LOTCG Chapter 1461

Third hundred forty-nine chapter Wan Lei

As for Yuan Bo and others, although the surface is very polite, it can be unreasonable. Xiao Hua will find out that this selection is a disciple who chooses to go out and practice, and immediately takes out the Command Tile initiative transmission! Nonsense, I am not at the Late Stage of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, what do you go out for? It’s better to hide in the Magic Array inside the hole, and improve the Culture Base!

Fortunately, after Wang Yunxiao and others, Xiao Hua did not know how to discard the disciples mentioned in the Foundation Establishment cultivator after killing several disciples of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer Middle Stage!

But seeing this slightly lower disciple in front of him, Xiao Hua is stunned!

It’s not that this disciple is handsome, not a disciple… It’s too ugly, but the disciple’s Cultural Base… It’s also the Initial Stage of the Qi Refining Twelfth Layer! Of course, it is the Initial Stage that is close to the Middle Stage, not the initial stage that Xiao Hua has just set foot on!

“Grandma’s, didn’t you make a mistake?” Xiao Hua was ridiculous. It turned out that the cultivator of the Foundation Establishment had to give this disciple himself… The green leaves are coming! ! ! But is it going out to experience? Is it necessary to do such a big move? Such a Culture Base, even if it is out, isn’t Wandering Soul in the hands of others? Not as much as cultivation in the Imperial Thunder Sect!

Thinking, Xiao Hua no longer hesitated, Magic Force stimulated to motion, and his own transmission went out, and behind him, the disciples did not have any horror on their faces, as if they were very ordinary!

It was after the end of several selections. The disciples of Qin Leidian explained that the results of the selection would take a few more to come out. When they were sent to their respective teachers, they would let everyone go. Xiao Hua did not go out of his mind, of course, did not care about what results, First Class Qin Leidian disciples finished, other disciples are still talking, he left the Qin Lei Temple, behind him, Xun Shu rushed to chase After a few times, I was stopped by other Senior Sisters, and I stopped to hesitate!

Xiao Hua got out of Thunder Immortal Peak, and went straight to Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. On the road, Xiao Hua sighed and wondered: “Grandma’s, but it’s just a copy of the Technique of Thunder Escape. It’s a month’s worth of time, it’s not worth it! This month’s Culture Art, Young Master Cultivation Base is afraid to be more refined?”

However, One Revolution thought, Xiao Hua is also happy, this selection of himself is really more than 200 disciples with more than 200 disciples, this is not a sit-in retreat can cultivation out!

“hehe, don’t know if Teacher is still in Life Qi? It’s been a month! But, the Teacher business is busy, is it afraid to be in Ten Thousand Thunder Valley?” Xiao Hua thought about seeing the helpless Cave Mansion. ! In this month, Xiao Hua in the Illusion Array, did not realize the Technology of Thunder Escape, the First Layer of the Technology of Thunder Escape, it is a small success.

Sure enough, there is no one in the helpless Cave Mansion, but helpless and Zhuo [***] are not there. Only Xiang Yang smells Xiao Hua and comes out from Cave Mansion.

“Hey, Eldest Senior Brother !Teacher is also Life Qi?” Xiao Hua asked as soon as he met.

“I don’t know for my brother. I didn’t come back after Teacher left. The first few trips to Teacher’s Wife are also going out.” Xiang Yang shook his head. “Little Junior Brother, how come you come here?”

“hehe, you see!” Xiao Hua took out the Jade Strip and handed it over. His face was smug and a look of appearance!

Xiang Yang is puzzled. When I look at Divine Sense, my face is awkward. I quickly say, “This is my Imperial Thunder Sect Qian Thunder Palace. The most complete Technique of Thunder Escape, you… how do you get it?”

“Eldest Senior Brother, naturally is the Sect Master of Little Brother?” Xiao Hua sells it, not to say.

“Fast, fast, and quickly return this thing. The Technology Thunder Escape of the Qian Thunder Palace is the source of my Imperial Thunder Sect Technique of Thunder Escape. Without the Sect Master’s life, you can’t practice, you…” Xiang Yang only woke up, and said with no anger: “Is this Sect Master’s answer?”

“hehe, Eldest Senior Brother actually wants it?” Xiao Hua touched his nose and smiled.

“You are a naughty ghost!” Xiang Yang waved her hand and threw it to Xiao Hua, saying: “Teacher has been thinking about this Technique of Thunder Escape for many years. When you see this Jade Strip, even Life Qi, immediately It will disappear!”

As said, Xiang Yang took a shot and a Thunder Light Sound Transmission Talisman took it out.

Xiao Hua stopped him and smiled: “Eldest Senior Brother, you said that we will send the teacher to the past, will he be more surprised?”

“Hey? Yeah!” Xiang Yang nods, whose face is also eager to try, smiled and said: “I will wait for this!”

However, when Xiao Hua flew in the air, Xiang Yang suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong, Eldest Senior Brother?” Xiao Hua asked strangely.

“It’s not right, it’s not right!” Xiang Yang broke the two and shook his head. “Ten Thousand Thunder Valley’s thunder is the most inhumane. When it was the brother… it was the Foundation Establishment. Why did the Teacher never take it? You used to be, this is the reason!”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Hua was even more curious, and laughed and said: “Teacher has already passed the lightning protection of Little Brother Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. Little Brother uses it every time. Everyone is not afraid of Thunder of Silence. Are you afraid of the thunder of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley?”

Xiang Yang still shakes his head: “It’s different, it’s different. Ten Thousand Thunder Valley is called Ten Thousand Thunder Valley, which is the voice of Heavenly Thunder, which is the best expression of Might of Heaven & Earth. The cultivator at Ten Thousand Thunder Valley is convinced by the power of the world. If there is no defense in advance, the Dao Heart or Dao Foundation will be damaged. You have not been Foundation Establishment, it is best not to go!”

Xiao Hua thought for a moment, whispered: “Would you like… Let’s not go too close? You can call Teacher out. And Teacher sees me and goes in person, even if it is angry, it will disappear!”

Seeing Xiang Yang still hesitating, Xiao Hua patted her chest and said: “Eldest Senior Brother, if the Teacher punishes, Little Brother is committed!”

“Fat~” Xiang Yang yelled and put his hand: “Go!”

“Ha ha~” Xiao Hua smiled and followed Xiang Yang to fly in the direction of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley.

Although the helpless Cave Mansion is already in the range of Ten Thousand Thunder Valley, it is really far away from the Ten Thousand Thunder Valley. With the speed of Xiang Yang, it has been flying for more than half an hour.

“Hey, it’s so far!” Xiao Hua secretly said: “No wonder no one wants to come! And… this all around is Thunder of Silence, who will come?”

Xiao Hua took out the Command Tile in secret, and sure enough, in the map of Command Tile, this all around is dangerous!

“hong-long-long” faintly, the sound of a ten thousand stampeding horses came from afar, and then the sound was sharp and dense, just like knocking on Xiao Hua’s heart.

“Little Junior Brother is careful!” Xiang Yang knows that Xiao Hua knows how to avoid lightning.

“Well!” Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Magic Force, which added more than 30% to lightning protection. So, the sound is still in the ear, but Xiao Hua’s heart is not heavy!

It was a moment of flying, and the thunder was even more bizarre. For a while, the waves were shot on the shore, and the drums were bursting for a while, and then how was the ice landing? The thunder of all kinds of sounds kept coming into the ear, and various chaos also entered Xiao Hua. The mind! His lightning protection is gradually no use, his hands and feet are soft, and Magic Force is hard to sustain!

“Big… Eldest Senior Brother!” Xiao Hua didn’t dare to be too reluctant, calling: “Little Brother didn’t dare to go any further!”

“Good!” Xiang Yang saw it, stopped flying, took a shot, and thunder Light Sound Transmission Talisman, and then waited in the air.

Watching the Sound Transmission Talisman fly away, Xiao Hua sits cross-legged in the air, closes the eyes thinking, he is now just the initial stage of Qi Refining Twelfth Layer, but Magic Force is no worse than Xiang Yang. Xiang Yang has nothing to do with this thunder, but he can’t do it. The problem is obvious. It is the difference between True Qi and True Yuan!

“It seems that we must hurry to the Foundation Establishment!” Xiao Hua thought, secretly made up his mind, but at this time, Thunder of Silence was overwhelmed by the tide, and at the same time, the thunder in the ear Also like the impact of the Golden Spear iron horse, two different types of thunder overlap, let Xiao Hua suddenly feel that the boat that was just barely cruising is in danger of being overwhelmed!

“Broken!” Xiao Hua was shocked. He knew that if Mind fell, Dao Heart would definitely be damaged, and the road would definitely go backwards. The Foundation Establishment… Xiao Hua didn’t dare to care, it’s too late to make a sound. Suddenly pulled up, the Technique of Thunder Escape was cast out and flew back!

Xiao Hua’s change Xiang Yang is naturally discovered, but when she sees Xiao Hua, she shows the Technique of Thunder Escape, and… still thunder! ! That speed is much faster than myself! More strange, actually on the spot! Until Xiao Hua’s figure was almost gone, Xiang Yang only woke up, with a very complex look on her face, and she used the Flying Technique to catch up!

Xiao Hua Although the Thunder Escape was flying in midair, it was still half a moment slower than the thunder. At the beginning, all the thunder suddenly drowned him! Xiao Hua’s mind suddenly became a mess! ! Thunder rushed into his ear and rushed into his Niwan Palace… At this critical moment, the part of Xiao Hua Niwan Palace, the Buddha of Sarira’s Trace was actually under the impact of thunder, twins Hui, at the same time, a faint burst of Brahman Sound was born in the head of the Buddha Sarira, which masked the thunder, and Xiao Hua’s Mind immediately pulled out of the mess! ! !

“His grandmother, this Ten Thousand Thunder Valley… really amazing!” Xiao Hua is constantly thinking, thinking with a lingering heart.

When the thunder was small in his ear, Mind was also solid, and Xiao Hua quickly checked his own Culture Base. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with it.

“Oh… this Buddha Sarira…” When Xiao Hua saw the Buddha Sarira in his mind, he found out that the extremely light imprint, under the impact of thunder, had a slight increase! In other words, the thunder of the Ten Thousand Thunder Valley is a cultivation that helps Exquisite Pattra Leaves Sutra! !

“hahaha~” Xiao Hua just calmed down and didn’t feel great, and smiled secretly: “I’m so sorrowful and unsatisfied? This Ten Thousand Thunder Valley thunder is harmful to the poverty cultivation, but…I don’t think about Buddha Sarira. The cultivation is a big supplement!”

(To be continued)

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