “Senior Brother’s Wife rest assured, Senior Brother’s Wife and Eldest Senior Brother, Little Brother can’t agree, but Xiang Zhili, Little Brother patted the chest to guarantee the Senior Brother’s Wife!”

Yan Qinglian is naturally listening to Xiang Yang’s madness. She knows who Xiang Zhili is, and her face is immediately red. Zhuo [***] smiled and said: “You kid, it is naughty!”

“Well, Xiang Yang, Qinglian, Xiao Hua just said that it is right, for the busy affairs in the division, you have a lot of things in Ten Thousand Thunder Valley, and you can also respect you for the teacher!” Suddenly said.

“Teacher…” Xiang Yang was shocked and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Waiting for a wave of hand, the two wine lines flew out of the hip flask in Xiao Hua’s hand, and they fell into the wine glasses of the two. Xiang Yang said with a whimper: “The disciples are not good, and the teacher is shamed.. ….”

“Don’t talk, let you drink, you can drink!” Helpless one sound broke, and Xiang Yang’s voice was disturbed. Xiang Yang felt that Spirit Wine was poured into his stomach and said, “Thank Teacher!”

Next to Yan Qinglian, his face was faint, and he stopped drinking Spirit Wine and said, “Thank Teacher Spirit Wine!”

With helpless praise, Xiang Yang was very excited. Everyone said for a moment, Xiang Yang took the courage and whispered: “In fact, the Little Junior Brother is a talented cultivating the Truth, but… After all, it’s Rogue Cultivator, and I’ve practiced three kinds of Culture Art…”

“Shut up!” Helpless, I yelled.

“Lord Husband!” Zhuo [***] is also unpleasant, whispered: “Xiang Yang said absolutely right, you have too many expectations for Xiao Hua, the child is afraid there are too many Burden!Xiang Yang is also thinking about Xiao Hua!”

“heng ~” helplessly dare not [Zhao], had to look at Xiang Yang.

Xiao Hua also understands the meaning of Xiang Yang and smiles: “Thanks to the kindness of Eldest Senior Brother, Little Brother also knows the idea of ​​Teacher. However, the disciples do their best to establish Foundation Establishment. After all, this is also related to the future of the disciple, not sloppy, of course. If something goes wrong, Teacher should be able to understand!”

“Nonsense!” I can’t help but scream: “Where is there any accident? You are a smoldering body, it is fierce, and the bottleneck of the Foundation Establishment is a must!”

“Okay, okay, Lord Husband, don’t say anything about Foundation Establishment. Xiao Hua is just at the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Initial Stage. How can I get a four or five-year time from the Foundation Establishment? Let Xiang Yang give you more guidance and have you. If you have time, check out more. With Xiang Yang and your help, Xiao Hua will not repeat the same mistakes!”

“Well ~” helpless muttered a sentence.

Zhuo [***] will be helpless, but also take a shot, take out a Red mesh Magical Artifact, hand it to Xiao Hua, and smile: “Teacher’s Wife will send you a meeting a few years ago, who I know that there is no suitable thing. Now you enter the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer and have your own Divine Sense. This Magical Artifact is right for you!”

Xiao Hua Daxi, I took it forward, thanked Zhuo [***], picked up the Magical Artifact and watched it carefully. I saw that this Magical Artifact is made up of thin strips of my scarlet red silk thread, each thread The interweaving is adorned by a small Top Grade Spirit Stone. The Rune flashes on the silk. The Rune flashes slightly, and the Top Grade Spirit Stone is also flashing!

“Teacher’s Wife, what is the name of this Magical Artifact?” Xiao Hua looked at Magical Artifact. I don’t know if it’s a Magical Artifact. I still like the Top Grade Spirit Stone on Magical Artifact. I can’t smile at all!

“Oh, I will teach you to know that my Imperial Thunder Sect has a famous Magical Treasure named ‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover’…” Zhuo [***] laughed.

“Ah? Teacher’s Wife… Is this too precious?” Xiao Hua was shocked.

“heng ~ you want that ‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover ‘!” Helplessly said: “That ‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover ‘ doesn’t like you!”

“hehe~” Xiao Hua smiles no longer.

“You silly boy, this is not Magical Treasure, but the imitation of the Artifact Master, it is a Magical Artifact!” Zhuo [***] stunned and said: “That ‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover ‘ is woven with Li Fire, which is separated from the Fire Array method…”

“From the Fire Array method?” Xiao Hua immediately rang the formation of his own Eastern Ridge Medicine Garden.

“‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover ‘stimulate to motion, you can take Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi from your surroundings and convert to Li Fire, but if you are covered by ‘Crowned Crane Cry Heavenly Cover’, if you don’t have Li Fire’s Magical Treasure There is no escape! This Magical Artifact is the forging of the silkworm of the South Ming, but there is a Formation on the silk, but it is simple, far less than the Li Fire; and, Nanming Fire Silk Although precious, after all, I can’t absorb Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi from around, I have to add Top Grade’s Fire Type Spirit Stone on top of this silk!” Zhuo [***] explained: “As for the name? This Magical When Artifact is stimulated to motion, where several have only Fire Crow, what can I call “Firecracker fire net”?”

“Haha, thank you Teacher’s Wife for your name!” Xiao Hua was very happy to thank.

“However, this crow fire net has a shortcoming.” Zhuo [***] smiled and waved: “This Magical Artifact relies on the Top Grade Fire Type Spirit Stone. If there is one less, Formation can be flawed. It’s much less, but it’s useless! You can prepare Fire Type Spirit Stone in the future!”

Xiao Hua heard and grinned: “Teacher’s Wife. This is a difficult disciple. Where does the disciple get the Top Grade Fire Type Spirit Stone?”

“Little Junior Brother don’t have to worry, there are still a few pieces for the brother, which will let you get the Senior Brother’s Wife!” Xiang Yang said quickly.

“Oh, I won’t be late for a while!” said Zhuo [***] and took out a Jade Strip and handed it to Xiao Hua. “This is the method of sacrificial refining this Magical Artifact, and there are some other Magical Artifacts. Method of sacrificial refinement ,Teacher’s Wife Remember that you asked Teacher what you wanted to do?”

“When?” Xiaohua took it, Xiao Hua took it quickly and smiled. “Thank you for Teacher’s Wife, thank you Teacher! Right, the disciple has a question to ask Teacher…”

“Well, let’s talk about it!” Seeing helplessly, not asking, laughing.

(To be continued)

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