LOTCG Chapter 1459

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“Hey, this… how is it possible?” Qian Ye can’t think of Xiao Hua anyway, even if she didn’t use any Magic Force to escape the spear, this is the case, Qian Ye’s Divine Sense foundation didn’t have time to drive the spear The short spear is empty!

“heng ~” Qian Ye is shocked, but she is not in her heart. The other party is just a disciple who has entered the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer. It is worse than him.

Unfortunately, his contempt has just risen. He hasn’t driven the short spear again to chase Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua actually flashed the spear and slammed into One Revolution. Actually… he flew over to him. !

“Ah? Is the snake out of the hole?” Qian Ye was surprised again, but then he was sneer, and he took a shot and took out Sword Talisman in the Storage Bag. However, the scene that surprised him appeared, he just Flying Sword Talisman took out, Xiao Hua, who was still a little two eyes, and then I was shocked to the front, under the slender eyebrows, also in the two pupils of the Phoenix Eye, taunting!

“Oops, he… how is this… fast?” Qian Ye yells badly, stimulate to motion Magic Force, and immediately send Sword Talisman! I don’t know, Xiao Hua’s arrow slammed into front of Qian Ye and didn’t attack, but the figure suddenly plucked and flew towards the top of Qian Ye! What’s left is just a big stack of Yellow Talisman!

“What? What?” Eye Xiao Hua flew high, and Qian Ye’s attention naturally followed! Xiao Hua’s Fireball symbol is directly ignored by others!

“The rumble ~” a series of Fireball bursts around all of Qian Ye’s all around, the hot air waves rushed Qiian Ye’s entire body, and Qian Ye was shocked and his brilliance strobed, but obviously There is no fear in his eyes. Although Xiao Hua uses his own Top Grade Fireball forging, after all, here is a fantasy, all around Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi is not the same as the outside world, the power of the Fireball burst can be limited, and, Qi Ye Already the Late Stage of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, although it has not entered the perfection of Perfection, Divine Sense has some Little Accomplishment, Magic Force can also form a certain defense in the whole body, Fireball is afraid that it can not cause him a real surname. hurt!

“Oh, it really is the High Rank cultivator of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer!” Xiao Hua is also a slight glimpse, then a wave of his hand, more Fireball symbols on all of Qian Ye’s all around, this Xiao Hua is not blind The mess is scattered, but with the Buddha Conciousness drives, the Fireball is still in the chaos!

“Is this your means?” Qian Ye laughed, and when Xiao Hua sprinkled the Fireball, the short spear also flew up!

Seeing Xiao Hua’s Fireball squirting, the spears of the spears are shaking, and like the Gourd, they are wearing a burst of Fireball on the spear!

“hahaha~” Qian Ye laughed, the spear shook again, and he had to pierce other Fireball symbols. However, just as the spear pierced, the rest of the Fireball symbol was like the Swimming Fish, flying one by one to the bottom of Qian Ye, and the place near the legs of Qian Ye burst!

Feeling the violent vibration of the legs, Qian Ye’s figure is slightly embarrassed. “Do you know that this is a concentrated attack? But if you rely on the Fireball character, you have to take a cultivator from the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer. I am afraid that it is a bit of a delusion!” Qian Ye sneered in her heart, but then he was shocked: “Hey, is there a Magical Artifact?”

However, when Qian Ye was suspicious, he was not far from the sky, and Xiao Hua also took out a triangular Magical Artifact!

“Oh, it was there!” Qian Ye was in a steady state. At this time, several Fireball characters burst at the same time, and his whole body defense was blown up. Qin Ye reminded Magic Force that he just wanted to defend the Magic Force. Insufficient, all of a sudden, a huge force and then the Fireball breaks out of the place, the force is great, and extremely sharp, the weakened defense brilliance can not stop the force of the penetration!

“Bad!” Qian Ye just had time to bow her head. She had never seen anything in the Fireball that pierced her legs. The whole body was black, and the whole figure disappeared. When he opened his eyes again, it was already in the hall. !

“Grandma’s!” Qian Ye almost jumped. He felt that he hadn’t applied any Mystical Ability yet. How… was it eliminated? Xiao Hua just flew faster, but it was a little more of the Top Grade Fireball character. It seems that even the Magical Artifact in his hand hasn’t seen it yet? Moreover, look at the surroundings, the first step he was eliminated, is the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Middle Stage, how can there be a Late Stage like him?

Suddenly, Qian Ye’s vest gave birth to a cold sweat, and the teeth trembled: “Hey, is it possible… This is the use of two pieces of Magical Artifact? One of them is killing me? He… Can you really use the Divine Sense drives two pieces of Magical Artifact? That… that can’t even be done by the Foundation of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage?”

“This… If I came across other places, even if he had a lot of Culture Base, he wouldn’t be his opponent? The problem is that he just had Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, it should be the newly born Divine Sense. How could it be that two pieces of Magical Artifact are driven? Well, the one in the hand is definitely intended to be covered. The one under me is the real Magical Artifact! Hey, it’s not awkward to lose in this hearty opponent! ”

Qian Ye is unexpected, not only Profound Iron Needle and Dust Clod, even those scattered Fireball symbols are controlled by Xiao Hua Buddha Conciousness. This is a lot harder than controlling two Magical Artifacts.

Xiao Hua, who is in the fantasy territory, eliminated Qian Ye, and there was no joy in her heart. She took a hand, Profound Iron Needle was in the hands of her, holding two Magical Artifacts in her hand, her eyes fixed on the disappearance of Qian Ye just now. The place, the brows are crumpled, and it took a moment to shake his head slightly. Secretly thought: “Qian Ye is just a disciple of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer. The defense of the whole body is so strong. My Top Grade Fireball symbol can make him change color. But can’t let him avoid his edge and cause confusion. Well, even if he is confused, these Fireballs will not be able to produce the desired effect, and open the defense for my Profound Iron Needle. I… Think about it, the opponent is not Qi Refining Seven Eight Layer later…”

Thinking, Xiao Hua stood quietly in the air, letting the sand cover him!

“Maybe… depends on Dust Clod?” Xiao Hua thought about it, swaying Secret Technique, Magic Force everywhere, flying out of the Dust Clod with an ochilliance of Ochre, which had a fine grain of granules. Brilliance everywhere, the wind and sand over the desert is swept away, revealing a clean sky!

“Hey? Young Master thought of it!” Looking at the sky where Ochre brilliance had just passed and was covered by sand, Xiao Hua suddenly jumped in his heart and remembered something!

At this time, the heavens and the earth suddenly cleared down, the sand in the desert is no longer, and the sound is heard all over the world: “The disciples, the First round has ended, the disciples who have won the record have recorded contribution points, please discard the disciples who entered the Illusion Array. , ready to start the Second wheel fight!”

“Haha~” Xiao Hua knows that he is only awakened at this time. There are more than 200 people fighting in two or two. That’s more than two hundred games. I’m not afraid of losing my name. Where do you want to find a chance to practice? Just as he laughed, Xiao Hua’s brilliance flashed around, not knowing where it was assigned to the Illusion Array, and not far from him, Qian Ye showed his figure!

“Well?” Xiao Hua was black in front of her eyes, waiting for the light to shine again, but it was a pity that Xiao Hua’s all around didn’t shine, still Pitch-black!

“This is…” Xiao Hua Wei Wei, suddenly a kind of dreadful shiver came from the top of his head, Xiao Hua was too late to think about it, and his body shape was about to escape, but it was still late, a huge unmatched pressure from Above the head, he pressed his shoulders back and waited. This pressure is not simply a force, but more is the solidification of Magic Force. Xiao Hua naturally refuses to accept the loss. Divine Strength is used. At this time, a beautiful female cultivator appeared in front of his eyes, and by light, Xiao Hua saw clearly that the female cultivator was also a disciple of the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Late Stage, in the hands of the disciple. A Flying Sword quickly stabbed his chest.

“Grandma’s!” Seeing that he couldn’t fight back, Xiaohua was not smiling, and he only thought of Divine Sense, sweeping Buddha Conciousness out! Sure enough, this is a Pitch-black in the middle of the sky. It can’t be seen clearly by the naked eye. It can only rely on Divine Sense! In the sky of Pitch-black, a big seal is hanging in the air, pressing it to death!

Poor Xiao Hua, when people have already prepared the Magical Artifact release, he still wants to wait for the light, it is a strange thing not to be eliminated!

Xiao Hua is now missing the trace of brilliance, and it is the divine hall!

“Grandma’s” look at all around, there is no trace of people, Xiao Hua smiles, not to mention, he is the first to be eliminated.

At this time, Xiao Hua’s eyes swept over, and the cultivator that he had just brought him seemed to pass through the hall, and he looked at himself inadvertently.

Seeing the cultivator’s vision and not paying attention to himself, Xiao Hua also understands that there are several Foundation Establishment disciples standing not far away, but also bowing their heads and thinking: “What is this selection? It seems that the illusion of this selection is different. If Divine Sense is released early, it will not be so passive! The Magical Artifact of the female cultivator is of course powerful, and the Young Master’s Divine Strength is not vegetarian! …this Divine Sense will be released later!”

Immediately, Xiao Hua didn’t want to delay Time, sitting cross-legged, closing the eyes thinking, considering the means to deal with it later! As the disciples who have been defeated are getting more and more, the surroundings are beginning to be awkward. The whispered arguments are all sent out among the discerning disciples! But in these noisy, a voice screamed with some horror: “Hey, is it… Xiao Hua? You…you already have Qi Refining Twelfth Layer?”

That voice is the voice of a female disciple. It doesn’t sound familiar. Xiao Hua is a bit strange, looking at the sound…

(To be continued)

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