Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 70

Looking at naked eye, the three companion eggs are all golden, but the three golden are slightly different.

Because of the relationship in the game, Zhou Wen can’t see how big the three companion eggs are. In comparison with a blood-colored little person, the largest companion egg is half a person tall, and not only the golden buddha light flows throughout the body. And in that golden light, there was a faint trace of red light, although it could not feel its temperature, but it made people feel that the inside of the giant egg must be extremely hot.

The leftmost companion egg is the smallest, only the size of a blood-colored little person’s finger, which is also golden, but this companion egg is glittering and translucent like a golden cat’s eye gem.

The companion egg in the middle is as big as a football, made of gold, and there are many uneven patterns on the shell, which seems to be some kind of Buddhist scripture, which Zhou Wen cannot understand.

“Which one is better?” Zhou Wen looked at the three companion eggs with some hesitation.

Although the feeling of blood-colored little person, Zhou Wen can still appreciate it, but even from the perspective of blood-colored little person, it is impossible to tell which three companion eggs are good or bad.

“Bodhisattva, make your choice according to your heart, don’t hesitate.” The weird Three-faced Buddha said again, still appearing as a text box.

Zhou Wen thought about it. There was really no hesitation. He had never heard of such three companion eggs, and he had no way of judging. If it was better, he would choose the one that looks pleasing to the eye, and leave the rest to God.

Thinking of this, Zhou Wen no longer hesitated, directly controlling the blood-colored little person, reaching out and grabbing the smallest of the three companion eggs.

A small one, the companion egg like a golden crystal was held in the palm of the blood-colored little person, and suddenly I saw the golden buddha light on the companion egg blooming.

“Get mythical companion egg Listening Truth, incubating automatically …”

“Your sister … pit me …” Zhou Wen cried out suddenly, and he wanted to throw away the Mysterious Cellphone inside.

Mythical Rank’s companion egg is very strong and awesome, but Zhou Wen has self-knowledge. With his origin qi, let alone hatch the Mythical Rank companion egg, even the Legend Rank companion egg can suck him dry.

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen’s hand-shaking speed is still too slow. There is already a terrifying power in the cellphone. Suddenly, the origin qi of Zhou Wen within the body is sucked clean.

The 11 o’clock origin qi was poor, Zhou Wen only felt that his body was hollowed out at once, not to mention that his whole body’s blood seemed to be sucked away by the pump, and he gathered his fingers toward his hands.

The fingertips burst immediately, and the blood of the ten fingers seemed to be sprayed on the cellphone like ten springs of blood, which were instantly sucked up by the cellphone.

“It’s over, will I be the first college student to die in the new century?” Zhou Wen flashed such a single thought in his mind, but the next second, the suction in the cellphone disappeared.

Zhou Wen’s fingers of both hands finally restored their freedom, and no more blood was sprayed. At the same time, a strange golden pattern appeared on his left ear.

The golden pattern is like a symbol, which is patterned on the back of the left auricle, which makes Zhou Wen feel that the left ear has a warm feeling.

“I actually hatched mythical companion egg?” Zhou Wen couldn’t believe the result, which was really unexpected.

A Silver-Winged Flying Ant companion egg of the Legend Rank has already caused the blood-colored little person to explode directly. My companion egg of the Mythical Rank did not suck the blood-colored little person, but it only caused Zhou Wen to lose all Origin qi and some blood, this is really not in line with the status of Mythical Rank companion pet.

After Zhou Wen hatched Listening Truth, the other two companion eggs in the hands of Three-faced Buddha disappeared, and the buddha light dazzling buddha gradually converged to rays of light, and restored the original stone statue. And speech.

Zhou Wen hastily glanced at the attributes of Listening Truth and wanted to determine if this was really a Mythical Rank companion pet.

Listening Truth: mortal (evolvable).

Strength: 11.

Speed: 11.

physique: 11.

origin qi: 11.

innate skill: Listening Truth, Immortal Golden Body, warning evil, nine extremes.

companion state: earrings.

Zhou Wen’s eyes were about to stare out. Listening Truth turned out not to be mythical but Mortal Rank, but all 11 points of Mortal Rank companion pet, Zhou Wen had never really heard of it.

And this guy actually has 4 innate skills, which should be the limit of innate skill of companion pet.

“The system tip is that Mythical Rank is correct. Why did it hatch out but a Mortal Rank? Could it be that it has something to do with its evolveable attributes? But how exactly can it evolve? Not like Silver-Winged Flying Ant. Need to eat the companion egg to evolve? “Zhou Wen didn’t dare to stay in Buddha Hall to avoid another accident.

Out of Buddha Hall and a circle inside the Small Buddhist Temple, Zhou Wen found that this place is truly a Small Buddhist Temple. It can be really small inside, except for the main hall, there are no other temples, but it is also possible It was the collapse of the stone that covered the rest of the temple.

Anyway, Zhou Wen turned around in the Small Buddhist Temple and found nothing. When he entered the main temple again, the Three-faced Buddha did not respond.

Zhou Wen had to quit Small Buddhist Temple and then quit the game directly, so he dared to come out that Listening Truth summon.

The Small Buddhist Temple is too weird, even though it’s in the game, Zhou Wen didn’t dare to mess around there.

The name Listening Truth, in fact, Zhou Wen is no stranger, it can even be said to be like thunder piercing the ear.

In Buddhist myths and legends, Listening Truth is the mount of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. The legend is a white dog, has the ability to hear the things of Heaven and Earth, and is extremely loyal.

In Journey to the West, Six-eared Macaque pretends to be Sun Wukong, Divine Immortal can’t tell the truth, but Listening Truth can tell the truth, but it can’t tell.

“This guy, isn’t it really Legal Listening Truth?” Zhou Wen was expecting something.

However, when Listening Truth was summoned out, Zhou Wen was a little bit depressed. It was not a white dog, but a golden-haired Monkey the size of a slap.

Its golden hair is like golden silk, and its eyes are like two golden gems. It looks very cute, but it is too small.

“This guy is Listening Truth?” Zhou Wen was a little hard to believe.

It’s so small, it’s totally two extremes with that terrible attributes, it doesn’t matter how it looks.

Zhou Wen also tried the companion state of Listening Truth. The Golden-haired Monkey suddenly turned into a golden earring and landed on Zhou Wen’s left ear.

Zhou Wen only felt the ears tremble violently, as if the earplugs that blocked the ears were removed, and the left ear became sharp and sharp. I do n’t know how many times. I could not hear when the time comes, but at this time I heard clearly Chu.

“Huh huh!” A woman’s moaning voice suddenly passed into Zhou Wen’s ear, making Zhou Wen feel a little weird, and glanced at the direction of the voice, it turned out to be next door.

The person next door is the An Jing who is proud and indifferent and has a little problem in his head.

“No, the small building here has special sound insulation. Even people with a hearing origin qi skill ca n’t hear from the wall. How can I hear the sound from the next door? Could it be that Listening Truth Is it so far? “Zhou Wen thought to himself.

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