LOTCG Chapter 2285

First Thousand and Seventy-three Chapters Clean and Clean

At this time, Xiao Hua rushed out from within the rock wall, and it was almost faster than Flying Sword!

“Ha ha ha ~ naturally Young Master!” Xiao Hua’s figure turned a few in the air, Divine Sense swept across the Space and laughed.

But see this is a ground space that is several times larger than the Rock Space. There is a weak brilliance above the rock wall. The place where Xiao Hua rushes out is a thin place like a spout. I don’t know what’s going on inside the entire space! And in the all around of this spout, it is exactly three Imaginary Sword Sword Practitioner! These Sword Practitioners are all inexplicable, with “unbelievable” on their faces!

Well, it’s incredible how suddenly a disciple of Dao Sect will be rushed out, and it is also a disciple of the Foundation Establishment of Imperial Thunder Sect. Even their red-skinned Gourd suddenly disappeared!

Xiao Hua with a smug smile on his face, Divine Sense swept through the Imaginary Sword Sword Practitioner, but when he left his eyes on the spit all around, he was lying down, seemingly some of the seven Dao Sect disciples in some order. When the corpse is dead, I don’t feel cold! ! !

Fortunately, although there are two of the seven Dao Sect disciples, they are River Goose Doctrine disciples, but there is no Xiao Mao!

These Imaginary Sword Sword Practitioners, not everyone else, attacked the River Goose Doctrine Spirit Stones Mine and came to the Imaginary Sword Sword Practitioner in the Yin and Yangshan Mountains, except for the Flying Feather Sect Liao Chengkong, which was previously used by Xiao Hua on the blast. Buddha Conciousness peeked, the other two people do not know, it is the Bright Sword Sect’s Zhong Haoxuan and Bai Jie!

They came to Yinyang and Liangquanshan for nothing else, but for the Yinyang Sword Spirit that had been promised with Profound Phoenix Sword Faction Lu Ruochang five years ago! At that time, Zhong Haoxuan had got the clues of two yin and yang Sword Spirits, and successfully succeeded in the two Sword Spirits one year later. However, the two Sword Spirits are really weak, and there are no two disciples in Bright Sword Sect that are good enough to cultivate these two Sword Spirits, so Zhong Haoxuan hit the idea on the two springs of Yin and Yang, but at that time, Spirit The Stones Mine battle has intensified, Ling Yunwu and others have been unconscious, and each faction has some panic. Even Bright Sword Sect has its own mission. I dare not give up the extra man’s hand to come to Yinquan and Liangquanshan, let alone cultivate Sword Spirit. If there is no suitable Sword Cultivator disciple, it is necessary to have the appropriate essence and blood. Bright Sword Sect will not be willing to break his disciple and will look down on it. On Dao Sect’s Zi Body, these disciples were looking for a time of several years. Until recently, Guan Peng invited the disciples of Bright Sword Sect to attack the River Goose Doctrine Spirit Stones Mine. One of the conditions of Zhong Haoxuan is to find a bloody sacrifice from the disciples of the right body of River Goose Doctrine!

However, what makes Zhong Haoxuan unexpected is. Manly’s Sword Spirit has passed the blood sacrifice, and Sword Spirit within Sword Gourd is clearly breeding. It is the air of masculinity that absorbs the underground. Suddenly Sword Gourd disappears! Moreover, it is also inexplicable to rush out of an Imperial Thunder Sect disciple!

He… Can he be mad at thunder?

“Kill ~” Zhong Haoxuan still use what to say? Xiao Hua If it doesn’t appear, he really doesn’t know the whereabouts of Sword Gourd, but Xiao Hua is flying out, even though the dao robe is a bit shabby, a sleeve has not revealed the red arm. Who can say that the hands without sleeves can’t steal the melon?

But seeing the scream of Zhong Haoxuan, a Flying Sword like a raging sun flies out from his feet. This Fierce Yang Sword is extraordinarily fierce in this air of masculinity, and the entire Space is illuminated, hunting for a while. Jianfeng, a silk Sword Light can penetrate the Xiao Hua Fleshly Body’s Sword Intent, a kind of overwhelming force that makes Xiao Hua fly in midair. They are all from the raging sun!

Zhong Haoxuan is Fierce Yang Sword, he… don’t want to repeat the mistakes of Ling Yunwu, although he doesn’t know who Ling Yuwu is in the hands of death!

“Hey!” Xiao Hua saw such a powerful Flying Sword, her face was “stunned” and she rushed to the Flight Flying Technique, trying to escape from the imprisonment of Fierce Yang Sword. However, no matter how he stimulated to motion Magic Force, he could only fly out of Sword Intent for a foot or so, and was immediately shrouded in Fierce Yang Sword!

“heng~” Seeing that Xiao Hua is actually struggling with Magic Force, Zhong Haoxuan has a smile on his face, but it is a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Early Stage. What can he struggle with? If you can’t struggle. Zhong Haoxuan will be somewhat unexpected.

Fierce Yang Sword is extremely fast. Alkaid is stinging to Xiao Hua’s chest. Seeing Space’s brilliance gathers in one place and misses Xiao Hua’s chest. Zhong Haoxuan’s face is finally a little easier!

At this time, Xiao Hua suddenly slammed his hand, and the two-footed long-lasting stick touched it out. The figure was swiftly hit on the Ardent Sun sword, and the huge force on the Sword Light was Daoist General Xiao Hua. The shackles of the body shape are really flying to Liao Chengkong!

Liao Chengkong’s face showed a slight accident, but still her hands were shrunk in the sword, a look of indifference.

“Ha ha ~ hit ~” Xiao Hua back to Liao Chengkong, about two feet or so, suddenly turned around, Ruyi sticks up, drink one sound toward Liao Chengkong’s forehead is called!

Seeing Xiao Hua’s wishfulness stirs Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi, Liao Chengkong laughs, and also feet down, his body flies in the air, smiles: “I am waiting for you to attack! I did not expect… you still Really!”

It turned out that Liao Chengkong had already seen Xiao Hua’s sneak attack!

“Hey, not good!” Xiao Hua saw Liao Chengkong flying out, her arms outstretched from the sword, and Silver White’s arm was obviously different from other Sword Cultivators, and she didn’t feel “stunned” and her body shape was To escape, attack another disciple of Bright Sword Sect.

“If you want to attack the old man, you should not leave!” Liao Chengkong proud smile, a huge fist is rushed to Xiao Hua ……

Seeing Liao Chengkong from Xiao Hua is only a few feet away. The fist is also close to Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua suddenly smiles. “Young Master is not going to leave?”

Between the talks, the somewhat sloppy wishful stick suddenly grows thick, and the one sound of “呜” is the arm of Liao Chengkong!

Seeing Xiao Hua’s smile, Liao Chengkong is also a sneer, but the wishful stick is a feeling of turbulence, but he believes in his fist. Besides, behind the Xiao Hua, the Ardent Sun sword has been chased. With a stick of Xiao Hua, the Ardent Sun sword can pierce the back of Xiao Hua!

“When!” One sound loudly, a painful heartache, a pain that has never been realized since the Cultural Art Ac Aclishmentment has been uploaded from his fist, and after the pain, his arm is numb, foundationation No feeling! This numb not only numbs his arm, but also instantly numbs his whole body!

Looking at Xiao Hua, the wishful stick in his hand waved slightly. The head that had been hit on Liao Chengkong’s fist immediately turned into a tail. The previous stick was made into a club head, and it was flashing like a flint to Liao Chengkong’s forehead.

“Liao Fellow Swordsman flashes!” Zhong Haoxuan in the distance shouted one sound.

“Escape ~” This sound really wakes up Liao Chengkong, but sees his Sword Light is fierce, his body flies quickly!

“Ha ha ha~ Have you escaped?” Xiao Hua’s figure is even faster. It is only attached to Liao Chengkong’s body. The one sound of the wishful “pu” is on the forehead of Liao Chengkong. ……

Needless to say, Liao Chengkong’s fists have been broken by the wishful sticks, this forehead, the tragic situation is Moti!

“si~” Zhong Haoxuan took a sip of cool air, pair of eyes rounded, watching Liao Chengkong fall without a skull, and said, “Wind…Wind Escape, you…what is your relationship with Feng Buping?”

“Are you broken your brain?” Xiao Hua’s figure unfolded, foundation did not avoid the Ardent Sun sword, but instead flew a few feet, and the wishful stick in his hand shot again, “Rumble~” one sound crisp, Ardent Sun sword on the brilliance splashed, actually was a good stick to play a Fissure!

“Bai Jie came to help me!!” Zhong Haoxuan was shocked. He couldn’t think of it as a blow to retreat, and the strength on the wishful bar was actually that the Ardent Sun sword could not resist!

That Bai Jie is the Sword Practitioner of Imaginar Sword First Grade. Seeing that Liao Chengkong was easily killed by Xiao Hua, Zhong Haoxuan’s Flying Sword was also damaged in the blink of an eye. I was already scared in my heart. I heard that Zhong Haoxuan called myself, as long as one At the foot of the Flying Sword, hard to rush over, “stabbing” but see a Thunder Light’s Flying Sword flying from Bai Jie’s feet, hit Xiao Hua.

“hahaha~” Xiao Hua laughed. If other Flying Swords, Xiao Hua still had to think about it for a moment, but this Thunder Light sword, his foundation is nothing Burden!

“Hit~” Xiao Hua’s left hand is awesome, and when it hits Zhong Haoxuan, the right hand is long, Magic Force stimulates to motion, and Thunder Palm shows it! Moreover, even more insidious is that after Thunder Palm, Xiao Hua’s Magic Force foundation will not stop, and then stimulate to motion, Universe Within The Sleeve Technique will be played!

“ka-cha 嚓” is a much thicker electric light than the Thunder Light sword. It was born in the hands of Xiao Hua and is blocked by the Thunder Light sword!

“Ah? You…you are the Dread Phoenix ??? of Imperial Thunder Sect?” Seeing the thick Thunder Light, Bai Jie suddenly thought of something, amazing!

“Terror… Dread Phoenix??” He didn’t matter this, and Zhong Haoxuan was shocked. After all, his mind was the same as Feng Buping. The reputation of Dread Phoenix is ​​really loud!

Zhong Haoxuan is not afraid to jump, but Bai Jie is stupid!

As soon as he got out of his throat, he felt that a force that he could hardly resist was covered up. He panicked and ignored the Thunder Light sword that was blocked by Xiao Hua Thunder Palm, trying to break free. In fact, he is the Sword Practitioner of Imaginary Sword First Grade, and Xiao Hua’s Universe Within The Sleeve can forbid him. He can also use the Thunder Light sword to break the power of the imprisonment, but he struggles. Life Source Sword Yuan squirts, breaking away from Universe Within The Sleeve is not easy…

Moreover, when he just broke free from the power of imprisonment, suddenly he felt a sting in Niwan Palace, and Sword Yuan was also fluent, and his body shape was falling from the air! However, this is not the worst case! When he wants to resist, the thing that makes him most violent has happened! A wind that is stronger than the power of the imprisonment has been pressed from the top of his head, and the wind is murderous and sharp! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for the recommended ticket, monthly pass, your support, is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please read.)

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