Legendary Pet Shop Chapter 389


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The setting sun fell into the depths of the earth, and the temperature on the earth was cold in winter. However, every soldier of the City Defense Bureau who stood guard in the ecological park became more passionate and exciting.

It’s like blood is burning.

Guard heroes understand promote rank, they are extremely proud and extremely exciting.

Soon, the emergency lighting in the field came on, a beacon, illuminating a side World.

At this time, you can still see many tourists, because the hero War Squadron arrived so late and didn’t leave.

There is also the child. In the cold weather, he breathed in his mouth and kept shaking the small flag in his hand, waiting to see the understanding of the hero War Squadron promote rank.

The City Defense Bureau, the chief of affairs, the chief of affairs, and even Bangcheng are all paying attention to this place to varying degrees at the moment.

Many people are quietly waiting for news.

Many people stood by the phone, waiting for the latest news.

Time is one minute and one second, so people are waiting quietly and slowly passing.


Xia Mo Earth Grade realm, his War Pet small stone and Xiaowu Emperor realm, their realm is too high, they are the fastest comprehension of the promotion rank of a realm pill, and wake up the fastest.

Xia Mo has a new insight!

“Ding! You lead many heroes to comprehend the promote rank together! You are the members of the heroes. How many times have you lived and died together, united in a city, and forgot to die, fight side by side. Together, you comprehend the promote rank, your comprehended hero’s War Squadron skills.”

“A team member with a hero sword can use this War Squadron skill.”

“This War Squadron skill, once deployed, will take effect on entire team members, regardless of whether the opponent has a hero sword!”

“Hero War Squadron skills, live and die together! All Promote players have a level of realm! Everyone uses it for the first time in each battle, and the blood is full. At the same time, the Promote has a small recovery speed. It is also effective for War Pet.”

“Hero War Squadron skills, united as one! Promote all the members of Soul Power is a realm! Everyone uses it for the first time in each battle, Soul Power is full. At the same time, Promote Soul Power has a small recovery speed. It is also effective for War Pet.”

“Hero War Squadron skills, give up life and death! Promote all team members battle strength a level realm! Everyone uses it for the first time in each battle, the effect of battle strength Promote doubles! At the same time, a small Promote recovery speed. It is also effective for War Pet. “

“War Squadron battle skill lasts for ten minutes. The cooling time is 30 minutes.”

“It is recommended that the entire team members use this battle skill in a reasonable manner, and fully utilize the extra bonus effect that each person uses for the first time in each battle.”

“If one person exits the battle state, blood, Soul Power, and battle strength return to calm, it is a battle. Re-enter the battle state, you can judge a new battle and enjoy the extra blessing effect for the first use.”

“Ding! Your Emperor Beast War Pet Little Stone and Little Mist, comprehend the Pill of Transformation, Promote Realm. Promote rank Emperor Beast Top Tier realm!”

“Ding! You promote rank Earth Grade intermediate realm!”


Promote rank!

First completed the promote rank!

A battle strength broke out!

Xia Mo so!

The emperor beast little stone, so is the little mist!

The battle strength broke out, the air oscillated, and the thunder suddenly appeared!

The breath oscillates astonishingly, just like Blade and Sword Edges!

Many tourists who have been waiting for the hero to complete the promote rank, as soon as they saw that the unsung hero who led him completed the promote rank first, and the two giant beasts War Pet, there was a thunder vortex of power, which was immediately exciting. , Excited.

Children are already tired from shaking the small flag. At this moment, they all suddenly waved the small flag harder and faster, excited for the hero, proud of the hero, cheering for the hero!

Xia Mo also heard the children’s cheering and their calling.

At this moment, when the promote rank is completed, the Xia Mo with the explosive strength of battle is boiling, and the battle strength of the whole is boiling, as if the divine force bursts.

Children’s cheering, children’s voice, he wants to respond.

The best response to them is to let them see the powerful battle strength of their heroes!

This will give them confidence and strength!

Xia Mo’s blood is erupting, battle strength is erupting, and his mind is erupting!

In an instant, high-spirited and vigorous, holding the sky with one hand!

The Emperor sword, in the nine-day thunder, seems to come from the nine-day thunder, and in the rolling thunder, it suddenly appears in the hands of Xia Mo.

Xia Mo held the Emperor sword in her hand, put it away, and suddenly the thunderous sky disappeared.

The earth became gray again.

However, as Xia Mo raised the Emperor sword again and used the battle skill of the hero War Squadron, we would live and die together!

The new battle skill, the fire of the red battle skill full of blood energy, immediately illuminates the earth again vigorously!

The light of the red battle skill is like blood, fire, and net, and it oscillates quickly like light. The light of the red battle skill is dazzling.

This is a battle skill they have never seen before. Every child, every tourist, standing on the observation deck far away, can clearly see the light of the red battle skill, which is dazzlingly illuminated. The vast land illuminates the silhouettes of the many hero War Squadron players who are entering the comprehension.

Amazing battle skill, mysterious and powerful!

Everyone immediately cheered for their mysterious and powerful hero.

“Xia Hero!”

The hero has a new comprehended and a new battle skill has appeared, and the captain Luo Wei has already cried quietly. He turned his head and wiped his tears quietly. He didn’t want to be found in tears, but he suddenly discovered that every soldier around him, like him, was excited, but silently crying.

It made him laugh suddenly.

This is the power of a hero, the charm of a hero!

The hero, did not let them down. The children waved small flags more excitedly and shouted cheering for the hero.

The adults raised the child hard so that they could see the hero more clearly.

Young men and women are also struggling to hold up their mobile phones, trying to share everything they see with more people through the Internet.

The new insight of the hero War Squadron is amazing!

The hero War Squadron, red’s battle skill, has already shocked the world.

What is even more unexpected is that afterwards, there will be green’s battle skill, which is also amazing again!

Hero War Squadron battle skill, united as one!

Promote Soul Power, the light of green’s Soul Power, shines the same way! Extraordinarily dazzling!

The light of battle skill is so gorgeous. It makes children wave their arms in surprise, without feeling tired at all, as if they would rather shake their arms.

However, there are more surprises, which will be given to them soon!

War Squadron battle skill, give up your life and forget your death!

The light of golden’s battle skill, after the light of green’s battle skill shining, the golden light immediately dazzled the earth, and the light of golden reflected in their eyes, moving soul!

Three battle skills, with different colors and different details, let people know that they must be three newly understood battle skills, but they also have the same thing in common, that is, they are the same powerful, powerful, and stunning !

As tourists, they only see the light of battle skill, and cannot know the effects and functions of those battle skills. However, just looking at the light of the dazzling and stunning battle skill, they already feel this kind of battle. Skill, surely powerful, will not disappoint!

They already feel extremely proud and proud of such a powerful hero!

These heroes are their hope to win the invasion of the powerful Extraterrestrial Demon Beast! It’s the only thing to rely on!

They are the hope of all mankind!

They are the heroes of all mankind!

They are the common hero in all of them, the only hero!


The three heroes War Squadron battle skill have been cast, Heaven and Earth returned to the color of the night.

However, there is still a mysterious three-color streamer looming on every War Squadron member.

Those mysterious three-color streamers are the blessing effects of the three battle skills.

Each color streamer is a blessing effect of battle skill.

red is a heroic battle skill that lives and dies together!

green is a heroic battle skill, united as one!

Golden, is a heroic battle skill who will give up his life and forget his death!

Battle skill effect, lasts ten minutes.

The continuous mysterious stream of light made the audience on the shore amazed and very enjoyable.

Look, the online audience is also very exciting and shocking.

The chief secretary and Bangcheng are also talking on the phone. Seeing the same scene, I am very pleased.

They are all waiting for more good news from more heroes and War Pet!

The entire Federation is waiting silently and patiently!

At the City Defense Bureau base, Shen Zhan accompanied his War Pet Ling Bo to watch the new insights of the hero Xia Mo.

He also smiled happily.

“He has a new comprehended again. Ling Bo, you are also happy for him, right?” He smiled. He also knew that Ling Bo was also happy for Xia Mo’s new promote rank.

Because Xia Mo is his and Lingbo’s benefactor, their benefactor!

“Woo.” Ling Bo neighed, obviously, he had already given a very positive answer.



Xia Mo woke up and realized the promote rank.

Xiao Shi and Xiao Wu woke up and realized the promote rank!

Xiao Mengyue was so excited and happy, she came to Xia Mo and meowed excitedly.

“Let Xiao Mengyue worry about it.” Xia Mo felt sorry for it and picked it up, rubbing her face with it.

Xiao Mengyue is so happy that Xia Mo and Xiao Shi, Xiao Wu woke up, and began to worry about Ballz and everyone.

It’s really heartwarming War Pet.

Let Xia Mo feel sorry for it too.

Immediately rubbed it and said softly to it: “It’s okay. They will all wake up soon. They will all wake up.”

“Let’s wait together. Wait patiently.”

“Meow.” Xiao Mengyue obediently, jumped to the ground, squatted on the ground, guarding Ballz, guarding Xia Anan, guarding Little Ash and Frosty, guarding Little White, guarding everyone, and Xia Mo Together, together with Xiao Shi Xiao Wu, waiting for everyone to wake up intently and patiently.



“si si!”


Juniper’s quasi-emperor beast War Pet Pine nuts, Wang Danyue’s quasi-emperor beast War Pet Xiaolan and Xiaoli, almost at the same time, completed the promotion of rank.

Complete the emperor beast promote rank task, promote rank emperor beast!

Promote rank The power of the emperor beast boils, bursts, and oscillates astonishing power. Rip apart the invisible air and produces the visible energy oscillation of naked eye.

It’s like slashing with a sword!

Pine nuts, golden beasts, promote rank emperor beasts, golden light all over, suddenly skyrocketed.

Xiaolan, War Pet of Plant Family, the light of life, green rays of light are as dazzling as the sky, and the flowers bloom more prosperously.

Xiao Li, the Xiao Li of the electric attribute, the electric light shining in all directions, as dazzling as thunder.

The emperor beasts promote rank, the weather is extraordinary, the rising winds, the imposing manner like scudding clouds, and they see hundreds of spectators, exciting, and never feel the chill of winter night.

The blood is hot!

The heart is more like fire!

“Emperor Beast! Emperor Beast, we have Emperor Beast!”

Of course, the happiest part belongs to the city where the two War Squadron belong, Confluence City and Sushi City.

They all have the emperor beast War Squadron only after Yucheng has enough size!

Especially for the city of Sushi, which has a much lower status, the Emperor Beast War Squadron is even more of an existence that they can’t even dream of.

Now, in such a small agricultural city as they are, they also have the Emperor Beast War Squadron. Watching the energy promote rank curve measured by the energy radar with their own eyes, they are almost on the blue sky, confirming that the Emperor Level is correct, and still feel all this. Just like dreaming!

Of course, they never forget who brought them all this in their hearts.

There is only that one person, and only that one person, who can bring them such amazing strength!

“Okay. The War Squadron in Shicheng City is also promoted to the Emperor rank. In our cities, there are several Emperor War Squadrons that can be used at once. I don’t want to envy those Old Partners who died of mine. Sooner or later, our threshold will be stepped on. They will come to us and ask us to help them promote rank War Squadron.” The chief secretary has a hero War Squadron like the seed of the Emperor War Squadron. It seems that there is a beautiful daughter at home, so I don’t have to worry about getting married.

Sooner or later, the threshold of the house will be cut off by matchmakers who want to come and talk about their relatives.

Xia Mo is the seed of the Emperor War Squadron.

It was he who brought more Imperial War Squadron to the Federation.

Today, I counted on helping the Emperor Beast Ling Bo promote rank at Master University, and now promote rank two Emperor Beast War Squadron. It is just a rough calculation. The battle strength enhanced by the Federation today is an incalculable contribution.

The power of one person can help the three emperor-level War Squadron promote rank. This person, the world’s first person, and the Wushuang Guoshi, deserves it.

“The chief affairs officer, the chief affairs chief of Wanliu City is calling.” The assistant chief affairs chief just received a call request from the chief affairs chief of Wanliu City.

The chief secretary immediately said with a smile: “He, he called to thank me. But I am ashamed. After all, it is not me who brought them all by himself, but Xia. Mo! But, I understand his intentions. Take the call. I will tell him.”

“Yes.” The assistant also understood the meaning of the call, and smiled. He didn’t worry about the call, and immediately connected the call with a relaxed and happy expression.

At this moment, the chief of affairs is following the call of Wanliu City, the chief of Xiangling City is also following the telephone of the chief of Xiangling City, at the same time, the telephone of the chief of Sushicheng is also waiting on the line, they are of the same level, but He was only one person, and the two city affairs chiefs called to thank him at the same time, but he couldn’t take it alone.

But I was so excited and happy.

He knew so clearly in his heart that they would call him immediately, not because of what he did, but because the person who helped them do all this was from Xiangling City.

Is the hero of Xiangling City, Xia Mo!

The hero of Xiangling City is the eternal pride in his heart and the entire Xiangling City, the heart of a million people!


More and more War Pets begin to complete their comprehension and wake up from entering concentration.



“ka ka!”

Little Ash.




Little White.


As soon as they woke up, they felt that they were different.

King Beast Top Tier Peak, one line away from the emperor beast, the quasi emperor beast is already strong!

They become stronger again so fast!

This made them feel so happy, and immediately ran towards Xia Mo with the same pace.

In groups, the pets are of one mind!

The same.

Their owner is also waking up.


Younger sister Xia Anan, once eyes opened, she wakes up in Dharma.

“Xia Mo big brother!”

It is Su Lanqing, Lan Ying’er, Liu Xu’er,… Chu Ming War Squadron, Lu Ruoxi, Song Yinyou, Ou Chengcheng, and more people are waking up.

Everyone is waking up.

When they woke up, they also found that they had also promoted the Profound Level realm and began to have Divine Consciousness. They had seen the battle strength that Xia Mo was able to possess when he was in the Profound Level realm, and they now also have it. .

Suddenly excited.

At the same time, they also have amazing discoveries, that is, the comprehension of the hero sword, those War Squadron battle skills!

The new battle skill is their War Squadron battle skill?

The battle skill that I’ve never seen, let alone heard of, makes them all be eager to have a try at this moment. Everyone has already drawn out their hero swords and played such a war with their own hands. Squadron battle skill, exciting experience.

Suddenly, the dazzling lights of various War Squadron battle skills, one after another, bloomed brightly on this land.

A dozen or twenty dazzling battle skills of all colors, one after another, one after another, watching thousands of spectators, hundreds of millions of people in the Federation are already dizzying, excited, blood is already hot, and the heart is already like fire!

My hero, War Squadron, is so powerful that it shook the world’s billion trillion hearts!


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