LOTCG Chapter 1460

Third 148 chapter Li Xiaoxiao

Seeing a cold face, Xiao Hua suddenly realized that this female disciple is Xue Xue’s Senior Sister Xun Shu!

At this time, Xun Shu’s Culture Base is already the Late Stage of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer!

Waiting for Xiao Hua to see clearly when Xun Shu, Xiao Hua smiled, and said: “It turned out to be Xun Shu Senior Sister !”

“You… Xiao Hua, before you entered my Imperial Thunder Sect, was it really a Rogue Cultivator?” Xun Shu was not rude, and his eyes stared straight at Xiao Hua, which was a direct question.

Xun Shu’s voice is not small, several people in the near right have already heard it, and I have seen it here!

Xiao Hua smiled and knew that Xun Shu was an Imperial Thunder Sect Direct Disciple. It didn’t go through the soul wind and bloody rain in the Culture World under Startling Thunder Peak. Although the Culture Base is very high, the worldly-wise is still worse. I had to look around and down, and lowered my voice: “My good Senior Sister, can you make it lighter?”

Xiao Hua said that it was very unintentional, and there was not much meaning. Xun Shu listened. The first thing in the eyes was a sigh, and it was immediately angry. The anger was not born yet, and a shyness flashed on her cheek. However, the shyness was just that the fingers were missing. Xun Shu resumed the previous glamorousness. At this time, Xiao Hua raised his eyebrows and continued to whisper: “Before it was Rogue Cultivator, there was no hidden heart. These Xue Xue are also known. Can the Senior Sister not say this in person? You know that many people are biased against Rogue Cultivator!”

When I heard the name of Xue Xue, Xun Shu gave a strange brilliance in the eyes. Then, it was an unstated nods. “It’s a poor road! Junior Brother Xiao!”

After that, the arched hand turned and left!

“哎…Xun Shu Senior Sister…” Seeing Xun Shu is a sudden departure, Xiao Hua raises his hand, wants to stop her, nonsense, what is this selection, Xiao Hua also wants to Xun Shu Exploring the news in the mouth!

However, Xun Shu turned a deaf ear to the call of Xiao Hua, and still steadily left!

“Grandma’s, the poor road did not offend you?” Xiao Hua put down his arms and looked forward to narcissism: “Just let you call the poor road Rogue Cultivator, you have such a big temper? Needless to say, it is better than Xue Xue, that is… …”

Between the thoughts, Xiao Hua thought of Fairy Hongxia… “The disciples, the Third wheel fight began…” A voice rang above the hall, exactly the same as the sound in the Illusion Array.

Xiao Hua rushed to Light Halo, but he just stepped, and there were dozens of dozens of scarlet red filaments flying inside Light Halo. It was just a strip of light that fell on everyone, then the entire Light. Halo flashed, everyone disappeared, and it was an empty hall!

Xiao Hua only felt that it was black in the eyes. This time, he did not dare to care about it. He released Buddha Conciousness early, but unfortunately, at the same time his eyes were bright, and all eyes were Bi Bo, just ten feet in front of him. In the left and right places, a female cultivator dressed in Azure clothes, holding a rod of dust in her hand, looked at herself thoughtfully!

“It’s Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Late Stage!” Xiao Hua saw the other’s Culture Base, and he already had a plan in his mind. He said, “Diacus Xiao Hua, I have seen Senior Sister!”

“Well, you don’t have to be polite. The poor road is Li Thunder Palace Li Xiaoxiao. Since Junior Brother came here to participate in the selection, you don’t have to worry about anything. The poor roads are not merciless, please!” Li Xiaoxiao will take a look at the water. The water flow of the cylinder actually hit Xiao Hua along the swing of her dust.

“Hey?” Xiao Hua First saw this method using Magical Artifact, and when he was in the eye, he took out Dust Clod, and Magic Force stimulated to motion, an Ochre’s brilliance from Dust Clod. Rush out and meet the water!

“hong-long-long” is actually a big sound, and the thousands of particles in the brilliance keep shaking to block the flow of water!

“Oh, Junior Brother Xiao has some means.” Li Xiaoxiao praised it, and it was an understatement. The water was divided into ten, just like the Water Dragon, hovering around Ochre brilliance, bypassing Dust Clod’s block, hitting Xiao Hua from all directions.

“Hey!” Xiao Hua was in a hurry, and Secret Technique moved in the hand. Dust Clod’s brilliance left and right, and the front side leaked to the right. “Peng” was repeated, and the water hit Xiao Hua. In different parts, the power of the water is great, and he is playing against it. The brilliance that defends Yellow Talisman is also flashing and flashing.

Xiao Hua didn’t dare to neglect, stimulated to motion Magic Force, and the figure immediately flew to the sky. He took a hand and took out the protective body of Yellow Talisman. Then he was again, and the six Top Grade Fireball characters were stimulated by him with Buddha Conciousness. To motion, in six different directions to Li Xiaoxiao.

“Weird, this Fireball character… How do you miss it?” Seeing that the Fireball character didn’t directly hit his body, Li Xiaoxiao was slightly stunned, but the dust in her hand was not slow, there was another between the swaying The water flow was taken up by her in the air, and it was also divided into ten streams, which were divided into the body of Xiao Hua.

“hong-long-long” After six loud bangs, six Fireball characters burst across Li Xiaoxiao’s body.

“Haha, Junior Brother Xiao, you Divine Sense still have to practice!” Li Xiaoxiao just exported, suddenly felt that the hot air generated by the Fireball symbol came from all directions, and the wave would actually take her Everything is sealed, and there are no gaps in escape!

“哎哟!!!” Li Xiaoxiao was shocked. It was a little horrified to glance at Xiao Hua. She doesn’t think that the six Fireball characters of Xiao Hua are biased!

Yes, the orientation of the six Fireball characters of Xiao Hua is exactly the same as that of the six Magic Plates of the Qian Fire array. It is also a trick that Xiao Hua just thought of! I only tried it a little now, but it worked!

Under the huge air, Li Xiaoxiao’s body brilliance gradually disappeared. At this moment, among the turquoise waves, a thin black light rises with the wind and waves, which is Xiao Hua’s Profound Iron Needle.

Li Xiaoxiao is in a dangerous situation, but she is not in a hurry. Under the pressure of the waves, when she breaks through the defense of the whole body, she sees that she will be smashed, and a water pattern that emits Sapphire brilliance appears in her all. Around, this water pattern appeared, the heat of Li Xiaoxiao all around dropped immediately, and the heat wave of the Fireball symbol was wiped out without a trace!

“Hey, water! I have this Fireball symbol by her Magical Technique!” Xiao Hua saw the water pattern appear, knowing that Profound Iron Needle can’t make merit, Buddha Conciousness is everywhere, and the Profound Iron Needle is introducing water waves. Among them!

Xiao Hua is in his hands, Dust Clod, View Illumination and Fire Crow. Unfortunately, in addition to Dust Clod, the crow fire net does not have sacrificial refining, and View Illumination seems to only watch, can not attack, Xiao Hua is a little poor!

“Can’t you take out the magic spear head?” Xiao Hua said, “Do you want to get rid of this Li Xiaoxiao by the Technique of Flight?”

Just thinking, I saw Li Xiaoxiao’s dust and movement, but this time it was different. There are actually a dozen more slender water streams separated from the water waves, and the color is darker!

“It’s not over yet!” Xiao Hua will Dust Clod stimulate to motion, and Ochre’s brilliance will not attack, flying to the top of Xiao Hua’s head and going all around, just wrapping Xiao Hua in it!

“Ha ha ~” See Xiao Hua defense, Li Xiaoxiao one sound Jiao Xiao, a dozen waters are hitting the light curtain, “咔咔咔” a few bursts of sound, the light curtain actually began to freeze!

“Not good!” Xiao Hua secretly thought, with a wave of his hand, is about to remove the brillance far away, the dozens of water flow in Li Xiaoxiao’s stimulus to motion, actually formed in Xiao Hua’s all around A sparkling puck, completely enclosing Xiao Hua inside!

“hehe, do you want to trap Young Master?” Xiao Hua sneered, moving in his hand, and a glimpse of Purple’s flame, but the flame was just revealed, it was extinguished, Xiao Hua smiled; “It’s just a Fighting the law, not the big, the Young Master is necessary to shake things out?”

Then, listen to the voice of Xiao Hua: “Senior Sister, Senior Sister, Little Brother for mercy! Senior Sister is really Mystical Ability vast & great, Little Brother admire!”

“Haha, it’s nothing, you just had Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Initial Stage and you can fight the poor for so long. If you practice for a few more years, the Late Stage of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer may not be poor!” When Li Xiaoxiao sees it, he will say awkwardly: “In fact, you still have a loss on Magical Artifact. When you raise the Culture Base, ask Teacher to find a good Magical Artifact!”

“Well, thank you Senior Sister for reminding me!”

“Okay, take your Command Tile out!” Li Xiaoxiao said: “Magic Force stimulate to motion, you can transmit to the Qin Lei Hall!”

“Yes, the disciple knows!” Xiao Hua took out the Command Tile, Magic Force everywhere, and was immediately sent out by the Transmission.

Next, I don’t know how long it took to fight. Xiao Hua changed the illusion of hundreds of different illusions. There are mountains, mountain caves, trees, slopes, and even stars, seabeds, magma. Among them. His opponents have also changed hundreds, male and female, handsome and ugly, but they are the Chemistry Base of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, and half of them are Qi Refining Twelfth Layer. These people have different Magical Artifacts. The means of being good are also different. Fighting with these opponents has really benefited Xiao Hua. Not only is the experience of fighting up straight, but the control of Magical Artifact is also enhanced.

Of course, in these hundreds of battles, Xiao Hua did not fully come up with his true skills. For Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Late Stage, Xiao Hua has performed Magical Artifact fights, which can generally be successfully killed. For the rivals of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Late Stage, if the opponent’s Magical Artifact is powerful, Xiao Hua will use Flying Technique. Fighting with people, his Flying Technique is so powerful that the Foundation Establishment cultivator can’t catch up. He doesn’t need to use the full body of Magic Force, only the rival Magical Artifact can’t catch up with himself!

However, seeing the end of the selection, Xiao Hua met both Xun Shu and Wang Yunxiao, Yuan Bo and Min Ge of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Late Stage, but it did not meet the cultivator. disciple!

Of course, when Xiao Hua saw Xun Shu, he didn’t talk. He just took out the Command Tile and went to motion Magic Force Transmission. Since people don’t give themselves a good face, why do you ask yourself? Xiao Hua didn’t know, looking at the back of his Transmission, Xun Shu’s face couldn’t tell, long time gaze!

(To be continued)

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