Legendary Pet Shop Chapter 431

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“captain!” Everyone suddenly sorrowful exclaimed!

“kill it, revenge for Captain!”

“Moonlight Blade!”

“blood blade!”

“expLoding fireball!”

The players know that Captain has been killed in the chest, affirms that people are gone, and the eyes suddenly blush, and they rushed over with War Pet.

“Hey! Everyone, I am not dead! I am not dead! There is equipment, the equipment saved me!”

Who knows that Captain in the ground, suddenly sat up, then climbed up, with his own War Pet hill, also rushed.

“Hill, Brilliant Gold Thrust, suppressed target, protect everyone!”

“then gold hit, give me the joint, weak attack!”


Small mountain pig wild, suddenly snapped with a small tail of the volume, I have already rushed forward, playing the Golden Light’s dazzling Battle Skill.

At this moment, Golden Light envelops, it is really a small golden pig, Golden-Bright and dazzling, especially very cute, is also very powerful!




“Haha, Captain, you are not dead, capen is not dead!”

“Equipment saves Captain life! Equipment saves Captain’s life!”

capen is dead, everyone is too happy, happy falling tears.

Just, I really thought that Captain was dead!

is so sad, it is sad, I have forgotten the Terrifying of Demonic Beast, and I have forgotten life and death, just fight for the fight!

“Everyone is not hurt!” Captain will only care about everyone, care about everyone’s War PET.



“WAR PET is not!”

“Captain, we just real strong!” Now the battle is over, the Demonic Beast has been killed, it is completely safe, the players are the surprise discovery, just a battle, they played the real Strong!

“Yes, real strong!” Captain is also a face can’t believe. It looks at the hole that is burnt out of his chest, “Tier Six War Pet Master equipment blocked, saved one Life, also burned a hole, the opponent should be Tier Six Demonic Beast! We actually win Tier Six Demonic Beast! This is something that has never been there! “

“en!” Every team member is heavy, and a face is surprised.

“Hero’s cultivation Very Powerful! Our WAR PET has just cultivated, so becoming so real strong!”

“Equipment has also saved captain life! War Pet Master equipment can be saved! So strong dead light is blocked, otherwise, capen is gone!”

Xu Yuxiu, these Girl, crying, almost capenain is gone.

as the previously seen by the Adventurer killed by Demonic Beast, although there is a lot of life and death, but every time I see, I still feel sad.

“There is no hero today, but I will not be able to play Tier Six Demonic Beast, we will all die! Heroes have saved our lives!”

Captain is excited, although he is afraid of the honesty, but this will continue to be excited.

avoided a catastrophe, hero saved everyone’s life, direct or indirect!

“en! Heroes is our people’s life Saving Benefactor! Heroes, the hero’s War Pet Master equipment saved our lives, we must be a must thank him!”

All the members of everyone are excited to remember the life-saving grace of the hero.

“After everyone, everyone must protect themselves, protect their WAR PET, don’t let yourself be hurt, let you die. Heroes have cultivated our War PET, wait until they complete Comprended hero to teach them Cultivate, they will become more powerful! They take time, in this time they need to understand, if we die, it will be too losing! If you can’t see the strong days, you can’t kill those EXTRATERRIAL DEMON beast. For those dead people with revenge! We have to wait, wait for those good days. It will arrive, have heroes, will come! “

Captain screams in an empty wilderness, it will arrive, will come.

Everyone is so excited, it is really coming!


Xiao Mu City official shock release!

Many AdventUro and heroes take a group photo!

Their War PET has got a hero!

They bought a beautiful WAR PET MASTER equipment!

At the same time, there is a battle video release!

A WAR PET MASTER equipment how to resist the dead light from Tier Six Extranderrestrial Demon Beast, protect the battle fragment of the ADVENTURER WAR PET MASTER life!

The picture under the battle recorder records, the clear record, that is an amazing scene!

Dead burning, how amazing, how to turn on the sky!

This high harm, everyone has reason to think that the man is gone!

But no one else doesn’t think the last result, the man is nothing!

is just something slightly hurt!

Some hurts in the chest of death!

Dead damage, fatal injury, full equipment absorption!

The final, but only burned a hole!

But can save a human war pet master under death, which proves the guardian effectiveness of WAR PET MASTER equipment!

video, let the entire Adventurer circle are deeply shock!

They are all ADVENTURER, they are at any time to fight life and death! However, they have seen it now, with WAR PET Master equipment, WAR PET Master equipment can resist fatal injury, which will greatly protect their lives, reduce casualties, and effectively avoid the group!

This video is released, it is too shocking!

War PET Master equipment can save!

Let every AdventUro are more eager to have WAR PET MASTER equipment!

They are so envious of the AdventUro, who can meet the hero, they can encounter such affordable War Pet CultiVation, buying the same thing, and the dangerous moment is also able to keep the WAR PET MASTER equipment!

“Heroes, we want such a WAR PET MASTER equipment” topic, soon it is hot search.

Thousands of Adventurer users are eager to get such a WAR PET MASTER equipment as soon as possible!


“Ding! You have helped many AdventUro, many brave battle WAR PETs, protect and avoid many Advententurer and War Pet sacrifices, and your contribution is worth remembering, you get Today’s tourism mission reward! “

“You got the reward of King Tier War Pet Master equipped X9!”

From Xiao Mu City, you just came back, XIA Mo suddenly won the SYSTEM reward.


xia Mo is also very unexpected.

I have to do a tour in the morning, and there is also a System reward.

He didn’t think of what he did, but he helped some Adventurer cultivated WAR PET, sold some equipment to them, how to protect many Adventurer and avoid many War PET sacrificed, then Get a reward?

xia Mo I feel that some paste is confused.

“xia Mo, you are back! Go to Xiao Mu City? Uncle saw it. You you do!” Save people! “Just back, Big Uncle Li is in a hurry to talk about him. A paragraph.

“Well, Big Uncle Li. I am back. Just Back.

“Haha!” Big Uncle Li suddenly smiled and loudly, he would be happy to have: “You still don’t know! You sold it to Adventurer’s equipment, have saved people a life. Look, online There is a video released! You haven’t come back, the battle video has been passed on the website of the city defense bureau! And you will take a photo with their Adventurer, all online! “

big uncle li See xia Mo I don’t know all this, and I’m excited to take out my mobile phone, draw out video and pictures to XIA Mo.

Give XIA Mo, one side: “You CHILD, save people, you don’t know! You have no chance to watch the phone, how can you know! “

“xia Mo, doing beautiful!” Other uncle of the door saw Xia Mo back, and ran over to the thumbs up to XIA Mo, praise.

“Several Brothers, XIA Mo I don’t know if he saved people. I just told him!” Big Uncle Li said with everyone, XIA Mo I still don’t know those online. About his news.

“This child, saved people, and work hard, but I still don’t know!”

“He is busy!” Big Uncle Li explained to XIA MO.

“Yes, one morning, I don’t know how many people have helped how many people and WAR PET. No, those people can do.” Everyone is distressed, and it is also happy. Today they encountered the hero xia Mo.

“Thank you. I just made a matter of tourism. In fact, it is very ordinary.” Several uncle praised, put Xia Mo is embarrassed, hurry, then run to open the store opened.

“This child is a big hero, it is still so embarrassing!” A few uncle was happy, and the happy side said, go back to the store, of course, the topic of continuing to talk about, will be xia Mo Heroic deeds, that is really how long it can’t finish.

Open the door back to the store, XIA Mo immediately took out the mobile phone, prepared to contact Xu Yuxiu, asked about their safety.

Just took out the mobile phone, connect the network, and have seen Xu Yuxiu’s message.

They are all grateful to the Cultivate War PET of Xia Mo, and the sale of equipment saved their people’s life.

Thanks, thank you.

They also said, Captain was burned out of equipment, which was taken by City Defense Bureau to collect things in the WAR PET Museum, and they transferred new equipment, ask the heroes to help them send back A set of new Tier Six equipment back.

“I took a time to give you a time. Contact you when you are here.” Xia Mo learned that they were safe, and they also worked hard, and they didn’t want to be anxious. They didn’t have equipment, I thought in the afternoon. Even if you have worked hard, go to the equipment.

“Thank you for your hero, I will have trouble!” Get Xia Mo reply, Xu Yuxiu is very surprised, and I will thank you soon.

“Come on! You are proud!” Xia Mo encouraged them to continue.

“Thank you, thank you!”

XIA Mo encourages the words, for them, really significant!

They make the heroes feel proud, get the hero, this will continue to work hard to adventure Land Reclamation, strive to fight how much power!


At noon, the things happened in Xiaomum City have been reported to the news report of the federal communication platform.

NewsDetry detailed report!

Heroes come to the middle of the Adventurer of Xiao Mu City, the affordable price of the affordable price, help them Cultivate War PET, sell the most affordable War Pet Master equipment to them.

They come from many Adventurer to take a photo with xia Mo, and many of them have recorded the process pictures of the battle recorder!

In the

screen, those Adventurer encountered the hero tour is so happy, so happy.

War PET is how happy surrounding hero tourists in jump.

They also reported the battle and even interviewed everyone at the time of Squad, played the battle live record at the time, and took the local city defense bureau to take the place to save people, and Loss War PET Master equipment.

Whether it is from the battle video, it is still the most intuitive feelings of the Tier Six, whether from the burning traces left by the equipment, but it is still equipped by War Pet Master equipment. Blocking most damage, protecting their human advertenturer life!

Heroes and his woven WAR PET MASTER equipment are so powerful, people are proud!

Younger Sister Xia Anan, Mother Li Lanzhi, and Jiang Xiaofei is very interested in watching TV. Every time I see Xia Mo’s fighters on Adventurer, they will be particularly excited. Seeing Ballz and Afu, they will be excited. Their happhous is that XIA Mo also has a WAR PET in his home appears on TV.

Of course, for the younger sister xia anan, there is Mother Li Lanzhi, and Jiang Xiao Jun said that the happiest is through TV, through the real record of the battle recorder, they can truly understand the usual XIA MO usually What is the opening of the store?

This is Rare Opportunity for them to learn about what Xia Mo is open shop.

Although they did not follow, I also knew that Xia Mo did the way to play, knowing that he was very popular, knowing that he did very successful, so that they made them happy, let them feel proud.

“brother, watching you to do a tour, I will imagine you as a tour of Afu.” Helping people are too happy. “After watching TV, younger Sister Xia Anan bites chopsticks, no heart to eat Imagine how interesting, how can she make a game with Afu like Big Brother?

YOUNGER SISTER has this wish?

xia Mo is immediately: “This is not easy? Now the small stone, the fog is also treasurer. Next time you go to adventure Land Reclamation, bring one of them, they are going to sell in the treasure space Equipment, encounter Adventurer to buy equipment, find them to buy, you don’t make a tour? You still make money for the WAR PET shop in your own home! “

Listen to Xia Mo, younger Sister Xia Anan is more happy: “Really! Brother, then it is set! Let go back to the adventure Land Reclamation, I bring them one, I also do one Back to travel, help everyone! When you arrive, Xiao Jirou also took Afu, we will do it together, then it will be too interesting! “

“en.” Jiang Xiaofei also excited NODDED promised, “I also especially want to be like Grandpa younger, with Afu walking into the north, be a WAR PET MASTER tour, helping everyone!”

Interest is the best Teacher. You have this interest, this ambition, slow, you will become the best War Pet Cultivator. With Afu to do a tour, it is a very good start. , Very good exercise. Slowly you can get started, then, I can teach you Skill in SYSTEM. In the future, there is another WAR PET Cultivator to sit in the town, it is you. “XIa Mo is also very Happy, younger sister and ginger are so much great, be a War Pet Cultivator.

“Brother, you said. Don’t forget! I will borrow me in the future, I am like a small Soft with Afu, I will go out to make a tour.” Younger Sister is very excited.

“When you enter the door, I will help you cultivate Little Ash and Frosty into treasures so that you have your own gathering.” XIA Mo not only promised, but also support, yet I have to help younger Sister to cultivate her War Pet into a treasure beast.

“Yeah! Big Brother, I really love you!” I heard the big brother, Xia Anan is happy, like a flower butterfly, and ginger is a few laps, happy. Can’t stop.

Seeing their siblings, XIA Mo always pays attention to guarding younger sister, Mother’s heart does not know more, more proud of the son, is proud of their siblings.


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