LOTCG Chapter 2

Second chapter Digging a well

Second chapter Digging a well (this chapter is free)

The mountains in the afternoon are still cold, and Zhang Xiaohua is still enthusiastic. However, the progress of the afternoon’s reclamation did not come smoothly in the morning. There are many rocks on the wasteland, many of which are buried in the ground. It is not an easy task to dig up the ground and pick up the big stones. When the sun sets, when the color comes, Zhang Xiaohua Only a few pieces of rock were moved. His hand was first injured, the tiger’s mouth was cracked, and he was blowing in the cold wind, feeling a painful moment.

After all, it is still less young man.

Looking back at the wasteland where I was busy for a day, although I was a little bit sad, Zhang Xiaohua still licked her head and took the water can and went back. The sky ‘color’ is too late, no longer go, and Elder Brother will come to find, grandmother will also worry.

There is a distance between the wasteland and the home. If you don’t have to use the mother to deliver the meal at noon. Walking on the rugged mountain road home, Zhang Xiaohua has no physical strength, but the mood is surprisingly good. The progress of land reclamation is not fast. It is also reminded that if it can be adjusted in a few days, the people in the village must have been whole. The slope of the mountain is open. This is only the beginning, and it will be cultivated in detail later, but it will also be planted, watered, etc., and there are many troubles. Suddenly, Xiaohua thought of a little, watering! ! ! Yes, the hillside is so high, so far away from the river in the village, the water should be so awake, there is no spring around it? Why didn’t you think about it long ago? This… How is this good? Thinking of this, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but speed up and ran home.

When I walked into the entrance to the village, the sky ‘color’ was already dark. There were still many urchins in the village who were laughing and playing. I saw Xiaohua licking the hoe, and some familiar villagers stopped Xiaohua and asked him about the land reclamation. Xiaohua also All one by one answer. It seems that the opening of wasteland on the hillside is also a matter of great concern to villagers who do not have enough rations. However, Xiaohua is also very absent-minded, everyone thought he was tired, and did not ask in detail, Xiaohua went to the home.

Zhang Xiaohua’s home is in the south of the village. From the perspective of Fengshui, it is the place where the wind is coming. However, the area is not small, and with the efforts of Zhang Cai, there is actually a small courtyard. The walls of the small courtyard are not high. They are piled up with yellow mud and can be seen from the outside. Far from the fence door, Zhang Xiaohua saw the grandmother wearing a crutches, because the eyes could not see, the grandmother did not go out, and this time holding the fence door, I thought it was to remember my youngest grandson. Hearing the approaching footsteps, Grandma’s face showed a smile. “Xiaohua, I’m back~, are you tired today?” Zhang Xiaohua ran a few steps and entered the door, putting the hoe and the jug down. Supporting the grandmother’s arm, and quickly replied: “Not tired, grandmother, I have never done farm work before.” Grandma comfortably held Zhang Xiaohua’s hand and said, “Our Xiaohua is already an adult, grandma has forgotten! “Grandma’s hand just happened to touch the place where Zhang Xiaohua’s tiger’s mouth cracked. Zhang Xiaohua breathed a cold breath, although it didn’t make a sound, but the grandmother had already heard it and said loudly, “Small talent, hurry and come and see the child.” “Zhang Xiaohua’s aunt has just returned, is cleaning in the yard, heard the voice of the mother-in-law, feels coming, take a closer look and say:

“No relationship, mother, Xiaohua is too hard to work, her hands are cracked, and it will be good in a few days.”

Grandma said: “Would you like to go to the old Chen of the village to give your child a ‘medicine’ wipe?”

Just saying, Guo Sufei came out of the house and said to Zhang Xiaohua’s grandmother: “No, mother, last time Xiaohu was not used, there are still some, when Xiaohua sleeps at night, give On the previous point, it is estimated that tomorrow will be better. Niang, you feel like going back to the house, it’s cold, the wind is up, and I will send you the meal for a while. Xiaohua, help your grandmother back to the house.”

Zhang Xiaohua carefully sent her grandmother back to the house, and her anxiety about watering was also left behind.

After the meal, the parents made baskets under the oil lamp of the bean, and Zhang Brother Xiaohua also took the handle next to him. Zhang Cai asked Zhang Xiaohua about the land reclamation. Zhang Xiaohua is also one by one, Zhang Cai said:

“You are really slow. Waiting for Xiaohu to help Xiaolong to get the river over there is not enough. I will help you in the past.”

Zhang Xiaolong also said: “Don’t worry, Xiaohua, I am busy, I will help you with the shackles, and will finish before the winter.”

Zhang Xiaohua said: “I am worried, I have not said that the land reclamation should be careful. Slow down, slow down, open the crops, and grow the crops. The president is good.” When he talked about it, he thought of it. Watering things, and quickly asked him: “Hey, I just remembered that when I walked halfway, the hillside was so high, there was no spring in the vicinity, how about the crops in the future?”

Zhang Cai stopped his work and said, “It is difficult for you to think of it here. What do you think should be done?”

Zhang Xiaohua took a little help and looked at the two Elder Brothers: “Our land is diving, the hillside is so far, it is high, can’t pick water?”

Zhang Cai said with a smile: “Xiaohua, what is behind the slope?”

Zhang Xiaohua thought about it: “Isn’t that a deep pit behind?”

“Yes, there is a small hill nested together on three hillsides. You can digging a well there. Then, we can drink water and water the fields from the well to the whole path in the ground. Zhang Cai said with confidence.

“It seems that you have planned for a long time.” Guo Sufei smiled and praised his man.

“Then, hey, when are we Digging a well?” Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t wait to ask.

“When the ground level is not enough, before the winter, the Land Protector has not been frozen. Let’s ask the people in the neighboring village to help us. Let’s start!” Zhang Cai finished, started in the hands Lived.

With a satisfactory answer, Zhang Xiaohua finally let go of his heart and the family was busy with the work in his hands. After a while, Zhang Xiaohua was obviously tired and his eyes were ‘fascinated’. Guo Sufei distressed him to go to sleep first, Zhang Xiaohua promised, Muran went to the shackles of the three brothers, threw himself into the dilapidated quilt, went to sleep, even the evening mother painted himself ‘Pharmaceutical’ does not know.

A busy day has passed so hurriedly.

In the following days, Zhang Xiaohua was able to withstand the ‘sex’, but only flattened his own Land Protector with one heart and one mind, and did not ‘fuck’ the problem of watering. Later that evening, Zhang Xiaohua cleaned up the weeds, knocked the big bandits, and prepared to go home. On the way, Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help it anymore, and couldn’t help but wonder what his sloping land turned into a flat farmland. It is possible to sow seeds when the plowing is poor, and it will take a while to start the fight.

When he just turned the hillside, he saw a few wooden shelves in the deep recess under the slope. Zhang Xiaohua ran over and looked at the probe. Sure enough, a circular platform was placed at the bottom of the pit, with a circular wooden board on it. All the wooden boards were covered with six long wooden sticks. The bottom was deep. ‘Plug’ into the soil, which is set up in a tower shape. Zhang Xiaohua almost stunned and ran down the hillside to the bottom of the wooden frame. At this time, there is no one. It is estimated that after the shelf is over, Zhang Xiaohua patted here to ‘touch’ and touch it. It is very strange. With these shelves, you can play deep wells. When Zhang Xiaohua is strange, someone is Call him above:

“Xiaohua, where are you?” The voice is Second Brother Xiaohu. Xiaohua quickly replied:

“I am here, Second Brother, come see, let’s prepare for Digging a well.”

Zhang Xiaohu also slipped from the slope and pulled Zhang Xiaohua and said, “Okay, I know, in the afternoon, I helped the big brother to get these things over. The big brother said to give you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you.” At this moment, my mother is waiting for you to go back. Let’s go.”

The two brothers ran trot and returned home.

There is already a dining table in the cabin of the house. Sitting next to the table is a big brother, but I don’t see other people I don’t know. Zhang Xiaohua can’t help but ask: “Hey, what about Digging a well?” Zhang Cai said with a smile. “They all went back. We didn’t have much money at home. We told them that it was just lunch, and it didn’t matter at night, and our family members also wanted to help, so that the amount of work can be less.” Zhang Xiaohua responded. One sound, just go out and help my mother have dinner.

After dinner at night, Zhang Cai assigned a task to everyone in the family. The three brothers of Xiao Xiaohua, of course, were on the spot. Xiaohua’s mother was responsible for cooking and delivering food. Zhang Cai wanted to buy materials, find someone to help, and so on. In short, in addition to Xiaohua’s grandmother, the whole family must do it. Of course, grandma has to look after the house, and feeding chicken is also busy.

Early the next morning, Zhang Xiaohua got up early, rushed to two Elder Brothers and went to Digging a well. Zhang Xiaohua’s mother has to ask them to eat something and then go. It is said that Zhang Xiaohua’s aunt has already gone first. Moreover, it is a good time to say to others, go early, no one, three people will not Digging a Well, it’s no good to go. Zhang Xiaohua had to accompany them to finish their breakfast. When they came out to the hillside, the sun had risen.

When I saw the mountain nest, there were already a few people busy, and Zhang Cai was busy calling them to help, and moved some of the stones and clods that were dug out to the side, so everyone started to work hard.

After a few days of being busy, Zhang Xiaohua discovered that this Digging a well is also a very simple matter. It is to get a place, and to open the shelf and dig it down. However, it is necessary to find a good location and ensure that the excavated place does not collapse. If you have experience, you can do it. For example, this wooden shelf is a must. Otherwise, people will dig deeper and deeper. How can the soil be transported from the underground, and how can people come up? However, when it comes to the position, it is also Zhang Cai, and the place where the family negotiated is to get away from the field. I didn’t expect to be able to play the water. The master who dug the well was looking for a whole mountain, and finally it was set in this place. Said that there may be a spring below, digging and digging, if you dig out is Tiantian’s mountain spring, it is better to use it for watering. Zhang Cai listened to this, it was the wind in the ear, so far away from home, how to pick water, is it possible to pick up a few barrels from here to go home to cook?

The days of Digging a well are so deep, the wells are getting deeper and deeper, but the difficulties are getting more and more, and the progress is obviously slowed down. Because it was dug from the low hills of several hillsides, from time to time, many stones were dug out from it. Fortunately, it was not too big, and it did not touch the so-called large-area stone. Otherwise, the well was still If you don’t excavate, you have to give up.

After a few more days, perhaps Zhang Cai’s Luck was over, and Digging a well finally had a big trouble.

At noon that day, Zhang Xiaohua went down to the well and picked up the hoe. He began to dig the earth. Who knows that under First, he encountered a rock that seemed to be hard and shook hands of Zhang Xiaohua. According to previous experience, Zhang Xiaohua I chose a place farther away than before, and it was a glimpse. One sound of “when ~~” was obviously the stone. Zhang Xiaohua couldn’t help but panic, and all the way around the well, there were no exceptions. They are all stones! Zhang Xiaohua pulled the rope tied to his waist and let him pull him up, sinking his face and telling him something. Zhang Cai and Digging a well also went down and looked silent after coming up. The Digging a well person discussed with Zhang Cai, let other people go to the side to rest, eat lunch and help again, and finally confirm whether it is a big stone or First Layer stone.

I saw everyone scattered, sitting on the ground and resting, only Zhang Xiaohua looked at the well that had not been beaten, and my heart was uneasy. I was really afraid that it was the First Layer stone. I couldn’t dig it down again. Maybe I can’t beat the well. Zhang Xiaohua let Zhang Xiaolong put him again at the bottom of the well and dig it up again.

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