LOTCG Chapter 3

Third Chapter Bracelet

Third Chapter Bracelet (free in this chapter)

It’s already past noon, and the sun is hanging high in Heavens Above. However, since the well had been dug deep, the bottom of the well could not see anything, and it was illuminated by an oil lamp brought to the well. Zhang Xiaohua’s face did not see any decision in the swaying light. He thought for a moment. He raised his hoe and dug in one direction. “When, when…” the sound continued, and several directions were changed. The same is true, this can be good. It seems that it is really a poor mountain.

Zhang Xiaohua wants to give up a bit, or go up first, wait a while to expand the wellhead, and then take a look. However, mother hasn’t delivered the meal yet. Would you like to dig it from below? Thinking about it, Zhang Xiaohua didn’t stop, and then I dug in the direction from the front, the waist-deep place. When I dug, I suddenly heard the sound of one sound “gang-dang”. Xiaohua couldn’t help but be surprised. It was a stone? But then there was another gimmick, but there was no sound. Zhang Xiaohua is very surprised, but I don’t think much about it. Maybe it’s a small stone, as long as it’s not a big stone. Digging a little farther ahead, Zhang Xiaohua tried to dig down, and the heart of the Middle Stage was waiting to hear no nasty sounds. The result was not too much comfort. The stone below this direction is also the stone. .

Waiting for Zhang Xiaohua to take a break, and then change direction, Zhang Xiaolong’s voice came from above, “Xiaohua, come up to eat, mother sent the meal.” Zhang Xiaohua was pulled down from the well by the big brother, watching Zhang Xiaohua’s face ‘color’, Zhang Xiaolong did not ask more, just brought him meals and watched him gorging. Then comforted and said: “No relationship, Xiaohua, this place is not good, let’s change somewhere else, the hillside is so big, there must be a place to Digging a well.”

After dinner, Zhang Xiaohua’s face ‘color’ is obviously much better. It seems that it is no longer gloomy. When people watching Digging a well go down, they smile and say to Zhang Xiaolong: “I know, big brother, I went up. Look inside, come over later.” Zhang Xiaolong patted Zhang Xiaohua’s shoulder, did not say anything, took the empty bamboo basket and walked away.

Zhang Xiaohua took his hoe and walked up the hillside, came to his own kind of field, put the hoe on one side, and sat on the ground, looking at the unwatered land, thinking about it. Is it necessary to pick water from the river in the future? When his eyes fell on the hoe, he found that there was a mud head on the top of the hoe, which was estimated to have been brought up when he was digging underground. Zhang Xiaohua used his foot on the hoe to lick it, and the result did not collapse. He took the hoe and took the mud out with his hands. He found that the round thing was set on the hoe, and the card was very tight. Zhang Xiaohua thought about it. It was estimated that when he was digging underground, that The sound “gang-dang” is the movement of the hoe to dig into this Ring. No wonder there is no more sound. It turned out to be on the hoe. Zhang Xiaohua wants to get this Ring out of the hoe, find the twigs, find a stone and tap it, it can’t work. If you rub it on the scorpion, you might be able to get it down, but it’s hard not to break it. You can’t go down the well with this thing, and Zhang Xiaohua is a little helpless. In the end, Zhang Xiaohua squatted down and lifted his hoe on the shackles of the stone with half the strength. He listened to “gang-dang” one sound, Ring was not broken, and he did not come down from the hoe. It was also Zhang Xiaohua who made all the effort, and after several times, it was finally got settled. The inexplicable Ring was not broken, it seems to be very solid.

Zhang Xiaohua picks up the Ring and wipes the dirt on it with clothes. It is clear that it should be a Bracelet. It has two fingers wide, black and black, no pattern, flat, and does not know what material is made. of. Zhang Xiaohua was waiting to look carefully, and he heard the sound of Zhang Xiaolong’s joy under the slope; “Xiaohua, come and come, have a look.” Zhang Xiaohua listened, happy to squat, and refused to look at this again. The Bracelet came, squatting in his arms, picking up his head and slipping down the hillside. He didn’t notice the feeling of fluttering when he was holding the Bracelet.

When Zhang Xiaohua ran to the bottom of the slope, she saw the smile on the faces of Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Xiaohu, and Zhang Wei’s slightly bitter face. Listening to Zhang Xiaolong, I realized that the bottom of the well is not the First Layer stone, and the stone is not too big. As long as the wellhead is enlarged, the stone can be made out, but the length of this expansion is at least three steps. The wellhead is big, the amount of excavation is large, and of course, Time is long, and the money for others is much more. However, fortunately, there is no need to re-select the place, reopen the well, and do not need to pick water to pour the land, it can be considered a good result. Seeing that the three children are happy, only Zhang Cai is secretly worried in his own heart. He hopes that there will be no such stones in the future. Once again, this well is estimated to be no longer digging.

The work in the afternoon is also simple. The person who digs the well re-measures the wellhead according to the size of the stone, planning how to expand and re-excavate. After such a small wave, everyone has done it in an orderly manner.

When I got home at night, after dinner, Zhang Xiaohua didn’t think of this Bracelet in her arms. It was only when I undressed that I fell out, and I remembered it. However, after a tired day, it was too sleepy. He didn’t think much, just stuffed it under the pillow and fell asleep.

This night, Zhang’s everything was the same as before, the oil lamp went out early, and the wind blew the fence door. The hay on the yellow mud wall was also blown up, unable to wave. Only Heavens Above under the moonlight, sprinkled through the window on the dilapidated table, was smashed, everyone went to sleep, quiet night, only one after another.

The only difference is Zhang Xiaohua, no, it should be Zhang Xiaohua’s dream! His dream is no longer the previous pork belly, but full flashing! It is like a breath, a radiance of light, a flash of light.

On the early morning of the next day, Zhang Xiaohua opened his eyes when the first sun shining in the sun shone on Zhang Xiaohua’s face. Doubt’s look at all around, and did not find the things of Flickering lights, only to know that all Flickering lights are dreaming. Self-deprecating shook his head and prepared to continue to sleep. However, at this time he discovered that listening to the snoring of the two Elder Brothers, he seems to be unable to sleep, he is a hundred times more than a last resort, get up and dress.

When Zhang Xiaohua walked to the yard, she saw that mother was cooking on the stove in the courtyard, so she went to the water well in the corner to make water and prepare to wash her face. Guo Sufei saw Zhang Xiaohua coming out, very strange, said: “Xiaohua, how come so early? Yesterday was tired one day, sleep more today, it will take a while to work.”

Zhang Xiaohua said while drinking water: “I don’t sleep, mother, I am not sleepy, and, you see, I have come over. Now it is full of strength. When you squat down, you can smash the stone.” “He said, he put down the basin and made a slamming action.”

Guo Sufei said with a smile: “Good, Xiaohua, grow up, just like your sister, is the pillar of the house.”

Zhang Xiaohua said with a red face: “Mom, I am so big, don’t ask me to be embarrassed, how hard it is to listen.”

During the speech, Zhang Cai came back from the outside and held the vegetables in his hand. He asked, “Who grew up? How did Xiaohua get up so early? No longer sleep.”, then handed the vegetables in the handle to Zhang Xiaohua. The mother said, “The grass in the vegetable garden has grown a little. There is a time to pull it out. It’s a busy day in the past few days. Don’t let the dishes of the family go to waste.”

Guo Sufei took over the vegetables and said, “Isn’t that your son? It is so early for the first time today. It is also a good job to work in the future.”

Guo Sufei went on to cook for the whole family, and Zhang Cai entered the house. Zhang Xiaohua washed his face, had nothing to do, and walked out of the yard.

Although Time still too early, it is also coming into the winter, but the crop people can’t wait, and there are already many people walking around the village. Some people drove ducks and geese to the river. Some people used grass to feed chickens and pigs from the river. Others had already hoeed their heads and prepared to go down to the ground. Zhang Xiaohua walked on the path of the village. I feel that today is different from the past. I can’t say that it’s different. I feel that I am full of energy. I have a feeling of endless energy, or that every part of the body contains strength. . However, he would not think too much, just thought that he had a good night’s sleep. When Zhang Xiaohua walked back home, everyone started cooking. He also hurriedly finished eating, followed by Elder Brother and then went to dig the well.

In the following days, it was also stable, the well surface was enlarged, and the stones were shaved from the bottom of the well. The well was getting deeper and deeper. When the piece was dug out, it looked quite flat, and it was ‘touched’ cold. Zhang Xiaohua called two Elder Brothers to get it under the tree in the field. When preparing for the summer, when the work was rested, rest. Bed type. And that Bracelet is still behind Zhang Xiaohua, placed under the cover of the pillow, forgetting to be clean, but his dream has already been replaced by Flickering lights, but he did not Realize.

It was a few days, and there was still no water in the well. At this time, Zhang Cai was a bit worried. Seeing that it is about to enter the winter, the soil layer will be frozen. Although the bottom of the well will not freeze, it is not so smooth. This evening, after the family had finished eating and had gathered together to do farm work, Zhang Cai frowned and talked with Guo Sufei about the water at the end of a few patios. It is estimated that it will stop, and the spring is saying. At this time, Guo Sufei said:

“Children, hey, you know that the Mister Wu family in the neighboring village has made a block on the hillside in the south?”

Zhang Cai said: “I don’t know, but I heard that Nanpo is also digging wells.”

Guo Sufei said: “It is the well, which was played by Mister Wu. Like us, it is also used to pour the fields. Today I went to the river to pull the grass and feed the chicken. I met the Guoquan family at the entrance of the village. Her little girl is not Marrying to Mister Wu’s brother, guess what she said to me?”

“What to say? Is the well already out of the water?” Zhang Cai asked strangely. “Are they not late than we are? Is it so fast?”

“You think about getting out of the water, something more evil than the water!” Guo Sufei said with no anger.

“Hey, what is that?” Not only was Zhang Cai attracted, but the curiosity of Zhang’s three brothers was also hooked up.

“They digging a well and dug out a small broken box!” Guo Sufei went on to say, “When the box was dug out of the well, it was broken by the hoe, and it was exposed, and although it was covered with dirt, But you can also see the pearl agate inside! You said, we didn’t have such a good Luck, it was earlier than they played, and it broke the big stone.”

Just when the family was in the fortune of the Mister Wu family, Zhang Xiaohua remembered what he had also dug out of the well. He said excitedly, “Hey, mother, I also dig out the baby from the well.” In the urging and eager eyes of his family, he took out the forgotten Bracelet from the captivity.

Zhang Cai took it over and took a careful look under the oil lamp. I saw that it was a dark, flat, and I didn’t know what the material was doing. It was better to call it Bracelet than to call it a ring. He did not see it, so he handed it to Guo Sufei. Guo Sufei took it. He took a moment and rubbed it with his fingers. He said, “It’s so light, it’s not like jade, there is no pattern, it is estimated. It’s not jewelry. Like the child’s home, Xiaohua, you have to play.” Zhang Xiaohua didn’t feel like he’s coming over and handed it to the two Elder Brothers, as if he hadn’t dug out the pearl agate. .

Bracelet turned around in the hands of two Elder Brothers and handed it to Zhang Xiaohua. It seems that this ugly thing is not very interesting, and Xiaohua has to lie in his arms.

Guo Sufei went on to say: “Hey, if it’s really a good piece of jewelry, you can consider staying there, and when the spring gives you a big brother to talk about the media, it is a dowry.”

This time, it can ignite the mood of the family. After the spring, Zhang Xiaolong can be over twenty, and it is time to find the girl. The family is based on their own impressions, a girl and a girl screaming with Zhang Xiaolong. When the oil lamp went out, the family still had no idea, but for the Digging a well and the farm work tomorrow, they had to sleep.

Before going to sleep, Zhang Xiaohua pulled out Bracelet in her arms and was about to put it under the bedding again, but it was One Revolution. Mister Wu dug out the baby from the ground. I am also a baby, I have to save it well. it. But where to put it? When he thought about it, he put Bracelet on his wrist. It was also a coincidence that it was appropriate to stick his wrist and wave his arm. Bracelet would not slide up and down. Zhang Xiaohua’s heart sneaked, this is simply tailor-made for him.

It wasn’t until he fell asleep that he didn’t think that if he had the right fit with his wrist, there was no gap, then how did he get it from the hand. Not to mention that the pork belly in his dreams has long since disappeared, and only the infinite Flickering lights are in his mind.

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