LOTCG Chapter 6

Sixth chapter saves people

Sixth chapter saves people (this chapter is free)

When Zhang Xiaohua’s helpless tears drip in the dust, the heart of the thirteen-year-old young man is a wave of the sky. He has no time to consider the sinisterness of the human heart, the ugliness of the world, and the inability to blame others for their weakness. And on the sidelines, he has only the power of strength, hoping to use his own strength to protect his family, so that they will not be bullied by these dog-like wicked people, the Fists & Kicks who fall on their loved ones is like a farming hoe In his heart, he planted a seed, and let him still immature Mind, restore the weak heart, more and more fulfilling and firm.

The two villagers cried and rushed to the house, who wanted to open the family who was beating Zhang Cai and others, but they were stopped by the two Young Masters, and they were more and more crowded. But they are all daring and arrogant. The heavens and the earth are so quiet. Only the sounds of Fists & Kicks and the crying of the villagers, and the sound of the waves swaying, the sun is a little sinking.

At this time, a warm and beautiful female voice floated from the high wall behind Zhang Xiaohua: “A group of dogs and people, Senior Brother, if you still do not shoot, these people will be seriously injured by a group of dogs.”

Then a man’s voice sounded: “It’s still the heart of Junior Sister Bodhisattva, I’m going to fight the dog.”

When the voice just fell, I saw a figure jumping from the high wall. The light fluttering fell behind the evil servants. I didn’t see how this person’s work. I grabbed two people and grabbed them. Kneeling on the ground, then flying his feet, “squeaking” a few softly, and kicking several other people to the ground, a few evil servants fell between the dust, there was no movement, no idea Death is alive. ‘Lu’ out of the Zhang Cai family of three, curled up his body, blood and mud on his face, painfully 呻 ‘吟’.

At this time, everyone can see clearly. The young man who is in his 20s is dressed up in the school, dressed in white, dressed in white ‘color’ clothes, carrying a Treasure Sword. As the school vision swept Zhang Xiaohua, holding down his two evil servants and quickly let go of his hand, standing on one side, Zhang Xiaohua cried and slammed into the Elder Brother, and they sat one by one. Get up and look down on their injuries. The two Young Masters who twirled the ‘woman’ also stopped. When the two villagers ran over to see the injuries of Zhang Xiaolong and others, they did not dare to stop.

Wearing a black ‘color’ bodyguard came forward and stared at the school. It seemed to be a long time. He said, “Which brother is the high brother? Fierce Tiger Gang Zhao Quansheng asks the younger brother to name him.”

It’s a pity that the scholar didn’t pay attention to him. Instead, he looked sideways at the high wall and didn’t talk. At this time, everyone found that the tall wall was standing pretty pretty in a woman wearing a purple ‘color’ dress. The female Zi Body was tall and tall, and the clothes were blown in the wind, showing the figure convex to the face completely, but unfortunately the face Covering the veil of the First Layer, people can’t see the real face, but the high-spirited heroic posture is the feeling that people are hard to get close to immediately. The woman in the purple ‘color’ dress jumped from the high wall and walked softly to the front of the white scholar. She stood shoulder to shoulder and did not give a gift. The good voice sounded again:

“Fierce Tiger Gang, is it a big name, is it used to bully men and women? I don’t know how Situ Moon is doing it.”

Fierce Tiger Gang Zhao Quansheng When I first started listening, the face ‘color’ was a bit ugly, and even the hand holding the knife was tight, but at the end of the hearing, the face ‘color’ changed dramatically, but the knife was loosened. Just waiting for the woman’s voice to fall, immediately clinging to the boxing ceremony, respectfully said to the woman: “The next is to help the Black Tiger Hall disciple, the Hallmaster command to protect the Young Master who guards the adults. The girl knows both the Faction Master and the family. Please understand that.”

“Meet your Faction Master? Hehe, you will see the wind and the rudder. We are watching here for a long time. We are all looking at you in the eyes. Although you have no responsibility to protect, you will inevitably help you to be abused. The two dog heads that were protected, the fish and the people, ridiculed the ‘female’ female, I have long been ignorant, do not give them some lessons, it is difficult to protect the future without grass.” White scholar said with a smile.

After listening to Zhao Quansheng, he couldn’t help but frown. He said: “The two are my old Faction Master, but they don’t show their identity. Instead, they’re inserting the hand and helping me with the affairs. It’s hard for me to die.”

The woman couldn’t help but gé gé laughed and said, “You’re a dog, you dare to argue, don’t give you awesome, you won’t be willing.” Then I will step forward.

The white school hurriedly stopped and whispered: “Junior Sister, now is the New Year, we are watching the lively, rushing to shoot, in case of seeing blood, more unlucky, and, our mission…”.

“But you see how awful these two dogs are, and the villagers who just shot them out, they were beaten by them. I don’t want to be fair to them. I am very upset.” The woman in purple is so arrogant.

The white school meditation said: “Junior Sister, you don’t know much about this World. Although we have punished these bullies today, we have given them a sigh of relief, but we have not stayed here for a long time, waiting for us to leave, these bullies Looking for the villagers to vent their anger and retaliate, then is our kindness not to get a good return, but also bring disasters to these innocent villagers?”

The woman in purple clothes immediately turned upside down and said, “I don’t believe it. What is the power of this remote town’s bully? If you can’t do it, I will tell you, I am going to flatten it!”

The voice of this sentence was louder. I was heard by the bodyguards who were dressed up. My heart trembled. He knew that this sentence was probably not for swearing at him. I thought that if I didn’t handle it this time, I wouldn’t have a bad thing, so he immediately Once again, Wen Sheng asked: “Two Young Hero, today is Zhao’s person is wrong, once again apologize, I will go to persuade the two Young Master, and also ask the two to report a mountain gate, let’s make it a jade, after all, everyone They are all eaten in Jiang Hu.”

The purple woman thought about the meaning of her companion, and it made sense. When she listened to Zhao Quansheng, she turned and ignored him. She went to Zhang Cai to check their injuries. The white scholar took out a small brand from his arms and handed it to Zhao Quansheng. Zhao Quansheng took the sign and took a closer look. Immediately, like a shock, he handed the brand back to the white scholar with a more respectful attitude. Turning around and sprinting to the two overwhelmed short fat people, with a slap in the face for a while, the faces of the two people are even more ugly, and even some whitish. They walked in front of the white scholar, bowed their heads and apologized, white scholar smiled and shook his head, the corner of the mouth slanted to the purple woman on the other side, two people had to go to the Zi women’s Zi Body again, kept begging for mercy, purple clothes The woman also loves to answer the question, there is no sign of loosening.

The two short fat men were also clever, and they saw no effect. They immediately turned to Zhang Cai’s family and two villagers for mercy. The School of Agriculture did not have a deep city. The fat man did not say a few words. There was a looseness on the face of the man, only Zhang Xiaohua, who did not say anything on his face, his face was only indifferent. The village girl looked at Zhang Cai, Zhang only ordered nods, and this said to the purple woman: “This Elder Sister, you see…”. The woman in purple said: “You don’t have to look at my face ‘color’, I listen to you, but these two fat people can be guilty of death, and it is inevitable that they will be guilty. Let them take two hundred and two silver (money) to show you hurt. These two dog heads, dare to find them again, if I know, be careful of your dog’s life.” Two fat people heard, my heart was overjoyed, and immediately promised, even said that no longer dare. I took out a few silver tickets from my arms, and I didn’t check them. I quickly put them in the hands of Zhang Cai. Then, did not dare to leave, looked at the woman in purple, only to say she said: “Go.” This sprinted to the black bodyguards,

White scholar watched them come back, didn’t say anything, walked to the side of the house that had just been kicked by him, and each of them kicked a kick. These talents turned over and stood up and gathered at the two fat Zi Body. side. Zhao Quansheng saw that the result had a result, and did not dare to say anything. He held a fist to both men and took a group of people to hurry.

When they left, the people around them watched the crowd, but they still looked at a pair of men and women in awe, not dare to come. The white scholar went to Zhang Cai and others and asked, “Can you still go?”

Zhang Cai replied: “Better, can go.”

The white school said: “Then we should leave here first, take the silver ticket in the hand and go outside the town.”

After that, he and the purple woman first left, Zhang Xiaohua and two villagers squatted one by one, followed by Luzhen.

The strange combination of Zhang Cai’s group has aroused the curiosity of everyone. The front two men and women are gorgeous, the women are still covered with veil, and the latter are obviously the School of Agriculture, and three of them are bruised and bruised, and there is blood on the face, and there is a teenager. The injury was not serious to others, but the cheeks were swollen, the corners of the mouth were broken, and the clothes were dirty. Although everyone eyes are staring at their backs, but looking at the swords in the hands of young men and women, no one is willing to stop the inquiry, and no one dares to follow them.

There is a small stream in the east side of Luzhen. Zhang Cai stopped when they came here. The men and women walked under a tree by the stream, and Zhang Cai went to the stream and cleaned the face. Blood and dirt on the body. Fortunately, when the conflict happened, those family members did not copy the guys. Although they started to be very heavy, Zhang Cai did not suffer too much trauma. Only Zhang Xiaolong’s arm was stepped on with his feet. It should be a fracture. As for whether They do not know about internal injuries.

After Zhang Jiacai’s family cleaned up, and brought two villagers to the tree, Zhang Cai Shili said: “Engong, haven’t asked Gao’s name, you saved our family’s sex, please accept us. One worship.” After the end, I would like to thank the girl. The white scholar quickly dragged Zhang’s arm and said, “Oh, don’t call the benefactor again. My name is Wen Wenhai. You see Act of courage, regardless of your own ‘sex’. Helping others to help others is a model for my generation. Let me first look at your injuries.”

After that, Wen Wenhai grabbed the hand of Zhang Cai and others, frowning and sinking.

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