LOTCG Chapter 1458

Third hundred and forty-six chapters are inexplicable

Ten days is a long time, and Xiao Hua’s Technique of Thunder Escape doesn’t make much progress. This Technique of Thunder Escape is not the same as the Technique of Thunder Escape given by Xiang Yang. There is a big difference in the Secret Technique of the First Layer.

Qian Thunder Palace’s Technique of Thunder Escape is very detailed, Secret Technique is also a mouthful, and many details are even somewhat mysterious. It is like a cultivation art, which is far from being as simple as an Escape Technique. Moreover, the Technical Thunder Escape of Qian Thunder Palace is divided into Ninth Layer: from the “Surrow”, “Wake the Thunder”, “Ming Lei” of the Initial Stage, to the “Roaming Imperial Thunder” and “Transforming Imperial Thunder” of the Middle Stage. “Startling Imperial Thunder”, and even “Thunder Roaming Three Realms”, “Thunder Transcending Six Paths” and “Thunder Moving Nine Heavens” on Late Stage. Every Boundary name is very arrogant. Every First Layer advance record is recorded by Thunder Escape. The speed must be more than double!

“Grandma’s! The Art of Thunder Escape has just been cultivated to the First Layer, which is the thunder of lightning. The speed is so fast. If it is cultivation to Thunder Moving Nine Heavens, then… but it is not clear how many times Ah! Isn’t it… faster than the Light Escape mentioned in the retrospective?” Xiao Hua looked a bit stunned. At this point, he also understood why his teacher couldn’t help but hear Qian Leizi reward him with Qian Thunder Palace. Art of Thunder Escape, why the expression was so grateful!

However, although Xiao Hua thinks so, I can’t really put Thunder Escape and Light Escape in a grade. I think the difficulty of Light Escape cultivation can be known. Is it possible to compare with Thunder Escape?

While thinking about Xiao Hua, in the eyes of the sky, the Foundation Establishment cultivator once again showed his figure.

“Well, you come with me!” The cultivator saw Xiao Hua’s stay in the Culture Guidance Pavilion, nods.

“Yes!” Xiao Hua responded, followed the cultivator out of the Culture Guidance Pavilion, walked through several palaces, and went to a partial hall. Xiao Hua’s eyes had already seen a plaque in the temple, and the word “Qin Lei” was written.

Into the temple, there are no other people in the temple, only the center of the temple is a censer, the incense burner at this time there is no incense sticks, etc., only an oval mouthpiece 嘶嘶 Flickering lights Thunder Light!

The cultivator took Xiao Hua to the incense burner and pointed his hand: “You will throw your identity Command Tile inside!”

Xiao Hua did it according to the words. The Command Tile flew out in the incense burner. When Xiao Hua caught it, the cultivator waved: “You come with me again!”

Next to the temple are some Study Chambers, Xiao Hua and the cultivator entered the Study Chamber, the cultivator waved, the entire Study Chamber brilliance flashed, and the Study Chamber’s door disappeared.

Look at the face of Xiao Hua’s face, the cultivator brows slightly wrinkle, the eyeball turned a bit, and then put a hand, in front of Xiao Hua, there is a circular mirror for no reason, inside the mirror is a cultivator Avatar!

“Can you see it clearly?” the cultivator asked.

“Yes, the disciple saw it clearly!” Xiao Hua looked at it and couldn’t help but ask: “I don’t know what Senior is letting disciples do?”

“hehe, old man thought that your city was very deep, and finally couldn’t help but ask!” The cultivator smashed one sound from the nose and said: “You remember, wait a moment, you just lose Just this disciple can!”

“Lost to this disciple?” Xiao Hua scratched his head, but he still nods: “The disciple knows.”

“The test of a moment is in the illusion! I must have participated in the selection of the disciple? It is similar to the illusion. No matter what method you use, as long as you lose to this disciple, you will complete the task! “See Xiao Hua nods, the cultivator said again: “Then you will retreat here, and there will be disciples coming to call you later, you will go with them!”

Then, the cultivator turned and left.

“That… other people?” Xiao Hua saw the cultivator waving his hand, and the brilliance flashed again, and couldn’t help but ask again.

“Other people? Hehe, you can do it!” The cultivator hehe smiled and pushed the door open and went out.

Seeing the cultivator is not clear, Xiao Hua also knows that people don’t want to say more, but since it is in the Illusion Array, even if it loses, there will be no danger to life, and lose will lose. Xiao Hua Don’t care.

Sure enough, but the effort of a meal, a child around the Qi Refining Seventh Layer came in, look at Xiao Hua, smiled: “Senior Brother, but did you participate in the selection?”

“Yes, please also bring the Junior Brother to lead the way!” Xiao Hua got up and said.

“Please come with your disciple!” The child smiled and led the way.

Out of the Study Chamber, the incense burner in the center of the hall is gone, and the place where the incense burner is located is now a Quartet Light Halo!

Light Halo has a fist size, there are countless Runes in it, flashing, Rune all around and silky electric light, while Light Halo is white, Divine Sense can not pass.

“Senior Brother, this selection is carried out within the illusion. The specific Rule must be known to the Senior Brother. Please ask the Senior Brother to take out the Identity Command Tile and step into the Illusion Array. The opponent of Senior Brother is as early as Senior. When Brother sent the Command Tile to the Illusion Array, it was already arranged!” The child pointed his hand and smiled: “I wish the Senior Brother victory!”

“Oh, by the Junior Brother Jiyan!” Xiao Hua arched his hand, he wanted to ask: “What is this selection?” But I was afraid of the good thing of the cultivator, so I had to be a boring Gourd. !

Xiao Hua took the identity of Command Tile and stepped into Light Halo. He only felt that One Flower was just like entering the illusion when he participated in the selection. He then opened his eyes and was already in a desert!

Although I know that this is just Illusion Array, it can be a hot sun, a dry hurricane, and the fine white sand under the feet. Xiao Hua hasn’t been to the desert yet. Seeing this, he squats down and explores a gravel. The gravel is very smooth. As Xiao Hua slowly releases his hand, the gravel flies in the air. With the wind blowing!

“Grandma’s ~ is really interesting! I don’t know where Dawn Rain Continent has a desert, find a Time to experience it!” Xiao Hua stepped on the foot, stepping on the desert, and then being taken by some quicksands next to it. Cover!

Just when Xiao Hua wanted to play again, an old voice sounded through the world: “The disciples, this time, there are three hundred and twenty disciples to participate in, and each round will have two disciples to meet, and the fight is won. The disciple’s three points, the lost disciple does not score, if the draw has a score, the final score of the top 20 disciples wins!”

“Okay, after the tenth, the fight begins. Every brother Zi Body will have this round of opponents!”

“hehe ~” Xiao Hua listened to this, and there was no reason for his heart. To be honest, he paid respects to join Imperial Thunder Sect. In the past few years, Culture Base has made a foray leap and jumped to Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, but he is Rogue Cultivator can’t even think about it, and now there is Divine Sense, and there are a few Magical Artifacts that can be used. If you don’t find someone to practice in this Illusion Array, it’s a pity.

“If you lose to the disciple, and you don’t want to win too much, don’t you become?” Xiao Hua has already made a decision!

Later, Xiao Hua took a hand and Profound Iron Needle was taken by him.

Suddenly, in the vicinity of Xiao Hua’s eyes, the light of the sun shook a little, and a short cultivator gradually appeared in the air!

“hehe” Xiao Hua was in the heart, Profound Iron Needle was immediately sent to his feet, slowly flying between the gravel to the cultivator, this desert stroke sand is so big, Xiao Hua can not believe that the cultivator can use Divine Sense Discover the Profound Iron Needle in the thousands of gravel.

The chunky cultivator gradually reveals the figure, the body all around and the slight brilliance, Xiao Hua knows that this brilliance should protect the cultivator, avoid being killed by the other party as soon as it appears!

The cultivator is back to Xiao Hua. When I turn around and see Xiao Hua, my face is also a little vigilant. When the brilliance of the cultivator disappears, the cultivation base of the cultivator is revealed. Xiao Hua does not know: “乖乖This is actually the peak of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer !”

At the same time, the cultivator naturally also saw Xiao Hua’s Culture Base, with a smile on his face.

“This Junior Brother, the poor road is the Qin Thunder Palace Qian Ye, I don’t know how the Junior Brother called it?” The cultivator smiled.

“Disciple of Zhen Thunder Palace Xiao Hua, I have seen Senior Brother!” Xiao Hua also returned.

“Junior Brother Xiao is courageous, so the Culture Base also dare to sign up!” Qian Ye waved his hand, and several Yellow Talisman took it out. Magic Force reminded him to hit him, but his words were not stopped. “But it’s no wonder, here is the Illusion Array, it doesn’t hurt the surname, it’s good to see the world!”

Xiao Hua was asked to ask about this choice of Qian Ye. He could hear his words and raised a sigh of arrogance. “The cultivator Young Master of Foundation Establishment Stage is not awkward. I still care about your Qi Refining Twelfth Layer. What? Young Master asks you what to do? Just kill it!”

I want to finish, Xiao Hua Magic Force reminds me that the whole body is Levitation and flies away in the distance!

“Haha, Junior Brother Xiao, I know that you will be like this! I am afraid, I am afraid, for the brothers will only kill you, will not hurt your surname!” Qian Ye laughed, then hand again It was a shot, a diamond-shaped Magical Artifact was in the hand, and at the same time it was also a measure to motion Flying Technique, while chasing it up, while throwing Magical Artifact in the air.

Once the diamond-shaped Magical Artifact was released, it suddenly grew up, forming a three-foot short spear, surrounded by electric sparks that pierce Xiao Hua’s vest!

Seeing Xiao Hua flying without a short spear, the tip of the short spear stretched again, and a few breaths would pierce Xiao Hua’s vest. Then Qian Ye didn’t feel a smile on his face: “Just enter the selection When I encounter a very weak one, I don’t know what to think about it. What are you doing? Is it giving contribution points to the poor road?”

“Disease! (Jí!) ~” Qian Ye slams one sound, Divine Sense pulls a spear, Magic Force is another reminder, the tip of the spear brilliance is slightly flashing, it seems to pierce Xiao Hua’s body defense Restriction .

But at this time, Xiao Hua’s figure flashed, and it seemed to be extremely lightweight to escape the spear…

(To be continued)

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