LOTCG Chapter 5

Fifth Chapter Act of courage

Fifth Chapter Act of courage (free in this chapter)

This Luzhen market, Zhang Xiaohua is not the first time. After all, it is the most lively time of the year, and it is also the most lively place in the dozens of miles. He has come to see him every year since he remembered it. But when I came here, the memories were all those who had sugar, noodles, etc., and there was no other content. I never thought of crowding, or it was a game in the crowd, which made him young. . This time, when he stood in the north of the street, looking at the crowd, watching the shops selling stalls, gadgets, eating shops, stalls, Zhang Xiaohua only hated not to have a few eyes. feel.

Zhang Cai’s family followed the crowd and walked slowly from the north of the street to the depths of the street. Every time they walk through a shop, they have to squeeze in and see, whether it is selling silk, selling antiques, or even having a ‘medicine’ room, they also stop for a while. Zhang Xiaohua The three people are not only looking at the things they are selling, but also watching the crowds around them. When they look at so many people in the small villages on weekdays, especially the girls who dress beautifully and spend their time are more attractive to the teenagers. . It’s a pity that the three people look ordinary, dressed in simplicity, and they look at the people living in the mountain village. The girls’ eyes are also slipping through them, far from staring at them. Sometimes girls feel their burning eyes, naturally shy. The quick step left, and some of them turned to look at them. Instead, they made the three faces red and unnatural. Zhang Xiaohua is only looking fresher than childhood. The two brothers Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Xiaohu see more of the future. Maybe they want to meet the girl who is satisfied, find their happiness, and see that the girls are mostly not very Paying attention to their eyes, they don’t know how the little brothers are thinking.

There is a big facade in the middle of the street, with a sign “Qianjia Cloth”. Zhang Cai saw it, his eyes lit up, and he greeted the three brothers of Zhang Xiaolong. He walked in first. Standing at the door of the shop, the guy stood in and saw Zhang Cai coming in. He greeted him and greeted him: “Guest officer, please come in, what do you want to see?” It seems that he did not pay attention to Zhang Cai’s cramped and his body is not new. Clothes.

After Zhang Cai walked into the cloth shop, he did not go directly to the counter. Instead, he stood next to the door and cramped the many male and female customers and the buddies who were running around. I didn’t know what to do and heard the greetings from the folks. This is the time to return to God, and he said: “This, give the children some clothes, and then give the children’s mother, also buy a piece of cloth.” During the talk, Zhang Xiaolong brothers also came in, after all, it is rare to enter this The big shop, just look at it, now it is to buy things yourself, but I don’t know how to say it, and it’s a little bit shrinking. This buddy is not ignorant, smiles are still sent, meet them: “Please ask a few people here to see if there is a suitable fabric.”

Say, take them to the corner of the counter and show them the fabric on top. There are obviously fewer people at this corner of the counter. There are two people in the first place. Two girls in the first place are looking down at the color of the color. The other is a family of three, with the children, and picks up. Cloth, there is a guy giving the parcel. In addition to the rest of the corner, the counters are all decorated with bright fabrics such as the five-color six-color, and people around the corner are surrounded by a lot of people who are brightly dressed and commented. It seems that the shop’s folks also have good training, knowing the needs of customers, and seeing Zhang Cai’s family wearing them knows that they need to be durable and durable, rather than a bells and whistles.

Although the buddy has been very intimate, with Zhang Cai, they came to the right place, but Zhang Cai still has a difficult color, because the place where he bought the cloth has always been the child and his mother, what to buy I don’t need Zhang Cai’s ‘fucking heart’ when I buy it. This time, because I was with my grandmother at home, this made Zhang Cai buy the cloth. Zhang Cai didn’t think so much. When I got to the store, it went down. I don’t know what to buy. Looking at the ugly face of the man, ‘Zhang’, Zhang Xiaolong was in a hurry and quickly stepped forward and said to the buddy: “Let’s take a look and say, let’s call other guests first.”

After the buddy walked away, Zhang Cai couldn’t help but regret: “You look at my brain. When I left, I didn’t ask what kind of cloth you bought. It’s good, we have several First Old Masters. I have to go back empty-handed.”

It’s also a coincidence that the two girls who had just selected the fabric were slightly taller, just behind Zhang Xiaolong, picking up a piece of navy blue fabric on the counter, and hearing the words of Zhang Cai, they went back. Next to the companion, look at Zhang Xiaolong again. It seems that it was a discussion. This came over and said to Zhang Cai:

“This uncle, discuss things with you.”

Zhang Cai wondered: “What’s the matter? Girl”

The tall girl said, “Uncle, I am trying to pick a piece of clothes for my Elder Brother, but he didn’t come over. I think it’s about the same size as the big brother. I wonder if I can ask him to help? I hear you say, No cloth, no reference, in return, I told you with my Younger Sister how to do it?”

Zhang Caixi looked out and said: “Very good, very good.”

So Zhang Xiaolong took the clothes rack and tried several clothes for the two girls, which was satisfactory. Zhang Cai’s wish was better satisfied. The two girls helped them pick the fabric and the color of the color, which made Zhang Cai’s family very satisfied. Even the shop’s folks thought that the girl’s eyes were very good. The only thing that dissatisfied Zhang Xiaolong was that when the guys helped them wrap the fabric out, the two girls had gone far and had not yet explored their names.

Zhang Xiaolong was holding the fabric and followed Zhang Cai. When he was preparing to look at the farm tools in the roadside shop, he suddenly heard the sound of drumming and drumming. Zhang Xiaohua heard, excitedly said:

“Oh, fast, the drama is about to begin. Let’s go to the theater first.”

Just as Zhang Xiaohua shouted Zhang Cai, the crowds who heard the crowd also heard the buzz. Everyone went to the other side. Zhang Cai also greeted Xiaolong and Xiaohu, and walked quickly with the flow of people.

There is a custom in the New Year of Luzhen. There will be a big stage in the market, and there will be a troupe performing every day until the market is over. This is also a highlight of the New Year for the School of Agriculture without entertainment. It’s no wonder that Xiaohua is so happy.

When Zhang Cai’s family rushed to the stage, the drama on the stage had already begun. There were already three people on the inside and outside, so the stage was high enough, and the people in front did not block their sight. Although there are many people watching the show, they all listen to the breath and listen carefully, not like the noise of the shop.

The stage was staged by a popular story of the people. Everyone looked at it with great interest. Zhang Xiaolong also gradually forgot the confession.

Just when everyone was watching the excitement, on the other side of the stage, suddenly there was a loud noise, and it was louder and louder, but it was just a lot of people who couldn’t listen. However, Zhang Xiaohua heard it. The voice of a girl who is talking is very familiar. Is it the person she knows in the village? Just next to the tree, Zhang Xiaohua climbed up and looked at it. Hey, I really knew. He said loudly to Zhang Xiaolong: “Big brother, Elder Sister who just gave us clothes! She has It’s troublesome.”

Zhang Xiaolong didn’t even care about Zhang Cai. He quickly pushed the person next to him and squeezed the crowd. He walked over to the other side of the stage. Zhang Cai also quickly pulled Zhang Xiaohu and shouted from the tree. Zhang Xiaohua down, followed by

When Zhang Xiaolong spent a lot of effort and crowded the crowd and came to the other side of the stage, everything in front of him could not help but make him rush.

The stage was built against a high wall. At that time, there were two lonely little women under the high wall. They were holding each other, and they were flushed with red packets. They were throwing two small parcels. Some clothes are scattered from the inside, presumably the clothes I just bought at the cloth store. In front of them stood two short, fat men with folding fans, brightly dressed, muttering in the mouth, while moving the two girls to the hands, ‘forced’ two girls under the high wall Flashing and flashing. In the all around of the two fat guys, standing seven or eight wearing a thick Cloth Garments suit, tall and tall family, separated the crowd watching the show. These few fierce family members, a few smiling at the young Master’s ugly behavior, several people look back at the crowd watching the scene, from time to time to give a threatening look to prevent someone from breaking into. Although there are some people who want to fight the injustices and help the two bullies who are being bullied, they are all scared by the battle of these evil servants, and they can only look over there with unwilling eyes.

After Zhang Xiaolong rushed over, he saw these battles and was thinking about how to deal with it. He saw that the tall village girl looked at the face with help and help. Although he did not see him, he could not help but desperately Rush up. At this time, Zhang Xiaolong was pulled by the people behind him. When he looked back, it was his family who followed him and Zhang Cai grabbed his arm. Zhang Xiaolong was anxious and said: “Hey…”.

Zhang Cai whispered: “Dragon, don’t be impulsive, we can’t beat them.”

Zhang Xiaolong said: “But if we don’t help, the two girls will be bullied.”

Zhang Xiaohua also said, “Yeah, hey, the Elder Sister just helped us.”

Zhang Cai said: “Of course, you can help, but you can’t help, but you can put yourself in. You look at the one who wears black ‘color’ clothes and takes the Great Sabre.”

The Zhangjia three brothers followed the gaze of the gaze. Sure enough, at the other side of the house, there was a big man wearing a black ‘color’, with the left hand holding the Great Sabre, his hands crossed on his chest, standing with a reclining The side of the tree, squinting, seems to be asleep, it seems that it should be the two rogue bodyguards.

It seems that many people dare not go forward, a large part of the reason is the knife in the hands of this bodyguard.

How can this be good? Zhang Xiaolong is also a little anxious.

Just when Zhang Xiaolong hesitated, the situation on the high wall was even worse. Two chunky Young Masters had already opened the two villagers and were dragging them to the alleys at the corner of the high wall. Zhang Xiaolong couldn’t help it anymore. He slammed Zhang’s hand and ran quickly, and the group of evil servants thought that the crowd next to them had been scared by them and saw the “good play” to start. All of them are close to the alley, and foundation did not expect someone to rush over at this time. Zhang Xiaolong rushed to the side of the two villagers. First, he stretched out the arms of the two girls and pulled them to his side. The strength of the two chunky Young Masters was able to work for him in the field all day long. He pulled over and took advantage of their enthusiasm, Zhang Xiaolong said loudly:

“What are you doing?”

The two chunky Young Master saw the prey of the hand being taken away, and the face ‘color’ was very angry. The two men looked at each other. One of the people wearing orange ‘color’ clothes said, “We don’t do anything. You Who is it? What are you doing?”

Zhang Xiaolong stunned and went on to say, “I am their cousin. Why are you pulling them? Be careful to tell the officials.”

Another person wearing black ‘color’ clothes said: “Sue, good, then let’s go together. In Luzhen, your lord, I am the official. Your cousin just stepped on my shoes, I want her to pay. My shoes, I have to see if the officer is to you or to me.”

At this time, Zhang Cai also rushed over, Zhang Cai quickly rushed to the two people, accompanied by a smile: “The two grandfathers eliminate fire, my two Nizi are not sensible, you see step on your shoes, we Loss, today is a good day for the market, you are a lot of adults, raise your hands, this year will be good news.”

The man in the orange ‘color’ clothes said with a smile: “Well, it’s fun to see you as an old man. Master, I will do well, and my shoes will be fine.”

Zhang Cai was shocked and said carefully: “How much copper coin should you tell me?”

The man in the orange ‘color’ clothes stretched out a slap. Zhang Cai sighed and said, “It turned out to be five money. I will give it to you.”

Zhang Cai took out five copper coins from his arms and handed it over. The orange ‘color’ clothes did not look at the five copper coins that stood in front of them. They slapped them to the ground with a slap and said: “You Countryman, you think it is the sandals you wear, your uncle, my shoes are worth five copper coins, you can hear clearly, five two silver (money)!”

Zhang Cai thought that he was broken. He immediately said with a smile: “Master, you are joking. The rations of the family are only three or two silver (money). Is your shoe worth so much?”

The person with the black ‘color’ clothes said: “Are you a little old man, are you doubting our integrity?”

At this time, the village aunt behind Zhang Xiaolong had already slowed down and looked out from Zhang Xiaolong and said, “Uncle, they are jealous of us. We didn’t step on them when we found. We just came to see the play, but we haven’t come to the front. They are surrounded by them.”

Zhang Xiaolong also screamed: “Hey, they are obviously swindlers, let’s take the girl to the Government Authority and tell them.”

The man in black clothes laughed and said, “You have a group of mud legs, you haven’t seen anything in the world. You don’t even know what you are, and you still tell me what to say. Small, come over and tell them what is the official. “”

The old man, Zhao, waved his hand and stood by the busy family. He immediately rubbed his fists around and Zhang Zhang looked at things badly. He said to Zhang Xiaohua, “You look for opportunities with these two girls. Go out, we will protect you.” After that, Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Xiaohu were brought together with the family members who were surrounded, and Zhang Xiaohua also took two girls to go to the crowd watching the movie.

Zhang Cai, Zhang Xiaolong and Zhang Xiaohu, although they are strong laborers in the countryside, some strengths, one-on-one is slightly better than those of the family, but the heroes can’t stand many people. After a few rounds, they are turned over by a few evil servants. The fists and feet of the family’s fists, raining down, and seeing the three of them, the face was injured, Zhang Xiaohua and the two village aunts, just started to be clever, and escaped several family members. It is necessary to rush into the crowd, but it is unexpectedly blocked by the bodyguards in the front. The turning point of several times can not escape the body shape of the bodyguard. The bodyguard does not move, just block them from moving forward, waiting for When Jia Ding chased it, he stood on the sidelines, watching Zhang Xiaohua and the two villagers being blocked back next to Zhang Cai and others. Zhang Xiaohua saw that Elder Brother and Elder Brother were hit on the ground and rushed to the rescue, but they were saved in the chest, and they fell on the chest with their feet on their backs. They were covered in mud and were struggling to sit up. Two other family members came over and pressed the wall to the wall. The slap in the face slaps a few slaps, and the blood flows out along the corner of the mouth. The two family members look at Zhang Xiaohua, who is still young, and they are no longer hands-on. His body does not let him move.

Zhang Xiaohua No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t break free from the palms of the two brawny. Looking at the Elder Brothers under the fierce servant Fists & Kicks, they are shivering and beating, and the tears flow instantly.

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