LOTCG Chapter 4

Fourth chapter Chinese New Year

Fourth chapter Chinese New Year (free in this chapter)

In the next few days, Zhang Cai’s family will circle around Digging a well. Fortunately, on Sixth Day, everyone’s long-awaited water was finally dug out, and finally completed a difficult task before entering the winter, everyone was relieved. Just when Zhang Cai was busy laying the money for the digging wells, the three brothers of Zhang Xiaolong were busy repairing the road from the field to the well. The gloomy winter clouds were pressed, and some salty snow slags fell from the sky, indicating the arrival of winter.

The first field was snowing, and the cold wind was even worse. It was not far from the New Year.

Zhang Cai was very satisfied this year. He gave the family more land and made a good job. Later, this land is not afraid of drought. Serving it well should be the main source of rations at home. Therefore, near the year of the year, Guo Sufei was ordered to prepare a new year’s goods. The family had a good year, and the old mother-in-law was older. One year is a year. In recent days, the body of the old mother-in-law is getting worse and worse. I have been lying in bed for a long time, and I don’t know if I can pass the next year. When I think of my parents and think of my old father-in-law, he can’t stand the hot heart and look forward to a good year of Perfection.

School of Agriculture People’s New Year’s goods are very good to buy, the so-called richness is also a lot of style, the number can be embarrassing. As far as the style is concerned, most of the goods are dried in the weekdays. Only a few things are purchased by Zhang Cai from a far-reaching market. Because of the marriage of the mother-in-law, Zhang Cai purchased some foods that he had not seen before this year. Instead, he let the three brothers of Zhang Xiaolong see him, just want to hurry up early in the New Year. Guo Sufei is not only busy with New Year’s things, but more Time is to go to the village to find familiar relatives, and sometimes go to the nearby village to inquire. Her concern is still in the marriage of her eldest son. However, looking at her sometimes gloomy and sometimes happy face ‘color’, I feel that things are not as smooth as I expected.

Time has passed by in a busy schedule, and the New Year has finally arrived.

On the first day of the new year, just around the stove, talking about the harvest of the coming year, the situation in the field is also the future of Zhang Xiaolong. Suddenly I heard the noisy shouts outside the village, and I made a mess outside. “Is it a robber to rob the village?” Zhang Cai’s mind immediately came up with a thought. However, it should not be. Because Guo Village is very small, Guo Family is also a small family. Every household is very poor. The robbers who are kings nearby are never coming to the place where the birds are not pulling. No reason will come here today. Let’s go. Although I thought so, Zhang did not dare to start. He greeted the three children, took the guy with iron and other irons, and walked out of the house carefully. The wall of Zhangjia is half-height. I saw the situation in the village at a glance. There are many people in the village who are gathering and talking, and some people are running, but there are no people who don’t know, although everyone’s face has a little color. Panic, but actually can see a little fortune and gloating look. Zhang Cai was very strange. He told the three children to go back to the house and put the “weapons” back and went out to inquire about the news. Zhang Xiaolong Of course, the three people didn’t want to be idle, but they also strolled out and mixed with the young people of the same age.

There are a lot of people in the village, standing or sitting in the middle of the day, or sitting, they are talking about one thing. Zhang Cai went to a group of old men who were smoking a cigarette, and said that he was more familiar with Blacksmith Liu. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “Old Liu, this is what’s going on.咋 咋 这么 ‘ ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black New smoke, careful point, took a deep breath, this is dull to say:

“Brother, you know one eye north of the 80-mile village of the village, the robber who stood at Xi Cuishan?”

Zhang Cai said: “Know, that’s the biggest thief in our radius. How can I not know? But they have always been active in the wealthy places in the north. Are you running here?”

Blacksmith Liu took another cigarette and said, “Yeah, can you remember the recent, Xinzhuang Mister Wu dug the well and dig a box of baby?”

Zhang Cai suddenly realized: “Is it, they…”. Zhang Cai no longer asked, already knows the reason of the matter, the wealth is not ‘exposed’, such a conspicuous huge foreign wealth, being targeted by the robbers, can there be any good results?

Next to Butcher Guo, when Zhang did not ask, he squeezed over and said mysteriously: “Not so, Mister Wu was lucky at the beginning, saying that foundation did not, don’t admit it, that one eye I rushed dozens of people from the Mister Wu family to the ancestral hall and sent people to turn Mister Wu’s home to the bottom. As a result, from the leeks, a pile of treasures was found in the bottom of the well, and one eye was angry at Mister Wu to deceive himself. I burned Wu Family’s ancestral hall with a torch, and dozens of people who lived, none of them ran out. Fortunately, Xinzhuang was slightly stronger than ours, they were all poor, and one eye was not difficult for others. When these robbers are gone, they are still quarreling and let the villagers be careful not to report to the officials, otherwise the people of Xinzhuang will follow the funeral.”

Blacksmith Liu said: “A good fortune, a few days ago, I thought I was rich, and now I am extinct. Miserable~”

Butcher Guo went on to say: “There is no such thing as destroying the door. Mister Wu’s brother-in-law’s wife went back to the village to see her mother. Today, she didn’t go back and escaped. She didn’t report it, she only knew that she was looking for someone to go see. Well, and, the person who listened to the letter said that when the Mountain Bandit was gone, it was dragging a woman’s face, and she couldn’t see her face. It was estimated that it was the daughter of Mister Wu. She was taken by the Mountain Bandit and plunged up the mountain. Maybe it’s a lady of the village.”

Zhang Brother Xiaohua has long stood behind the shackles. After listening to the villagers saying this, the heart of the unsuspecting is very cold. I also heard the robbers’ sinister behavior on weekdays, but they all talked about it, and now it’s happening to them. Mister Wu is also seen by several people. Hou Xiaohua has also taught Zhang Xiaohua a few words. Now No, it was burnt into coke. Although he did not see it, he also felt sad and scared. Zhang Xiaohua unconsciously rubbed Bracelet with his left wrist and thought secretly: “Fortunately, what I dig is not really a treasure, even if I don’t tell anyone, lest I bring it to myself and my family. Disaster.” The husband is guilty of his sin, so bloody reason is so deeply introduced into the heart of the young man.

The three brothers and Zhang Cai said that they wanted to go to Xinzhuang to see what happened, but Zhang did not agree. After all, it’s the New Year’s Eve, and it’s going to hit the Flood Light. It’s really bad for the next year’s transport, and the Xin Family’s Wu Family is now a scorching ground. The terrible scene makes people look scared. It’s estimated that the Government Authority’s people should now When I got there, I might have a bunch of troubles when I went there.

As said, the people in the village are also scattered. After all, the days of the people are over, and their own days are still to be passed. The truth of the snow before the door sweeps, even the School of Agriculture people understand. The sky ‘color’ is already dark, and my new year is coming soon. I still have to clean up my mind and be busy with my own business.

Zhang Cai and the three children returned home and saw the mother-in-law and Guo Sufei roasting around the stove. They told them what happened in Xinzhuang. The two people were shocked by the color, and both of them prayed to heaven. I hope that the dead souls will reincarnate early, and I hope that my family will never encounter such a disaster. Until the day ‘color’ is black, and the home is lit with oil lamps, Zhang Xiaohua’s grandmother is still swearing: “Blessings and sorrows, but good fortune.”

In the same New Year, this year’s Guo Village is far from the excitement of the past. Under the night, only children play with lanterns, and only they don’t know the sinisterness of World, letting go of their own nature. Most of the villagers are like Zhang Cai’s family. After eating the rich New Year’s Eve dinner, they have packed up the hard work of the past year. I hope that the new year will be sweet and happy, and there will be a hint of gloom in my heart. Think about Mister Wu’s experience. Think about the world of this weak meat, and it is inevitable that there is a “oneself for the fish meat” idea, looking at the world of 茫茫, but I don’t know how to protect the stability of my own family.

The New Year’s Eve, which should have been so busy, has passed quietly. I don’t know if there are other people in the village who have happiness in their dreams, whether they have joy, or harvest and sweetness, but Zhang Xiaohua has only Flickering lights, and the Flickering lights seem to have a bit of clarity.

School of Agriculture The New Year of the People is actually very simple. Apart from each other, there is only a market in the distant town of Lu. Every time the New Year’s Third day begins, there is a street in Luzhen that is surrounded by the lively “sets” of the neighboring neighbors. Everyone is wearing new clothes, dragging their mouths and bringing a little Pouch to the waist. Come here to feel the New Year. Aura.

Zhang Cai’s family, Guo Sufei wants to take care of Zhang Xiaohua’s grandmother at home, and Zhang Cai’s three children came to Luzhen to gather.

Lu Town is located on the south side of Guo Village, 30 miles from Guo Village.

There are not many streets in Luzhen, and there is not much excitement for people to share on weekdays. It’s easy to catch up with a New Year’s rally, and everyone took out the energy that has accumulated for a year, and squeezed out a high tide in a street in Luzhen. This is a north-south-oriented street. The street is relatively wide. It seems to be the main street of Luzhen. There are many shops on both sides of the street. No matter what business, business is very good, and the gates are wide open. Many people came in and out, and the guys in the store stood in the store and outside the store to greet the guests. There were also a lot of hawkers who took their own set of Little Scholars and put them on the street, shouting loudly. , recruiting the flow of people in front of the shuttle. On weekdays, if the folks in the store saw someone blocking the door, they would definitely greet them, but today is an exception. They all come out to find a way to live. In order to discuss the New Year’s jackpot, everyone will not be hurt and angry, even When you meet, you will bless each other.

As a result, the streets that are not too spacious are becoming more and more crowded. Zhang Xiaohua, who went to the market with Elder Brother, didn’t even know where the eyes were.

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