Legendary Pet Shop Chapter 388


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In the Fair Price pet shop, Xia Mo personally refines the Huajing Dan.

There are many pets in the store to help, one after another medicine pill is released.

In the store, the strong fragrance of medicine pill is already permeating, and the whole street can be smelled, refreshing.

The medicine pill has just been released, and it is like an Immortal Pill.

Everyone who looked at it was secretly surprised.

This is the realm pill that Xia Mo personally refined for them!

I am extraordinary.

“The materials used for refining medicine pill this time are exceptionally sufficient, and the efficacy of the pill will be exceptionally good. However, it is better not to consume the Huajing Pill continuously, which will cause some burden to the body. I have already eaten the War of the Huajing Pill once. Pet, it will take a while before I can eat the realm of transformation. Xiao Mengyue, this time I can’t eat the realm of transformation.”

Xia Mo stretched out her hand and stroked her little Mengyue lovingly in her eyes.

Of course, Xia Mo did not say that the efficacy of these medicine pill medicines will be exceptionally good, not only because of the exceptionally sufficient age of medicine ingredients.

Because of the system reward, the realm pill he refines has an extra bonus effect! Medicine efficacy Promote 15%, shorten the interval between taking by 50%!

The effect is a percentage Promote. The better the natural quality and the more abundant the raw materials, the more medicinal power will be added to the pill. Because the base is large.

But these obviously don’t have to be so clear. Everyone thinks that medicine pill has enough raw materials and good results.

I don’t know the real reason, and it doesn’t affect the effect of taking Huajing Dan.

I know a lot, but I can only add doubts.

It’s not good.


Xiao Mengyue’s smiling eyes are like crescent moons, curved.

It has already eaten the realm of transformation pill, this time it can no longer eat the realm of transformation pill, but it feels that the owner has always had it in his heart, and it is equally happy, without any loss.

Little Mengyue is so well-behaved, so Xia Mo smiles again, and she doesn’t need to worry anymore.

Xiao Mengyue understands everything, so he doesn’t need to say more.

Opened the mouth and said again: “Last time I gave Ruoxi and Bard’s Transmigration Pill, it seems that you didn’t eat it at all. Realm hasn’t increased. This time I will replace you with the newly refined Transmigration Realm. Dan.”

“Xia Mo big brother! I love you to death!” When I heard Xia Mo’s words, Lu Ruoxi and Song Yinyou, who had received Xia Mo as a gift of Huajing Dan in advance, did not expect that Xia Mo would do this. Be careful, you will notice that they haven’t taken this realm transformation pill, and then give them a better realm transformation pill.

This made Lu Ruoxi so happy that she jumped up and shouted that she loved Xia Mo.

She looks like this, if she spreads out, she has to make Xia Mo gossip.

The heroic boyfriend of a big star, that’s a big headline that will excite the entertainment newspaper.

“Brother Xia Mo feels distressed for the far distance we live in. When we left last time, he specially gave us the Huajing Pill. We got the Huajing Pill, so I wanted to take it with everyone and grow our strength together. Taking it. Didn’t expect, this thought allowed us to switch to a better realm transformation pill.” Song Yinyou also told everyone about his excitement.

It’s exciting to have a good thought for a while, and now it’s a better result.

“If Xi and Yinyou are thinking of all of us, waiting for us, naturally they should receive such a reward. We are all happy.” Everyone was also particularly moved that Lu Ruoxi and Song Yinyou had a realm transformation pill. I have been waiting for them to take Huajing Dan together.

Now, because of this idea, they get a better medicine pill, and they all feel that it is right.

“Everyone took medicine pill. One for each person, one for each pet. If there are more War Pets, you can get more. My friends in the War Pet shelter also have them. They help refine the medicine. You have worked so hard, deserve a reward!”

Xia Mo also laughed, and touched her body around War Pet, who was from the War Pet Containment Station and had been very well-behaved.



Xia Mo praised them and made them scream happily.

They are happy, and Xia Mo smiles happily.

“Xia Mo, these medicine pills are too precious, let’s give them to everyone first!” Xiao Jinling felt uneasy. There are more than 50 War Pets in the War Pet Containment Station. One War Pet is a single one. To take away so many medicine pills, she really felt uneasy inside.

Xia Mo understood Xiao Jinling’s intentions, and immediately said: “What is precious. It is only precious if it is sold. This is a medicinal herb that I picked by myself. I just used some manpower and no cost. I use it myself. Yes, there is no need to calculate the cost. Besides, everyone did their best. War Pets also helped. Xiao Mengyue and Lele also helped collect medicinal herb, and the others left in the shop War Pet has also helped to refine medicine pill. Everyone has worked hard and should have been rewarded. This is what everyone deserves. Xiao elder sister, don’t think too much about it. Take the medicine pill later and bring it with you War Pets go back, find a time, let them take the realm pill, and understand the realm.”

“en.” How could Xiao Jinling not listen to Xia Mo’s words. She will not forget a word, and she will work hard to do the things Xia Mo explained.



Xia Mo has been thinking about them all the time, which makes these War Pets happily jumping around in the store.

They are not only happy to get medicine pill, but Xia Mo has been thinking about it and caring about them.

This is more important than whether they get medicine pill or not.

“Let’s take medicine pill. I will ask Big Brother Luo to prepare the car for everyone. After taking medicine pill, I need a place with a good environment to understand medicinal power. I think it’s an ecological park. It’s a bit far, but There are mountains and waters, and the scenery is worthwhile. I also want to go there and send medicine pill to Xiaowu. Everyone first go by car, I will see the shop more, and then I will go over. I jumped there as soon as I jumped, so I won’t delay with you Convergent.”

Xia Mo has Earth Grade realm, Earth Ren Woxing, and in the past, the ecological garden is naturally more convenient than taking a car.

It’s here in one jump.

It doesn’t have to take time to build a car like everyone needs.

So, Xia Mo thought that when everyone passed by, he would stay and watch the store for everyone.

I think Big Uncle Li has developed this time!

If this medicine pill is put up for auction, someone will definitely buy it at a sky-high price!

What’s more, if the heroes refining by themselves, it will be even more valuable.

The scene when they were amazed at a medicine pill was also seen by everyone who came out of the store and rushed to the eco-park, but everyone did not laugh at them, because they felt the same way.

Xia Mo refining medicine pill, but with a different, like Immortal Pill, Immortal Qi overflows.

With this medicine pill to comprehend, everyone is already excited before they start to comprehend.

Learning that your hero teammates are going to the Ecological Park, taking Huajing Dan, and completing the promote rank, Luo Wei arranged the team while immediately reporting the exciting news to the Director.

So many members of the hero War Squadron and War Pet promote rank together, what a powerful federation’s battle strength, the battle strength of all mankind!

Everyone should be proud and proud.

The soldiers of the City Defense Bureau who drive the convoy and escort, everyone is so proud and proud.

Soldiers are like this, let alone the Chief Secretary!


On the street, Xiao Jinling held a large box of precious medicine pill, Huajing Dan, and watched everyone leave.

Like Lele, many War Pets are not willing to be separated from everyone.

However, they are not in a hurry to take these Transition Pills today.

Medicine pill, Xia Mo has given them to them, and they are now in the box held by Xiao Jinling. When the War Pets have a good rest today, they will be more energetic tomorrow, and the effect will be good after taking them.

Holding such a box of medicine pill, looking at the unremarkable, it is more eye-catching than millions.

However, there is no need to worry about wicked people coming to snatch it.

There is Big Grey, the Top Tier War Pet, and there are so many War Pets in the War Pet containment station that protect Xiao Jinling all the way.

These War Pets have also fought Extraterrestrial Demon Beast with Xia Mo. The combination of combat tactics is extremely superb.

Ordinary villains, don’t even think about hitting them.

At night, with so many War Pets, they will take good care of this box of medicine pill. Even brilliant thieves don’t even want to steal these medicine pill from their in front of one’s eyes.

In the evening, today is different. The returned Adventurer has come here long ago. Now there is less traffic, and Xia Mo closed the shop.

I will also go to the Ecological Park to meet Xiaowu.

Closed the store door and jumped in the alley. The silhouette was already a hundred miles away. In the blink of an eye, I came to the eco-park and I saw Xiaowu right away.

“Woo! Huh!” As soon as he saw Xia Mo, Xiao Mist was excited and constantly sprayed thick water mist, the water mist soared into the sky, filling the air, covering the mountains and plains, and seeing the return in the ecological garden The tourists who did not leave were immediately excited.

“Small mist.”

Xia Mo has already missed Xiao Wu’s hug her nose.

Xia Mo’s body is too huge, so Xia Mo can only hug the tip of his nose.


The two are connected with each other, Xiao Wu can feel it at once, even when Xia Mo is not by her side, she never forgets it.

Whether it’s taking a family portrait or having Huajing Dan, Xia Mo has not forgotten it.

Never forget it.

Of course, there are also small rocks.

It all understands.

So, when Xia Mo was embraced, she was already excited and cried silently.

It understands, it understands everything.

It also misses Xia Mo.

Xia Mo’s eyes were also blurred and covered by something, and then he smiled, patted Xiaowu’s forehead, and brought it to the shore.

At the same time, a small stone came out from summon. Heaven and Earth are vast here, and their two good friends can meet again and be with each other.

Xiao Wu and Xiao Shi also miss each other, as soon as they meet, they look at each other, approach each other, approach together, and accompany Xia Mo to the shore, inseparable.

The shore.

A Silver Moon Fox, chiu~chiu~’s eagerness ran over first, and trot all the way onto Xia Mo’s shoulder.

“Little White!”

As usual, Little White still likes to stay on Xia Mo’s shoulder, and constantly licking Xia Mo’s face, it’s all King Beast, and it’s the same as before, as if it was still weak.

People can’t help but laugh.

Little White’s licking made Xia Mo’s face itchy, and Xia Mo couldn’t stop laughing.

Xia Mo’s laughter, listening to everyone on the shore waiting for Xia Mo’s arrival, and every War Pet waiting for Xia Mo’s arrival, everyone is excited.

“Old rules. While everyone is here, do Group Excercise first, then take Huajing Dan, refining medicinal power, and promote rank!”


“gu lu, gu lu!”

“si si!”


A lot of War Pet’s high-pitched calls answered Xia Mo.

Everyone ran happily, lined up, and prepared for an exercise.

“War Pet Master Group Excercise begins!”

The members of many heroes War Squadron, many heroes War Pet of War Squadron, began to do Group Excercise neatly, magical radiance, on everyone, every War Pet body soared into the sky.

Those visitors who were still on the viewing platform looked at them, all of them felt that they were unexpected and excited.

Many people are taking out their mobile phones to take videos and posting them on the Internet to share with you that they met the hero War Squadron in the Ecological Park today.

Thousands of netizens are envious.

I have done Group Excercise twice, everyone is excited, and every War Pet is excited.

They looked at Xia Mo in a trance, happy every minute and every second.

“Then, start taking Huajing Dan.” Xia Mo took the lead, took out the Huajing Dan, and gave it to Ballz.

“Ballz!” Ballz excitedly jumped to Xia Mo’s shoulder, and kept rubbing Xia Mo’s face with his little face. After being happy for a long time, it was the two little paws who carefully held this realm-transformation pill, as Take a bite as seriously as a small snack.

It doesn’t have a big mouth, and it’s too big to take it off.

Chew slowly and taste carefully.

Ballz also knows that medicine pill is extraordinary.

“ka ka!”

“wu wu.”

Younger sister Xia Anan’s War Pet, Little Ash, and Frosty have also chewed medicine pill with ka ka, and their teeth have broken medicine pill. It looks like they eat with keen interest pleasure.

At this time, Su Lanqing’s War Pet Little White is also the same, holding Huajing Dan with two snow-white front paws, gnawing at it.

Big Rumble and Xiao Luo are the same.

Little Black is a black snake. It takes a bite of everything. At this moment, it is not in a hurry to swallow. It is slowly tasting like a child eating candy in his mouth, and then he swallows it in one bite.

Lu Ruoxi, Song Yinyou is also feeding their king, Xiao Gu Gu, and Yoko eating medicine pill.

Chu Ming War Squadron, Ou Chengcheng, and King-Class War Squadron’s Wang Danyue and Jun Jun are the same. They first fed their War Pet and took the Huajing Pill, then they themselves took the Huajing Pill, and then together with War Pet Enter samādhi, and feel the comprehension contained in this transformation pill.

Ballz has taken the Huajing Pill and has begun to comprehend it.

Xia Mo also took medicine pill to the little stone. The Source of Life of small stones can absorb the power of medicine pill.

Although Xiao Mist is huge, like other War Pets, you can swallow medicine pill.


Xiao Mengyue doesn’t have to eat medicine pill today. Seeing that everyone is eating medicine pill, Xia Mo doesn’t. It cares about Xia Mo to urge Xia Mo to also eat medicine pill.

“Should I eat, too? Okay. It’s always useful.” Xia Mo smiled, happily touched Xiao Mengyue, who knows that he cares about people, and then listened to Xiao Mengyue’s persuasion to swallow The medicine pill Huajing Dan.

Although he is already an Earth Grade realm, the realm is really high.

However, it is good to be able to Promote some.

It’s like the little rocks and mists that are already emperor beasts. The higher the realm, the more difficult it is for Promote. The more you have to cherish every opportunity for Promote.

Xia Mo also took the realm of transformation pill, and closed my eyes with everyone to understand the power of the realm of transformation.

Many soldiers of the City Defense Bureau, guarding the ecological garden, looked at the hero War Squadron and the hero War Pet who closed their eyes to comprehend from a distance, and their expressions became more and more excited.

Everyone knows what they will see when these people wake up.

A hero War Squadron is destined to be stronger, but they still can’t imagine how powerful it will be!

The strength of the hero War Squadron is not what they can imagine now!



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